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    Holllly shit, folks. Since April is gonna be largely a stay-at-home kinda month (at least around here), expect probably my largest upload binge in years in just a few weeks! Gonna be pretty fuckin awesome!!
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    I honestly don't know what there is to gain by white knighting some high school dropouts rockstar dreams in the year 2020. The world is in lockdown, the polar caps are melting; I think if you're making art for profit in this age then you can fuck the right off and get a real job, even if it's visual kei where half of the appeal of this niche comes from the weird economy that sustains it.
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    I guess I should do an intro huh lol I'm Reida and I've been a fan of VK for awhile now. My #1 favorite band is the GazettE but I also follow RANDS and another band. I got into VK thanks to MUCC and D'espairsRay and have been going downhill ever since. I go to lives whenever possible and I make GazettE furi videos lmao I don't follow much new VK anymore. I just stick to 2-3 bands since a lot of newer bands (besides RANDS) don't really catch my interest anymore, plus, money. Idk what else to say. I've known about this place for a long time, but never joined until now so that I could offer a shopping service for overseas 蘭図 (RANDS) fans. I'm really only active on Twitter and Instagram now a days.... and not using my typical username lol
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    I recorded it, it's currently rendering from Sony vegas. I had to resync some parts that were buffering and added romaji song titles. I'll link it here after I uploaded it to Youtube 👍
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    the boy slit his wrists live, i don’t think he’s really gonna give a shit if a couple of gaijin are using google translate to tell him his hat is Bad ™️
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    Waru Chibi

    DADAROMA will disband

    found this on FB: He says that their company wanted them to say it's a hiatus, but he doesn't want to lie to their fans and make them wait for a comeback, since there won't be any comeback. They're just disbanding Yoshiatsu also says they'll all comeback, maybe together, maybe not, he still doesn't know, but for sure Yoshiatsu will continue to sing. So let's wait for their comeback even if it's in separate bands...
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    D 2 new singles "ACACIA~Pray For Australia~" and "Hard Koala" will be released at 2020/04/29 (1100yen each) ["ACACIA~Pray For Australia~" tracklist] 01. ACACIA~Pray For Australia~ 02. ACACIA~Pray For Australia~ (Instrumental) ["Hard Koala" tracklist] 01. Hard Koala 02. Hard Koala (Instrumental)
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    It's a grey area for me. On the one hand, it's way easier to chuck $2.58 at a single on iTunes than it is to spend $30 to have it physically imported from CDJ. But at the same time, sometimes record deals fall through or the band splits and then their material is gone from streaming services. For example, GE+IM's digital single is now gone, and all of UnsraW's materially used to be streamable, but that got removed a few months ago. Unfortunately, being available digitally comes with an asterisk that says *(for now)
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    As the person who belatedly brought this to the foreign limelight and who as also spent a ridiculous amount of time listening to Ray C, Otoiroha, and ジグザグ, I'll see if I can clarify some of your points. That being said, I'll prepend my further statements w/ additional fan-research done here: https://www.kokusai-singlemama.com/columns/wands-uehara1/ https://sebunoda-goodjob.com/2020/01/04/wandsの上原大史は命様なの!?ていうか、ジグザグ/ I find them pretty much identical if you put them side by side with Otoiroha pics. The distance from the chin to the lower-lip, jawline, etc. He's put on a little more weight (healthy btw) since Otoiroha (which is why he might appear differently.) I had a good comparison image in my initial status write-up, but it appears to be broken right now. If you want something more definitive, his left lateral incisor tooth is identical (and the rest of his teeth.): *Also jawline tape is also a possibility. Japanese makeup is a hell of a thing. He uses a different vocal inflection with WANDS, which is a bit "safer" and more appropriate since it requires him to be more technically accurate. His highs, however, are a dead giveaway. He's not actually "frustrated" but more aloof (in typical Japanese fashion) of the subject. I draw parallels with mafumafu (まふまふ) in my status update because they have similar scenarios. They're both guitarists, constantly conceal part of their face, in extremely popular bands/groups, and for mafumafu's case, he's the vocalist of "神様、僕は気づいてしまった" where all the members of the group are in full costume/masks. They want that separation, and in Mikoto's case, between his indie and WANDS presence, the latter of which is pretty much being a j-idol. - Trying to piece together what I wrote before, it is rumored in the time between Otoiroha and Zigzag that he was scouted by Daikō Nagato (former Being Group CEO and musician) for his indies-era voice. He's credited on a ZARD tribute album and participated in some music festival in 2018 prior to being inducted into WANDS (also from Being Group.) Also attesting to this, since I've posted a large chunk of Zig Zag's earlier live-limited discography on YT, I'm able to view analytics and comments... There was an absolute flurry of viewership + comments in February indirectly mentioning WANDS which confused tf outta me. Comments ranging from older women who were 90's gya having rekindled interest in vk to how good his vocals are in Zig Zag. Other videos have comments stating how handsome he is and how he should stick with WANDS, etc. In summation, they're absolutely the same person and he's just creating separation between his two careers.
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    Posting it here too cuz it's lit: Yesterday's RAKUGAKI gig they played to an empty venue. Great energy tho!
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    Crucifixion Ba.輝翠 (Kisui) has departed at 2020/3/28.
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    NUL. first album release

