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  1. Zalemu

    Naw, that was shamone. But I thought of Michael Jackson too, lmao.
  2. Zalemu

    I was just thinking about him. Nice.
  3. Zalemu

    I'm unfamiliar with everything on that list. Except maybe the Madonna song, haha. 1. ROUAGE - Cry for the moon 2. Kaya - Traumerei 3. AFI - I Hope You Suffer 4. ゾロ - CAPSULE【addiction】 5. 陰陽座 - 組曲「義経」~悪忌判官 6. glamscure - last scene: genome falling on bed 7. 己龍 - 鬼遊戯 -再録- 8. DEZERT - TODAY 9. パニックちゃんねる - Unfiction 10. Versailles - Philia Oof, this is tough. Gonna choose Philia since it brings back some good memories.
  4. Zalemu

    Hold up, Kanadajin liked vkei at one point? I thought she was just gyaru
  5. Zalemu

    I haven't listened to anything from Janne da Arc but Chaos Mode. That's all I need. I'm probably missing out but w/e. I never got the Diaura hype. Like yeah, they have some damn amazing melodic choruses, and that's what finally drew me to some of their music after so long. But to me that's all they have going for them and it's nothing groundbreaking. Not sure why everyone loves Yo-ka considering he looks like every other vocalist in terms of hair and makeup and his voice is just... good. Nothing amazing. I don't get it! Maybe I'm desensitized. I also wish they'd made more songs as ディオーラ, but that's not really a confession. I've seen a few people around here with the same opinion, haha.
  6. Zalemu

    I loved Stigma, as short-lived as they were. I am so here for this.
  7. Zalemu

    This is embarrassing
  8. Zalemu

    Emiru (LAREINE) Masashi (Versailles) Jasmine You (Versailles) Tsunehito (D) Rame Ikuo (Bull Zeichen 88) Nao (Kagrra,) Koga (Gacharic Spin/DOLL$BOXX) Megu (Zwei) Naoto (exist trace) Kazu (Kagerou) Ruka (ex.Charlotte) Hisame (ex.Grieva) Tatsuhi (ex.Zoro/Soroban) Shingo (ex.Sugar) And the dude from Rands, he's pretty good.
  9. Zalemu

  10. Zalemu

    aw yis
  11. Zalemu

    That amount of synth is gross
  12. Zalemu

    >Hana moving to guitar That's kind of disappointing.
  13. Zalemu

    A couple La Feerie members had some unfortunate eyebrows. Top right and lower left in particular; the rest are just typical kote brows. At least vkei hasn't gone into blocky instathot eyebrow territory yet. Or has it?
  14. Yeeeah, I can't imagine Raizo sticking with this project. He should stick to Lafflesia tbh, it was good.
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