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  1. Those pants, those shoes, ugh...
  2. Getting major "all according to keikaku" vibes up in here.
  3. "I'm half tired and was in the middle of speaking, you mind if we take the picture again? ...No? Ok..."
  4. Whoa whoa, what have I been missing out on? Haha. As for the previews, they're either not really captivating or sound like filler in their regular work, where I'd rather just go and listen to their better material. Acid Android sounds good, though, anyone got track recommendations to try out?
  5. Graphic design for fucking monkeys. Let's space this shit up and then throw a thunderbolt in there with a lens flare for good measure; even a shitty out of place rose in the corner. Best part is whatever is over his face makes him look like he has a half-baked depression beard. Oh it's so sad, so sad..
  6. But aren't we all just noob vk fans at the end of the day..
  7. retarders ha ha ha lesson one: Write as if your shit was poorly translated through google.
  8. We got lynch. because Hazuki didn't like working with Ai, right? Or am I remembering that wrong?
  9. I think most of us are just takin' the piss out of the voice over, to be fair.
  10. Part 2. And on an OST video for Hyperdimension Neptunia: Just sort of weird how much people will big up the stuff they listen to, as if it's the sole source of a type of music, or that it's the best and the only best.
  11. With a few tweaks, the preview could almost be it's own song because they're all par for the course. Maybe Ai and Hazuki should get together and make a new band, 'cause then we'd get a third new thing to be worn out after a year or two.
  12. Don't know why, but I still love it.
  13. You people didn't expect artsy angel bullshit from the project name alone? Pleb work, guys, pleb work.
  14. Red lipstick. <3