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  1. hitsuji-hime

    Megaromania - Desperate with Fuck Boy ♥
  2. hitsuji-hime

    Banned because pervert signature.
  3. hitsuji-hime

    ^ Nuther rule breaker :v
  4. hitsuji-hime

    Can I see the Mana postcard?
  5. hitsuji-hime

    because fuck the rules
  6. hitsuji-hime

    Merry - Fuck Boy Market ♥
  7. hitsuji-hime

    Banned because Lycaon.
  8. hitsuji-hime

    My lab walks sideways sometimes. My rat terrier sometimes walks (or rather, hops) with 3 legs, although there's nothing wrong with the fourth one; she usually lifts that one leg up when she pees too.
  9. I've rightfully earned the right to have Violet Chachki as my avatar. *_*

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    2. JRD


      She's a likeable bitch though :o Love her Sass.

    3. hitsuji-hime


      Me too, I'm in love ♥

    4. saishuu


      hope she gets a personality in the show soon

  10. hitsuji-hime

    Plastic Tree - Nerveless Smile
  11. hitsuji-hime

    Megaromania - Cathedral of admirer
  12. Megaromania - Birth of an Idea (w/ signed photos) [feedback ♥] Came in good condition, except the photos were slightly bent and a bit dusty. Not really noticeable however, so it didn't bother me much. Other than that, CD and case came in excellent condition. Thank you so much ♥
  13. hitsuji-hime

    Megaromania - Birth of an Idea (w/ signed photoset) Can't wait to preorder Lin's Memento Mori.
  14. hitsuji-hime

    Oh boy...here we go again.
  15. RIP random thoughts thread. :'(

  16. hitsuji-hime

    Jesus, one can never share their own views around here huh? Well, thank goodness for the ignore button. Feel free to use it on me, so you can leave me alone, jfc. ;A;
  17. hitsuji-hime

    I honestly don't know Lycaon all that well, but one listen and I quickly shut off...they suck, I'm sorry :/ I thought we had this over with already. :/
  18. hitsuji-hime

  19. hitsuji-hime

  20. Jesus, they're still going at it?! Well I'll be damned.
  21. hitsuji-hime

  22. hitsuji-hime

    how cute ♥
  23. hitsuji-hime

    Plastic Tree - Slow
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