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  1. NICKT

    How are you guys pronouncing Diaura if it's sounding like diarrhoea? da-i-a-ri-a / di-a-u-ra
  2. NICKT

    "The Girl Who Didn't Hug..." makes me chuckle.
  3. NICKT

    I started on Dir en grey the typical weeb way back in the day through Obscure and the Final, then backtracking from there. In my music library I star songs I like/tolerate, so going by that... Gauze [09/14] MACABRE [05/13] kisou [03/16] VULGAR [10/15] WTD. [09/14] TMAOB [00/13] Uroboros [10/15] DSS [07/16] Arche [01/16] TIW [02/13] Seems pretty typically partial to that mid weeb chunk where they were two feet in the shock bin but they were yet to fully thrust their head into the arsehole of br00tal. Shows how little lacking I am in articulated music taste, looking through OP's post and seeing some of my favourites in the worst song columns. ;-;
  4. NICKT

  5. NICKT

    X-Japan the Visual Kei example of Seinfeld is Unfunny?
  6. NICKT

    The absolute bitterness and salt in this topic gives me so much joy.
  7. NICKT

    Can confirm.
  8. NICKT

    Hizumi(D'espairsRay) - Umbrella.
  9. NICKT

    NICKT. Nothing says stupid fan like basically ripping their name off.
  10. NICKT

    *cough* According to the potentially erroneous tags in my music library, the following come up when searched for VisualKei/NuMetal: DEATHGAZE - BLISS OUT DEATHGAZE - CREATURE D'espairsRay - MIRROR D'espairsRay - REDEEMER (this one even I'm doubting already) DEZERT - 精神科医(拒食症)のスナッフフィルム集 DEZERT - 「暫定的オカルト週刊誌①」 DEZERT - 「最高の食卓」 DEZERT - 完売音源集-暫定的オカルト週刊誌②- DEZERT - TODAY Dir en grey - VULGAR EAT YOU ALIVE - REVIVE Girugamesh - 【獄-初犯型円盤-】初回限定盤 Girugamesh - 【理性壊乱】-乱調型円盤- Girugamesh - 13's Reborn Girugamesh - volcano Girugamesh - Reason of Crying Mucc - 朽木の灯 OZ - Versus OZ - Rouge Grains of salt, of course.
  11. NICKT

    It's not VK unless it's stupid, makes no sense and has a bunch of ridiculous characters in it. Bonus if it's a garbled foreign expression. DAYS・Xマキーナ ha
  12. NICKT

    Yes, yes and more yes. Only issue is that going through the library of D'espa shows that Karyu was the heavy lifter for composition so without him it might be a bit rough.
  13. NICKT

    MISSA - Garden GAUZE - 304号室、白死の桜/アクロの丘 MACABRE - 理由 鬼葬 - undecided VULGAR - DRAIN AWAY/かすみ Withering to Death - 鼓動 THE MARROW OF A BONE UROBOROS - Inconvenient Ideal DUM SPIRO SPERO - LOTUS ARCHE - 輪郭 The Insulated World - Ranunculus I buckled and did two for GAUZE and VULGAR, my favourite of their albums and I just couldn't decide.
  14. Awoi, Black:list, Clearveil, EAT YOU ALIVE.
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