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  1. lollipopmonstar

    This song is soooo perfect! I love it!
  2. I've never liked DEZERT, but since TODAY I feel so connected to them! For me, "Call of Rescue" is perfect! "Stranger" is simply the best song of the single! I hope you continue on this path!
  3. Anyone has the new vistlip?

  4. lollipopmonstar

    I've never been familiar with the band, I tried to listen when Vivi joined the band: I hated it! I decided to give the band a second chance when I saw the album and definitely: IT'S MUCH BETTER! I loved how they managed to do something that struck me so much! The first song is simply wonderful! "蝶々" is so cliche, but I still love it! I am very impressed with them! I just hope they continue on this path! 9/10
  5. LM.C never disappoints! ❤️


    1. Bear


      It's hard to disappoint when no one ever expects any good.

  6. lollipopmonstar

  7. lollipopmonstar

    This is soooooooo good! i'm really impressed! I think this is one of their best song ever!
  8. ナナ's SPEED is sooo perfect!!! I'm sooo happy to see they together again! ❤️

  9. ABOO is super great! What a awesome songs! highly recommended! ❤️

  10. lollipopmonstar

    He appears at the end of sleepyhead's MEITEI PV ICE CREAM SHOP is sooooo good! I love it ❤️
  11. Anyone who bought "METROPOLIS de ONELIA" can share the single please?

  12. lollipopmonstar

    PINOCCHIO is just amazing <3333 I need this FULL now haha
  13. OMG!!!! It is the best <33333333 Sooooo catchy <33333
  14. I always hated BORN, but RAZOR is in another level <3 What awesome songs they brought to us <3

  15. lollipopmonstar

    I stopped reply topics here because opinions as above, but I need to write here: WHAT A WONDERFUL SONG! They brought the proposal of the previous album with a wonderful lyrics! I love this so much <3
  16. lollipopmonstar

    Angelo new album CORD will release on 2016.9.28! No more details for now ^^
  17. God, How I miss xTRiPx ╥﹏╥

    1. chemicalpictures


      I feel you, my friend. what the hell Yoshito and K are doing that still haven't announced any new project or something...

    2. doombox


      Me too. Ugh. DIV is not enough. I need them all to come back!

  18. Can't wait for LM.C in Brazil! Only 11 days! Best belated birthday present XD

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Lucky you! I'd like to see them on stage, I've heard that they are really good live :)

  19. lollipopmonstar

    LM.C to perform at Anime Friends Brazil in 07/17! For tickets: http://ticketpop.com.br/anime-friends/ More Information: https://www.facebook.com/animefriendsbr/ Official website of the event: http://www.animefriends.com.br/
  20. OMG!!! I'm in love with the new visual <3333333
  21. lollipopmonstar

    Super great news! Can't wait <3
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