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  1. Aferni

    嗅覚障害 and Rubra are defs my favorite tracks especially 嗅覚障害, that fucking Yuuga Shouya chant was invigorating, this track gives me those KTK b side feels. Rubra gives me KTK and slight llll-Ligro- Vibes. I kinda expected too much which is why I was kinda disappointed but not really, and by expected too much I mean hearing Mei/Ai sing over scrapped llll-Ligro- compositions but then I remember Hinata was the main composer for llll-Ligro- sooo...yea but I'm hyped for the next release I feel that they have a whole bunch of potential to mix everything in a cauldron from their previous bands. Which is why I can't wait for an album.
  2. Aferni

    Yoshiatsu (DADAROMA) and ten-ten( Lack C0) have a joint clothing line that they own with a bunch of their other friends called Kry clothing and it is VERY EXPENSIVE like holy fuck. Ruki from the gazette has a line called BLACK MORAL UNTIL DIE i think..?
  3. Aferni

    This is groovy af
  4. I finally bought neir, it's petty cool, wish the environments were more lush in color tho

    1. plastic_rainbow


      man, i still need to play this game...

    2. Zeus


      download reshade it helps. and it's a fantastic game! played it at launch and it was a great 40 hours

    3. platy


      Nier or Nier:A? 

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  5. Aferni

  6. Aferni

    Okay so wheres the 5th member...
  7. Aferni

    Doro Doro. I just love the way it rolls off the tongue.
  8. Happy Birthday to the Jisatsu kween stan @emmny

    1. emmny


      thank you my menhera amigoooo ❤️

  9. Aferni

    your fave band sucks xoxoxo Or let me follow this band I dont like to make it worse for the people who do like this band.
  11. Checks Twitter DM's
    > You cannot respond to this conversation
    > o h

    1. xriko


      Checks Twitter DM's

      >Never got any DM

      > o h

  12. Aferni

    Ooof, THE BLACK SWAN is disbanded, BUTTTTTT The Vocalist and Guitarists of that project have moved on to their new band Articlear. Welcome tho, check the news section for new bands to get into, thats usually how if not most, then some find new bands.
  13. Aferni

    Don't let me find out who has Guilty Gear XRD on PS4 cause, Your. Ass. Is. Mine.
  14. Accent Core Plus R is the best guilty gear

    1. Aferni


      Same tbh, I mained Anji and BOOP hes fuckin gone. But I did pick up Jam last night and she's really fun to use, I tried using I-NO but she's really hard to play with

    2. YuyoDrift


      Agreed. Kicking I-NO's ass was always an achievement.


      Baiken was too OP for the game imo.

    3. The Moon

      The Moon

      YEEEESSS. I main I-No, sometimes Testament / Baiken. 

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  15. Aferni

    The vocalist of Noulla, Zin, had a session called How Are You? and they released a CD that had two songs which were Yubikiri Genman Shitasakisanzun and Delay of Emotion. I don't know where I can find it or even ask to find it, reeeeee
  16. Aferni

    NEGA. I swear people give Jin big shit but then go stan bands with vocalists that sounds like a fork sliding across stoneware plates.
  17. I just recently got a Job at an Airport and I work down on the airfield,it's a really loud but refreshing experience.
  18. Let it had been y'all fave, then it would've been "OooO sLaY KwEeN" But in all seriousness congrats Makoto

  20. Time for more overpowering danceclub synths lmao, very ready for this
  21. Aferni

    They have a first album though, it's IDEALOGICAL SUICIDE.
  22. DOORERURERURERURERURERU BEEEEP. God i fucking love Doppio




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