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  1. Ob777

    裏切る舌 I really did not like it. It sounds kind of uncreative to me, I believe having new bands doing something similar and much better. Anyway...
  2. This new single by Dot Zipang Romantica are amazing!!!

  3. Since Fall Sin love this band ❤️

  4. Ob777

    Too bad, the band was pretty interesting.
  5. Ob777

    チャイルドプレイ - 愛情は首吊り This music is great, but I really love the others. Overall it's a great band.
  6. Kakeru singing "Juliet" by MIsaruka It is stunning and lovely. 

  7. Ob777

    Asian Rock Club: https://asianrockclub.blogspot.com VROCK DOWNLOAD: http://vrockdownload.blogspot.com ZVK https://zetto-zvk.blogspot.com Japan Music World http://japansmusicworld.blogspot.com Chaotic Dix http://chaotic-dix.blogspot.com.br All the links still working Music World Japan http://musicworldofjapan.blogspot.com Demon Android https://demonandroidjprock.blogspot.com Visual Kei Eroguro 3 http://visual-eroguro-kei-3.blogspot.com.br Jp Rock http://jp-rock.blogspot.com/ Good old stuff
  8. Ob777

    Me listening this new song: ...Boring.
  9. Ob777

    This Live Limited Dist, are very annoying, they discourage me sometimes to meet some new artist. But for new artists, I think it's understandable.
  10. 2018.June.13 "THE LEGEND" [track list] 1.KAMUI-神威- 2.Silence Of Northern Hell 〜0〜 3.Crimson Symphony 〜rage of blood〜 4.Requiem 〜T.O.A〜 5.Mystic Your Heart 〜angel in the karma〜 6.∞SYSTEM 〜b.u.r.s.t〜 7.CLONE LIFE 〜anti-human〜 8.Final Sky 〜terra〜 9.Embrace Me 〜you are not alone〜 10.TRUTH 〜psyco society〜 11.Exotic-6-cordinator 〜novum〜 12.FREEDOM 〜ryu in the house〜 13.Another Dimension 〜shiro gane〜 14.Forever Free 〜焔〜 15.ETERNAL proto-type(bonus)
  11. BAD × splatters girl by ハクビシン is a great song, love it.

  12. Ob777

    Recently digital purchase: DAYDALA - Dystopia LIQUID - Gekkoh (V.100) REN - LAST FIRST LOVE ALEVAS - Greed of White Lily DiE SP8D - DiE SP8D[1+2] NOAH PROJECT - Tanin No Hukou Ha Mitsu No Aji (Ska Pank Ver) RotM: Shinnkai+kannsenn+ march to hell Villers la ville - May cry out
  13. This Neverland new album are pretty decent. I really like the drummer and the vocal, this guys are growing to me.