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    These days I mostly follow DIMLIM.
    If you see me at a live, feel free to say hi.

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    AllS (fka ALSDEAD)

    I followed ザアザア and 少年記/甘い暴力 for 4 years.
    I also went to Jiluka for 2 1/2 years.

    A long time ago I went to OZ, Crazy Shampoo, Mejibray, BORN, DIAURA, Lycaon, BFN, DEZERT, and a bunch of other bands that don't exist anymore.

    I'm also a big fan of Raphael, Shazna, Buck-Tick, Kagerou and Kagrra,.

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  1. Duwang

    Lmfao thanks for filling me in.
  2. Duwang

    I was at that live, front row one spot left of dead center, and can confirm that that is the set list. I can also name 2 other occasions where they played ambitious principles twice. Some bands repeat songs at onemans. Why would I make a fake set list? That's fucking dumb.
  3. Duwang

    Yes. If they have an encore (which is pretty rare) they always do Ambitious Principles since it's the song that gets the crowd riled up the most. THE SILENT SONG was Issei. He left mid production but they went ahead and released it anyway. If you look at their website, everything released during Issei's time was released under Ultimate Illuminati. Everything Retsu composed so far has been released under DUM LABEL.
  4. They put out a best album a few years ago when they signed with Timely so this is actually their second best album. According to their website, it'll include all the songs since An joined the band plus one new song. Rather than get out a contract, it sounds like they want to have more instores since they always have a large attendance for their instores
  5. Duwang

    Yup I have the setlist. 1. 喜 2. 肉腫と繁殖と不快感 3. Malformation 4. Ambitiosus principles 5. 怒 6. …物狂ひ…なりて 7. 愛憎につき… SE. EXORDIUM 8. 哀 9. GROTESQUE 10. D.Hymnus SE. 狂の理 11.「人」と「形」 12. 離人 13. 楽 14. シガラミ Encore 15. Ambitiosus principles 16. vanitas And the live ended with a short MC from Sho wishing Ryuya and Taishi the best in their future then the announcement video that's now on Youtube. I didn't see any video cameras, but there was someone up front taking photos throughout the live. Maybe the band will post some of them in the future? I was up front so idk if anyone in the crowd took videos. Probably not, though. Also, completely unrelated. I don't know if any of you noticed but they deleted the PVs for アハレワタ, 初潮, and THE SILENT SONG off their Youtube channel. I like those songs, but imo I think it's for the best. After all DIMLIM's a completely different band now.
  6. Duwang

    I got the live limited CD, but I'm sorry I have no intentions of uploading it. I wouldn't mind sharing with active members on this site under the condition that it doesn't get shared with non-members, but the last few times I shared live limited stuff from other bands they spread to Youtube and those blogspot sites almost instantly and I'm not okay with that shit being indirectly connected to me. However, there were quite a few foreigners at the oneman and it seems like some people also bought it through shopping services/auction websites so I'm sure it'll make it's way here eventually.
  7. Duwang

    It's just the SE they played at the beginning of the live. Slow electronic track 6:33 long with a woman speaking English for the first minute.
  8. Duwang

    It wasn't completely sold out, but there were a lot of people, I'd say 300-350 people plus around 50 kankeisha on the second floor. Vanitas -white- and 愛憎につき...-black are Sho only versions of the songs. They're both quite a bit different than the originals.
  9. Duwang

    They will also release their 2nd full album in December. No details yet though.
  10. Duwang

    The mysterious song they've been playing the past 5 months under the title "xxx" is 楽. I like 楽 a lot, and judging by the previews I like 喜 too.
  11. Duwang

    @chipathy They're putting Shigarami in karaoke from August 22nd.
  12. Duwang

    I know several former JETS who were placed in the boonies (ie Shimane, Yamaguchi, Aomori, Akita, etc) and they were still able to go to lives. I didn't do JET but I used to live in Gunma and still went to 3-6 lives a month. It really depends on how much time/money you're willing to spend on your hobby.
  13. Duwang

    I've been living in Japan for almost 5 years now and of all the time I've been here I was only stopped by the police once. When I was 25 I was walking home from the station [in a rural area] after getting back on the last train when I was stopped by two police officers. Apparently they thought I was a Japanese teenager walking home alone at night and informed me that I was out after curfew and need to return home immediately. I insisted I was very much an adult and they asked to see my ID which they then realized I was indeed an adult and also a foreigner (I have long dark brown hair, brown eyes and I'm small/thin so I blend in pretty well for a white person). They apologized then insisted on walking me home because it's ~dangerous~ but we were literally right in front of my apartment.
  14. Duwang

    DIMLIM's music is written for 2 guitars so they definitely need to find a replacement for Ryuya or find a support guitarist for their lives. If DIMLIM was going to disband they most likely would've announced it with this announcement. As long as Sho and Retsu are good friends I doubt the band will break up.
  15. Duwang

    Idk where ya'll got the idea that Retsu is some sort of control freak because he really isn't. Just because he had a spat with Issei and became the main composer after he left the band doesn't mean he's doing literally everything himself and not letting the others get in his way. Them not playing often and not having releases often has nothing to do with Retsu taking the lead, rather none of them know how to manage a band and they don't have money.
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