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  1. WHEW BOY more of the toasty boys. Im here for this.
  2. vk jesus died for this? smh
  3. when you google Kana and top results are vkei fanfics on google. lmao ew

    1. anadentone


      Google is the tanuki of search engines I think :o

    2. platy
  4. Kana = Gone But still 5 bandomen. I do not understand.
  5. Oh hey it's great value mia
  6. You are too cute. just aaa

  7. Forgot how hard Akujo No Hohoemi slaps. Ugh Lycaon I miss you <3

  8. D.I.D. and Xenon were on Danger Crue Records
  9. Long sigh
  10. Tsuzuku you better slay, hard.
  11. Yudai is the Tomo of Balalaika, he's so gorgeous. 

  12. This is fun stuff, never thought I'd see yuuki in vans but ey first time for everything. Kinda ew but yuuki is still a babe.
  13. Apparently Issei's whole family died so don't wish him happy new year.  what a fuckin edgelord

    1. AimiGen7


      He's secretly the Avatar, and people who make memes are the Fire Nation

    2. Duwang


      Issei is a piece of shit but I just want to say he's not being an edgelord. It's a Japanese custom.

    3. Zeus


      died at once?

  14. ok but when Tsuzuku wants to get fried its cute...akinori does it and he's the devil.
  15. nice to see DEZERT very high on that list also, nice to finally see llll-Ligro- get some love.