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  1. Shir0

    Sounds interesting
  2. This! Also the full version of this MV is better than I thought these guys are goood
  3. Wow I thought more ppl would be into it the previews sound promising to me tbh looking forward to the whole thing!
  4. Zetsumei Ka is such a good single! KRAD ❤️


  5. Sounds interesting now Im curious about how they’ll sound
  6. Shir0

    this doesnt sound bad actually? guess I'll give them a try
  7. Shir0

    That was great! Now Im really excited for some previews for the rest of the single
  8. Glad to see the announcement wasn’t (even if it wasn’t very likely to happen anyway) a disbandment these are some great news! So happy to hear from them again And this sounds & looks amazing I cant wait for the mini!
  9. Shir0

    @fitear1590 Die meisten Influencers die ich in meiner Seminararbeit genannt habe sind Englisch sprachig sorry aber wenn du ein Deutschen Influencer und Youtuber sucht dann schau mal nach dem YT Kanal Bibisbeautypalace sie ist Vorallem unter Teenager(inen) beliebt
  10. Almost all my social media sites are filled with depressint stuff like woow  I need something funny to cheer up now loll anyone knows some funny clips or more memes of conor vs khabib? I’ve already been thru so many Insta videos I need some new shit to laugh about pls :’)) 

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    2. God


      Soothouse videos on YouTube are p funny.

    3. Arkady


      Some of his photoshops are very funny other miss a bit but if you have twitter check him out. https://twitter.com/fjamie013

    4. Shir0


      @fitear1590 @God @Arkady Thank you all! :)

  11. Shir0

    Figured the concept before we got any previews or so haha not bad I like the idea it looks interesting so far
  12. Ohhh a promising new band the whole preview sounds good Im excited for it!
  13. Shir0

    Hm he does look kinda different on here? tho Idgaf about whether this look is worse or not from what Karma used to wear Im just happy to finally SEE a look and hear of some activities! Super excited to hear some previews too and the cover art is indeed beautiful ❤️
  14. So the only ones left in Ains are DIAURA now? Didn’t see this disbandment coming so soon but Im looking forward to the few new songs we will get ugh
  15. Shir0

    loving the all white look:)