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    These days I mostly follow DIMLIM.
    If you see me at a live, feel free to say hi.

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    AllS (fka ALSDEAD)

    I followed ザアザア and 少年記/甘い暴力 for 4 years.
    I also went to Jiluka for 2 1/2 years.

    A long time ago I went to OZ, Crazy Shampoo, Mejibray, BORN, DIAURA, Lycaon, BFN, DEZERT, and a bunch of other bands that don't exist anymore.

    I'm also a big fan of Raphael, Shazna, Buck-Tick, Kagerou and Kagrra,.

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  1. Duwang

    It might be difficult to trade cheki if you're seeking cheki of a bandman in a different band from what you have. Of course most people like more than one band, but they might not necessarily like the bands whose cheki you have, so it might be nearly impossible to trade those 3 cheki off, especially since they're all bandmen who aren't particularly popular. It'd probably be easier to just buy cheki of who you want from Puresound/Closet Child, or you can look in sales groups on Facebook. Closet child is selling several sets of 10 Subaru cheki (a 5000 yen value) for 1460 yen Not trying to be rude or anything, just giving you some advice so you can have success with obtaining the cheki you want.
  2. Duwang

    Demachi is NOT straight up stalking if the band is okay with it. Some bands actually have/had a well established tradition of doing demachi after lives, although it's not that common anymore. LuLu always does it. 3/4 of them chill by the venue for an hour or so talking to fans. Since they haven't done instores in years you can ask them to sign shit for you and if they're in a good mood they will even let you take selfies with them. Gallo also did it for 5-6 years, but I don't think they do it anymore (I stopped following them after Hikaru left). I have a lot of good demachi memories with them. Basically, if other fans are doing it, it's probably ok, but if everyone fucks off right after the live it's most likely not a good idea. Irimachi, however, can be seen as an annoyance by many bands because they're trying to get their shit into the venue and get ready for the live so I don't recommend it. This happens to me quite often. I don't think they care as long as you don't bother them.
  3. Duwang

    People incessantly complaining about live limited releases and pinning it on the bands being "racist" and "anti-foreigner" when they're just trying to get more money by selling more tickets to their lives. There are a lot of foreign bangya and a lot of overseas fans going on vacation to Japan these days. Chances are you can probably find someone to buy them for you unless you like a band with like 2 fans.
  4. Duwang

  5. Duwang

    I probably won't translate it I can type out the kanji/romanize it after work.
  6. Duwang

    At the time I posted they hadn't announced it
  7. Duwang

    I don't recall Retsu using that guitar live yet as they haven't played Rijin yet, but he is actually quite tall for a Japanese dude (180cm) so that guitar must be huge lol
  8. Duwang

    The band hasn't even announced their appearance so I'm suspicious of this. According to their schedule, it is possible, but kind of unlikely as they have lives on 7/2 and 7/9
  9. Duwang

    While I was surprised that the b-side was not the song they've been playing for a while, I'm not too surprised they put out another ballad. Sho likes slower/ballad-y songs. I was going to their lives last June (they did not play in July because they were working on Chedoara), and I could totally be wrong but I don't remember them playing a live limited song then. They don't play "rare" songs at taibans. The only time I can remember them playing a live limited song in the past year was Age of Lies at the Fixer twoman in January. I didn't go to the boku/watashi onemans so I don't have those, but I've been told that boku is an early version of monokurui, so assuming watashi is also an early version of another chedoara song, they've never played them live. I only started writing down their set lists last September so I can't say for sure, but it might've been Innocent Passion. It sounds a bit different live.
  10. Duwang

    Of course they would be the ones to do this.
  11. Duwang

    So I got my copy of the single today, and to my surprise 肉腫と繁殖と不快感 is not the new song DIMLIM has been playing since March (currently known as "xxx"), but a ballad. In other words, this release is 100% clean vocals.
  12. Duwang

    Its rijin.
  13. Duwang

    There's an interview with Sho about the single: https://toppamedia.com/interview-2019-6-dimlim-sho-vo/ I'm sorry I'm too busy to translate, but to sum it up he wrote the song about him growing up with depersonalization disorder which probably developed as a result of being bullied (which was mentioned in an earlier interview)
  14. Duwang

    No, it's a cover.
  15. Duwang

    Oh wow that is not the new song they've been playing recently. Sounds pretty cool. I dig it so far.
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