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  1. after a 2month wait I finally got my copy of xaaxaa's loveletter B-type cant wait to listen to it :tw_heart:

  2. Xerath

    dont let me read this plase,thank you
  3. Xerath

    who wants to start the countdown?
  4. Xerath

    I have no idea how to handle this new look
  5. cdjapan "ypur 630points expire in 2days!" me *panics* 
    *orders in panic xaaxaa's love letter*
    happy saturday y'all

  6. The release is so soon already when was mazarenai released? somewhere agusut right? they sure keep themselves busy
  7. Xerath

    Thats what happens when you can't decide on a style its crazy how long they were together tho PS: 棘-Indelible scar was their best release \o/
  8. life is good when your order finally arrives and the band notices your tweet to them,lol

  9. Xerath

    I honestly thought they disbanded for whatever reason and then I read about an upcoming release x) Kai also said he was starting to take English lessons..but probably after this shot was recorded xd
  10. krad cds are on their way,can't wait 

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    2. ぺるしゃ猫


      I bought mine late because I wanted to get it from Jishuban club for the instore, but I was at their live on the 26th when they released it. They have been playing these songs since August so we all know how they go by now haha

    3. Xerath


      yeah just rub in under my nose its okay QwQ

    4. ぺるしゃ猫


      Come see KRAD live lol

  11. Xerath

    do japanese people know how to party? I literally can only see 2 people enjoying themselves ._.
  12. Krad's played a song from their upcoming release on todays live thats mean like I have to wait until the cd arrives and fans in japan already had the chance to listen to it QwQ

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    2. xriko


      every band in vk industries does this, not only KRAD. and they'll probably play song u will never get on CD.

    3. Xerath


      oh remembered one song directly, tho it was limited edition but noone seems to have it called "quiet storm" guess thats one I'll never have lol

    4. xriko


      Quiet Storm seems to be from the SHEDIA era. Maybe KRAD played it, but it was live distribution from SHEDIA

  13. today I found LM.C's punky heart in my recommended list and damn the feel hit hard at this one 

  14. Xerath

    apparently we think every forest looks exactly the same