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  1. Beer: Taste by itself is lame, although I have never had a "good" beer so take that with a grain of salt if you've never had beer. I do use it to cook food, like "fish and chips" on occasion, since beer makes a very good light batter due to the carbonation and flavor, but I wouldn't drink it for taste and I certainly wouldn't drink it to party. Wine: I like red wines, and am not too picky. Red wines are great for braised red meats and have other culinary uses. I recently finished off a red wine blend which tasted pretty damn good. Pinot noir is pretty good, it tastes sort of like cherries and has a high resveratrol content. White wine works well for chicken and fish. I don't drink white wine by itself though, only red. I figure if I'm going to drink something unhealthy I should at least pick the healthiest wines. Spirits: Can't stand these by themselves because of how strong they are, but Irish cream, margaritas, matinis, rum mixed with coke, pina coladas etc taste pretty good but are a fucking nightmare if you're trying to watch your weight because of the ridiculous amount of calories lol
  2. While talent / skill is imperative to at least some degree for a band to be objectively good, overall I find that passion is still more important. In other words if a band's members have very little technical skill, they can more than make up for that by pouring their heart out and releasing otherwise sick tunes. I feel this way as someone who listens to a lot of very indie visual kei. I can totally dig horrendous vocalists if the music resonates with me. I'm probably explaining this poorly.
  3. No photos yet but I ordered this rare ass V.A called Screen of Culminate Vol.1 and I dunno if anyone here would appreciate the bands or not but it's really my style. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/HLD-29 Screen of Culminate Vol.1 / オムニバス クラッチ、Veronica、アンデット、PARFAIT、悪いヤツ!、℃、Garret、PHANTOM、Feather、Grieveの楽曲を収録。 Here is one of the songs from the V.A, and again I dunno if people here are into this type of shit but I really like it and can't wait for it to arrive so I can rip it immediately.
  4. Both of those covers are cool but I especially like that Gackt cover, you have a fantastic voice and you're really good! Keep working hard and making kickass covers!
  5. I'm surprised how many people here are a bit like me musically!! I would've been into post-hardcore, metalcore, some alternative and oldschool rock, definitely some pop, and some different types of metal for sure. I was really into post-hardcore and metalcore before I found visual kei, and I still love those genres. Visual kei sorta filled the void for me, because musically I like the weird crazy melodic shit that suddenly turns into pure chaos that most people think sucks.
  6. Hi

    Welcome! You seem like a pretty cool person.
  7. I really miss my old friends here. If anyone has seen linh-san, beni, evenor, fitear, etc i'd love for them to send me a shout. 

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      Thank you everyone, and thanks you guys for tagging. :) @evenorI was  Yasuhiro1 on last.fm, although I'm a bit embarrassed about my past and the stupid bullshit I may have said or done at the time.  


      It's always nice to talk to you guys, and thanks for responding so swiftly. Glad to keep in touch with anyone who remembers chatting w/ me. My discord account is Amazy Dayzee#5580 if anyone uses that.

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      Welcome back!!!


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      Thanks! I hope I can make myself useful around here. 

