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  1. Akasoma is Great Value brand Avelcain 

  2. Zin (Noulla) is 22...? Having a hard time believing. I doubt he was 16 while in MoЯGuE lol

    1. Alkaloid


      Raphael were amazingly skilled and they started at 15, so it's not completely implausible lol

    2. robkun


      Not to mention dudes like BLue-B who had members that were 17 and MAGGIE MAE, whose singer, Takui, was 16 when it started. Not to mention Kyo who's been around since he was, like, 15. Damn... I never realized VK's frequent tendency to spawning child prodigies XD.

  3. Wondering if I should uplord vk to pornhub
  4. Been blasting Mamireta for the past 5 hours, sorry neighbors.

    1. Mamo


      Wow thanks for saying this I hadn't heard of them. I just checked their PV's out they're awesome!

    2. yakihiko


      When you got your Tenten's album make a 24hrs play for it, at the end of every cd full play, scream: "FEEL THE TENTEN POWER YOU ALL! HAHAHA"

  5. Is anyone gonna be in Japan/ possibly attending Noulla'a  anniversary live on Decenmber 15, 2017. I'd like to buy a rip of their live dist mini album 「挽肉の一生」 and their Live dist single  食在 .

  6. Ay VisualShock Worldwide LOL we gotta trade for that new SAVAGE
  7. LOL jpopflac is the fakest page ever. Every download from that page is a random encrypted AVI thats why everything is the same file size LMAO

    1. Mamo


      Yup it's complete shit lol

    2. Laurence02


      I sandboxed it at least. Too bad that it's fake though...

    3. CoolKill3rX
  8. lmao depfile is ass

  9. This is what happens when you're an edgelord in a band that isn't D.I.D.
  10. Lmao this is gonna stay unfinished for a whole nother year
  11. More Cala Mari Maria
  12. Noulla's Nisshoku is no longer sold out on little hearts...OOP MUST GET COPY BEFORE THEY SELL OUT AGAIN

  13. That doesn't look like it'll come sadly, their gt folie just up and disappeared on them resulting in him being fired and Yu-CHi just decided to also jump ship and open a V-Bar. The 3-Birthday's revival would more or less be Balalaika because these members (cept futaba) were The 3rd Birthday support.
  14. @Elazmus THESE ARE SO GOOD OMG