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  1. Duwang

    I have just one and I have zero debt because I prefer to buy things when I actually have the money for them so I only use it in emergencies and pay it off the next month or two. As for the credit limit, I have no idea but I have never gotten remotely near it.
  2. Duwang

    It sounds like Timely asked them to say 無期限活動休止 (indefinite hiatus) instead of 解散 (disbandment), although indefinite hiatus is an indirect way of saying disbandment 99% of the time. All the fans I know in Tokyo understood that it's a disbandment from the initial announcement, though, especially the fans I know from Crazy Shampoo. Crazy Shampoo disbanded 2 days before Yoshiatsu's birthday, so the last live of the tour being on Yoshiatsu's birthday was a pretty strong indicator that this is the end, but it's good that Yoshiatsu went and confirmed it
  3. Duwang

    Timely = Little Hearts
  4. Duwang

    Do you want us to focus on just one band for your questionnaire or can we talk about multiple bands?
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  9. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day, many blessings. :)


  10. Happy birthday!! I hope you're having a great time today :)

    1. Duwang


      Thanks! Can't wait to see you when you're back in Tokyo.

    2. Komorebi


      Less than a month already!

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