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  1. 2018.June.13 "THE LEGEND" [track list] 1.KAMUI-神威- 2.Silence Of Northern Hell 〜0〜 3.Crimson Symphony 〜rage of blood〜 4.Requiem 〜T.O.A〜 5.Mystic Your Heart 〜angel in the karma〜 6.∞SYSTEM 〜b.u.r.s.t〜 7.CLONE LIFE 〜anti-human〜 8.Final Sky 〜terra〜 9.Embrace Me 〜you are not alone〜 10.TRUTH 〜psyco society〜 11.Exotic-6-cordinator 〜novum〜 12.FREEDOM 〜ryu in the house〜 13.Another Dimension 〜shiro gane〜 14.Forever Free 〜焔〜 15.ETERNAL proto-type(bonus)
  2. BAD × splatters girl by ハクビシン is a great song, love it.

  3. Ob777

    Recently digital purchase: DAYDALA - Dystopia LIQUID - Gekkoh (V.100) REN - LAST FIRST LOVE ALEVAS - Greed of White Lily DiE SP8D - DiE SP8D[1+2] NOAH PROJECT - Tanin No Hukou Ha Mitsu No Aji (Ska Pank Ver) RotM: Shinnkai+kannsenn+ march to hell Villers la ville - May cry out
  4. This Neverland new album are pretty decent. I really like the drummer and the vocal, this guys are growing to me. 

  5. This new DAYDALA single is pretty good ^^ 

  6. Ob777

    Conheci a pouco esta outra banda brasileira de VK, que aparentemente é bem nova. Fiquei curioso quanto ao single Eternity, achei ok.
  7. Ob777

    Aparentemente não, mas o canal japonês dele no youtube tem 77 mil inscritos o que não é lá grande coisa.
  8. Ob777

    Youtuber Kei
  9. Ob777

    Mim não saber. Creio que comentaram em algum tópico por ai sobre Mejibray.

    My Monochrome page has presented some strange bugs. Some buttons are gone and others are out of order. In all my devices this happened. The tab for my profile appears with all buttons cleared. 

    Some things I can not even find ... HELP !! >.<

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    2. Ob777
    3. Zeus


      ah yes, this is because i still haven't updated the new skin which should fix all these issues. i'll need some time to make sure all the stuff is in the right place but i will fix it!

    4. Ob777


      Oh ok, thank You ^^

  11. Ob777

  12. 1 - 人間を被 - I liked it a lot, I found the track sensational. LOVE 2 - Ash - I did not expect this, it was a pleasant surprise, they kept a lot of the essence of the song and added a touch of ARCHE. LOVE 3 - 詩踏み [LIVE] - What a horrible track, total shit. The end has mainly irritated me a lot. SHIT