    NUL. will release their first album in June 2020. The title and further detail haven't been announced yet. Moreover, they will hold their first tour starting from June 20, 2020 as in the followings. 2020年 6月20日(土)大阪十三GABU 2020年 6月27日(土)名古屋JAMMIN' 2020年 7月3日(金)渋谷WOMB
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    As far as I remember he said everything is going to help rebuild. Asagi is always donating for animal shelters and rescues anyways so this is expected of him.
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    Mv spot for a new song will be released tmrw
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    CHIC BOY got themselves a (uncredited) picture in the New York Times for all the wrong reasons https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/world/asia/japan-coronavirus.html Even at one of the Osaka clubs where the outbreak occurred earlier this month, a group of 40 young women attended a performance by a boy band on Wednesday, jumping and waving their hands in a small, unventilated space for close to two hours.
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    I survived the purge at work ... the first time they've had to lay off employees in 60 years. 20% gone. I'm still employed for now, though ...
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    I don't mind it. I like the idea sort uhh yeah. Not their best tho. By the way thank fucking christ by the way these pig gaijins on twitter don't realise that he dun' speak no english, 'cause if he did, I'd be embarrassed. When did these people start listening to vk? Karma is obviously going for some old Japanese rock aesthetic with the hat and the song and the rest of it, so sorry if the rest of the world doesn't give a shit about what some Americans and Europeans on their white man's burden quest of civilising the world think about their hats.
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    Then the majority of their income comes from their job as a physics professor or as a host, I reckon. This horse has been beaten to death on this forum. When children are starving and people are being droned and shot all over the world with the compliance or the guns of the governments most of us belong to, then even considering to pose downloading music as an ethical question is stupid and embarrassing. There's no reason for anyone here to care, those who download will dl and those who won't won't. I stream bands on spotify when they are there, I bought Anfiel's second album digital because i liked them back then, I wouldn't pay a buck for david if it's able for purchase online because I think they suck, but I'll still dl it to know what it's about — everyone else will continue to do more or less the same unless they have a mental disorder where they live vicariously through their fave bandmen.
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    An exclusive interview with Astaroth

    Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth. Astaroth is an orthodox visual kei band who revealed themselves at what was advertised as a solo oneman by vocalist MISAKI, on January 16th of this year. The members have a strong connection to the Kansai (関西) scene, and they've drawn favor thanks to their promising first single. The band talked to us about their inspirations and how their first steps toward activity have been so far. Astaroth, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-astaroth/
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    MUCC new album, "惡" (aku) release

    Are they ever going to surpass Homura Uta?
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    It seems that Mahina Kurosaki is back:
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    Gackt begins selling his bath water Maria Cross and Tekashi 6ix9ine begin a collaborative duo project (after he gets out of jail) New X Japan album comes out but it features BTS on every track YELLOW FRIED CHICKENZ REVIVAL Kamijo comes out as transracial. "I was born in za wrong body. Je suis Furansuman desu" Kisaki is a guest feature on the new chris brown single Klaha comes back. Not to reunite with Malice Mizer, but to do time for his 15 years of tax evasion Hizaki quits music to become a full time E-girl
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    Did anyone manage to record this? I'd really like to see The Gallo and Roman Kyuukou.
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    Hello there, folks. Between 2010 and 2014 most of the music I listened to was Japanese, especially visual kei. After some time I started diving into metalcore, and now my favorite genre is prog metalcore, my favorite bands are Trivium (this one isn't prog but I love them since 2014), Northlane, Periphery, Polaris etc. But in the last days I have been revisiting some songs from D'espairsRay and -OZ- and I wondered what new visual kei bands would please my ears. I want you guys to fill me in the new visual kei metal bands. Back in the day my favorite band was DELUHI (I still hold them dearly!), and I also liked very much D'Ray, which I already mentioned, ALSDEAD (but nowadays I think they were kinda bad musicians haha), BORN (same as ALSDEAD...), the GazettE (I still like them), GALEYD (still like them), the more metalcore-ish phase of girugämesh, some of lynch., MEJIBRAY, some DEATHGAZE tunes... Well, I think that right now you guys know what is the type of music I like. Please let me know what is hot right now!
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    This channel beat Bunny-Usagii to it and posted Kiryu's gig from earlier today here
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    Dir en grey

    The quality was better during the stream than as a VOD, for some reason. I'm certain they keep recordings of what each camera filmed, but if anywhere, we'll see it on a DVD/Blu-ray. If there's ever been a reason to make a new documentary, it would be this show and the current situation worldwide. Here's part 2 of the doc: SERAPH published this, btw:
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    wow hi i'm new here. never thought i'd make an account woooo. i'm a gazette fan, but i have 2 indie bands that i follow. do not give me shit for loving gazette lol
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    The band uploaded the full footage of yesterday's live. Haven't watched it yet, just sampled it for a bit but it looks great~ edit: ok this was pretty cool. They were really hammin' it up, lol The one new song they play from the upcoming album starts around 12:38 btw, for those curious.
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) MEGATHREAD!

