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  1. I won't think LM.C will disband. This band has only two members who are friends in personal life. Their latest album was really great and the only thing that makes me sad is that their popularity is lower since it was before 2012.
  2. akiko

    Amazing new look ❤️
  3. I always wanted to see Taizo in more interesting band. Now he has the chance to do this.
  4. These album covers are weird, looking inside your soul by these "eyes"...
  5. Lineup is messed up, OMG ;_;
  6. akiko

    They made too much PV's for this album. And one is vertical xD
  7. They sound really great live ❤️
  8. akiko

    I completely forgot about this label xD
  9. akiko

    Yay for Yusa and Hiroki! NORMCORE? was great until the chorus started...
  10. akiko

    So this band was created only for April fools day?
  11. Can't wait for the preview, because I am curious how they will sound like.
  12. akiko

    Something happened when they released STRONG POP. This album was average, but after this they released PERFECT FANTASY, PERFECT RAINBOW, VEDA, and now FUTURE SENSATION and I love all these albums <333 I am their fan since 2008 and still love their music so much xD
  13. Finally! Can't wait ❤️