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  1. funny 'cause he himself is doing a 20th anniversary album too
  2. NICKT

    Fair point, I can agree.
  3. NICKT

    I don't think it's so much that people are dismissive of events but rather that the scene overall is infamous for it's sleaze and underbelly. More along the vein of "this isn't all that surprising to me" as a thought, ultimately.
  4. NICKT

    Ice (Eros) from XodiacK and Black Gene for the Next Scene.
  5. NICKT

    I'd gladly go the rest of time without Deluhi for another UNDIVIDE album.
  6. I believe they tried a surround sound mix and everyone's listening to it in 2.0 and it's not sounding so good, hyperbole.
  7. NICKT

    I'll always love this version of Mizerable, how he holds the note at the end of the chorus is really nice.
  8. NICKT

    B's used in Japanese to replace the letter V, so you could read that as cock lovin'. Which I recommend.
  9. NICKT

    Your basic earphones are going to be a left and right speaker, or "stereo" I believe: 2.0 5.1 is centre, front left and right, back left and right and then bass, as far as I'm aware. Think surround sound and something cinematic, or your average pair of gaming headsets these days.
  10. Gackt's songs in Dirge of Cerberus got me to notice Japanese music as a whole, whilst trying to find more music by him I came across a lot of visual-kei blogspots, I grew fond of bands like lynch. and DEATHGAZE very quickly. When I moved back to my home town several years ago, I decided to branch out my music tastes from just visual stuff, there was a topic posted here that was about introductions to non-visual rock groups and I found one ok rock and man with a mission. (Gackt also took me to Kamen Rider, one of the opening themes was by Shonan no Kaze, they had a song with Salu and he had done a song with Ken the 390 and T-Pablow which ended up with me bingeing on Bad-Hop and Aklo for almost a month straight.) It's all connected...
  11. NICKT

    Speaking of gay fanfiction... When I was about 16, I was facebook friends with a mid-30ies woman who wrote gay fanfiction online. She was inspired by my relentless fascination with Gackt and wrote a story of him and me, not sure whether I should be charmed or creeped.
  12. NICKT

    You could say she was lakynn some common sense. ...No? Fuck you, my mum thinks I'm funny.
  13. NICKT

    4 = フォ。 headphone = ヘッドフォーン。 Let me know when you see it.
  14. NICKT

    Surprisingly wholesome in a scene infamous for it's excessive fan-fucking.
  15. NICKT

    One Ok Rock as well, was named so for they practice at 1 o'clock, or so I've heard. (wan okuroku) I imagine there might be at least some reasoning behind a lot of these names, whether it makes them less bad is still up for debate though...
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