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    Proud J-Music disciple, reviewer of everything and Hollowhore !!

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  1. Happy b-day Cat! ❤️

    1. CAT5


      Thanks, love! I hope you're well!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope all is well!

  3. happy birthday .w.

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen


  4. The first band I've ever listened was DuelJewel (thanks to a YT suggestion), but The GazettE brought me to this scene, and I will be grateful with them forever!
  5. Don't forget about Kagerou, a true pearl by them and ending theme of XXXHolic...
  6. Happy b-day Aferni! ❤️

    1. Aferni


      Thank You Ada!

  7. Happy b-day Jun_! ❤️

  8. Happy b-day Chem! ❤️

    1. chemicalpictures


      yay thank you so much, ada!

  9. Ada Suilen

    Quite liking this one so far!
  10. Ada Suilen

    Ciao Deborah, anche io sono di Roma! Benvenuta su Monochrome Heaven, spero che ti troverai bene 🙂
  11. Oh my god these guys! They have released a lot of awesome things recently and I think this new one will be good too!
  12. Ada Suilen

    A good album from an old-school Japanese hard-rock band... advised if you like bands a la Saber Tiger!
  13. Ada Suilen

    Ready for this, as usual! 👍
  14. Ada Suilen

    Oh my... they're so prolific! Can't wait for this new release, Someday is amazing!
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