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  1. Ada Suilen

    Sad for him... hoping for a fast recovery... they were so promising...
  2. Ada Suilen

    Happy that they're still active...
  3. I just posted a new poll in my blog guys! Check it out, especially you Kiyoharu fans! https://drkreviews.tumblr.com/post/179106980966/drk-poll-4-band-of-the-month

  4. Ada Suilen

    Awesome! They can surely express themselves at best with a full album, can't wait for it!
  5. Ada Suilen

    So happy for this!
  6. Ada Suilen

    Another good band goes away... THE SAME DAMN REFRAIN!
  7. Oh yeah my boys are back in the town!! WAITING FOR THIS ONE!
  8. Happy b-day IGM! ❤️

  9. Happy b-day Herpes! ❤️

  10. Happy b-day Destiny! <3

  11. Ada Suilen

    DISAPPOINTED. They make an awesome sound and would have brought Starwave's line-up to its best age... :-(
  12. Happy b-day Zeus! ❤️

    1. Zeus


      thanks ❤️

  13. Ada Suilen

    Tamiw - Hybrid Child ---> got into them thanks to Spotify and I am liking them a lot! A mix of indie-rock and ethnic vibes made in Japan!