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  1. first Karma now THIS awesome news! Life is too good to me today where's the hurricane finally a full album can't wait for previews
  2. so Eve gave him some advice for the song would be cool if they work together again
  3. Welcome back Karma <3 

    1. orange~


      I saw this post and died for a second there <3

    2. yakihiko


      He returned to save all his fans souls :)

  4. I think Im gonna cry lol this is beautiful hearing his voice again made my day
  5. That look whenever you see a dog awwh where's Toras piercing ball tho
  6. I did thought their hiatus might lead to a disbandment but I didn't think it would happen really happen and also this fast.. that's sad but I hope for them to find new projects in the future
  7. Awesome! liked their stuff so far Im looking forward to some previews also futaba looking fab af
  8. waking up to all these CANIVAL releases being shared kyo you're simply the best

    1. kyoselflove


      Took awhile to get them but of course had to share them xD 


    2. yakihiko


      Gonna check if that drummer you are in love is this good lol

  9. Awesome news! cant wait for some previews
  10. skimmed through the post and only saw this I think my heart skipped a beat for a sec cuz I thought it was real this was the sweetest yet most painful hope I had today thanks @emmny*sigh*
  11. love your shooting with Tsubaki it looks amazing
  12. Great news! I'll definitely try to see them :]]
  13. Wishing him good luck with whatever he has planned after this his retirement will leave quite a gap :/
  14. saw this coming but..well fml THIS! Let them be back soon ugh
  15. Somehow... I was expecting something WHOLE different but boy this is their best look for sure