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  1. Zalemu

    Fanservice isn't going anywhere any time soon. It never really left tbh.
  2. Zalemu

    I mean it's his money and his face and he can do whatever he wants with it, but I don't think he needed the surgery.
  3. Zalemu

    Kote and tanbi kei.
  4. Zalemu

    The chorus of Noir fleurir's song "Boden" is just random cuss words in English. It always made me chuckle, so it's my sig now.
  5. Zalemu

    i really really miss versailles but i'll accept new kamijo stuff
  6. Zalemu

    Just beat Horizon Zero Dawn. It was my first "shooter" type game and I had a great time with it. Since then I've been looking for a good JRPG to play but nothing really hooks me the way Persona 5 and Nier Automata did. Replaying Xenosaga on PS2 kinda remedied that, but damn, I need more--something to really sink all my time into. I'm just a picky bitch!! Debating on picking up FFXIV again, but pugging dungeons with randos kinda stressed me out. I also ran out of things to do in the game. I don't raid, craft, sell or RP, so I just quit after leveling the classes I liked and finishing the Stormblood MSQ. I'd probably be bored if I came back, even with Shadowbringers coming. That's what my anti-social ass gets for treating an MMO like an offline single player game. :')
  7. Zalemu

    I like approximately 7 kpop songs: Dal Shabet - Pink Rocket SNSD - Mr. Taxi SNSD - Run Devil Run SNSD - Hoot SNSD - Gee f(x) - La cha ta Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl The SNSD ones I have to listen to in Japanese if I want to sing along without getting tongue-tied. I'm a little surprised I'm not more into Kpop than I am, considering how cute the girls are but nah, I never could get into anything else. And I'm okay with that.
  8. Ryuichi Kawamura
  9. Zalemu

    Missa - GARDEN Gauze - Raison detre Macabre - Myaku Vulgar - Kasumi/RED...[em] Withering to death - THE FINAL/dead tree The Marrow of a Bone - THE PLEDGE
  10. I like their aesthetic, but the song itself is pretty meh.
  11. Zalemu

    I've noticed most girls who do dansou are into guys since they're basically dressing up like their fantasy animu husbandos so I'm not too surprised about this. Still kind of a bummer though, lmao.
  12. Zalemu

    Naw, that was shamone. But I thought of Michael Jackson too, lmao.
  13. Zalemu

    I was just thinking about him. Nice.
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