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  1. I feel a bit different with Japanese Rap, i mean i don't like it usually (exept Eminem) , but this one got me:
  2. Rakuen

    I'm not sure at all about this in that case, but i know that "copy" identity from others is a real thing in VK. It was common for 1990s and late 2000s Visual bands to have members that resemble other Visual Kei artists. And btw, i totally agree, i tought the same whe i saw the picture lol !
  3. Rakuen

    Anyway, if you keep doing those awesome and usefull things here ; it's enough for me ! i'll support you. i'm a just a bit sad but you still here to maybe post month releases ; so i'm hopefull. Thank you for not giving up, even after that !
  4. Rakuen

    Nooo ! I'm sad about that, really, i even got the app on my phone !
  5. Rakuen

    Oh... i just realised you are the moderator of VisualVice. Thank you for your hard work, i'm checking it every months. It's a cool idea to bring it on MH. ( PS: I swear i'm not stalking you, but i'm sure i already saw you somewhere on Nautiljon too , and it was disturbing seeing you everywhere i'm browsing. )
  6. Damn he still looks so young ... i'm so confused
  7. Rakuen

    Mmmh ...
  8. Agree, i'm a bit curious about it too
  9. Accoustic version of Last Word by RENTRER EN SOI ; it was the very first melody i learned on guitar ! You can find it on songsterr too !
  10. I'm from France, not interested in all of your stuff but would like to pick some few things. Like coll:set and bottom of chaos ; maybe some mucc. But man, actually all that stuff for that price is so worth it in my opionion.
  11. Rakuen

    Playing MHW of course and Seasons After Fall , a little game i found on Steam. Very nice, love the soundtrack and the spirit of the game. (It's a very short game , about 7 hours , maybe less to finish ; so i'm taking my time.)
  12. Both are also ex NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. Interesting ; we'll see.
  13. But why did it happen like that ? I mean... both were attacked on face ! That's scary...
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