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  1. They sound really great live ❤️
  2. akiko

    I completely forgot about this label xD
  3. akiko

    Yay for Yusa and Hiroki! NORMCORE? was great until the chorus started...
  4. akiko

    So this band was created only for April fools day?
  5. Can't wait for the preview, because I am curious how they will sound like.
  6. akiko

    Something happened when they released STRONG POP. This album was average, but after this they released PERFECT FANTASY, PERFECT RAINBOW, VEDA, and now FUTURE SENSATION and I love all these albums <333 I am their fan since 2008 and still love their music so much xD
  7. Finally! Can't wait ❤️
  8. I was not impressed by this preview, but after few listens it's getting better xD
  9. akiko

    They are great! But 邪崩 should be read as Jakuzure. It was confirmed in interview, but I am too lazy to find it. This song is named Jakuzure on iTunes as well.
  10. akiko

    Their single is available on iTunes, if someone is interested.
  11. Can't wait xD And Souji looks lovely as always ❤️
  12. akiko

    I noticed, but price is too high for 11 songs, and not everything is new.
  13. akiko

    I actually like it! Nice catchy song with really good vocals. And their guitarist has lovely hair xD
  14. akiko

    I need to say this, but I'm disappointed... I loved VARIOUS and THE SILENT SONG [all four songs were amazing <3]. Issei compositions made this band unique, and I was worried how they will sound without him. vanitas is probably the best, but not as good like アハレワタor 「初潮」(songs with PV's). Unfortunately for me this album has two boring intros and so many average songs... I'm sorry.