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  1. I had the off idea to randomly start up my Gamecube and try Playing Sonic Heroes again and man this game is rough around the edges but it's still as amazing as I remember it to be. The music, the constant banter between your current team ranging from random noises to grammatical mistakes (it's mainly Tails but canonically he was 8 in this game so I'll let it pass), and the lush cartoonish environments. The stages in Heroes were lONG but that's ok because the design of them aren't at all bad, cept the casino levels. Fuck those. I recall the time when this game was announced and the days and nights I spent on SEGA'S website watching each trailers, spending lot's of time on the now defunct Sonic Central website managed by Sega in the early half of the 2000's. Gosh time flies, I miss those simpler days. It was so long ago but it feels just like yesterday, to experience it for the first time again would be a life changing experience. 

  2. My anxiety and depression are burning me from the inside out. My Laptop and Ps4 have been stolen, my cell phone is broken and my insurance rates are going up on my car. I tried to smoke but it just makes it worse, my heart feels strange and I feel as though im in a constant state of panic. My wallet and my ssn card are also gone, I'm trying to keep my spirits up but now it's my birthday and my console, pc, wallet, flashdrives are gone and my S10 is broken(It costs $240.00 Dollars to fix and ya boi is unemployed). I honestly want to cuddle with someone and fall asleep on their lap or something, I feel sick.

  3. Hinata (ex-llll-Ligro-). He seems really reserved and he's pretty short which is adorable. ALSO ASK TO HEAR THOSE FRICKEN TOMURAI TRACKS THAT DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT. I'd also love to hear how drastically his voice has changed due to the chorditis.


    Jin(Articlear). What can I say, I'd just ask him to do the "vomiter" squeal thing and ask for him to autograph literally every one of my Cds. 


    Zin(Noulla). He seems really fun to be around. I'd honestly love to interview him about Morgue and his interest and history in music. And ask when will he bless us with another RETURN TO THE MUSIC SCENE  

  4. 22 minutes ago, platy said:

    What was the last DDRM release you listened to?

     いいくすり. I dont know if I can count it because I only listened to  いいくすり and I skipped DADAISM 3 entirely.

  5. 25 minutes ago, platy said:

    There are still plenty of good B-sides. But the pop-punk teenage rebel clown shtick gets old real fast. 

    What b sides do you recommend specifically 

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