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  1. Former Aldious singer Rami is releasing her second "solo" album (I put it in quotes because unless you play every instrument, you aren't really solo), "Reloaded" on January 31. Her band consists of ex-Disqualia guitarists Narumi and Hazumi, bassist Fin, and ex-Disqualia drummer Risa Risa. Track list: 01. Reloaded 02. Black Symphony 03. Moonlight 04. After History 05. Never Say Never  06. Realize 07. Plunder      08. Riding the World      09. Get Freedom  10. Reloaded ~Crystal Memory First audio clip. Damn Fin is loud in the mix. https://ramimusic.net/movies/19181 Basic CD cover. Damn she looks good. CD/DVD combo. Her tour is up to four days. Wow! 2018 /2/3 Aichi / Nagoya 2018 2/4 Osaka · Shinsaibashi 2018/2/10 Chiba · Kashiwa 2018/3/18 Tokyo · Daikanyama
  2. http://www.jpopasia.com/feed/22754/cynthia-goes-on-indefinite-hiatus-as-guitarist-seeks-treatment-for-dystonia/ The all-female band CYNTHIA is going on indefinite hiatus after its guitarist YUI was diagnosed with focal dystonia in her right arm. YUI has been experiencing a slow deterioration in her ability to control her right arm. She was diagnosed with focal dystonia about 1 1/2 years ago. Focal dystonia is a neurological condition that causes involuntary movements to certain parts of one's body. In YUI's case, her dystonia causes her arm, wrist and fingers to stiffen unexpectedly. Despite her diagnosis, YUI did not want to give up performing. She hid the condition instead in hopes that no one would notice. "I didn't want anyone in my life to know. I was afraid that of anyone knowing, so I've kept this a secret until today. I wanted to continue living my life and playing the guitar. I won't act so selfishly anymore and will be resting," she said. When YUI initially talked to her band mates about her condition, she expected to be replaced by a new guitarist. Instead, the band decided to pause its activities while YUI seeks treatment and recovers from the condition. Once she recovers, the band intends to resume its activities. "I will do my best to make that day come sooner rather than later, and this will all just be a funny story that we look back at. Thank you for you continued and unchanging support! Thank you," she said.
  3. Well I read it's treatable with botox. It's not painful, just the nerves are firing when they should not. Wiki lists a lot of musicians who had it and recovered. And it can't be that bad. Yui appeared at NaonYaon this past summer. So cute seeing little Li-Sa X there and getting an encouraging push from Saki at the end.
  4. The all-girl power metal band Cyntia announced an "indefinite hiatus," which is basically another way of saying they are breaking up. https://natalie.mu/music/news/262817 It seems guitarist and band leader Yui has suffered from focal dystonia, a neurological condition, in her arm. That's about the last place a guitarist needs a problem. If she can't recover, then the band is definitely toast. As it is the band has been largely inactive, mostly due to Yui's condition. Some bad career decisions didn't help. They made a great metal album in 2014, called Limit Break. Then they went total pop in 2015 with Woman, a total misfire. They tried to bounce back last year with Urban Night but the damage appeared to be done. They have yet to replace drummer Kanoko, who left in 2015. I just can't get over the terrible health of jrockers. So many musicians stepping down from bands due to one health problem or another. Seems we have an announcement every week here.
  5. Well if you are going to be in Tokyo next April, this will be the show to see. There will be a double headliner show with Gacharic Spin and Doll$boxx both doing a full set next year at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on April 15th, the same location as the last GS live DVD. That's two two-hour sets, although one set is at 2 pm and the other is at 7 pm. But if anyone has the stamina for it, it's the GS girls. I hope by then GS has found a replacement for Nenne. Mai looks lost without her.
  6. All 5 videos for the songs on High $pec are available online through their European label. https://dollsboxx.sliptrickrecords.com/ I swear if I didn't know Fuki was the vocalist I'd think Reona is singing. They sound so much alike.
  7. The EP is out on iTunes in the U.S. for $4.95. Well worth the money.
  8. The album is called "We Are" (an interesting choice given X Japan's documentary is called "We Are X") and here is the title track. Nice and aggressive.
  9. Third preview clip. https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=GNnawSVaxGs
  10. A longer preview clip of the music video https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=NczCRSkSSFw
  11. Not sure why shaolan posted the same video I did but whatever.
  12. Preview of their new video. Damn this is aggressive. https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=yiaQvmWRRCY&feature=youtu.be BTW, protip: people have learned a way around the Victor limitations on YouTube videos. Replace the tube part of the URL with pak. So youpak.com instead of youtube.com. That fixes it.
  13. I already have a superband. It's called Gacharic Spin. Pity they lost Nenne though. I also would love to see the original Aldious lineup with either guitarist from Lovebites replacing Toki. That would be something.
  14. Gacharic Spin - Gachatto BEST Lovebites - Awaken in Abyss CyHra - Letter to Myself really looking forward to CyHra. It's by two founding members of In Flames and sounds just like their 90s style when they were at their best.
  15. Well they weren't. The Doll$ Apartment album stiffed when it came out. GS weren't that popular. I think it was immediately after Armmy left. But they have since become huge and that revived interest in the DB project. When they did a reunion show in February it sold out in minutes.