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  1. if (kai.birthday === today) {


      return 'SGFwcHkgYmlydGhkYXksIEthaS4gV2VsY29tZSB0byB0aGUgMzAncyBjbHViLiBIb3BlIHlvdSBoYXZlIGEgZ29vZCBvbmUu'; // base64


  2. Happy birthday, kai-kun! Have a wonderful one. :rock:

  3. kai_desu

    Dual screen, Ubuntu Gnome
  4. kai_desu

    It's definitely not a 100% effective way, sure. But it could be coupled with a wiki-like community management of content - Nothing intrusive, but something like... when you log in, a small box (NOT a popup) shows somewhere saying "Hey! You've scrobbled some tracks that we don't recognize. Mind helping us assign them to their rightful places?" that would direct them to a simple tool to select the artist, album, and track to be added. Now take that and times it by the thousands of people that used their service. You'd have a pretty well established artist/album/song library with a dedicated community behind it. Though in the end, it kinda boils down to Google-like AI and machine learning to truly make it smart enough to pick up on things (hell, could be coupled with using Google itself to anticipate releases for artists and pre-add them). My developer brain is starting to go off the rails now, so I'm going to end it with that.
  5. kai_desu

    I wish they fixed the way they detected artists/songs - it's blatantly really only geared for popular western music as they only go off the artist name tag - leaving communities like ourselves to resort to "hacks" such as tagging artist names in UTF-8 to give them their own "proper" profile. There's a lot of other things they could be going off of to distinguish artists that may share the same name - song titles, song lengths, album titles, etc. You query all this data together and you have yourself a unique hash in which you can determine the correct artist that should be scrobbled.
  6. kai_desu

    @Original Saku get a same sized second monitor! Fresh install of Ubuntu Gnome, with my custom built blog application on second screen.
  7. kai_desu

    I think I have all of you beat with my ultimate otaku desktop screenshots from 2004
  8. kai_desu

    Ubuntu 14.04-1 Gnome 3.12 Atom Dock Atom Shell Numix GTK Theme Numix Circle Icons INTERSTELLER Wallpaper [link]
  9. kai_desu

    That's how I roll!
  10. kai_desu

    Latest desktop while also working a bit on a project I started not too long ago.
  11. kai_desu

    This has nothing to do with Fox or any other news cast. It's simply a message being shared online (and is not the original source of the video - which I think should be apparent enough by the title alone - why would the original uploader refer to himself in the third-person as "black man").
  12. kai_desu

    You can also thank the media for highlighting events like this, because they know it will cause a shit storm allowing them to have higher ratings. If something happens to someone who is not white, they have to fucking HIGHLIGHT it like it's the reasoning behind the event. If the kid were white, it would have been reported as "local teen shot by police after a dispute" rather than "cop shoots unarmed white teen". Many others have already said it before, but this rioting is bullshit and is not an answer to anything. It's just an excuse for people to steal shit and cause mayhem due to what's called deindividuation and disinhibited behavior. Read about it.
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