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  1. akiko

    Nooo, I love them 💔 Souji is my favorite member, hope he will form new band soon...
  2. akiko

    Their guitarist look kinda like Mello (ex. RoNo☆Cro).
  3. akiko

    OMG, I can't believe... I fell in love with their first single three years ago, and since then supported them by buying their releases from iTunes... i.Rias became one of my favorite bands ;___; キミテキーラ47°!! was released a while ago and it's such an amazing single... I'm gonna miss them 💔
  4. OMG, this is their worst look... Only Taku looks normal, I can't stand the rest ;_;
  5. I wonder where all the big fans of Lycaon from this forum are?
    No one cares about Initial'L, their latest single and album wasn't even uploaded here (but don't worry, I was able to find these releases in different sites).

    1. Mihenno


      @blackdoll and I still care about Initial'L

    2. Elazmus


      < this is one of those

    3. Ruha


      Hereee. I even got all their releases... 

  6. akiko

    OMG, I thought his voice will be more manly o.O
  7. akiko

    UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ ANGEL-TAKA 1971 (47) MASATO 1980 (38) KOTARO and YAMATO 1986 (32) Idk about KYO, but probably around 45.
  8. I won't think LM.C will disband. This band has only two members who are friends in personal life. Their latest album was really great and the only thing that makes me sad is that their popularity is lower since it was before 2012.
  9. akiko

    Amazing new look ❤️
  10. I always wanted to see Taizo in more interesting band. Now he has the chance to do this.
  11. These album covers are weird, looking inside your soul by these "eyes"...