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  1. The look is gorgeous♥ I'm greatly looking forward to the album. They have never disappointed me so I'm hoping for something very good
  2. Hiroike

    I can't believe it's happening... I will miss them.
  3. Ukiru! I'm so happy he's going to sing again♥ I miss him so much.
  4. Oh, Zekusu in a new band! I'm really happy about that~
  5. Hiroike

    Yeah, I thought the same when I saw him, lol... Anyway, I'm excited about the new project. Can't wait to hear that single. But... I'm also a bit sad that they don't work with Ryuki anymore... I really like Ryuki, I hope he's going to start or join a band soon :<
  6. Hiroike

    Aww, hello xD
  7. Hiroike

    Oh, nice to see a DOG fan ^^
  8. Hiroike

    Yes!! Thanks
  9. Hiroike

    It's been a while since I made an account there, but haven't said hello yet, so here I am~ Hi, everyone (* ・ω・ *)ノ I'm 18 and live in Poland. I'm not good at introducing myself, so what can I say... I love music. My favourite band is DOG inThePWO. Here's my account on lastfm, so you can see other bands I like. I'm looking forward to meeting people there!♫