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  1. sounds and looks very cool I'll definitely keep an eye on them!
  2. Yaay! new DIAURA stuff is always welcome
  3. tbh I liked genki's voice.. but I can't complain their new vocalist sounds okay so I'm fine with it although that MV spot was mediocre "2. despair's ray" an homage to Despa?*rising expections*
  4. Visual-Kei

    Samee I miss them </3 & No he didn't only Kaede did
  5. Tenten should become an adidas Ambassador I LOOOVE how he modified his red track suit lol most badass VK baseball team u'll ever seee
  6. not sure if it's because I didn't listen to them for months but this sounds unexpectedly nice. It's been a while since I was looking forward to an Arlequin release
  7. @sume7you almost gave me a heartattack with this topic title!!! XD already thought it might be about disbanding or going on hiatus lol well I hope he (who ever got sick) gets well soon!
  8. sounds interesting 2 singles on one day I'm looking forward to it!
  9. Looking good <3 I always love KYTK shoots
  10. YES they're playing in Munich awesomeee
  11. uugh get well soon Haru I do not dislike this idea [2]
  12. looks like he saw it coming too
  13. haah I'm actually excited for this!
  14. Daamn what a line up D: can we make this real? edit: nvm I thoughts it says Yuuki on Vocal ugh