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  1. Happy b-day paradoxal! <3

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  3. Buck-Tick, L'Arc en Ciel, Dir en Grey, D.I.D., early Mucc and some old-school bands, such as Rouage and Deshabillz... A song can change someone's view of a band. TRUE FACT for all the cases mentioned here.
  4. I quote you completely I've seen it too and yes, even if I thought it should have last a bit more, it has been a thrilling ride (the cinematography and the score were simply amazing) Here are the movies I've seen in this week: -Fast and Furious 8: This movie sold me thanks to the plot, linked to my favourite character of the franchise and the improvement of the team (I won't spoil more about that!) and Charlize Theron was tremendously hateful there. ---> 9/10 -Kong: Skull Island: Better than expected I guess, more logical to the version with Naomi Watts imo, with a good work from Tom Hiddleston and the rest of the cast (for J-rock fans you should watch carefully the prologue of the movie) ---> 8.5/10 -Guardians of Galaxy vol.2: and Marvel retakes the best shape ever with this incredible movie with a great cast (even the cameos were damn great!), wonderful plot and exciting cinematography, confirming this ensemble as better than the Avengers. ---> 9.5/10
  5. What a shame, they already tried with Minerva and now even Elysion seemed to fail... I quite liked Apotheosis...
  6. Happy b-day Zigzag! <3

  7. Happy b-day -timecapsule-! <3

  8. Ok their music became quite generic in recent times... but... this is so bad! I hope that they will come back with more energetic ideas!
  9. The best noise rock band ever! Waiting for this release!! \m/ This track is pure awesomeness!!
  10. I've just finished Ghost in the Shell movie... great landscapes and good plot, but the best thing was the ending credits theme, reminding me how much I loved Kenji Kawai's work in the original OST!

  11. Hizaki Grace Project - Ritual
  12. Underrated: -Asagi (D) -Kazuki (Xaa-xaa) -Ryo (9Goats Black Out, Dalle, Hollowgram, Keel) -Kyouka (Grieva) -Juka -Akane (Para:noir/D.I.D.) Overrated: -Chiaki (Dezert) -Keisuke (Deviloof) -Hal (Fest Vainqueur) -Subaru (Royz) -TenTen
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