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  1. Ob777

    (Limited to 666) what? why not 667? or 665? xD
  2. Ob777

    Poverty is a charm on visual kei . =P
  3. Ob777

    I did not expect less from you. Thank you
  4. Ob777

    What is it? I do not understand, he's already been charged, proven guilty and in jail? Lost here @___@
  5. Ob777

    I love it
  6. Ob777

    Smell like changing of band concept, maybe?
  7. PS Company are dying, they need to send all your money to GazettE and by this they will go cut some artists =P
  8. Ob777

    I have "I Just Want to Sex with You" and "NACHT" and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed both, much more of NACHT actually. There is a whole dark atmosphere that reminds me of "Silencer" band at times, I loved it.
  9. I will wait for one lyric translated *---*
  10. For me the Crow Music is the problem apparently never learned how to manage their artists. NARU is a great singer \o/
  11. Too bad, their sound was very good. =/