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  1. Ada Suilen

    I am totally with you Bren, even if their earlier songs were so good, especially Aizou ni tsuki... (my favourite). First Dezert surprised me in changing their style, especially last year with Black Hole, and now Dimlim is following the same path and are doing it REALLY WELL. I don't get why people gets so pissed if a band experiments in a good manner, while there are acts that should stick to what they do best, because they do it BAD (see Initial'L, formerly Lycaon, or Mejibray's Tsuzuku and Koichi with their splendid shit-fest named 8P-SB). So I can't wait to hear what MISC will offer to my ears
  2. Happy b-day RIcchu! <3

  3. Happy b-day Fit ❤️

  4. Ada Suilen

    Heard things about her, but this is my first listening experience and I have to say that she has a really beautiful voice (discovered that she had a live perfomance in my country some week ago...)
  5. Ada Suilen

    Best Overall Artist/Band: Mucc, Coldrain, Dezert Best Album: Coldrain - The Side Effects, Dezert - Black Hole, Boris - Love and Evol Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP: Pentagon - Culture Shock, Khryst+ - Shokuzai, Darrell - Devil'z Best Cover Art: Boris - Love and Evol Best Look: Mucc, Diaura, Dir en Grey Best Newcomer: ARTiCLEAR Best Veteran: Kiyoharu, Morrie, Mao (Sadie) Saddest Disbandment: Pentagon, Far East Dizain Most Underhyped Band: Jupiter, The Thirteen, Aiolin Most Anticipated Release: Jupiter - Zeus -Legends Never Die-, Duel Jewel - Zincite, Galneryus - Into the Purgatory Band that Changed their Sound for the Best: Galneryus, Dezert, Dadaroma Best Revival/Returns: Duel Jewel
  6. Happy b-day Elazmus! ❤️

    1. Elazmus


      Thank you! :)

  7. Happy b-day Ambivalent! ❤️

  8. Happy b-day Jiyo! ❤️

    1. Jiyo


      Thank you ! 😀

  9. Happy b-day Linh! ❤️

  10. Ada Suilen

    Is it me or while listening to this is natural to picture a K-Pop MV in own mind?
  11. Ada Suilen

    What a best way to celebrate Hide's birthday if not listening to all his hits!
  12. Ada Suilen

    Didn't know those guys were still around... I've listened to some of their old works some year ago but then I never happened to hear them again... by the way nice album!
  13. Ada Suilen

    Welcome Coffeencoke! You have very good musical tastes right there Yeah it's really hard to think that 8P-SB is made by two great musicians as Tsuzuku and Koichi, but what we can do ? I hope you will enjoy your stay 🙂
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