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  1. Someone else having  suddenly issues with messenger and insta? lol

    can’t send anyhing on insta and messenger wont let me log in anymore 🙄


    1. colorfuljinsei


      Fb, insta, and whatsapp are all down due to an outage atm. 


  2. Shir0

  3. lol was thinking the other day when we will get some new GALLO songs that's great news!
  4. expected worse after reading the comments about the synth it's really not that bad overall I like the song
  5. damn I dont understand the slightest bit he's singing in shinjata pochi but watching the PV its such a sad story poor pup music vise it sounds beautiful the other 2 tracks sound pretty cool too and Im always down for xaa-xaa's messy chaotic songs so kinda looking forward to the last track
  6. the beginning sounded so promising.. it's not bad but I think I need some more listens for it to grow on me
  7. Here we go again.. waiting for his next project
  8. Shir0

    Damn it too many of my bands are disbanding lately this is frustating ugh
  9. 炎舞 has to be my favorite song on rands mini. It gives me so many AvelCain vibes 💔 really missed Karma's voice 


  10. Shir0

  11. They look stunning! This is their best look
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