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  1. retarders ha ha ha lesson one: Write as if your shit was poorly translated through google.
  2. We got lynch. because Hazuki didn't like working with Ai, right? Or am I remembering that wrong?
  3. I think most of us are just takin' the piss out of the voice over, to be fair.
  4. Part 2. And on an OST video for Hyperdimension Neptunia: Just sort of weird how much people will big up the stuff they listen to, as if it's the sole source of a type of music, or that it's the best and the only best.
  5. With a few tweaks, the preview could almost be it's own song because they're all par for the course. Maybe Ai and Hazuki should get together and make a new band, 'cause then we'd get a third new thing to be worn out after a year or two.
  6. Don't know why, but I still love it.
  7. You people didn't expect artsy angel bullshit from the project name alone? Pleb work, guys, pleb work.
  8. Red lipstick. <3
  9. The fuck is Ricky doing here, go back to head4ns.
  10. Too "animu-theme" for me, I'll pass.
  11. My mind saw D'Angelo and thought it was some comment on Karyu being in Angelo and something had happened that I was unaware of. I am not a smart fellow.
  12. I think being Aussie has desensitised me a lot to insults, because cunts here is often used generally and probably isn't at excessive as it is elsewhere. And yeah, it's all opinions, just weird sometimes. Like, I'm personally not a fan when a band puts random symbols in their name, or is a made up word/sounds like jumbled garbage.
  13. Just saw the cover and came here to say the exact same thing. Fuck that font, it's the comic sans for edgy teenagers and twinks.
  14. Ugh, more of that soulless stadium rock. It's like, let's make this grandiose sounding songs that are hollow as fuck, GG. Also, Man With A Mission already did Take What U Want, way better song, and also a band that sound-wise might do alright in the Western market and not have to abandon their sound and core to do so. Latest song's being worked on by a guy from Fallout Boy if I remember correctly, if only One Ok Rock watched and took notes.