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  1. & the winner iiiis @rekzer with this dope killer clown costume, congrats! We'll contact you about the prize soon Voting was not needed since we only had one participant
  2. Tho Ryo is not one of my fav vocalists Im getting more and more fond of his voice, this sounds great
  3. In all honesty I cant imagine that.. this sounds more like a Tanuki thing like even if he did both of them would have left already for sure
  4. not one but FIVE?? why the fuck dont I live in Japan
  5. tbh if you come with such gorgeous covers and an intersting & cool look you can't expect me NOT to have high hopes not gonna lie Asagao ga naiteru sounds beautiful but Im not fully conviced yet it does get better towards the end tho.. but we will see as for the rest its pretty much solid especially the last track, kinda reminds me of older xaa-xaa songs (?) nevertheless Im excited for this
  6. This! [2] XD tbh I'd be down with either Trap taking VK influence or vice versa idk why but I imagine Tzk & Ryoga would be able to pull it off the best lmao
  7. wouldn't be surprised if its actually him lol X acting like old depressed Karma nowadays.. he would fit in perfectly the great tiger moth on their hp reminds me of AvelCains three month consecutive release.. boy I miss those days </3
  8. Dont forget our Contest ends next Week! :)


  9. Cool cool These guys have been releasing solid stuff so far
  10. Their drawing skills improved. From their Alien doodle on Saikou no Shokutaku to this lol I love it
  11. Daaamn Jey





  12. so.. is this gonna turn into some Penrequin/Arletagon thing? Im down to give them a chance when we get more to hear, they look decent
  13. always down for some new chill stuff :]
  14. short reminder that our Contest ends in 2 Weeks!! Dont forget to check it out~ ;)




  15. Holy shit the visuals in the second MV it's good, definitely my fav now! Music vise it's okay I agree with typical DDR sound. As for the ballad it's exactly the opposite for me. PV doesnt do much for me but as a song its beautiful