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  1. lollipopmonstar

  2. How I miss SuG 🧡

    1. Elazmus


      I thought randomly of them the other day, Scheat came on in my head I think lol

    2. platy
  3. Razor's new album is sooooo good! Until now the best album of the year ❤️

  4. lollipopmonstar

    This song is soooo perfect! I love it!
  5. I've never liked DEZERT, but since TODAY I feel so connected to them! For me, "Call of Rescue" is perfect! "Stranger" is simply the best song of the single! I hope you continue on this path!
  6. Anyone has the new vistlip?

  7. lollipopmonstar

    I've never been familiar with the band, I tried to listen when Vivi joined the band: I hated it! I decided to give the band a second chance when I saw the album and definitely: IT'S MUCH BETTER! I loved how they managed to do something that struck me so much! The first song is simply wonderful! "蝶々" is so cliche, but I still love it! I am very impressed with them! I just hope they continue on this path! 9/10
  8. LM.C never disappoints! ❤️


    1. Bear


      It's hard to disappoint when no one ever expects any good.

  9. lollipopmonstar

  10. lollipopmonstar

    This is soooooooo good! i'm really impressed! I think this is one of their best song ever!
  11. ナナ's SPEED is sooo perfect!!! I'm sooo happy to see they together again! ❤️

  12. ABOO is super great! What a awesome songs! highly recommended! ❤️

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