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  1. ^ I'm pretty sure they mean in literally lol Heeeellyeeees can't wait for previews!
  2. I wish I could actually read this urgh
  3. KRAD getting better and better it sounds so good
  4. great news for once lol
  5. new look for their new Album 中野合衆国 fucking love!
  6. Loll 2016 VK drama never ends
  7. Makes me think of D.I.D <//3 Liar wasnt bad imo, looking forward to previews
  8. One of their best looks ever? they look gorgeous!
  9. Niice a full album! looking forward to previews & it would be cool if we get our hands on this live-limited (or -distributed) CD
  10. I'm sliiiighty dissapointed it's good but I had expected more from RED ZONE when I heard this 20sec. preview, looks like this part was already the interesting thing about this song? BUT that breakdown in the end gives me hope again I'm looking forward to the full version
  11. They look fabulous!!!!!! the long strand of hair below Yoshi's eye reminds me of Karma & The PV sounds nice
  12. best trash I've ever heard Yuuki's voice <333 Okuri Hi sounds soo beautiful but Im mostly excited for Type B, Labyrinth in special
  13. But we still have the original band, Mejibray I agree this is very unexpected D: they were pretty cool