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  1. Traxan

    Well I DID say she had pink hair. Wasn't kidding about how small Yuri is, either. She's a head shorter than Hana and Oreo.
  2. (One is a bit of old news and one is very new..) Hyperactive goofballs Gacharic Spin have two new members now. The first, announced a few weeks ago, is Angelina 1/3 (pink hair), so named because she is 1/3 Japanese (plus Spanish and Filipino). I know, I know, it doesn't work that way but I didn't name her. She's described as a MC, which I guess means she yaps with the audience between songs. Still waiting on video of her in action. The second addition is Yuri, the child-like girl on the far left of the picture, as a DRUMMER. Seems Hana is switching to guitar and vocals. Can't say I blame her. Singing and drumming is not easy. Angelina is said to be 17. Yuri's age is unknown but she looks 12. And yes, that's Oreoreona with the Katy Perry haircut. Here is the article on the news, in Japanese. http://okmusic.jp/news/326320 The band are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a 3 CD Best Of due on 3/27 Update: Several people have noted that this Yuri is the same Yuri who just joined Bridear as their drummer as well, but Bridear is so inactive compared to GS she can undoubtedly do double duty
  3. Traxan

    I would love a Rami return but that is unlikely. I think Sin Isomer would be a fine replacement. She has the voice. But she's a big girl so Sawa and Toki might not like that.
  4. https://aldious.net/contents/229302 Age-ha power metal band Aldious announced a 28 date "Evoke" tour with two singers splitting vocal duties. The first is former Cyntia vocalist Saki. The second is a contest winner named Rin. This is what Google translate says: And the second person appeared on TV TOKYO "THE KARAOKE ★ BATTLE" (victory in 2018), TV Asahi "Music Champ" (winning the 2018 year), "Advance Giant 2nd Season" theater version of theater version, Mobile Suit Gundam R! N (Lynn) of a singer-songwriter who was in charge of the main theme of NT. 【Aldious Tour 2019 “Evoke”】 4月20日(土) 神奈川・F.A.D YOKOHAMA Vo:R!N 4月28日(日) 群馬・高崎clubFLEEZ Vo:SAKI 4月29日(月・祝) 新潟・柳都SHOW!CASE!! Vo:R!N 5月1日(水・祝) 富山・富山MAIRO Vo:R!N 5月3日(金・祝) 福井・福井CHOP Vo:R!N 5月5日(日) 大阪・梅田CLUB QUATTRO Vo:R!N 5月11日(土) 静岡・静岡Sunash Vo:SAKI 5月12日(日) 愛知・豊橋club KNOT Vo:SAKI 5月25日(土) 山梨・甲府CONVICTION Vo:R!N 5月26日(日) 長野・松本ALECX Vo:SAKI 6月1日(土) 茨城・水戸LIGHTHOUSE Vo:SAKI 6月2日(日) 栃木・HEAVEN'S ROCK 宇都宮 VJ-2 Vo:SAKI 6月9日(日) 東京・Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST Vo:SAKI 6月22日(土) 秋田・秋田Club SWINDLE Vo:R!N 6月23日(日) 岩手・盛岡CLUBCHANGE WAVE Vo:R!N 6月25日(火) 青森・青森Quarter Vo:R!N 6月27日(木) 岩手・KLUB COUNTER ACTION 宮古 Vo:SAKI 6月29日(土) 宮城・石巻BLUE RESISTANCE Vo:SAKI 6月30日(日) 宮城・仙台MACANA Vo:SAKI 7月5日(金) 北海道・帯広STUDIO REST Vo:R!N    7月7日(日) 北海道・札幌cube garden Vo:R!N 7月13日(土) 兵庫・神戸VARIT. Vo:R!N 7月15日(月・祝) 福岡・福岡BEAT STATION Vo:R!N 7月16日(火) 宮崎・宮崎SR BOX Vo:R!N 7月18日(木) 山口・周南rise Vo:SAKI 7月20日(土) 岡山・岡山image Vo:SAKI 7月21日(日) 滋賀・大津U☆STONE Vo:SAKI 7月27日(土) 愛知・名古屋CLUB QUATTRO Vo:R!N
  5. Traxan

    Both American sayings.
  6. Traxan

    “There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48” claims ex-member of Japan’s top idol singer group https://soranews24.com/2019/01/16/there-are-many-mentally-unwell-girls-in-akb48-claims-ex-member-of-japans-top-idol-singer-group/
  7. Traxan

    Update on the idol case, if anyone cares. http://aramajapan.com/news/maho-yamaguchi-apologizes-again-management-finally-release-statement-on-her-assault/94545/
  8. Traxan

    I saw this on NHK World last night. I think what happened is she said something on Twitter about how a month had passed and nothing had been done and the police hadn't investigated or anything. That caused a stir, and that's what caused the apology. I'll check NHK Newsline to see if they run it again, but a day later it's doubtful. This is true. Armmy's departure from Gacharic Spin was explained as health problems but she started her Takaeita project within a few months. Also there are rumors she did not get along with Hana, which pretty much ends you because she is BFFs with Koga who is the boss. Plus, no cause of death has ever been disclosed, but suicide has been floated more than once. In Rami's case, that was the theory on JMF, that she cited health when she was actually driven out, but on returning has been to multiple Aldious shows and photographed with the other girls. IIRC, she made a tweet on her return that she didn't want to hear people say come back to Aldious (by this point it was obvious Re:No stunk at the job), that Re:No was the singer and she didn't want her old job back. And Re:No thanked her. Of course, with Re:No out, Rami's Twitter feed is full of people begging her to return to Aldious. But I don't believe it will happen.
  9. Traxan

