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  1. Alucardius

    A LIKE for referring to Siouxsie
  2. Alucardius

    Lowest total of price including shipping
  3. Alucardius

    Lowest including shipping to Germany?
  4. Hmm...additional 7000¥ for the live DVD and huge packaging!
  5. Alucardius

    Cool...nehme ich ^^ Bitte noch: Bijou – Tears-失意と懊悩の中で- Cry夢 ...PM mir mal wegen dem Preis inklusive Versand und ob man da noch a bissl machen kann
  6. Alucardius

    Hey...ich hätte Interesse an den Monochrome tapes & 縛りつけられた天使 von Laissez Faire ^^ Könnte ich vorher 1-2 Bilder sehen?!
  7. Well...it was then to choose Nimo in the 1st place so they pretty well knew what they do. No complaining about it now....they wanted to be uninspired and bland.....at least I liked Nimo more than their 1st vocalist.
  8. Alucardius

    Does Dandelion include the trading card? How much shipped to Germany?
  9. Alucardius

    I think she is doing her way as an make-up artist now... The production of Satsuki surely led to nowhere since nobody cared about his recent releases (including me, a nearly die hard fan of him)
  10. U really think this will last long? As from before...all other members didn't lasted long to satisfy his godly highness mikoto except Aishi It seems they will go major sooner or later,maybe?!
  11. Complete update with new items....more to come ^^
  12. Alucardius

    Hopefully it won't be sold live only 😕
  13. Alucardius

    I guess stuff is all from Mercari...there are several private proxies on FB who also do help with Mercari or Twitter sales ^^
  14. Alucardius

    Ugh...I was really a huge fan of him for ages and even his solo-stuff had some really nice pieces but THIS is awful. I didn't liked the EPOCALYPSE release before but bought it at the live(only listened to it once) When he performed one of the "hard" songs, he struggled a lot and said sorry afterwards and promised to practice to improve... But this new release is like a slap in the face to all his former fans I never experienced a bad behaviour against his fans when I attended to his German located concerts. He seemed a very nice person talking to his fans ^^ Sadly his new musically way is far beyond good at all...