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  1. In no order (although Tokage is No.1 in my book) 1.)@Tokage 2.) @itsukoii 3.) @CAT5 4.) @emmny 5.) @Elazmus 6.) @nekkichi 7.) @ghost 8.) @plastic_rainbow 9.) @Zeus 10.) @doombox 11.) @Shir0 12.) @nostalgia 13.) @Seimeisen
  2. Im bored and tired having nothing to do on this cold Saturday night
  3. 10 because I love -kΔ-'s art
  4. Read some of his interviews...he reveals that he's very..manipulative, And he thinks everyone in Meji is annoying as hell but appreciates what they can do together as musicians
  5. I know damn well we better get KIDS WAR....WE'VE WAITED TOO LONG D;
  6. Keeping my eye on them!
  7. YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY DAT TSUZUKU SHARE AND WAKE UP HANDSOME FACE WHEN YOUU WAKE UP o shit AVALONNNNNN GET YOU A BANDOMANNNNOOO WHO CAN DO BOTHOOOO The fury rages on for several threads and more of Tsuzuki’s ex sefure come out and drop more information: -He has trouble getting it up because of medicine -Forces girls to blow him for 2-3 hours -Very into pissing on girls/ being pissed on, and drinking piss -His borderline makes him a huge prick and he has been known to trash girls homes and cut himself while chasing them to make them run out -A massive alcoholic who forces girls to drink even when they’re dangerously drunk o o o o o o o Tsuzuku o o o o o o o
  8. isn't tokage a grieva song? o;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tokage


      they stole the name from me

    3. 『 A F E R N I  』
    4. AimiGen7


      Yes, it's the one with the chorus that is vaguely similar to Cage, but everyone complains about most (Even though there are more direct copies. *Cough* Wish *Cough*)

  9.  ピンクマリオネット  has to be my favorite from the Morphine 25-g- album. That Harpsichord is mnngh

  10. @VkBrutaliaN You were right about the Noulla mini, I've had it on repeat ever since I got it.

    1. VkBrutaliaN


      glad to hear!^^


      like when they showed the first preview i wasn't really sure about them but listening to the full mini you just know they fuckin RULE! ;D