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  1. Aferni

    Time to blast this on the way to work, I haven't hated a gallo song yet. I also love Jojo's look omg
  2. Non Stick

    1. nekkichi


      To stick, or not to stick, that is the question:


      Whether it is nobler for the ass to suffer.

  3. 👀

    1. Aferni


      "keep your ass wrapped in non-stick coating."

    2. nekkichi


      wrap it up ladies x

  4. Aferni

    "keep your ass wrapped in non-stick coating."
  5. SAVAGE 2nd MINI ALBUM 【解剖フィルム】(Kaibou Film) 発売日:2018年10月24日(水) 品番:SVG-0013S 仕様:6SONGS+1INSTRUMENTAL 価格:¥2.700(税込み) 発売元:Reverse Cross Music 販売元:株式会社ライカロリーポップ 収録曲 1.Caress 2.紅色 (Koshoku) 3.失格ストロベリー (Shikkaku Strawberry) 4.メビウス (Mebiusu) 5.裏切りの錯乱バニー (Uragiro no sakuran bani) 6.オーバーキル (Obakiru) 7.鍵 (Kagi)
  6. i cannot find llll-Ligro-'s basket case anywhere like omg please post it on auction

  7. Geomatrium shall release their second album at their live on 09.16.2018 【発売情報】 『Zahnrad』 1 Orbit. 2 隔離的bedroom 3 C[luck] in the ark 4 Acid glass rain 5 砂上船 6 アルカナとアガルタ 7 Naked king 8 墓標に想 9 The spell engraved in Ivory 10 滅びの詩片 9/16(日) 浦和Narciss 『轟音のヴィーナス-Geomatriumレコ発TOUR【Art of minority】-』 OPEN 16:00 /START 16:30 ADV.¥3200 DAY.¥3700
  8. Aferni

    hmmmmmn i WONDER why that is
  9. Aferni

    LMAO my shift manager walked in on me practicing Jigsaw furi in the staff restroom. Time to put in my 2 weeks notice LOL
  10. Remember MBHI... Yeah me too..TAIRA IM MAD AT U RN

  11. Aferni

    The one where kisaki took pics of him passed out drunk?
  12. Aferni

    Like i said earlier, he's a pos. These multiple allegations and photos are just absolutely disgusting and deplorable. On top of all the other stuff he's added to his list, pedophillia is a automatic NO. As a wise philosopher once said "Fuck Kisaki, That old bitch."
  13. Aferni

    We never got to hear XXX IN THE BOX. Or the mountain of -SE- tracks they had towards their early days.
  14. Aferni

    YASSS, THANK YOU FOR THAT INFO SUJI ❤️ The Queen is still blessedt Also i noticed that Itsuki and Makoto rt Jins announcement whilst rena and len did not. I believe that they may be involved with it and im hyped because they're really great guitarists. It may be reaching but eh why not.