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  1. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/marilyn-manson-to-join-x-japan-on-stage-at-coachella/ Marilyn Manson will make a special guest appearance at Coachella this coming weekend. The shock-rocker will join Japanese superstars X JAPAN during their second set of the festival. "I am happy to join my great friend @yoshikiofficial and X Japan at Coachella on Saturday the 21st for a special performance," Manson wrote on Instagram. Manson later took to his official Twitter account to say that he was actually once banned from Coachella, although he didn't provide any details as to how or why that happened. X JAPAN made its Coachella debut last weekend, playing a set that featured guest spots from Wes Borland of LIMP BIZKIT, Richard Fortus of GUNS N' ROSES and Miya of MUCC, along with holograms of X JAPAN's deceased members, bassist Taiji (who died in 2011) and guitarist Hide (who passed away in 1998). X JAPAN is the most successful rock group in Japanese history. Led by composer, drummer, and pianist Yoshiki, the band has sold more than 30 million albums, singles, and videos combined, sold out Japan's 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome 18 times. X JAPAN has also headlined major international stages such as London's Wembley Arena and New York City's Madison Square Garden.
  2. Well... you guys certainly have a difference of opinion from some other reviewers. http://jrock247.com/2018/04/x-japan-makes-epic-debut-at-coachella/
  3. Saki of Mary's Blood, multiple times. She speaks fluent English. Miho of Lovebites has yet to respond to my marriage proposals.
  4. There's really a band called Bless This Mess? Oh that's hilarious.
  5. Melodic all-girl metal band will release the EP "Helix" on 4/11 featuring new guitarist Misaki. Pretty bland cover. Tracklist: 01. HELIX 02. Reason For My Life 03. In The Labyrinth 04. G・A・M・E 05. DEAR BRIDE 06. cluster amaryllis 07. NEXUS Now for the new video, which hit today and is going over rather badly. Comparisons to Cyntia's "Woman" and Aldious's "Die For You." Those are not good comparisons for a metal band, but let's face it, this isn't a metal song. Some are waiting for the whole album before passing judgement. I don't dislike it and somewhat expected it with the loss of the metalcore girl. I find it funny that Misaki and Mitsuru are using 7 string guitars when the tone clearly indicates they are never going near that B string. A 7 string would indicate Nevermore-like heaviness, not this. Ok enough talk, the new track.
  6. So are they named after the Star Trek character?
  7. It just comes naturally. There is a live video of them playing "Kiss in the Dark" where she wears a tight little dress and she just couldn't sell it. Likewise, I once saw Hana from Gacharic Spin, who is almost as butch, try to look girly and it didn't work. Some women just have a masculine quality to them, just as Miko has a very feminine quality.
  8. 12 posts in and no mention of Exist Trace? Wow.
  9. Let the bitching commence about how they lost it.
  10. Except for Eye, they look like shit. How do you take someone as beautiful as Saki and make her look that bad? Someone on JMF said it best. It looks like Exist Trace wardrobe rejects.
  11. You sure it wasn't with Armmy? She had a hell of a body. But it does look like Mai put on some badly needed weight. She was skeletal.
  12. The loony toons are back. The baka girls of Gacharic Spin have announced a new album for April 11 release titled "G-Litter." It will feature 11 songs, including the 70s funk-infused single "Generation Gap" released late last year. The album will come in three versions, Type-A (CD+DVD), Type-B (2CD), Type-C (CD). Type-A DVD includes footage from last year's bigger concerts and the Generation Gap video, the Type-B CD will be a live CD of that Osaka show and include an old song called "Mukaikaze," an Armmy-era song they performed live but never released on CD. They also introduced a new look that is even more batshit crazy than ever. Apparently Tomo raided Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's closet and I have no idea WTF to make of Oreo's getup. Sadly they don't seem to be replacing dancer and backup keyboardist Nenne, who was forced to quit after suffering hearing problems last year. While she recovered, her doctor said she risked hearing loss if she continued to be exposed to loud noise, and not wanting to end up like Ayu, she decided to leave the band and music. The news in Japanese: http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Information/A024875.html?article=news90
  13. I think this band is rapidly approaching the point where they need to drop the maid gimmick. The music more than stands on its own and they are a solid, tight unit.
  14. Former Aldious singer Rami is releasing her second "solo" album (I put it in quotes because unless you play every instrument, you aren't really solo), "Reloaded" on January 31. Her band consists of ex-Disqualia guitarists Narumi and Hazumi, bassist Fin, and ex-Disqualia drummer Risa Risa. Track list: 01. Reloaded 02. Black Symphony 03. Moonlight 04. After History 05. Never Say Never  06. Realize 07. Plunder      08. Riding the World      09. Get Freedom  10. Reloaded ~Crystal Memory First audio clip. Damn Fin is loud in the mix. https://ramimusic.net/movies/19181 Basic CD cover. Damn she looks good. CD/DVD combo. Her tour is up to four days. Wow! 2018 /2/3 Aichi / Nagoya 2018 2/4 Osaka · Shinsaibashi 2018/2/10 Chiba · Kashiwa 2018/3/18 Tokyo · Daikanyama
  15. http://www.jpopasia.com/feed/22754/cynthia-goes-on-indefinite-hiatus-as-guitarist-seeks-treatment-for-dystonia/ The all-female band CYNTHIA is going on indefinite hiatus after its guitarist YUI was diagnosed with focal dystonia in her right arm. YUI has been experiencing a slow deterioration in her ability to control her right arm. She was diagnosed with focal dystonia about 1 1/2 years ago. Focal dystonia is a neurological condition that causes involuntary movements to certain parts of one's body. In YUI's case, her dystonia causes her arm, wrist and fingers to stiffen unexpectedly. Despite her diagnosis, YUI did not want to give up performing. She hid the condition instead in hopes that no one would notice. "I didn't want anyone in my life to know. I was afraid that of anyone knowing, so I've kept this a secret until today. I wanted to continue living my life and playing the guitar. I won't act so selfishly anymore and will be resting," she said. When YUI initially talked to her band mates about her condition, she expected to be replaced by a new guitarist. Instead, the band decided to pause its activities while YUI seeks treatment and recovers from the condition. Once she recovers, the band intends to resume its activities. "I will do my best to make that day come sooner rather than later, and this will all just be a funny story that we look back at. Thank you for you continued and unchanging support! Thank you," she said.