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  1. Zalemu

    I am screaming
  2. This reminds me of when Tatsuya (ex-Syndrome) came back in a generic synth kei band and it flopped.
  3. Zalemu

    Kamijo, David, gulu gulu, Rands, Virge, ChainxmaiL, La'veil Mizeria, Crucifixion, SIRENE.
  4. Zalemu

    tfw just now getting into Animal Crossing New Leaf when a new AC is right around the corner
  5. Zalemu

    @ this whole thread
  6. No idea what it's called because I have zero knowledge of drums, but I hate that drum sound during the chorus. "TCH TCH TCH". The song would be so much better without that, I think.
  7. Why'd it take this long for them to get the budget for real traditional instruments? I'm so proud, lmao.
  8. Zalemu

    Fantasy Life on 3DS. Shit's addictive.
  9. Zalemu

    There's plenty of old school visual kei fans here on MH, though.
  10. Zalemu

    that band name is so appropriate. "never mind we're disbanding lol"
  11. Zalemu

    - songs with any variation of "Dear" in the title - "Solitude" as a song title. I don't see it as much nowadays, but I swear to god every vk band (kote and tanbi bands especially) had a song called Solitude.
  12. Zalemu

    aesthetic as fuck
  13. Zalemu

    Oh my god i forgot about Missalina Rei
  14. Zalemu

    My best friend got married recently and bought a house with her husband. While I'm happy for them, I can't help feeling like I'm about ten years behind them and everyone else in life experience. It's not even a 'feeling', it's fact.
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