  8. Haha honestly everyone here is pretty hot, makes me feel insecure as fuck. This editor is confusing me excuse the spoilers. Just click the imgur link to see me. http://imgur.com/a/Bihn0
  9. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  10. That's another thing. I noticed that if an indie band sounds just a little bit similar to a major band, people will reduce all of that indie band's work down to being a cheap ripoff / copy of said major band. It's phenomenal really, there's no logic to it whatsoever.
  11. Harsh or not, you guys are all posting productive responses and I appreciate it. Also to Tokage: " 'If you hate it so much, I'd like to see you try to release something better :^)'-argument is incredibly weak and on the same tier as food analogies in terms of their ability to utterly kill a conversation and render it meaningless, and it's usually the tell-tale mark of a stan. " I wasn't really trying to use that as an argument and I'm sorry if it seemed that way. Of course, a person doesn't have to possess talent in order to criticize. If I fell for that type of logic I wouldn't be able to criticize Amy Schumer's leather special which was complete dog shit. The point was just that people rarely seem to grasp what it takes to get to a certain level, even if that level isn't super impressive. Perhaps it's a bad point, but it's a little difficult to articulate in the best way possible.
  12. The point you make is a point I should have addressed in my first post. People have unbelievable bias when they don't like something, and it goes far beyond the realm of music alone. I could dislike cheesecake and go around telling people that cheesecake is awful, asserting a subjective opinion as a fact when it clearly isn't. I don't see how Jey sucks because he can hit notes 98% of his could only dream of, but the point is when you don't like someone you won't acknowledge their positive traits, only their negatives if they even exist to begin with. Also UNDER FALL JUSTICE has a cool sound. I don't listen to them as much as Scarlet but they're definitely not bad! Perhaps I'm just a positive person and not picky enough like those wonderful people that hate everything.
  13. Jui is one of my favorite VK vocalists. He got so much better in each band he was in. In De-vine he sounded nothing like he did in Raisonne, and in Luinspear I noticed the most change, and then came Vidoll which was sorta like a more polished Luinspear . I see the change of his voice and I'm glad vocalists release music while they're still in their early provisional period. Listening to an artist's first band and then the band they're most well known for side by side is sort of like looking at a before and after picture of someone's attempting to make some sort of transition or transformation. In his early years Jui still sung with passion, and you could tell he was really determined to become something special. Jui could never in a million years sing a song like kimi wo nosete in any of his first few bands. I was using him as an example to highlight improvement, but I'm betting you knew that anyways. I'm just expanding more on the subject of Jui.
  14. Yeah I'm not sure if this is the right spot to write this but I'm just going to write it anyway because I think it's a real issue that is worth talking about (since I haven't seen anyone ever talk about it). Perhaps it should be moved to one of the music sections since it is music related, but I wasn't sure how the rant would end. What do you think of indie visual kei bands? Or indie bands in general? I'm talking about really new young bands that may not have that much talent or skill, but still play their damn hearts out and pour their soul into the music. I'm talking about bands that belong to unpopular labels if at all, often comprised of a bunch of kids 18 or 19. I'm talking about people who really just got into the business. Think Jui from Vidoll during De-vine for example. I've noticed for years now that there are music elitists / snobs / parasites / whatever you want to call them in the VK community, and in musical communities in general. They're WAY too harsh when they criticize music, nearing delusion but are rarely called out on it. The other day I listened to an indie band's final release, and it was full of passion and emotion, and the vocalist improved before that band disbanded (they were really bad at the beginning lol). The band I'm talking about is called ReivieЯ and the song is called Dears. Basically they had a final release that was really good in my opinion, and it was very emotional, then I went to read reviews of the album and everyone was talking absolute shite. People were saying that the release was bad and that the vocalist sucked or didn't improve (which is bullshit), and I was just thinking to myself something along the lines of "Wow. This release (Dears in particular) was full of so much emotion and I can really feel the music and enjoy this. I want to see you detractors put out something even half as good as this. Why do people just talk shit and ignore every good aspect of the release to say negative shit instead?". The vocalist has since joined a band called Fixer and has improved immeasurably since RevieЯ's first release but anyway I knew for a while now that music critics are often overly harsh to the point of just being plain delusional. They ignore every good aspect of a song just to shit on it because vocals might be a little off at one part, or for any other petty trivial reason. I've noticed that these people tend to dislike nearly everything that isn't produced by extremely talented and highly trained artists. I thought that music was supposed to be an artform, a canvas to express emotion and feeling and share it with others. I didn't know that music was supposed to be monopolized by only extremely skilled musicians with very difficult to achieve levels of skill, innovation and talent. I was always surprised by this attitude. The irony is that here in America, a lot of the popular music that the majority of people listen to is music that requires little to no no talent aside for in some instances so-so vocal training. It is not hard to sing a really basic pop song, it just requires a little bit of basic vocal training. You don't really have to use many vocal techniques to sing basic pop songs. Singing in a good power metal band and actually sounding good requires far more technique, time, training, ambition, dedication and effort, yet people eat mainstream pop / hip hop up like it's the best music on the planet. With visual kei I have had the exact opposite experience. In the end I don't really know what this rant achieves, but this is coming from someone who has loved indies visual kei bands for a decade now. I think that the attitude that a lot of people have towards musicians, especially singers discourages them from releasing their covers to the public, because criticizing towards us is usually very harsh and unconstructive.