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  1. pawzord

    Music is fun, vocals do not fit? I like ボクトアソボウヨ... the most
  2. pawzord

    yeah, they were doing world tour and gig in Poland was PACKED. Dunno what happened.
  3. pawzord

    oh his teeth look good, props to you mawma
  4. pawzord

    it works both ways tho. if you don't like shitposts, don't read them huh
  5. pawzord

    not today satan
  6. pawzord

    Wings Flop jesus I can't so funny
  7. pawzord

    I'll keep being delusional and hope they are just 'trying this new thing' and realise this is shit soon and go back to
  8. They are so consistent. Every release is at least good. I'm so happy for them. Slay.
  9. pawzord

    I find it extremely mediocre with no memorable parts at all, but it's not bad, it's typical 5/10 song.
  10. pawzord

    video is cringy as fuck
  11. pawzord

    so basically they release 11 different anime openings? wig ok
  12. pawzord

    throwback to this iconic piece and times when they were actually quite popular