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  1. A huge box of cinnamon rolls
  2. uuuhhhhhh
  3. whats a good medicine for intestinal pain?

    1. sheepprincessgara


      May need to go to the doctor for that.

  4. Trust me, I know.
  5. @Kathy @Yukimoto @VkBrutaliaN "【お問合せ】 CDの販売に関しまして。 お食事会会場及び、リトルハーツ様各店舗及び通信販売にてご購入頂く事が可能です。新しく「日食」の委託も現在お願いしておりますので、もう暫くお待ち下さいませ。 どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。" So according to this message posted on the official twitter, you can purchase Nisshoku from Little hearts shops and mail order shops. It'll be available in other locations later, as they are currently waiting on consignment.
  6. God Damnit another fave bites the dust. 

    1. yakihiko


      That's awful, hope they keep with other projects. I was never a NEGA fan but I liked some from TBS. Just like Akane, I can't see the vk scene without Jin. Both knows how to make conection between his feelings and music.

  7. im literally fucking crying. wtf jin you better not retire...they were so good together I was expecting another album atleast...
  8. searching auctions for noulla and still no luck. gotta love live limited shits amirite. aaaaaaaa

  9. Damn Makoto, looking flawless
  10. The whole thing was blocked for me.
  11. gril wat
  13. I had a pretty stupid dream, I kinda think I died but not really? idk I was just sitting in a oversized booster seat, in the car with a bunch of people I had never seen before, cept my ex was driving for some reason (totally not triggered by seeing her) . It seemed like the more I asked questions of what was going on and why shit began to kinda distort? like the front seat seemed to move farther away the more I reached for it or spoke in that direction. It was fucking weird, then we hit a stop and I flew through the windshield and woke up. After midnight snacking and a blunt, i drifted back to sleep and it kinda took a turn not for the worse but just more weird shit. I walked on glass for what seemed like an hour (i guess it was?? idk) until a faint voice got to escalate louder and louder until i could distinguish not one but two voices and they were doing the dance with no pants ig cause there was a lot of moan and a whole bunch of that"OH DADDY" bs. Anyways I look for the source in my dream until i get to an empty spot in the glass ridden grass field and stop, like im standing right next to the moaning but no ones there...okay, I look around and no ones there and its just like. ugh. fast forward and I wake up like 20 mins later and it turns out I left my door opened halfway the first time I woke up and surprise surprise, guess who's STILL having gross sex.. My aunt in the room down the hall. Kill me please.