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  1. thanks for translating it :] so you used to be on JPA too? cool cool welcome to Monochrome-Heaven! hope you'll enjoy your time here
  2. wtf.. we finally have Naru back don't let this end in a disbandment! ugh hopefully they'll find some good new members quickly
  3. damn idk what to say he made VK so much more interesting but as long as he continues to make music it's..fine, I guess?
  4. DIAURA shitsu tsubasa no seiiki (re-recording) was my first VK song I watched their MV over and over again it was love at first listen
  5. yaaay 6 new songs!
  6. hahah this pic helped me in so many ways, how フnny


    1. Seimeisen


      This isn't my worst ナイghtmare

    2. Shir0



    3. plastic_rainbow


      classic ポst

  7. never lose hope you're probable right </3 love this song it's one of their beeeest
  8. oh shiiit their new outfits and PV looks AMAZING tbh Im liking that song already and its only a MV SPOT so who knows how it will turn out in the end
  9. Kagurazaka EXPLOSION for Sibilebashir vs AvelCain mainly went there for AvelCain but Sibile totally impressed me too that night
  10. LOL my thoughts exactly wasn't his former Band more "soft" and all? tbh I already like him waay more in CHOKE lol RUVISH was okay but I could never fully get into them, this is better! gonna keep an eye on them
  11. Well if it's only that *switches to Twitter*
  12. Same! 10/10 for this
  13. Happy Birthday to my favorite visualkei/emokid Karma <3 205290e4bd80b774e27918cb305723e3.jpg


    Miss uuuu <//3

    1. Elazmus


      double birthday :D <3

  14. you mean アハレワタ? Also Issei is baaaack!! (ex. D.I.D) from Visualioner: Vo. Sho → DIMLIM Gt. Ryuuya → All Must Die → Deviloof → DIMLIM Gt. Retsu → D.I.D.(roadie) → D.I.D.(support) → DIMLIM Ba. Tsubasa → Airish (Haiji) → DIMLIM(Tsubasa) Dr. Issei → Saya → HATED, Amulet*(support) → Harvey → (V-Family→freesia) → Shin sekai → Neo → 2the DISCOLAND(tekede) → D.I.D.(support/Issei) → D.I.D. → DIMLIM
  15. general

    ..this MV will hunt me in my dreams tonight omg