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  1. Zalemu

    This. And hide. No disrespect, I just don't care??? EDIT: Sometimes I feel like a bad vkei fan for not listening to X/hide, considering their influence, but I'm just so indifferent to them and can't help it. :x
  2. Zalemu

    He hella sounds like Juka, I love it.
  3. Zalemu

    It's not like I can go see them or anything but I just gasped so loud
  4. Chorus is catchy af. I haven't stanned Pentagon since their spoopy Ghost Hotel era, but they've been on fire with Mantra and now this. Good job, dudes. ❤️
  5. Zalemu

  6. Zalemu

    world end was a bop i couldn't care less about daizy but frantic emiry? sign me the fuck up
  7. Zalemu

    Hoo boy, ELYSION-エリシオン- is notorious for this. Cry for the moon = Innovational Symphonia by Matenrou Opera War of the Dead paradise = Crucifixion by Metis Gretel La colline = Hikari ni Furu Ame by Phantasmagoria 夢幻郷 = Suicide Gemini by Phantasmagoria "Calling" by Misaruka WDP sounds a hell of a lot like Zombie, ESPECIALLY the solo. With Rin being Hizaki-Lite™ that's not really a surprise tbh: I was on a Matina kick recently and couldn't figure out why "Eyes for me..." by GARDEN sounded so damn familiar. Then it hit me. They took some heavy """"inspiration"""" from Syndrome in that one, lmao.