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  1. Xerath

    I WOULD SAY it is a solid MV, a solid song overall, except for lowkey overdoing it with the specialeffects
  2. Xerath

    I am actually very thankful for this post BECAUSE I didn't know Habaki was still doing music after Halienju and that his new band actually released SO MUCH MUSIC wow.
  3. You know just the other day I was like ugh I could use some new MVs and its like vkei heard me and answered I got u bro 

  4. Xerath

    Are you sure this new band is posted in the right section lmao
  5. Xerath

    You know I've been listening their new stuff and I can't help but think that they deserve so much more attention
  6. Xerath

    maybe, I didnt expect some girugamesh 2.0 more like slower paced maybe a bit more of voicecracks and such but what do I know,perhaps the single preview might surprise me,nevertheless the 1st release was pretty solid imo so I hope its at least the same lvl
  7. comparing it to their 1st mv this sounds really bad to me idk
  8. Xerath

    I like the look, but I can't say anything bout the mv spot, listened to it a few times and I keep changing my mind if its eitherr good or bad or could have been done better and it cuts off so weirdly, instrumentals are okay even tho I still don't feel/hear the depressional and melancholic sound, do you?
  9. Xerath

    not gonna lie I totally forgot abot this band but the mv spot sounds promising indeed
  10. I never thought I'd like dezert but here I am,enjoying every single song so far,dont tell me the bad ones 😂

    1. Himeaimichu


      When it comes to a lot of their classic stuff, there are no bad ones! I sadly can't say the same for the newer album (it's not horrible, just a really unexpected turn that is personally not my thing) but other than that, they used to consistently make bangers. 

    2. Zeus


      old DEZERT or new DEZERT?

    3. Xerath


      I started with call of rescue cause yt recommended it but also listened to older stuff and I have to say I like "both" dezerts

  11. I mean I can see and understand the twomans with DOF, but xaaxaa and bräymen aren't really the type of band I see the connection with. Nevertheless I think its pretty cool and hope the twomans go well
  12. someone in here willing to share scapegoat's rabuka(btype)? I'd order the cd myself but I have like no hecking money to spare :((

    1. Kyo_Toriko


      Check out the Downloads! :)

  13. I bet its all chisa's doing WE NEED TO RELEASE MUSIC EVERY TWO MONTHS instead of making a mini-album or two *shrugs*
  14. to be fair the last single just had houkagou as new song. Honestly I didn't bother listening to english ver. of senkou and the live takes. But I hope the next single is going to have more and also good songs. I like the look even tho its nothing special
  15. I am confused,what happened to scapegoats latest pv,like they deleted it or made it private idk but it makes me sad

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