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  1. DEZERT new album sounds ok for me, but they changed a lot your style, the most part of their songs remember me the current MUCC.  

    1. lichtlune


      I think the previews I heard of that album are enough for me. I think I'm done with this band unfortunately. But lucky for me I was never a big fan except for a few songs like あー。Etc. 

    2. Ob777


      They have changed their style a lot, but as I said the album is reasonable, it has good tracks, but some are very boring indeed. But Chiaki considerably improved her style of singing.

  2. Ob777

    My last digital purchase: Asty - BORN 2nd Press *I think have one problem with Asty - BORN 2nd Press. The 3rd and 4rd track are the same, so when u go to buy this, check the previews first. I Only buy the 1st, 2nd and 3rd track xD LOVE LOCK - HEART TO HEART RoqudamaCarta - Henry's Sengoku-jidai -iwayuru before- - kyousoukyoku chapter3 DOROTHY DOLL - 聖 / doll vulgaruine red - VULGABEAUTERIC -JELLYPOPLIPPER vulgaruine red - VULGABEAUTERIC -VULGACHEEKER- vulgaruine red - invitation BARA - RE [re] S.Q.F - ROUND & ROUND
  3. YESSS!!!! This guys are amazing !!!
  4. This BARA 1st album are pretty good ^^




  5. I'm trying to control my anger right now.




    The real king of the visual kei xD


    1. Arkady


      My favorite part were the two cute girls playing. They were dressed like they were ready for a confy and pleasant afternon strolling in the countryside and they owned it all. (and I'm not even being sarcastic or snarky, I loved them)

    2. Axius


      There not bad XD

    3. Ob777


      Yeah i liked it a little.

  7. Finally my new last fm. I still use this website u-u 


  8. La'veil MizeriA:

  9. Ob777

  10. In my opinion, some people created an emotional and no-nonsense hatred over Starwave, but I really think they are very good and decent, I do not see a problem with them, they try to do everything they can in the right way without exploiting the fans. UFJ is an excellent band, the releases are good, the songs are well recorded. Some clips are kind of boring and cloying, but not all, and in a general way they hold the elements of Justice King.