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  1. Ada Suilen

    I find it more rebel to what some metal bands threw out in recent times, and that's my personal opinion. I liked them more when they had the black paint honestly, but I think they never went out of scheme with their outfits, so I think the look resembles what should we listen on July and I am ready for that!
  2. Ada Suilen

    Can't wait for it!! Am I the only person digging their new look?? So rebel and nice!!
  3. Ada Suilen

    The Novembers - Minna isoide iru (their latest EP is on Spotify)
  4. Happy b-day Saku! <3

  5. Happy b-day Shaneth! <3

    1. ShanethVarosa


      Thank you!!!! 

  6. Uhm... I like when people cover great hits by great artists... But with that line-up... uhm... Miyavi doing Pink Spider (a real no!); at least no one tries to cover "In Motion", after that messy thing done by Fest Vainqueur...
  7. Ada Suilen

    When this will happen?? I HAVE TO SEE IT.
  8. Ada Suilen

    My other picks: Nokubura went incredibly high and strong with this one... one of their most technical works to date! http://picosong.com/weC8H Best song from doorAdore, an album to listen with all its complex and different shades Kamijo is always Kamijo and he shows it with these two masterpieces, already surrounded by worthy themes inside a great album.
  9. Ada Suilen

    Glad to be once again part of RT! Nice to see Develop One's Faculties (Untelligible has been a true surprise for me), Chanty, The fin., Darian Marian and Kizu If I had the chance, I would have add Kamijo's Emigre/the whole Sang song to this list, top-notch tracks of his latest work (listened to it after having made my picks) Sad to not see Pura, Buck-Tick and Nocturnal Bloodlust.
  10. Ada Suilen

    The first photo of their homepage http://llll-ligro.info/
  11. Ada Suilen

    Guys, can someone help me finding the lyrics of this song? I have only a photo from the band's official site, but I can't use it for an eventual translation... Thanks in advance.
  12. Ada Suilen

    Again??? This is not good...
  13. Ada Suilen

    Awesome to know that they're still around!
  14. Ada Suilen

  15. Ada Suilen

    Uhm... interesting! I'd like to hear it!