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  1. True but if it means getting more excellent songs like this I'll be waitiiingg the longer it takes for him to come back the more I yearn and appreciate such work like inside of me damn it this song is so awesome!!
  2. Agreed it doesnt sound bad and their new look is cool
  3. When I talked to @sume7he came up with this awesome idea to creat a topic where everyone can share their playlist/look for playlists sooo feel free to share what you listen to during your workouts! my latest modified Playlist (mainly used for warm up like crosstrainer, treadmill) when lifting shit #teamnocardio & for cool-down afterwards (like walking, stepper) ALL VisualKei songs! doesnst necessarily mean you have to only put Japanese songs inside :]]
  4. Awesomee I was waiting for them to release something new!
  5. TOMO and Takashi looking tight as always :]] tbh I got my hopes up when reading its a Saishu densha sequel but it's actually not just slightly reminds of it imo and its even already censored weelll the song sounds beautiful tho so still looking forward to it
  6. Somehow... they're not even giving an real explanation as to why it was cancelled? just a lame apology? cmonn
  7. you gotta be fucking kidding it was not even A MONTH TO GO sooo I googled a bit and the only reason I kind find is cuz of the recent Manchester incident? apparently they're not the only band who cancelled their EU tour due to that ->
  8. Omg please let this be a new project and not just some session band but DAAAMN I happy about yu-ki being back either way!!
  9. Agreed! sounds pretty nice gonna keep an eye them
  10. I like how VEXENT is improving with each song although it feels kinda weird how the intro appears in the middle of the song again as if it just stops and repeats form there but overall it sounds cool one of their best work imo
  11. ^ this would explain the D.I.D vibes Aweomse news these guys are great :)) can't wait for more DIMLIM stuff
  12. Indeed a nice change for once I enjoy listening to this ballad :]
  13. holy shit how do I only see this now KYOMA!!! Reason for being and PIERROT are not baad :]] definitely gonna keep an eye on his new band
  14. ain't the first, fourth and last track new?