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  1. What an amazing comeback post! From what I get in this message he comes back around June, right?
  2. this saddens me things wont be the same when Koichi and Tzk dont return they might as well disband I cant imagine a MEJBRAY without them if its really only management related I praaay that they'll do the same as Lycaon did well.. either way they deserve to rest and look after themselves as long as they come back whether together or not I'll be (semi)okay
  3. Happy Birthday! :]]

  4. really?? like what cuz I didnt see this coming at allll D: this is frustating I just hope they'll find new projects asap
  5. KIDS WAR HYPE IS FINALLY REEEAL they look absolutely phenomenal! So excited for some previews!
  6. Eeh I really hope for an unexpected twist that will make me go “WOOAH” like in EPOCALIPSE D:
  7. haah awesome couldn't have wished for a better birthday present
  8. looks cool looking forward to Kais new project
  9. Omg I love this idea! do we already know who the mangaka will be for this project? I highly doubt Len will do it himself lol (which I'd love too btw, no matter how his drawing skills are)
  10. do we have some Chicagoan Monochromians here who are down to meet up? will be there next summeeer :D

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    2. Shir0


      @YuyoDriftwould be great :D ofc only if it wont get too stressful for you and nope no business trip merely visiting the city :) 

    3. YuyoDrift


      I was kidding @Shir0haha, of course I have time for ya!


    4. Shir0


      @YuyoDriftOooh XD well theen :P 

  11. small request to all Monochromians~
    I'm currently in the middle of a school project where I have to write about "influencer on social media" (IG in special) including a self-test where I've to set up an IG acc. myself posting stuff like makeup, VK or what I ever I come up with. Long story short I'd be VERY thankful if some of you would follow this acc -> https://www.instagram.com/karmasdoll_/

    (Only till the end of the project. I'll delete it once its over) every like/follow is much appreciated 🙇

  12. only 11. & 9. are new right? tbh I liked the re-recordings
  13. Ohhh that looks interesting Edit: now I get whats going on here, just how cool is that? love the idea of mixing all Ains bands with each other
  14. What worries me the most rn ^ Issei may not be the greatest drummer but “as the bands leader” his compositions fit in perfectly imo. His reason for leaving the band makes him sound rather lame he should have went with an excuse like “due to musical differences” lol all I get from this message is “Im incompetent to deal with the problems within our Band, it’s too much of a bother to get closer with them so Im going the easy path and leave” either way I hope they wont disband after this they’ve become my fav newcomer Band of this year
  15. sitting here to study math while MORRIGAN performs in Munich rn


    1. Kyo_Toriko


      Somehow that is called reality ! :")