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  1. pawzord

    please stay at home forever
  2. They were so iconic RIP
  3. pawzord

    yeah that fits bunch of clowns
  4. pawzord

    I bet Beyonce does that too
  5. pawzord

    i just love scrolling down and up to read questions and then read answers from the videos queens of Q&A
  6. pawzord

  7. pawzord

    like WHAT even is this Q&A???? who asked these questions?? Retsu to Retsu?
  8. pawzord

    yet both of these make no sense whatsoever
  9. The breakdown is really cute and I love the outfits and visual, but the only new part for lynch is the growl at 2:08...
  10. pawzord

    tf is this shit lmaoooo w
  11. pawzord

    I just recently went to DEG show in Poland. While it was boring AF for me (it was more focused on "performance", artsy, ballad-ish, shit, no bangers at all), Kyo's vocals were popping boo, he never sounded so good I was literally shook and I stan Kyo so hard rn, sue me.
  12. pawzord

    Before EU tour I wonder?
  13. pawzord

    honestly, I did not bother to catch up on this thread and ignored most of the posts..and I don't know what I was expecting from this Album, but this is not it hun.
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