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  1. It bugs me that it's so hard to see the T in sweetie. Looks like he's saying Swee.
  2. The stupid shit you cunts consider cool will always make me laugh when I scroll to see the band names you guys dis on. Like, some make sense, but then most others I'm just, how in the world did you come to that conclusion?
  3. I've been thinking a bit about how this reminds me heavily of Girugamesh... But, at least with Giru, the sound they were going for was just a super light Giru, whereas this... These songs really love to oversell themselves, they go for that vast "epic" sort of stadium song feel without anything to back it up, at all. It's empty, shallow and heartless, like it was written by someone else for them, like 90% of modern major pop acts. There's no energy to it, there's no emotion, it's just generic. It's not compelling, it's just slightly nodding whilst I'm doing anything else that's far more interesting. I find it funny that the American label that signed them also produces a lot of similar bands that suffer from similar issues. I'm happy for them if this is their thing, it's not often we see a band of a language other than English make it into the market but at the same time it really sucks because of what they had to give up in order to do so, to be successful you have to tick boxes, the more you appeal to the masses you appeal less to the individual. It's easy to make something that thousands will like but harder to make something that hundreds will love and I suppose at the end of the day you need to ask yourself which matters more.
  4. Because everyone else is linking to videos, figured I'd try and find them.
  5. I don't mind so much the idea of being straight with fans, transparency is something to be treasured, unfortunately. It's all in how you go about it, being honest with the fact you can't continue as a band without money is fine, it's legitimate and an acceptable premise.
  6. That's what you get for using that shit-arse font.
  7. 2016, people bitching and moaning about being charged and shit for weed. Here I am, personally wondering why if it isn't a "big deal" to you guys then why do you do it when it's 100% clearly illegal? Like, jesus fucking christ, guys. I don't care if it's literally the shits of God, you don't fuck like that with your government. You've got the means to challenge laws, go do so, but don't do it by being a dumb fuck cunt rebellious teenager and then bitch about it later when it finally bites you in your arse.
  8. Someone do lynch. so that whenever someone bitches about their release schedule we have some numbers for it.
  9. This would make me so happy and it'd be the first Diru release I'll listen to in years.
  10. If it's anime related I can see why it'd be released separately for it. It's like re-releasing a song if it's used in a movie or something.
  11. Eh, after the album being half filled with previously released songs, he's going to re-release one of the exclusively new tracks by itself again? Must be time for another waterfall in his bedroom, man needs some bucks.
  12. Legit thought the topic title was the name of the band. Knowing VK, would not have been surprised in the slightest, it would just need to have a spelling error or slightly off grammar to make it 10/10.
  13. Just found out about Valshe, so her songs have been on repeat for about a week now. Aside from that because it's the "new", I've been playing Radiofish like mad, especially when I'm doing things around the house. Plus Miyavi's latest album has some good "doing things whilst listening to this" tracks.