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  1. Traxan

    Not VK but there must be something seriously wrong with Destrose/Fate Gear leader Mina. Destrose went through more than 20 members in under 10 years. Four bands with multiple ex-members were spun off because the whole lineup quit (Mardellas, Disqualia, Mary's Blood, Lovebites). And Fate Gear has seen turnover. She must be a colossal bitch.
  2. Toki's replacement is Narumi, formerly of Disqualia and Rami's solo project.
  3. And on the flip side, Sawa played in Galmet, a melodeath band similar to Arch Enemy, and Yoshi was in an Arch Enemy tribute band. Aruto was in a power metal band before Aldious, I forget the name, but it never went anywhere.
  4. Traxan

    You must be new here.
  5. Traxan

    They get shit on around here almost as much as Yoshiki. Almost.
  6. Traxan

    I don't adore then but I do like exist trace and feel like the only one here who does.
  7. Actually nao popped out like 3 kids. MTH's output this decade was severely curtailed because of it. Now they are on Warner after leaving VAP but things are held up because Daisuke had major neck surgery. Also, Nao is a little more tightly connected to MTH since Ryo the guitarist is her younger brother. Aldious is Yoshi's show. Oh, and if Saki (Cyntia) gets the singer gig, I wouldn't be surprised if they bring Yui along now that she has recovered and do Cyntia songs as part of the set.
  8. In case you forgot, they are soldiering on with a temp singer as it is. Re:No has not been replaced and the tour has two singers, Saki from Cyntia and a new girl named Rin, alternating from show to show. So now they are going to continue on with two temps. Interesting tidbit from the blogs is that Toki was a teenager when she joined Aldious and that was 10 years ago. I would have guessed her to be older but they do start young in Japan. Gacharic Spin just hired a 17 year old singer. And Nekkichi, that lame pic is from the Lovebites tour of England. Aldious have yet to set foot outside of Japan much less is that their audience. So you are twice wrong.
  9. News here, with a statement from Toki. She will leave the band after a June show, but not for good, apparently. Run it through your favorite translator. https://aldious.net/contents/244569 BIG statement from Yoshi. The bottom line seems to be they are hopeful Toki can/will come back after the baby is born. http://yoshidious.jp/archives/14921
  10. Traxan

    Saki of Mary's Blood replied a few times in English, including when I called her beautiful in Japanese. And I meant it. On this side of the Pacific, Ice-T thanked me for saying his video/cover of "Institutionalized" was hilarious. And I meant that, too.
  11. Traxan

    Well I DID say she had pink hair. Wasn't kidding about how small Yuri is, either. She's a head shorter than Hana and Oreo.
  12. (One is a bit of old news and one is very new..) Hyperactive goofballs Gacharic Spin have two new members now. The first, announced a few weeks ago, is Angelina 1/3 (pink hair), so named because she is 1/3 Japanese (plus Spanish and Filipino). I know, I know, it doesn't work that way but I didn't name her. She's described as a MC, which I guess means she yaps with the audience between songs. Still waiting on video of her in action. The second addition is Yuri, the child-like girl on the far left of the picture, as a DRUMMER. Seems Hana is switching to guitar and vocals. Can't say I blame her. Singing and drumming is not easy. Angelina is said to be 17. Yuri's age is unknown but she looks 12. And yes, that's Oreoreona with the Katy Perry haircut. Here is the article on the news, in Japanese. http://okmusic.jp/news/326320 The band are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a 3 CD Best Of due on 3/27 Update: Several people have noted that this Yuri is the same Yuri who just joined Bridear as their drummer as well, but Bridear is so inactive compared to GS she can undoubtedly do double duty
  13. Traxan

    I would love a Rami return but that is unlikely. I think Sin Isomer would be a fine replacement. She has the voice. But she's a big girl so Sawa and Toki might not like that.
  14. https://aldious.net/contents/229302 Age-ha power metal band Aldious announced a 28 date "Evoke" tour with two singers splitting vocal duties. The first is former Cyntia vocalist Saki. The second is a contest winner named Rin. This is what Google translate says: And the second person appeared on TV TOKYO "THE KARAOKE ★ BATTLE" (victory in 2018), TV Asahi "Music Champ" (winning the 2018 year), "Advance Giant 2nd Season" theater version of theater version, Mobile Suit Gundam R! N (Lynn) of a singer-songwriter who was in charge of the main theme of NT. 【Aldious Tour 2019 “Evoke”】 4月20日(土) 神奈川・F.A.D YOKOHAMA Vo:R!N 4月28日(日) 群馬・高崎clubFLEEZ Vo:SAKI 4月29日(月・祝) 新潟・柳都SHOW!CASE!! Vo:R!N 5月1日(水・祝) 富山・富山MAIRO Vo:R!N 5月3日(金・祝) 福井・福井CHOP Vo:R!N 5月5日(日) 大阪・梅田CLUB QUATTRO Vo:R!N 5月11日(土) 静岡・静岡Sunash Vo:SAKI 5月12日(日) 愛知・豊橋club KNOT Vo:SAKI 5月25日(土) 山梨・甲府CONVICTION Vo:R!N 5月26日(日) 長野・松本ALECX Vo:SAKI 6月1日(土) 茨城・水戸LIGHTHOUSE Vo:SAKI 6月2日(日) 栃木・HEAVEN'S ROCK 宇都宮 VJ-2 Vo:SAKI 6月9日(日) 東京・Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST Vo:SAKI 6月22日(土) 秋田・秋田Club SWINDLE Vo:R!N 6月23日(日) 岩手・盛岡CLUBCHANGE WAVE Vo:R!N 6月25日(火) 青森・青森Quarter Vo:R!N 6月27日(木) 岩手・KLUB COUNTER ACTION 宮古 Vo:SAKI 6月29日(土) 宮城・石巻BLUE RESISTANCE Vo:SAKI 6月30日(日) 宮城・仙台MACANA Vo:SAKI 7月5日(金) 北海道・帯広STUDIO REST Vo:R!N    7月7日(日) 北海道・札幌cube garden Vo:R!N 7月13日(土) 兵庫・神戸VARIT. Vo:R!N 7月15日(月・祝) 福岡・福岡BEAT STATION Vo:R!N 7月16日(火) 宮崎・宮崎SR BOX Vo:R!N 7月18日(木) 山口・周南rise Vo:SAKI 7月20日(土) 岡山・岡山image Vo:SAKI 7月21日(日) 滋賀・大津U☆STONE Vo:SAKI 7月27日(土) 愛知・名古屋CLUB QUATTRO Vo:R!N
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