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  1. Aferni

    Thanks For Flying With Delta.
  2. L m a o. this is like the dumbest shit ever, but how am I supposed to feel sorry for A$AP when he does and says dumb shit. (aside from a couple songs of his, those are cool) oo f
  3. Aferni

    Give me that damn full-length, you blessed us with a full length at the start of KTK please bless us with another
  4. Aferni

    At the moment the Borderlands 2: Handsome Collection and Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal/ Estival Versus has a whole bunch of my attention atm. Grinding in BL2 is very very addicting, especially when you randomly get a Legendary Weapon and you're like "Fuck Yeah, im feeling the luck today" and then all you get are repeat infinity pistols. Also aside from the absolutely exaggerated fan service that lies within Senran Kagura, the Hack n Slash elements and level up elements keep the game fresh. Who wouldn't want to be a Overpowered Female version of Jotaro? Well a whole lot of people but still, aside from the annoying moans and weird ass quotes from the characters in-game, and you can somehow focus on the story, theres something there that's partially enjoyable. Like how the girls with Heterochromia want to get revenge on the Person who killed their older sister and because of that they transfer schools to get closer to the person who did it. Basic ass anime junk bleh bleh bleh. I have yet to really play the copy of Gravity Rush 2 that I purchased along with booby ninjas the game, I haven't even played the first one so I think I'll actually buy that and then play 2. I also bought Under Night In Birth, it's always fun to kick ass online in an ArcSystems Work game that isn't easy mode like Dragon Ball Fighter Z.
  5. stop wasting my fricken time u frick

  6. Aferni

    NEGA - labia NEGA - lust[er] NEGA - RESONANCE Mejibray - D.E Incubus THE BLACK SWAN - TRIPPER
  7. Those highs are not for me but i know this song will grow on me. As for those huge bugs, I see why the drummer isn't in this video. Also..whats with all these fucking mvs and no formal release?
  8. Can i just like have llll-Ligro- back so i can go back to listening to their music, closed off from like everyday life in a room?  K thx vk gods 

    1. chipathy


      Didnt everything end on a bad note for those guys, if they come back no way Its the same 5 guys

    2. Aferni


      Everything ended, very badly.

  9. Aferni

    Okay either I suck or I'm not dating the right people because oof my chest hurts
  10. Aferni

    Was thinking the same thing tbh
  11. Aferni

    Well its 50 50, he kinda is there cause Dan Green (Knuckles)
  12. Aferni

    The topic name name has me at work cackling, Thank you.
  13. Aferni

  14. Aferni

    I am SO done with you RN LMAOOO
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