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    How's it going everyone? i've decided to sign up here for whatever reason. I'm a longtime j-rock fan from Ontario, Canada, been into j-rock (and to a lesser extent J-Pop) since the mid 90s...yes I'm old! haha...I used to be pretty active on messageboards years ago, some of you might remember me using this name, or possibly the name NineSpiral. I used to post on inertia's board a lot, WAY back in the day...i've drifted away from the scene somewhat over the years in that i'm not keeping up with the new stuff quite as much, but i still listen to some and my old favorites are never far from my headphones. Big fan of Luna Sea (perhaps you could guess that from my name...lol) X Japan, Malice Mizer, kuroyume, old L'Arc-en-Ciel, a lot of the classic stuff, and some newer stuff too I guess - as just one example, Rin Tosite Sigure float my boat these days.