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  1. Traxan

    The name kinda locks them in. But I do think musically they have grown so much they don't need the gimmick any more.
  2. Traxan

    They ditched the Ageha-Kei look around 2013 with the District Zero album and jesus did Yoshi look hot for that album. Toki plays a custom ESP while Yoshi, who seems to change guitars with every album, is using a Zemaitis. It looks like the same one Miku of Band-Maid plays. I doubt Marina will play drums in those boots, though.
  3. Traxan

    Well the first five Aldious album titles started with D. Yoshi likes her alliteration. Re:no butchered more than a few Rami-era songs but R!N sounds capable of handling them. I'm hoping this means older songs return to the setlists. It reminds me of Nightwish. Anette couldn't do the Tarja-era songs to save her life. When I saw them, the set was entirely from the two albums they did with her. After she left and was replaced with the much more capable Floor Jansen, old songs began to return to the set list because she COULD do them properly. So the same may happen here.
  4. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Aldious has chosen R!n as their new vocalist. R!n had been sharing vocal duties on the band's 3 month Japan tour with Saki, formerly of Cyntia, where they alternated nights singing. But all the emphasis seemed to be on R!n despite the fact she had never been in a band before (she won some singing contest) and Saki was a veteran singer. Official news: https://aldious.net/contents/258597 New band photo. No one knows when this picture was taken, since Toki is pregnant but it could be she is hiding her bump with the guitar. R!n certainly could do the old material justice. Below is a clip of them doing "Spirit Black" and she came very close to Rami. Now let's see what the next album sounds like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15WUKBazz98&t=800
  5. Traxan

    Not VK: Gacharic Spin, "Juicy Beats." I believe the late Armmy wrote this. My heart's in an uproar You manipulate my egotistic self In your arms, my body becomes light Dizzying weightlessness Tonight, I'm devoting myself to you I'll make you forgot your tears Now the bell's ringing resounds I'll make you wake up, come on In your head, the bell's ringing Shakin' your head Ring Ring Ring Make some noise!! If you can't sleep, enjoy yourself more EhO! EhO! It's fine if you're tied up, get high Wowow! Wanna do something bad? Dance dance dance dance, Take me on Forget your sadness, Dance dance dance dance, Satisfaction My heart's stirred up You control my masochistic self You're a parasite eating into me My body's heating up just by looking at you I remember that night Tonight too, steal me away Before you change your mind, I'm beat beat beating, I'll make you lose yourself I won't let you be bored, love is beat beat beating, Change your heart Beat beat beat Change my heart!! I want to be filled up, cry out more EhO! EhO! It's fine if you can't be patient, fulfill this need Wowow! Wanna do something forbidden? Dance dance dance dance, All night long Forget your sadness, Dance dance dance dance, Satisfaction If you can't sleep, enjoy yourself more EhO! EhO! It's fine if you're tied up, get high Wowow! Start with this feeling, Dance dance dance dance, Take me on Love is surely boundless, Dance dance dance dance, Satisfaction https://lyricstranslate.com/en/juicy-beats-juicy-beats.html
  6. Traxan

    Will do.
  7. Traxan

    I'm curious if anyone knows how international touring for Japanese acts works. Lovebites recently spent 3 weeks in Europe and it turned into a long vacation with a few concert dates. They played Download in England, went to Belgium and played Grasspop a week later, then to Lisbon where they played a week later. For the girls, it was a three week European vacation interrupted by one gig a week, and in the case of Grasspop, a four song set. You would think that they would play spot gigs, even if it is to 300-400 fans, in between the festival dates. I can't see how in any circumstance the band and label made any money. Can someone explain the logic here?
  8. Traxan

    Not VK but there must be something seriously wrong with Destrose/Fate Gear leader Mina. Destrose went through more than 20 members in under 10 years. Four bands with multiple ex-members were spun off because the whole lineup quit (Mardellas, Disqualia, Mary's Blood, Lovebites). And Fate Gear has seen turnover. She must be a colossal bitch.
  9. Toki's replacement is Narumi, formerly of Disqualia and Rami's solo project.
  10. And on the flip side, Sawa played in Galmet, a melodeath band similar to Arch Enemy, and Yoshi was in an Arch Enemy tribute band. Aruto was in a power metal band before Aldious, I forget the name, but it never went anywhere.
  11. Traxan

    You must be new here.
  12. Traxan

    They get shit on around here almost as much as Yoshiki. Almost.
  13. Traxan

    I don't adore then but I do like exist trace and feel like the only one here who does.
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