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  1. Finally able to listen to misc. So far the 1st 3tracks are too chaotic to judge after listening to it just once(not including se) but tick tack would have actually been perfect with a few more seconds of headvoice usage imo lmao, also the "2nd" half of the album seems much better than the previews made me think they would be 🤔

  2. I honestly never imagined how much I would like this band and their releases,everything they've created is so enjoyable to listen to I hope it continues as long as possible
  3. Can Dieze like fking release new music finally, all there is is Liar from may2019 😩

    1. Joel


      At this point I'm pretty sure they have, its just only available at shows

  4. Xerath

    the new need for speed looks great huh
  5. Oh so it is a soloproject I only saw what kurono(ex-xenon) tweeted and I was like hmmh band or project but wheres the vocalist lmao. From past experience with Shiki this will be going downhill soon enough, yet let me mention that the "trailer" sounds solid so far
  6. Xerath

    Usually I don't comment when I dislike something,you know cant say something nice dont say anything,but this, this disappointment I felt, I have the need to mention it. Especially after weeks of literal tormention, nameguessing and eventually waiting for their reveal. Honestly the most outstanding thing here was the location, because my first and only "positive" thought was oh its shot here again
  7. Xerath

    WHAT IS THE VOCALS MISSION i feel like its his 30th band already
  8. Xerath

    I want to know who is responsible for the name and what the purpose is or someone can teach the shallow mind of mine of a supercool mystic definition/origin of this very hitchcock I am unaware of BE CAU SE I have to picture the B99 character and I really do not want to draw that connection if possible BTW I am fond of that look xd
  9. Xerath

    Not as long as dimlim makes the better music 😂
  10. So the noise is loud and I could barely hear the vocals, but I guess thats fine The rest was neat
  11. Iirc their last release was no bop but I hope for this one to be, also aI am a fan of this look 👏
  12. Yes you're correct, they had even flyers ready for an event with other bands and a few days before it happened he thanossnapped himself or so idk. F for one of my fav vocalists and I pray he no kusoman lmao
  13. Do we even know where this dude is? Like he just left and bandactivities started 4 ot 5weeks later than scheduled. Also theres still no comments from the members right? I wonder what the actual reason is. Nevertheless this sucks since their music is enjoyable imo
  14. so IIIRD is going on hiatus soon, these guys  aren't quite the lucky ones careerwise huh

    1. Elazmus


      Yeaaah I wonder what the deal is at this point lol

  15. Vkei taught me that people really be judging a whole albumreleases based on short previews and then once released they be like "nvm this is lit" :) and it happens almost all the time 

    1. Himeaimichu


      I blame the fact that Vkei choruses always change key, tempo or time-signature, and therefore you can't really judge an entire song by it's chorus.

    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Previews are not ever a medium for giving a final valutation of something, I used to judge things by a preview and I ended to be disappointed/surprised in each occasion, sometimes in an unpleasant way. So I prefer to always wait for the finished product, so there won't be any margin of error, as it's the thing as whole, not bits of it. That's my personal approach for all the things, from music to movies to TV and I never had problems in general with it...

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