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  1. U really think this will last long? As from before...all other members didn't lasted long to satisfy his godly highness mikoto except Aishi It seems they will go major sooner or later,maybe?!
  2. Complete update with new items....more to come ^^
  3. Alucardius

    Hopefully it won't be sold live only 😕
  4. I guess stuff is all from Mercari...there are several private proxies on FB who also do help with Mercari or Twitter sales ^^
  5. Alucardius

    Ugh...I was really a huge fan of him for ages and even his solo-stuff had some really nice pieces but THIS is awful. I didn't liked the EPOCALYPSE release before but bought it at the live(only listened to it once) When he performed one of the "hard" songs, he struggled a lot and said sorry afterwards and promised to practice to improve... But this new release is like a slap in the face to all his former fans I never experienced a bad behaviour against his fans when I attended to his German located concerts. He seemed a very nice person talking to his fans ^^ Sadly his new musically way is far beyond good at all...
  6. I'm pretty sure they won't do that because people would feel betrayed for paying that much for something not special at all... So IF that CD won't sell ever again it's limited to 30 each version Pretty rare,ne?! ^^
  7. It's one person selling the 2 CDs on yahoo for 10000 each which is ridiculous... I got the packages myself and sold the tickets for regular prices ^^ Guess she wants to make up the money for the packages ^^
  8. Is it anywhere up for order? I don't find it anywhere to buy
  9. Alucardius

    Interested in the Kamijo perfume/DVD one ^^ How much shipped to germany?
  10. Alucardius

    U used the search function here? Download it from here to give them a listen ^^
  11. Lol... In fact he never "really" belonged to tge band. He was more or less "just" there. Aoi and Mikoto are enough for Zigzag. ..nothing more needed to give fans what they want...rest can be done by support by Purple Stone or whomever. Anyways...the big announcement on Sunday's One-man is not Jin leaving the band*lol*
  12. Alucardius

    Argh...just too bad I had high hopes for their future but it was more or less obvious they won't last very long after they parted with AINS. Hopefully they treat us with a last release!
  13. Start in the beginning... Check here about the releases: https://vk.gy/releases/dali/