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  1. ChaoticEnding

    It is a matter of learning to negotiate and improve your relationship with people. And this elitism that you are talking about, what exactly are you referring to?
  2. ChaoticEnding

    From my point of view a topic that leaves it open for people to trade is much more interesting than one that leaves it open for posting downloads. I believe that anyone who has something interesting and wants to put in exchange for something interesting is much more beneficial for both parties, because it will also force people to buy (this in the long run), even if it is just a CD. The confidence of the exchanges will obviously be due to the relevance of the CDs offered, for example, I would never trade a CD that I paid a lot of money for a digital CD that is very cheap, I'm not saying I wouldn't, but only that I would have my preferences. From my point of view this would make rare materials more acessiful and could benefit people who collect and live to buy expensive things as well as artists and fans in general.
  3. ChaoticEnding

    good but whatever
  4. ChaoticEnding

    Como assim, ainda se divulgou?
  5. ChaoticEnding

    They are selling a remastered version of SiteOfScafFold https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?pid=143796168
  6. ChaoticEnding

    Sério? Que loco.
  7. ChaoticEnding

    Não, obrigado. kkkk
  8. ChaoticEnding

    KKKKK "Photo chutes"
  9. I didn't see anything interesting =/
  10. ChaoticEnding

  11. ChaoticEnding

    O Brasil já produziu ícones:
  12. ChaoticEnding

    Welcome old friend
  13. ChaoticEnding

    Really amazing, love it
  14. ChaoticEnding

    Meu canal recebe o mesmo nome que o meu nick aqui, CHAOTIC ENDING. Colá lá, temos uma comunidade bacana de VK. E achei interessante seu canal, mas pare de usar o Tanuki, não é mentalmente saudável kkkkkk
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