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  1. Alucardius

    The album will be out in March...maybe too early to look for it at CD Japan.
  2. Luckily got my hands on these via Mercari ^^
  3. Can I request Grimoire's Bakemono and Novel Fantasy shipped to Germany,please? I can pay next weeks Friday or Saturday if okay for ya?!
  4. Alucardius

    That Megaro look!
  5. D Cheki Hm...can't find them at your Twitter post?!
  6. Alucardius

    Isn't this just for streaming?
  7. Ever tried "Preuve d'etre"? They started late 90's, releases are probably around early 2000's https://vk.gy/artists/preuve-detre/ I'm selling 3 tapes by them including HQ rips ^^ I gonna add some Malice Mizer stuff to my sale as well ^^
  8. Alucardius

    Vk-granny...so I'm a so called vk-Methusalem then O_o Anyways...good to see u returning after that long time and experiencing new vk ^^ I never left but well...sometimes let it go low for some time and getting strong on it again when discovering something new within the scene ^^
  9. Selling some rarez of my collection ^^ audiorips were made by Melokei - shipping worldwide from germany - accepting PayPal & Western Union - shipping quotes after requesting Madeth gray'll 狂死楽園 2nd PRESS - 15€ /w HQ audiorip Preuve d'être 存在と無 (1st demotape) limited to 666 - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 悪の哲学 (2nd demotape) limited to 666 - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 眩い虚辞 (5th demotape) limited to 666 - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip Platina 右目 (0th demotape) - 25€ (basis for negotiation) Platina (2nd demotape) - 40€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip アンヴァーリット (3rd demotape) - 30€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip オルゴール (4th demotape) - 30€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 精神異常者 (5th demotape) - 30€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip 赤の裁き (live distributed demotape) - 25€ (basis for negotiation) /w HQ audiorip BAISER Ashes to Ashes (MEGURO ROCK-MAY-Kan 1995.5.6) - 40€ (basis for negotiation) featuring the track "DEEP" and a secret track tour ~Terra~ 2nd scene an eclipse of the sun (live distributed) - 25€ tour -Terra- Final an eclipse of the EARTH (live distributed) - 25€ Kaleidoscope - 15€ w/picture card set Terre - 15€ /w slipcase La luna - 12€ w/trading card Paradis Lost ~the case of Adam~ - 25€ w/slipcase 華 - 25€ UTOPIA box - 50€ /w VHS rip (basis for negotiation) MIRAGE THE END OF EPISODE「DELETE」-2000.1.16 OSAKA HEAT BEAT- 40€ (basis for negotiation) LORELEI BOOTLEG Madeth Gray'll & MIRAGE SOLD!!!
  10. Nonetheless ordered that ^^
  11. Here's what I can offer related to Matenrou Opera, PM me if interested in any
  12. This thread is dead since december 2014... The user never visited MH after December 2014 so there's no use in asking for items anymore ^^
  13. Alucardius

    A LIKE for referring to Siouxsie
  14. Alucardius

    Lowest total of price including shipping
  15. Alucardius

    Lowest including shipping to Germany?
  16. Hmm...additional 7000¥ for the live DVD and huge packaging!
  17. Alucardius

    Cool...nehme ich ^^ Bitte noch: Bijou – Tears-失意と懊悩の中で- Cry夢 ...PM mir mal wegen dem Preis inklusive Versand und ob man da noch a bissl machen kann
  18. Alucardius

    Hey...ich hätte Interesse an den Monochrome tapes & 縛りつけられた天使 von Laissez Faire ^^ Könnte ich vorher 1-2 Bilder sehen?!
  19. Well...it was then to choose Nimo in the 1st place so they pretty well knew what they do. No complaining about it now....they wanted to be uninspired and bland.....at least I liked Nimo more than their 1st vocalist.
  20. Does Dandelion include the trading card? How much shipped to Germany?
  21. Alucardius

    I think she is doing her way as an make-up artist now... The production of Satsuki surely led to nowhere since nobody cared about his recent releases (including me, a nearly die hard fan of him)
  22. U really think this will last long? As from before...all other members didn't lasted long to satisfy his godly highness mikoto except Aishi It seems they will go major sooner or later,maybe?!
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