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  1. Hello, I'm selling ALSDEAD's discography i have everything includ their last DVD but.... I don't have their live distributed. Everything is in excellent condition (just used one time for ripping) except INTO THE VOID single the box is little bit damaged. I would like to sell everything at the same time. I'm asking for 100€ + shipping (depend of your location) and paypal fee 4,4% here photos of the CD https://ibb.co/kOnuD9
  2. Kles

    Fuck yes i was waiting for this
  3. I wish i was there the setlist was perfect. Looking forward to watch the DVD. 01.Behind The Pride 02.STARLESS 03.Adrenaline 04.スワローテイル(swallowtail) 05.Into The Void 06.Hacktivism 07.In Bloom 08.Fragile 09.カトレア(cattleya) 10.VOR 11.黙殺劇(mokusatsugeki) 12.Separator 13.INAZUMA 14.Cynical 15.D.9.N 16.KILL THE KING 17.Worlds End 18.twilight 19.ノスタルジア(nostalgia) 20.Vanity 21.Puzzle 22.Life Of Sorrow 23.FLASH BACK EN1 24.フライト(flight) 25.Heaven 26.Peggy-O 27.bass & drums solo 28.Sugar 29.Gravity 30.guitar solo~Eternal Return 31.Faceless Believer
  4. I have preordered the special edition. Seems like it's their FINAL release. :/
  5. Kles

    I like the previews really catchy !
  6. Really need to get this DVD. but i'm not in japan at the moment FML
  7. If you have a niconico account you can watch the full PV of INAZUMA that starts at 35:00. powerful song. their also a full live performance of their last show on the 16th february http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv210222159
  8. Typical ALSDEAD song. looking forward it even more now.
  9. MV TEASER for INAZUMA Their new look is pretty cool ! Shin (gt) just started to use instagram you can follow him here : http://instagram.com/shin_alsdead/ CD COVERS : Lyrics for INAZUMA are up : http://mojim.com/tw118630x7.htm#1
  10. Just pre-order them. I hope it will be a good single.
  11. Kles

    ALSDEAD & Nokubura would be cool
  12. Kles

    they still make music? lol
  13. i'm disappointed Nokubura new album is not that good.

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    2. Tetora


      Have not heard it yet, did they move further away from their HEAVY sound?

    3. Greyen


      the heaviness is still there, just executed in an extremely poor way compared to previous works imo

    4. Kles


      yeah... grimore and omega are far better.

  14. ALSDEAD - RED DEAD DAY another release impossible to get. -_-

  15. Kles

  16. Kles

    I ilke the fact that they change their "world" in every new album.
  17. Kles

    completing my ALSDEAD's discography with their last album "IDEA"
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