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  1. pawzord

    after listening to this album bunch times here's my best to worst: 1. Dark in Black Hole 2. Thirsty? 3. Kansenshojo 4. Hantomei wo taberu. 5. I'm sorry 6. Rhapsody in my head 7. Gohatto 8. Bakemono 9. True Man 10. Call of Rescue 11. Shinkei to juryoku 12. Migite 13. Tenshi no zentoyo 14. Hakuchi I also learned to stop judging them as if they were the OG Dezert. If I was doing it that way, all of the above would go straight to trash, so I treat it as completely unrelated, separate release of a band Dezert2.
  2. pawzord

    pretty trash, oof
  3. pawzord

    me after listening to this 3 times now
  4. pawzord

    b o p
  5. Full PV. Such a fucking BOP. Ugh. Cock destroyers are shook.
  6. pawzord

    it's actually not a bad track, i might stop sleeping on them
  7. pawzord

    dorothy is THE bop
  8. pawzord

    they better remaster this shit quickly because my ears hurt
  9. pawzord

    so umm where is the single sis?
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