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  1. seems like IIIRD got themselves a new guitarist 

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    2. Xerath


      well for now it is

    3. BrenGun
    4. Xerath


      just to be clear it might be just a wild(and wrong) guess. His name is fuga and here's his twitter acc

  2. so IIIRD seems to have a good start,but where the heck is sou ;-;

  3. Xerath

    edit: you can also "already" pre-order the release at cdjapan if you're interested
  4. someone happens to have veinrots 1st ep and willing to share? I can't get my hands on a copy myself and spotify without premium sucks ._.

  5. Xerath

    wait a second, the flyer def. shwoed 4members and it was sou on front..well thats a bummer but maybe mayu will do great? and where is sou now ._:
  6. Xerath

    OHH thats why I thought I know this face xd the pv is pretty enjoyable too imo,hope they stay around for a while
  7. I stg if IIIRD is gonna release another version of dead flower I will fking lose it 

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    2. Xerath


      we'll see, I am glad enough we'll have new sings soon

    3. BrenGun


      As for now, they don't reveal themselves...

      And it's strange that they didn't even if they said they would...


      Hopefully all lives will be played as scheduled and also this single...

      However the single isn't announced on any other place...

    4. Xerath


      well its kinda the same pattern they had when KRAD was announced,at least very similar and its nothing new that a release is announced and we dont get any sample,but I believe we will get some info in the near future,well we have to get SOMETHING :tw_joy:

  8. Xerath

    I'd recgonize sou's face from a plane thats them yeah
  9. Xerath

    pretty solid MV imo but I still wonder what that English is supposed to mean,I kinda get the message but its not clear enough for me 😂
  10. I was never really a fan of Diaura,but their latest pv,daamn ;-;

  11. III RD better have a good hecking excuse for late announcement

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      They forgot 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. just saw tetsuyas(ex-xenon) tweet and I feel immediately like crying again,god I miss them

  13. Xerath

    to be fair, the design looks somewhat "kradish" if I may say so also if I remember correctly all the members mentioned something about "from 2nd february on..." maybe I was just dreaming or interpreting too much but I would love to see them together once more,they are just a wonderful combo. Also when shedia "disbanded" we already had this mysterious new band "krad" announced(like I said if I remember correctly) edit: ONE MORE THING.Krad is also from the same lable so it can certainly be that IIIRD consists of ex-krad members. Additionally interpreting the III as a symbol for them sticking together as a 3rd try/band or its just wordplay cause you would pronounce IIIRD third if I am not horribly wrong here
  14. Xerath

    I didnt understand everything myself but its basically how they feel about the disbandment,how they thought Krad would be like but the result didnt pay out as they wanted it to and we see it ourselves actually. They didnt get enough out of it and thats what happens usually when bands dont meet their expectations. I think the vocal of schwartz;mist mentioned something like that a while ago aswell,like if you dont sell and people dont attend the lives,which is really sad,cause(as the most might know) I am a huge fan of KRAD(and SHEDIA obv.) and not knowing when and if they will be back really sucks. I just hope they will be more successful with their next bands/projects 🙏
  15. Xerath

    It is kinda funny that they STILL didn't confirm anything(as far as I know) regarding the "disbandment" but keep talking about the last live and seem to prepare something from the 2nd Feb. on if I remember the past tweets correctly which had a video attached(I could be so wrong here also cause I read the tweets at like 3am lol). Nevertheless I am very interested in what will actually happen
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