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  1. Shir0

    so the Bonus track will be the only new thing on this live limited release right?
  2. Wow sounds really good! Im mostly looking forward to the title track and karakara
  3. This live sounds SO fun I wish I was there! Im confused about the bowl and spoon thing tho like I didnt know it was a Gallo thing.. should set an reminder to myself to bring those things with me if I should see them loool btw Im pretty sure I always heard people saying an-ko-re for an encore? might be only my imagination tho I never paid THAT much attention to how they said it XD
  4. Shir0

    This! they actually caught my interest again with this MV
  5. Nice and the look is pretty cool
  6. Shir0

    yup, 10 also
  7. Shir0

    How did they never fail to impress me so far? whenever something new by them comes up Im like prepared that it will go downhill from here because they already released such amazing songs but nope they still have some more awesome stuff to share I agree with you all this sounds fantastic!
  8. my thoughts exactly! This is actually enjoyable and reminds me of the time when I still liked them in Call Me/early Pentagon times please continue like this it sounds good!
  9. Someone else getting AvelCain vibes when she hammered this voodoo(?) doll on the tree? lol Also love xaa-xaa for this mess haha it actually sounds really good to me
  10. Shir0

    This sounds really good! and I like the Louis Vuitton-esque pattern on their clothes with reverse "gucci" logo on it lol much love for the details
  11. They kind of ruin the image I had of them back in Mejibray pls dont...Naah I want the old Tzk back no one needs THIS ugh <////3
  12. Shir0

    Idk how to feel about their stuff lately their previews for Can you feel it didn’t do much for me either but I still love these guys and am always down to check out there stuff hopefully there’ll be something more to my liking...*prays for some heavier stuff*
  13. Shir0

    Woooow that breakdown tho!!!! 😧 this song is Amazing! now Im hype for the rest of the single
  14. Anyone in Chicago down for a MH meet uuup? 😁

  15. nooo why does it need to be live-limited their stuff is so good (