    Funniest thing I've seen all week. Holy shit!
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    Ya same. I guess it was inevitable since Mar is also a old school guy and hes their songwriter. I wonder if one of the 2 members that left were the ones who were pushing the crazy synth sound
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    Thats why things like ACACIA and Hard Koala are important. People seems to forget about stuff really fast these days. Everyday there is something new to worry about that the media will be bashing in our heads at left and right, but the animals are still there suffering from the fires aftermath and is important to still think about they too.
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    MERRY (f.k.a メリー)

    Its the same cassette tape; in the blog entry you linked, the writer stated that she used a 'mystery card' in exchange for the cassette tape. If I remember correctly (from what my friend told me, cos I was unable attend the last day), on the last day of the 6 day gig, there's a special counter for you to change your 6 ticket stubs for this 'mystery card' and what this mystery card is for will be revealed in future. I suppose this "[collector] Tour Extra ~Mystery Day~" (and maybe other gigs during the period?) is where you exchange the mystery card for. Basically forcing you to attend ANOTHER gig on top of the 6 you already attended but its MERRY so whatever hahahaha However, there is one more cassette tape that was released; the demo version of "SIGHT GLASS"; it can be seen here: http://merryweb.jp/goods-archive/5384/ I took a quick glance; its missing: 2005.09.10 - rareケミカルレトリック (live versions「迷彩ノ紳士」&「溺愛の水槽」, given out for free at one of their gigs) https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101004612&aid=merry&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_artist_product.php%3Faid%3Dmerry%26psd%3D99%26mt%3D1%26perPage%3D20%26sk%3D1%26zk%3D2%26kwdstr%3D%26pd1%3D1%26pd2%3D2%26pd4%3D4%26pd5%3D5%26pageID%3D5 2005.09.07 - 首吊りロンド B-ver (comes with that month's issue of Fool's Mate) https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101007879&aid=merry&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_used_product.php%3Fpageid%3D29%26pageID%3D2 2005.09.07 - さよなら雨(レイン)~リバース~ (lucky draw prize for those who bought the "PEEP SHOW" album) https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101005389&aid=merry&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_artist_product.php%3Faid%3Dmerry%26pageID%3D4 2009.12.24 - チック·タック (acoustic ver.) (live distributed CD at TOUR09 under-world [ ] final) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av5106345/ 2010.02.24 - THE BLUE HEARTS 25th. Anniversary TRIBUTE (cover of 皆殺しのメロディー) 2010.11.10 - ピエロとスイカと88ライダー (cover of -新宿ナナ) 2011.07.27 - Beautiful Days・ F.A.D YOKOHAMA (live recording of the gig in title. For those who bought the 2 limited editions of beautiful freaks. Ditto for the Freaks Day CD) http://merryweb.jp/bf0727drop/sample.html 2011.08.28 - Freaks Day・名古屋OZON公演 (live recording of the gig in title) https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m36498110141/?_s=U2FsdGVkX19r1yXiVV9PqxoKwxFkJQS2GQcyt0LhfLJ2cDbsfiv7K-m9RDYpM9nwxAItQuhIfx-IAFlB-bcF_I3qAbusTaFQbAKaOirpFNLV7w1Lnp3R9jArR6sIEO2N 2012.07.04 - PARADE II - RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK (cover of 悪の華) 2017.00.00 - Demo version of "SIGHT GLASS" http://merryweb.jp/goods-archive/5384/
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    STAY AT HOME PLS - The first 100 thousand cases took 67 days. The second 100 thousand took 11 days, the third 100 thousand took just 4 days and 😰😰
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    The band with the 90's gimmick has the 90's and japanese rock 'n roll as a reference point so when the spread of white nationalism obviously wasn't his intent, then all Karma is guilty of is just not reading The Symbolic Gestures of White People on Twitter memo that was sent being to everyone irregardless of their culture and nationality. I'm not saying that we can't be cognizant of the fact that it's dodgy and ignorant of the feelings of people halfway across the world, but looking at this shit on twitter I thought it's over my dead body that these morons start policing vk.
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    Hey guys 👋 We have a new exclusive interview, this time with young vkei band JIRUDORE (ジルドレ). The interview is quirkier than I expected it to be, so I hope you guys like it. Interview is available in English and Japanese. ➡️ https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-jirudore/ We post exclusive vkei interviews regularly at vkgy, so be sure to check back every week. Previous vkei band interviews include Shuuen no Rasetsu, luvielle, NETH PRIERE CAIN, and CLACK inc..
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    They haven’t dealt at all, they aren’t testing anyone to keep the numbers low and are reporting deaths as pneumonia's.
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    we're in the middle of a global pandemic and twitter ''activists'' still have the time to get mad over a fucking hat? amazing
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