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  1. Shir0

    not bad they caught my attention gonna keep an eye on them
  2. tf did I just watch I was a bit interested after reading that Levi is in there too but.. naah wtf
  3. the title scared me for a second lol well better not read too much into it for now the preview sounds really nicee Im looking forward to the full version!
  4. So anyone knows if this is Tentens new project/band? sekaiseifuku27?


    1. JRD


      I think it's a one off thing. It says in the description on his twitter that it will only be played live once, on the 20th.

    2. Shir0


      @JRD I see I was already wondering how he'd put up a new Band so fast XD thank you 

  5. Shir0

    Im not a great fan of strong 'synth-ish' songs but to my surprise I liked the previews more than I thought too bad it's live-limited I've actually become curious about them
  6. I guess even then he'd go on hiatus at some point and start another project lol hope we will get some of this when he comes back
  7. Shir0

    Great news
  8. Shir0

    Thank you so so so much @doombox for spontaneously joining when we still needed one participant. So my partner choose the year 2015 (look at that lovely cover art she made) Again, Thank YOU for being my partner ❤️ and don't worry you didn't sound to critical rather it was interesting to see what you think about each song and it honestly turned out better than I thought + it was quite funny like how you have a love-hate relationship with Lycaon like I do with Arelquin or how you decided on the year after mine I almost choose 2015 too haha. I love the fact that there're so many artists I like on your playlist but also some I usually don't listen to and found myself actually enjoying them. Same! I'd be more than happy to have you as partner again some time ❤️
  9. Shir0

    Sent. I already love @doombox 's playlist lol
  10. Y'all ,don't forget to send your mixtapes to your partner today:))

  11. Shir0

    That’s awesome looking forward to some previews
  12. Shir0

    That actually wasn’t so bad guess I’ll keep an eye on them
  13. love the fact that Andy's make up reminds so much of edward with the scissorhand lol it sounds less catchy than VELTRO imo but it's a lot more chill I like it
  14. Pairs for the trade-off have been announced~ 

  15. Just a quick reminder to check out the trade-off :]]!! today is your last chance to join. For those taking part partners will be announced tomorrow! looking forward to what y’all come up with~ :) 


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