    Ok, you win. Point made and taken.
  10. Traxan

    I don't disagree, just note that those are older musicians who have endured years of abuse. Re:No is 32 and was with Aldious 6 years. The Roselia keyboardist whose name escapes me is 30 and was with the band two years, and I believe Nenne was 18 and with GS 2 years. Not exactly the kind of mileage of James Hetfield or Pete Townshend.
  11. Traxan

    Well that makes the most sense.
  12. Traxan

    Ayu was stupid. She had a hearing/ear infection and was TOLD to cancel her tour and she didn't do it. That injury was self-inflicted. First, they wear ear monitors which block the noise. And again, we're not talking Motorhead. Look at Tomo's setup: A half stack. I know people who practice on that. Same deal with Roselia I just can't find an image. And the girl who went deaf is the keyboardist, whose position was behind the amp. It just goes along with a disturbing trend I've seen in Japan with poor health in women in the primes of their lives. Armmy, Rami, Yui, all these deafnesses. Something just isn't right.
  13. Traxan

    After so many decades of drinking and drug problems among western musicians, the myriad of health problems affecting Japanese musicians astounds me. Case in point: hearing. Here's the ones I know, you may know of more: Gacharic Spin dancer Nenne: hearing loss forced her out in 2017, but she has recovered and is now pursuing a non-rock pianist career Aldious vocalist Re:NO: forced out recently due to her eustacian tube opening, causing deafness, ringing, and dizziness Roselia keyboardist Akesaka Satomi forced to quit in September after going deaf twice. These are not loud bands. Aldious is the only metal one of the bunch. GS and Roselia have hardly any amps on the stage. And yet one girl after another is losing her hearing. Meanwhile, Lemmy Kilmister never used protection for his ears and had his hearing right up to the end despite Motorhead's ear-splitting volume (which I experienced a few times). So I have to ask, what the hell is going on in Japan with all these girls losing their hearing?
  14. Traxan

    She finally spoke up. Man this is serious shit. https://ameblo.jp/renomusic/entry-12422679140.html?fbclid=IwAR2Kw7_FZlHqlqwHf_DEcDEWDmo0jK2lBjYnPTjh9qG0U6xT409mv0CBOfo Google Translate: Everyone who always supports Aldious, everyone involved, I think that someone already knows already announced on Twitter and HP the other day. I, Re: NO is remaining in December 2018 Tomei Osaka, three additional performances, as a result of the doctor's diagnosis that the activity of Aldious can not continue this time, the music activity in the present form is difficult I decided to withdraw from Aldious. Aldious's vocalist has been active for about 6 years but I began to feel sick in my ears since last year's National Tour, and from this year's Tour I have been suffering from severe dizziness and headache, sudden general convulsions and strong tinnitus all the time It was done. In such a state, now the center of Aldious which is the Tour band is not served. . Even if I want to keep up with Aldious' s activities in the future in the future, I can not do it alone. I felt the severity of reality and decided at the end I was worried about a year and a half. Even in each region of Tour etc. I examined it finely at a lot of hospitals, I did not know the detailed cause but I understood that only one knew of the ear disease called eustachian opening disease (じ か ん じ ょ う ょ う ょ う) understood. Even when I am living in private life, I always hear the sound in the water, talking, near my singing feeling even my singing voice has stopped knowing what is my voice anymore. It was one of the reasons that I could not catch the content that everybody's talking about well at the autograph session of the other day and I heard it over and over again. I'm sorry. Whatever the situation as Aldious vocalist "If you can become something of someone" With such a feeling, I was crawling all over the place with all my strength and I crawled up to this point, let me finish nationwide, new fans learned about Aldious, those who keep on supporting, traveling to the national tour expeditiously What I gave you is such a result, it is filled with feelings that I regret too much and feel uncomfortable. And the warm cheering of everyone who will support you will not leave behind burning. To be honest, I was worried about whether I can continue LIVE while I was not in good shape. "Aldious has never canceled LIVE" I have insistence since I joined and I have to go up to the stage whatever it is. However, everyone is waiting if they go up to the stage, and thanks to each one's smile and cheers, I wonder if all the country's domination and this year's Tour could have been realized and that there were truly fans' Degrees were also saved. There are many things that can not be said in blogs. I just feel right now to challenge the rest of the Tomei Osaka 3 show with full power. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone involved, everyone who is supporting us always, because it has become a sudden announcement. And for everyone who supported and supported Aldious for about 6 years, and everyone in the staff. I'm really thankful to you. My heart is painful with a feeling that I can not appreciate it. After the TSUTAYA O - EAST show in Tokyo on 17th December I would like to concentrate on long rest and treatment. I am sincerely thankful that I met you all. Thank you very much for 6 years really. Everyone really sorry. And thank you from the bottom of my heart. Last LIVE It will be only Tomei Osaka but I would like to make this blog the last one. I hope Aldious from now on. Ps.Because I can not say it towards the face. More than anything I could have met Aldious members. It was because I met Aldious who changed my view of entering my life, sight. And than anyone, Toki and. You talked a lot about music. Sometimes I also hit it, but I was happy that I could meet a member who can face seriously with music. Thank you very much. Re: NO
  15. Traxan

    I find Bing better than Google. And I try to avoid Google if at all possible. Chances are they will go with an unknown. Yes Rami is on good terms with the girls and frequently goes to their shows. But she plays 3 gigs a year and still lives in Osaka while the rest are in Tokyo and Aldious does 50 shows a year. I don't think she is going to come back. Her IG is all about a silly lizard pet she got while the Aldious girls are posting music stuff. I think Rami's priorities just don't match. I would love Ibuki from Disqualia to get the gig or even the girl from Cyntia since they are inactive. But yeah, no more pop singers.
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