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  1. Is it anywhere up for order? I don't find it anywhere to buy
  2. Interested in the Kamijo perfume/DVD one ^^ How much shipped to germany?
  3. U used the search function here? Download it from here to give them a listen ^^
  4. Lol... In fact he never "really" belonged to tge band. He was more or less "just" there. Aoi and Mikoto are enough for Zigzag. ..nothing more needed to give fans what they want...rest can be done by support by Purple Stone or whomever. Anyways...the big announcement on Sunday's One-man is not Jin leaving the band*lol*
  5. Argh...just too bad I had high hopes for their future but it was more or less obvious they won't last very long after they parted with AINS. Hopefully they treat us with a last release!
  6. Start in the beginning... Check here about the releases: https://vk.gy/releases/dali/
  7. Woah...I remember seeing them live in germany ^^
  8. Well...Sadly I didn't got my hands on the "soup" Single. ..but the ones before I have ^^ I also have a spare copy of the "desert" live distributed Single
  9. Interested in both types of Grimoire's new Single!!! ^^ Not sure about bonus from shops..I only know that brand-x offers photosets...
  10. The Single went on sale at the online store on 2017.08.01. As Bonus they send a set of 4 live photos when ordering online. http://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/ Edit: Just be warned...they charge you 2200¥ overseas shipping costs for EMS O_o
  11. Ruha is loooking for someone who can buy cheki from japanese people on twitter. Some shopping services offers these option as well ^^ So it's not about geting the cheki for a lower price but paying lower fees for the service ^^
  12. Wtf....YES PLEASE!!!!!