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  1. Wonders me why we didn’t do this earlier, nice idea @freesia😊 Here’s mine a mix of..everything lol
  2. ofc with Mako on Vocals they would do GazettE Covers XD Im really curios about Radical Hysteria tho.. I’d love to see him sing this song
  3. Does anybody know anything about Karmas new Band rands? are they even active? uggh missing this weirdo <//3

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

    1. Shir0


      Thanks a loot ❤️😁

  5. Happy birthday!

    1. Shir0


      Thank yooou 😁

  6. yeah I kinda get this feeling too.. this might be my least favorite MV by them I mean I still like the song but MV vise its not as good as the others the synth itself would actually fit KRADs sound imo but here idk in the long run it gets kinda too much for me I was honestly glad he finally used his clean vocals around 2:40(?) like "Yees something is finally happening in this song that give me feels" (which does not mean I dont like Sous harsh vocals as much, he's one of my FAVS<3)
  7. looks interesting hopefully we get some previews soon I could need some promising new VK Bands :’))
  8. my thoughts exactly!! at least they already have support members (it seems?) would be a shame to see another cool VK Band disband
  9. sitting in a train without headphones but desperately want to hear it.. sorrynotsorry lets listen to this loud dear fellow passangers
  10. Here comes my review to @Kira_Uchiha's Anime OST mixtape~ Odysee Genre: Space, Sc-fi, Horror Story (tried to sume it up with my own words, if you like you can read the full version below) in the year 2056 a metoroid crashes on earth which later helps mankinds techonological progress but also brought a virus that infected the planet, the results are that more than half of plants, animals and mankinds popluation died. Thanks to their advancement in techonolgy they found a way to keep mankind alive, another galaxy with 6 planets were people could keep on living. With 8 ships the rest of humanity makes their way to the galaxy called "Babylon" in cryogenic sleep for 350 years. But once they arrived there the planets were, as they had with frightening to determine, withered except for one planet, their last hope. the protagonist a leader with his squad called CODA set off to explore this Planet "Hope 1". While CODA comes to realize that this Planet is just fine for people to live the main ship is being attacked by enemies that appeared out of nowhere! CODA being unable to contact the main ship makes their way to find any vessel that might be around. The Squad is searching for the rest via heat signatures and gets closer to one of the withered planets with a pyramid like building in it. But as their camouflag system fails a fleet appears and tries to attack them. Unfortunately CODA is unable to escape and being absorbed by one of the enemies ships. The leader later finds himself in a groteske room and tubes being attached to him that extracts blue liquid out of him. He removes them trying to find out whats going on in his surrounding. He sees a gate that he later finds out is a gate to hell which is also the origin of these creatures that kept him and probable the rest of humanity hostage. Not just hostage but their souls are being taken to keep the gate open so they can return home one day. Completely shocked by what he found out hes aimlessly wandering around & ends up in front of the overloard who later attachs a tube to his neck, this time with a red liquid that apparently turns him into one of these creatures himself. The leader then follows his job taking lifes to keep the gate open. So I've to say right from the start Im no Sc-Fi Fan and when I read the genre I was a bit worried about what would await me BUT this story turned out better than I had expected! I like how Kira gave each song an extra title like this you knew where in the story you were atm and sometimes I'd be surprised by the choice of songs in certain scenarios but each of them were helpful to picture the story better in your head! this way i also discovered pretty cool songs I probable would have never tired out cuz most them them had this sc-fi/space like sound ANYWAY here comes my review/thoughts to the mixtape (I swear I tried my best lmao):
  11. Yaaay! hope we get some previews :))
  12. THIS! unfortunately I never properly checked his music out before but I also really enjoyed Come over when you're sober
  13. soooo this sounds very interesting and like something I cant mess up loll count me in! (:
  14. 1-2 fucking lines over and over again in the first minute BUT they made it sound so good still! [2]!!!!!!!!
  15. What an amazing comeback post! From what I get in this message he comes back around June, right?