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    She finally spoke up. Man this is serious shit. https://ameblo.jp/renomusic/entry-12422679140.html?fbclid=IwAR2Kw7_FZlHqlqwHf_DEcDEWDmo0jK2lBjYnPTjh9qG0U6xT409mv0CBOfo Google Translate: Everyone who always supports Aldious, everyone involved, I think that someone already knows already announced on Twitter and HP the other day. I, Re: NO is remaining in December 2018 Tomei Osaka, three additional performances, as a result of the doctor's diagnosis that the activity of Aldious can not continue this time, the music activity in the present form is difficult I decided to withdraw from Aldious. Aldious's vocalist has been active for about 6 years but I began to feel sick in my ears since last year's National Tour, and from this year's Tour I have been suffering from severe dizziness and headache, sudden general convulsions and strong tinnitus all the time It was done. In such a state, now the center of Aldious which is the Tour band is not served. . Even if I want to keep up with Aldious' s activities in the future in the future, I can not do it alone. I felt the severity of reality and decided at the end I was worried about a year and a half. Even in each region of Tour etc. I examined it finely at a lot of hospitals, I did not know the detailed cause but I understood that only one knew of the ear disease called eustachian opening disease (じ か ん じ ょ う ょ う ょ う) understood. Even when I am living in private life, I always hear the sound in the water, talking, near my singing feeling even my singing voice has stopped knowing what is my voice anymore. It was one of the reasons that I could not catch the content that everybody's talking about well at the autograph session of the other day and I heard it over and over again. I'm sorry. Whatever the situation as Aldious vocalist "If you can become something of someone" With such a feeling, I was crawling all over the place with all my strength and I crawled up to this point, let me finish nationwide, new fans learned about Aldious, those who keep on supporting, traveling to the national tour expeditiously What I gave you is such a result, it is filled with feelings that I regret too much and feel uncomfortable. And the warm cheering of everyone who will support you will not leave behind burning. To be honest, I was worried about whether I can continue LIVE while I was not in good shape. "Aldious has never canceled LIVE" I have insistence since I joined and I have to go up to the stage whatever it is. However, everyone is waiting if they go up to the stage, and thanks to each one's smile and cheers, I wonder if all the country's domination and this year's Tour could have been realized and that there were truly fans' Degrees were also saved. There are many things that can not be said in blogs. I just feel right now to challenge the rest of the Tomei Osaka 3 show with full power. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone involved, everyone who is supporting us always, because it has become a sudden announcement. And for everyone who supported and supported Aldious for about 6 years, and everyone in the staff. I'm really thankful to you. My heart is painful with a feeling that I can not appreciate it. After the TSUTAYA O - EAST show in Tokyo on 17th December I would like to concentrate on long rest and treatment. I am sincerely thankful that I met you all. Thank you very much for 6 years really. Everyone really sorry. And thank you from the bottom of my heart. Last LIVE It will be only Tomei Osaka but I would like to make this blog the last one. I hope Aldious from now on. Ps.Because I can not say it towards the face. More than anything I could have met Aldious members. It was because I met Aldious who changed my view of entering my life, sight. And than anyone, Toki and. You talked a lot about music. Sometimes I also hit it, but I was happy that I could meet a member who can face seriously with music. Thank you very much. Re: NO
  2. Traxan

    I find Bing better than Google. And I try to avoid Google if at all possible. Chances are they will go with an unknown. Yes Rami is on good terms with the girls and frequently goes to their shows. But she plays 3 gigs a year and still lives in Osaka while the rest are in Tokyo and Aldious does 50 shows a year. I don't think she is going to come back. Her IG is all about a silly lizard pet she got while the Aldious girls are posting music stuff. I think Rami's priorities just don't match. I would love Ibuki from Disqualia to get the gig or even the girl from Cyntia since they are inactive. But yeah, no more pop singers.
  3. Traxan

    I seriously doubt it will happen. Aldious do 50 shows a year. Rami does 3-4. It's a hobby for her.
  4. Traxan

    Aldious vocalist Re:No will leave the band after a final show on 12/17 due to an ear-related health problem. The news was announced here: https://aldious.net/contents/210457 According to Bing translation she has a condition called patulous Eustachian tube, where the tube is open instead of sealed. Wikipedia describes it as "When this occurs, the patient experiences autophony, the hearing of self-generated sounds. These sounds, such as one's own breathing, voice, and heartbeat, vibrate directly onto the ear drum and can create a "bucket on the head" effect." Apparently she is stepping away from music on doctor's recommendation. It reminds me of a similar situation with Gacharic Spin dancer Nenne, although we never got a formal diagnosis. The band has said they will continue and find a new vocalist. It just released an EP called "All Brose," a melding of blue and rose.
  5. Traxan

    The UK show had a bigger crowd, not surprising since the girls played a major outdoor festival earlier this year and made a good impression.
  6. Traxan

    I have no idea what a vocaloid doujin is, please enlighten. Their singles don't really reflect what the band is like. Other songs on their albums are pretty heavy and aggressive. It goes back and forth on how genuine the band is... Miku claims she started the band but there was supposedly an agency behind them. What I do know is they have been much more assertive in pursuing an international audience by touring overseas and putting their videos on YouTube.
  7. Traxan

