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  1. Flowiner

    Thank you for your replies so far! Well, I might have not been clear enough, but I was actually looking for "proper magazines" on the first place, with long interviews, and not flyers nor music CDs (even if they are cool as well, but won't be this useful in my study). Seelentau, I cannot see your link, so I'm going to DM you.
  2. Hello everyone, I am a student and I am about to make a research on Visual kei, and for that I am looking for magazines, as many as possible, or even CDs containing interviews/making-of etc. What I need is textual material about Visual kei: it can be Vk members talking about their band, themselves and their work AND japanese (or why not foreign) articles about Vk. If you have an old collection to get rid off, please contact me ! (The best for me would be to have magazines published in various years, in order to get a broad perception, but not to get 20 magazines of the year 2005, or 20 magazines on the same band for example). Also, if you have any contact or bloggers/whatever you know that could help me / sell me stuff, please reply as well! Thank you!
  3. And here is the PV of magical BEAR!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTh8hepUS7o I'm so glad I didn't expect them to do a PV at all!! It's not one of their best songs, but I'm still happy and it doesn't look that cheap ^^
  4. Flowiner

    I love Psycho-pass too, very catchy and it also reminds me of old gazetto ^^ 4/5
  5. Flowiner

    It sounds so catchy, I love it !!!!!
  6. Flowiner

    their new look seems interesting... can't wait for the single!
  7. ishiki → you can hear a preview of this song here http://youtu.be/yr9aStuTvH0%C2'> But indeed it hasn't been released on a "regular CD" yet, so I don't think it was ever uploaded on internet by some fans :/ I can't wait for their mini album!!! The songs seems amazing & so colorful♪
  8. I can't wait too!! *^*
  9. I love it!! It sounds very good, way better than their latest releases ^^
  10. Flowiner

    Oh yeah I didn't see that they will resume activities until now!! Omg I'd like so much to hear these new songs!!!! I have loved Hebi Hime Sama, a so great album, I hope they keep on getting better and better!!
  11. Flowiner

    Of course!!! And I still have some Kirby, Pokemon, Hamtaro, Pucca teddybears.. But I must stop buying them as my parents think I'm too old... hahahah What are you currently listening to ?
  12. Flowiner

    Indeed, I don't really like this look as it seems to show no high quality music... But I may be wrong!! (Oh and "pop rock electro music" can sometimes be very great! It depends on bands and their talent^^) wait&see huh
  13. Yeah I can't wait!! The only songs by them I heard on youtube were so catchy, I love the singer's voice. Hope they will continue in that direction!!
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