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  1. Aferni

    Its only one i believe???
  2. Aferni

    Nope, they're separate bands but basically the same. Unfortunately they're still on Bloom.
  3. Aferni

  4. Aferni

    Making a thread for these guys since one hadn't been made yet, Vo.ブキミ (Bukimi) (it's Hiduki from fuckin dispina) Gt.マル (Maru) (Is also from Dispina, cause why not) ex-Ba.智依 (Tomoe) (Was in Dispina too but..Is no longer in the band causa some shit he did with a wallet) Dr.詩季 (Shiki) (Is Dispina's old drummer i think?????) They started out as とびおりくん (Tobiori Kun) which actually turned out to be ジグソウ who is secretly Dispina. PLOT TWIST. Basically this band is Dispina with a new concept and a new drummer and I love it. While not much has changed from their previous sound, it's more old school as in early 2000's visual kei and it's the shit honestly. Bukimi seems to be the "puppeteer" of the band, pulling the strings while they preform and I love it. I feel like they wanted to re-invent their stage presence but not completely change their nu-metal/ aggressive style. Funny thing is that the drums in Dispina and Jigsaw are the same if not similar drum sets? I'm thinking shiki may be their old drummer but then again I could be wrong. I wonder if Tomoe is gonna be back for that Joint Dispina live or is he fired from Dispina too? Lmao. So far they only have one Proper release, with about 10 live dist singles already. These 8 out of the 10 released, are all pieces to a Jigsaw puzzle. They are released on the consecutive numbers of each month following their Tour concept, DAY OF SHOWING THE SAME NUMBER. That tour title in mind, each and every CD contains a instrumental of the following months track so you can in short piece together the puzzle. Which is cool but fuckin extra. (example) (Far Left)少女TYPE /(Center) オレンジ / 痣(Right end ) 少女TYPE_B (06.06) ブリキのオモチャ (07.07) 痣 (08.08) SEAMLESS_SUICIDE (09.09) オレンジ (10.10) 無差別に降る雨は灰色 (11.11) 「もういーかい?」「まーだだよ」(12.12) GODLESS JUVENIL VEIN (01.01) (The ones in Italic have already been collected, please help me find THE REST SO I CAN BUY EM)
  5. Aferni

    Heres to hoping they pull a ains and do a ankoku type track
  6. I wonder if hinata and kazari still talk, i know Habaki still does. 

  7. Aferni

    Gotta buy this too, aaaa
  8. Aferni

    Yeah I agree tbh but it does go hand in hand with the release concept of consecutive numbers so meh.
  9. Aferni

    カミナリ - 雷音
  10. Just received my copy of カミナリ 's new mini, Im loving aoi houkou

  11. Aferni

    Don't forget there is a secret track on SEAMLESS SUICIDE
  12. According to twitter, today is llll-ligro day....sigh.

  13. THEY'RE RELEASING A MV FOR KINJO NO ANO KO? FUCKIN YEA BOI, TAKE ALL MY MonEY! Wonder who the new bassist is gonna be tho