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  1. Once they went major, I knew it was bound to happen. Even their last album Not Not Me didn't have that Charisma sound and it felt like Gonchi had like little to no part in the DJ/music aspect of it. Really sad tho, all their stuff was bangerz and I'm so upset to lose them and the creative influence they had on j-pop
  2. Ohhhhh my god, this look is amazing.
  3. This is the first time I like the less heavy song than the other. Sick2 never disappoints me so I'm looking forward to this.
  5. Oh my god, I literally CANNOT wait until this mini-album. Yeti, you never disappoint me.
  6. Aw this is so sad like I loved Souiu so much but I was hoping they would disband soon. Their past singles were boring and after the whole voting thing on whether or not Hirobucky should stay in the band or not, I was really upset at their management. I hope they continue doing something, I really like them.
  7. I absolutely adored this band and I was so heartbroken when they broke up. Literally like SO many of their songs were so good, and their PV's were amazing too. I really miss them sometimes but I always say that if they continued down the path that they were going, they would've turned into Yeti, which sounds a LOT different from Aicle but still really good in their own way.
  8. Ah sounds so good, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!
  9. I always think that if Aicle continued down the path they were going, they would've turned into Yeti. Anyways, I'm so excited for this like always, Yeti never disappoints.
  10. Wows Mia actually looks different for once. I'm definitely gonna give this one a listen, I love the look!
  11. Ah, Dog looks so good! Hope this single marks a really great comeback for them!
  12. Cool, looking forward to this even though their last album was literally just past singles.
  13. I am so excited for this album now. G.A.G. was such a good album, Buglug doesn't disappoint.