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  1. Not sure why shaolan posted the same video I did but whatever.
  2. Preview of their new video. Damn this is aggressive. https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=yiaQvmWRRCY&feature=youtu.be BTW, protip: people have learned a way around the Victor limitations on YouTube videos. Replace the tube part of the URL with pak. So youpak.com instead of youtube.com. That fixes it.
  3. I already have a superband. It's called Gacharic Spin. Pity they lost Nenne though. I also would love to see the original Aldious lineup with either guitarist from Lovebites replacing Toki. That would be something.
  4. Gacharic Spin - Gachatto BEST Lovebites - Awaken in Abyss CyHra - Letter to Myself really looking forward to CyHra. It's by two founding members of In Flames and sounds just like their 90s style when they were at their best.
  5. Well they weren't. The Doll$ Apartment album stiffed when it came out. GS weren't that popular. I think it was immediately after Armmy left. But they have since become huge and that revived interest in the DB project. When they did a reunion show in February it sold out in minutes.
  6. Doll$boxx, the supergroup consisting of former Light Bringer singer Fuki and the baka girls of Gacharic Spin announced a 5 song EP for release on 11/18 Title: "High $pec" Details: 1. Shout Down 2. Sub-liminal 3. HERO 4. 世界はきっと愛を知ってるんだ 5. Dragonet 【初回限定盤(CD+DVD)】 ¥2,593+税(税込¥2,800) / VIZL-1240 [DVD収録内容] “Dragonet” Music Video   “Shout Down” Lecture Movie 【通常盤(CD)】 ¥1,667+税(税込¥1,800) / VICL-64850 Covers: And a very gothic look for the girls. Seems strange on Tomo and Reona.
  7. Just six months after the release of "Unlimited Diffusion," all-girl power metal band Aldious have announced a new album for 11/29 release. Damn that's fast.
  8. Bridear guitarist Misa announced on Twitter she is leaving the band next month following their European tour. She cited musical differences with the rest of the band, which was obvious. She was more metalcore, doing the screams and growls, while the rest of the band took its cues from traditional metal like Iron Maiden. It's a bummer because she is the one member who speaks English. But they are having fun in Europe none the less.
  9. Mi-ya is now a permanent member and they have released a new MV, and damn if it doesn't kick ass.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he lurks here and the self-deprication is a response to the hate he generates here. If so, well-played. Anyway, rather than start a new thread, a little Yoshiki news. First up, a European tour to promote "We Are X" Yoshiki Tour Dates on Bandsintown: http://www.bandsintown.com/YOSHIKI Yoshiki Tour Dates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/YoshikiOfficial/events/ Yoshiki Official Website: http://www.yoshiki.net Yoshiki Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YoshikiOfficial Yoshiki Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/yoshikiofficial Yoshiki Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoshikiofficial Yoshiki Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yoshikiofficial X JAPAN Official Website: http://www.xjapan.com X JAPAN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XJapan X JAPAN Twitter: https://twitter.com/xjapanofficial WE ARE X Official Website: http://www.wearexfilm.com WE ARE X Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearexfilm WE ARE X Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearexfilm On September 9, 2017, YOSHIKI made a special guest appearance during the opening ceremonies of VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2017, sponsored by Condé Nast Japan. The surprise performance was kept secret until 1 hour before the event, when YOSHIKI made the announcement on his official Instagram. More images here: http://jrock247.com/2017/09/yoshiki-makes-surprise-appearance-at-vogue-fashions-night-out-2017/#more-14821 On Saturday, September 2, “EVENING WITH YOSHIKI 2017 IN NAGOYA & OSAKA & TOKYO JAPAN” ushered in its final day at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. The sold-out tour, which began with a first-ever set in Nagoya, moved on to Osaka and Tokyo for a total of 7 shows, including the addition of a last-minute breakfast show to meet the overwhelming demand to witness a rare, intimate YOSHIKI performance. The Grand Hyatt Tokyo Ballroom — having undergone 2 months of extensive renovations — was unveiled for the first time for the YOSHIKI dinner show,where 2,400 pendant LED lights (a first-ever arrangement for a hotel in Japan) glittered brilliantly. Many more images here: http://jrock247.com/2017/09/yoshiki-completes-sold-out-2017-dinner-show-tour-in-tokyo/#more-14787
  11. Rami from Aldious Armmy from Gacharic Spin Mai from Disqualia Now this. What the hell is wrong with the women musicians of Japan? They are in the primes of their lives and one after another is leaving music for health reasons. Why can't they just need rehab like their western counterparts? (Ok I'm being sarcastic but this is a disturbing pattern)
  12. I think Yoshiki is just fucking with you guys now. Wouldn't surprise me if he lurks here.
  13. http://jrock247.com/2017/09/evening-with-yoshiki-premium-dinner-show-2017-begins-in-nagoya/#more-14752 On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the Yoshiki Premium Dinner Show — “EVENING WITH YOSHIKI 2017 IN NAGOYA & OSAKA & TOKYO JAPAN” — kicked off with a first-time-ever performance in Nagoya. This marks the fourth year of this concert series, offering fans a precious once-in-a-year opportunity to see a YOSHIKI performance in an up-close and intimate setting. Accordingly, tickets for all 7 performances were immediately sold out after becoming available. Because the demand for tickets has been overwhelming every year, additional seating was quickly added to the Nagoya and Osaka performances even after the original establishment of the show layout. The opportunity to see YOSHIKI — who has conquered musical venues all across the world for crowds of over 10,000 a night — in such a rare, intimate setting is a privilege only this premium dinner show can provide. Over the course of three-and-a-half-hours, the live performance was held for 500 lucky guests who were able to acquire the limited edition tickets. Guests were greeted by the sight of an illuminated drum set and a crystal piano. At the entrance to the venue were two enormous panels, displaying an image of YOSHIKI performing at a piano and a towering reproduction of YOSHIKI’s cover image of Vogue Japan, which went on sale August 28th and garnered enormous media attention for being the first time a Japanese male has ever graced the magazine’s cover. From the ceiling, several chandeliers glittered, while the tables were set with a beautiful, finely prepared dinner menu created under YOSHIKI’s personal supervision. The YOSHIKI original wine, several original souvenirs specially prepared for the event, and limited edition dinner show merchandise are always a highlight each year for the fans. Beginning with his masterpiece, “The Last Song,” the performance featured “La Venus” (the main theme of the documentary film We Are X), “Anniversary” (composed in honor of Emperor Akihito’s tenth anniversary), and the “Golden Globe Theme” from the Golden Globe Awards. Accompanied by strings and vocalists Katie Fitzgerald and Ashley Knight from overseas, YOSHIKI also performed “Unfinished”, “Rose of Pain”, and “Longing” for a total of 15 songs.
  14. Found this band by accident. If you are familiar with the Dutch band Epica, they are quite similar. Except the singer Mizuho Lin is a gorgeous Chinese-Brazilian mix (despite a Japanese-sounding first name) who looks like she's 6' tall. That voice, though, is fantastic.
  15. US distro is August 31. You can see it in the iTunes store and preorder it.