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  1. Inamura Yumi

    Someone snagged all the Kei ones just yesterday, sorry OTL~ Do drop me a PM if you're interested! If you're looking into getting chekis I'll get back to you tonight when I've reached home!
  2. I'll be updating this periodically so please do visit back often for updates >v<)/ Do drop me a comment or PM if you're interested in getting something / have any questions! T&Cs: 1. Prices do not include shipping fee 2. Collection Methods: Meetup (Singapore only) / Normal Mail / Registered Mail 3. International Payment via Paypal (includes Paypal fees) 4. All prices are stated in SINGAPORE DOLLARS [WTS] Band Merch; Screw「Xanadu Seventh Heaven」Muffler Towel $20.00SGD [PIC] SuG「Crazy Live Coaster」Muffler Towel $20.00SGD [PIC] LM.C「Perfect Fantasy Live Tour 2014」Muffler Towel $20.00SGD [PIC] SuG「Thrill Ride Pirates」Bandana $12.00SGD [PIC] DIAURA「Silent Majority」「Menace」Artist Photocards $3.00SGD each (Discounts given for purchase of more than 5) [PIC_1] [PIC_2] LOST ASH「Kodoku no Kakera」「MESSAGE」Postcards 1 for $3.00SGD / 2 for $5.00SGD [PIC] Screw「Under the Screw」Trading Cards 1 for $4.00SGD / 3 for $10.00SGD [PIC] D=OUT「Tribal Arivall 2013」「Spring Tour 2013 -Kabuki Disco-」Trading Cards 1 for $4.00SGD / 3 for $10.00SGD [PIC] LEZARD Cheki $6.50SGD each [PIC] CDs; FEST VAINQUEUR Persona Shoujo Normal Edition (CD+DVD) [bRAND NEW IN PACKAGE] $15.00SGD [PIC] SuG BLACK Album Normal Edition (CD) [uSED; NO TRADING CARD] $15.00SGD [PIC] [WTB] Anything FEST VAINQUEUR. (excluding albums and singles purchasable online) CLØWD Kou & Ryohei Chekis LAGNA Rita Chekis [PER REQUEST] I have other trading card and cheki merchandise that are not put up at the moment. Please don't hesitate to ask for pics if you're interested in any of the following below; DIV Kameleo ViV SuG ex. DILIAL Ryo Alice Nine Landz. / Sonic Death Monkey LOST ASH
  3. Inamura Yumi

    Thank you! -^^-
  4. Inamura Yumi

    Thank you! And yasss A9 and DIAURA love /o/ ♡
  5. Inamura Yumi

    Thank you! (*´ω`*)
  6. Hi guys, Yumi here from Singapore ^^ I'm really bad with these introduction stuff so pardon my awkwardness /laughs I'm a major VKei fan (like my Android playlist is nothing but vkei u_u) and I listen to quite a few bands, just to name some ¤ SuG ¤ ViV ¤ DIAURA ¤ Alice Nine ¤ SID ¤ DILIAL Etc...(↑ that's my daihonmei/honmei list) Hoping that I'll be able to make more friends here? C: eheh I'll sometimes upload the releases that I have at hand as well u_u So yeah. This post is at like 3AM over here so everyone have a good morning/night LOL /runsawayawkwardly
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