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  1. Zalemu

    PS4 Pro, fat PS3 I got because my fat PS2 is probably kicking the bucket soon, a DSI XL, and my Gameboy Color. Not sure what happened to our SNES... Even though they aren't making 3DS games anymore there's still a million I haven't played so I'll get a 3DS eventually.
  2. Zalemu

    Both periods of MIRAGE and Syndrome, La'miss fairy, Vice Risk and GARDEN. Madeth gray'll too but they're like at the bottom of the list, contrary to my username. I like the other bands I listed so much more, especially MIRAGE.
  3. Zalemu

    Hell yeahhhh
  4. Zalemu

    oooooh nice!!
  5. Zalemu

    I think I like this!
  6. Zalemu

    cheap boys
  7. *neckbeard incel voice* Mmmmmmmm yes m'lady. May I delve into your... secret garden? Your nethergarden, if you will? that's what i hear and think of when i see this band name dkghjfhgf
  8. Zalemu

    Welp. This thread makes me grateful that I pretty much stay in my own lane and avoid other vkei fans anywhere but on MH.
  9. Zalemu

    Fixer is pretty far off from Sui's aesthetic, lol. He seems to be trying something totally different musically and visually with these guys. Hope it turns out good... fuck starwave tho.
  10. Zalemu

    Haaaaaa. I saw this coming a mile away.
  11. Zalemu

    Okay so I talked shit about FLCL Alternative but it wasn't that bad. It redeemed itself by the second episode and the rest was p good. Progressive though? Progressive is actual trash all the way through, I do not recommend.
  12. Zalemu

    This is generally how I feel about anime. Golden age best age... until I watched Carole & Tuesday and it gave me a little sliver of hope in the current anime generation. The fact that it's made by Studio Bones/Shinichiro Watanabe helps a lot, because I might not have touched it otherwise. It really feels like Bebop and Champloo but in 2019 and it's so fucking NICE. Speaking of FLCL, I started Alternative today and it was a snore. Just zzzzzz. I can't imagine Progressive being any better but I'm finally giving 'em a shot and that's something, I guess.
  13. 10/10 would listen again. Love it.
  14. Zalemu

    しゃるろっと - Charlotte Vice†risk's discography, I guess? Since it was mostly demo tapes.
  15. Zalemu

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