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  1. Aferni

    Yikes, i hope they're able to recover from this
  2. First llll-Ligro- now Kaminari...hopefully this doesn't result in album cancellation.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/Suguru_Maruyama/status/1179351828091330561
  4. Learning the bass to「廃論破」too less time than i thought it would

    1. saiko


      Upload a video!

    2. Aferni


      I'll be able to do that once I get a new amp but in the mean time I will upload the chords.the song can be played on just the D string. I may be missing some things but its a fairly easy song to play. The main part is just, 




      I'll make a complete version later though

  5. Aferni

    PSN: INVICTA HIRAETH Im usually playing, UNIST, KOF, SG, Koihime Enbu, Nitroplus Blasters, or Borderlands 2
  6. Aferni

    Has anyone else grabbed a copy of anime dark souls?
  7. Motherfuckin Muzan, i swear

    1. Shir0


      you talking about demon slayer muzan? lol

    2. Aferni


      Yeah, are you caught up in the chapters? 

  8. For a band that has this many songs and no release, Wtf are they doing

    1. saiko


      They may go for C or C# for a song with a groove or nu metal aesthetic (which I don't recall being on the repertoire I've heard from them).

    2. Zeus


      bless u and ur knowledge @saiko

    3. saiko


      Omg, senpai noticed me😍

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  10. So because I do nothing with my spare time besides smoke and listen to visual kei bands, I devised a time wasting game. Vk has alot of common titles and common themes because duh but I figured why not make a game out of how many times you hear or see these phrases and lump them in several playlists. I decided to make a playlist for every song that has the following criteria, songs of the same name like "Higanbana" or "xxx" - Songs that have the "KIEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" staple in them - All of Kyouki's "SEI YAI YA YA" or "ITAI ITAI ITAI" or whatever - A playlist of songs that use the same bridge - Playlists full of songs that are re:recorded - A playlist of songs where the vocalist says "Daruma San Ga Koronda, or XXX Ga Koronda" - A play list of songs where censored parts are replaced by the unicode x x x x x -Songs named Rengoku - Songs about Rabbits/Usagi - Songs named Sakura, Sakura No Uta or have Sakura in them - A play list of songs called THE END or starting with THE - Songs about Dolls/ that includes doll in the title. Kairai counts aswell
  11. INGA lineup: Vo.儿 (Jin) (ex-NEGA) Gt.SAN (ex-NEGA) Ba.Ray (ex-NEGA) Dr.優 (Yu) (ex-NEGA) Brb gonna cri
  12. Jigsaw's Bacchi track from that dejavu omnibus is a fucking bop.

    1. Himeaimichu


      I haven't got around to downloading it yet. I'm still kinda sad label-boss Saki didn't have a track on the omnibus, since him and Jigsaw are the only reason I'm even interested in BLOOM lmao

  13. Aferni

  14. Going to go see Joker in a couple hours, time to see what all the fuss is about 

    1. cheesy_VK_Freak


      lol, I watched it today, too and wrote in the ‚last movie you saw‘ thread! basically, Mr Phoenix did great acting, but I thought the ‚psychiatry‘ surrounding the Joker was too cliche, I  couldn‘t buy it, so I couldn’t really connect to him. The music sucked, all you hear is the annoying cello.

      The acting made up for a lot, I think.


  15. Hopefully they release the new songs they're preforming
  16. Aferni

    Tanuki loves u
  17. I have had Memento Mori's disco on repeat for a while and I gotta say, they're pretty amazing. Mei's voice ontop of that old school sound is food for the soul. 

  18. The PV acting is abysmal to me and the "REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL" part is not...good
  19. Aferni

    It depends on how you handle the situation. Imo the appeal is the turbo rarez/ Secret live/live cd's ect ect
  20. Aferni

    Then let them know you don't wanna trade? I feel like people would find releases they need fast because of trading. It should be for people who are serious about trading though.
  21. Aferni

    This would be really cool honestly, i feel like alot of people would find stuff way easier and both parties (in most cases) will be satisfied.
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