    No doubt the metal scene is aging, in Europe and America. But given how small the crowds are I find it hard to believe they are making any money on this tour. The crowds look like pure metalheads to me and the girls in these bands are not in kneesocks, except maybe for Band Maid. Now the girls who played CharaExpo here in LA last weekend, like Roselia and Poppin' Party, those were anime bands.
  8. Traxan

    Three all-girls bands are touring Europe right now. None of them VK, sad to point out here. Lovebites: touring Holland, France, Germany and England Band Maid: touring Finland, England, Holland and Germany. Also hit LA and SF. Bridear: Playing France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic I'm surprised two or all three bands didn't team up. So with Europe warming to Japanese metal, any chance for some VK bands as well? Or is it too far out there for Europeans?
  9. Traxan

    The final album by one of America's best and most underrated metal vocalists. He died while it was being made so there are guest vocals in places he didn't record. Next purchase will be Gacharic Spin's "Go Luck" EP in a few weeks. Then Lovebites "Clockwork Immortality."
  10. Traxan

    Maximum the Hormone, hands down. They defy all categorization. People compare them to System of a Down but even that falls short. Ain't no one who sounds like Sigh, either. Gacharic Spin are their own mad creation, too.
  11. Traxan

    Saki of Mary's Blood is fluent. I have tweeted with her several times. Several members of Lovebites speak English, since their lyrics are in English. Vocalist Asami lived in the US for a few years when she was an R&B singer. Re:no and Marina of Aldious speak some English. I suspect Ryo of Maximum the Hormone speaks English after that VAP song, which was basically deliberate broken English.
  12. Traxan

    That cover is so deceptive. Then you see she's watering a dead plant, her freaky left arm, and that conspiracy map on the wall in the background. Mirai is a fucking riot.
  13. We have big news for our fans all over the world! Lovebites will unleash the sophomore full-length album called 'Clockwork Immortality' on December 5, 2018!! It has mighty newly recorded 10 songs. We also release very limited editions including live Blu-ray/DVD 'Battle In The East' that was recorded in Tokyo, June 28 this year. Regarding release dates in other territories than Japan, we'll announce more details soon... TITLE: Clockwork Immortality STREET DATE (in Japan): December 5, 2018 Mixed by Mikko Karmila Mastered by Mika Jussila - Mastering of the Universe (Finnvox) Cover art illustration: The EasyRabbit CreArtions >>LIMITED EDITION A-TYPE<< CD + Live Blu-ray 'Battle In The East' >>LIMITED EDITION B-TYPE<< CD + Live DVD 'Battle In The East' >>STANDARD EDITION<< CD NOTE: Incl. one of 6 stickers randomly (a first pressing only) Here are the new tour dates for Japan 2019! - January 12: OSAKA - Club Quattro, Umeda - January 13: AICHI - E.L.L., Nagoya - January 27: TOKYO - Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka - February 10: FUKUOKA, DRUM SON - February 15: MIYAGI - MACANA, Sendai - February 23: HOKKAIDO: Duce Sapporo
  14. GS started out with a lead singer who, quite frankly, wasn't a good singer but had tremendous presence (not to mention the best body in JRock). But she left in 2012 and the drummer and singer took over vocal duties. With the singer now behind static instruments (not that it stops Reona), they decided to add a pair of dancers to run around and work the crowd the way a frontwoman would. But they can't seem to keep dancers/performers. Arisa left in 2015 because she was entering her senior year of high school and wanted to focus on school. Her replacement Nenne left in 2017 after suffering hearing damage, and now Mai leaves to explore something outside music.
  15. Good and bad news. http://gacharicspin.com/ 5 song mini album for 11/21 11 / 21 (Wednesday) Gacharic Spin cover mini album "Go Luck! ' A decision released! Title: Cover Mini Album "Go Luck! ' Release date: 11/21/2018 (Wednesday) Price: ¥ 2407 + tax (including tax ¥ 2600) Tracklist Ghost rule (DECO * 27 feat. hatsune miku) YELLOW YELLOW CONTENTMENT (Pocket Bisque star) "Hip Shake!" (US-American CLUB) Tears (50 TA) include all 5 songs Recording tracks TBA But dancer Mai is leaving the band. Bad Bing translation below: < Performer No. 1 or not > I, no. 1, live this year, I graduated from the Gacharic Spin. Many worked hard in everything started from a 15-year-old music, but the 20-year-old at my machine I think I know the showbiz world is good in this, worries, and not leave me now Want to grow more and I think. Little by little, like paving future by himself and I think. Was surprised by sudden I'm sorry. But we decided that it's now or never. That reminded everyone of the members to tell me there, Much that cannot be represented in the word is filled with gratitude. I think from this seniors ' I gachapin child support we want to. Views I have watched as one page of my life is precious. I didn't waste this graduation would want to step another step in life. Six years is filled with the roommate is encouraged and supported by the people and would really appreciate any thoughts. So to have this opportunity to communicate directly thanks to the fan later this year, the tour is you want to deliver the best performance I can right now until the end of. I'm glad you rest activities hope support will continue. From this please regards Gacharic spin. Performer No. 1 or not