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    Me fighting off the haters on my way to buy my 18th copy of Gensoukyoku
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    New band "MEME" has formed

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    SAVAGE new mini-album release

    Savage new look!
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    DIMLIM: Gt. Ryuya, Vo. Sho, Gt. Retsu Support: Ba. Yume (ex-Pisaro, Now in DIMLIM) Dr. Hibiki (ex-A Ghost of Flare) Set-list: 1. Birth 2. Innocent Passion 3. THE INVISIBLE 4. Limit of reverse 5. Age of lies 6. Destroy a desire 7. MASSACRE 8. 浄土の花 9. 記憶、紺碧の微笑み‬ 10. 初潮 11. 虚妄の歌 12. PERSOALIT NONCONFORMIT 13. 「」 encore: 14. THE SILENT SONG 15. 塵外 16. ハレワタ 17. MASSACRE (Chorus) This was one of my first concert experiences in Japan and it was one of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to. The venue is Takadanobaba AREA and I must admit in pictures it looks tiny, but once inside it’s a lot larger than I expected. The venue is divided into 3 sections: the front, middle, and back. Of course, your boy here was in the front! There was a lot of guys at the live; to my surprise I think it was an even number of girls and guys. Walking into the live, there was a curtain raised with a projection of the DIMLIM logo and the sounds of baby’s crying and screaming. It was very fitting because I wanted to scream as well, I was thrilled to finally see DIMLIM live. The live started a bit late but once it began the projection went away and the SE track “birth” began. The curtain was still raised, but a light from the other side projected the shadows of Ryuya, Sho, and Retsu onto the curtain. They stood still until “birth” ended. A few seconds of silence passed, and they just gained life as they began playing “Innocent Passion . The song began with the opening riffs, and once Sho gave his scream, the curtain was lowered revealing all of them. Everyone looked amazing, but Sho stood out since the paint on him was inverted from the paint he had on the MV for “THE SILENT SONG”. He had a white colored face with black details. He still looked killer. As they played, Sho hits all the screams, including the intense high-pitched ones. Most bands skip these types of screams, but Sho made sure he hit each one. Other noteworthy standouts are Ryuya and Yume (At the time he was in Pisaro but he’s now officially in DIMLIM). I was shocked at how skinny Ryuya was, even though he still looked great. Yume, well, he’s short. I’m not joking. He’s so tiny, he had a box next to him, that he would use to stand when he wanted to yell something or get the crowd’s attention. It was cute haha. Everyone was noteworthy because Hibiki (ex- A Ghost of Flare), despite not being in a visual-kei band, still wore eye shadow, did his hair, and wore a cool outfit. He looked wonderful. And Retsu… well he’s fucking beautiful, so nothing else I can say there. They played a few more songs, but I was so unprepared once they got to “Destroy a desire”. A lot of the songs had dance moves that go with them, like fist pumping or waving your hands side to side, etc. (AKA Furitsuke). For the most part, it was headbanging. But for “Destroy a desire”, people started jumping side to side. They first jumped to the right and before I could make it and realize what was going on, they started jumping to the left (towards me) and I almost crashed in to one of the girls. Side note: Im 6’3” so I’m nowhere near little. I would have destroyed this girl. Luckily, I managed to jump left and join them. After this they debuted the song 「」.It began with the whispers of a women and goes into a techno like rhythm. The pacing of the song is slower than the usual songs DIMLIM puts out. Its not the heaviest song, but there are some screams. My personal favorite part is the harmonics that Ryuya adds during the slow parts. It’s a really nice song. To my surprise they played “初潮”afterwards. I was expecting this song to be their closing song, but I didn’t mind it. It’s every bit as beautiful and powerful live as I’d hoped it be. I gained so much respect for Yume because he owned that solo and overall did an awesome job. He even played it sitting just like Tsubasa (former Bassist) used to. Retsu executed the solo beautify and it gave me chills seeing it played live. And probably the most fun I had was during the wall of death. For those that don’t know, a wall of death is when the crowd splits into two and gets some distance between them, so they can run towards one another. During “MASSACRE”, Sho asked us to split and so we did and as he was hyping us up I proceeded to taunt the other side haha (I flexed a bit haha). Unfortunately, I don't remember much about “Age of lies” and “記憶、紺碧の微笑み”. These two songs where part of the first live limited single so this was my first time listening to them. All i rember is one of them not being as heavy, so kind of slow. Wish I can say more but thats all I got. The main set ended, and they played a short video. Sadly, I can't read Japanese, or at least all the Kanji that was there. There was a lot of clapping and cheering haha. The video ended, and the curtain opened, and the band stood before us. All the lights were off and out of nowhere Sho gave a powerful scream that began “THE SILENT SONG”. Sho had a podium in front of him like the one in the MV. It was painted black and had the DIMLIM logo sprayed onto it. It was a really nice touch and I wasn't expecting it. Sho sang the song with the podium. He would lean on it in order to get closer to the crowd and even shaking it to get the crowd going. Sadly, he shook it too hard and halfway through the song the podium fell apart. Sho tried to hold it together, but it collapsed, and all the pieces fell to the floor. Sho sighed but he laughed it off and continued singing. Staff stepped in and removed the pieces off the stage. I figured that the end was near, and of course they closed with their debut song “ハレワタ”. All i can say is Holy Hell was it good live. The energy they gave off was incredible. They played and sang passionately and when they headbanged, everyone headbanged. The song ended, and I thought it was over. I was wrong, DIMLIM wanted to get us going one last time so they transitioned into the chorus of MASSACRE and made us do a wall of death again to end the show and we did. I taunted again hehe... and the show ended as powerfully as it had begun. Bonus: They have this thing where if you buy cheki, certain cheki will be marked with "Lucky" in Kanji. If you get a cheki with one of these written on them you can take a picture with one of the members. I bought three and got Luky hehe... I was thrilled, and I yelled a bit and some of the girls there game me a stink eye. You snooze you lose, because I didn’t see those girls after, so they didn't get lucky HAHA. I waited in line to take my picture and once it was my turn I was really nervous. I went in the room and there they were Sho, Ryuya, and Retsu. I wanted to tell them something at least, so I told them I had come from the U.S. to see them. And that their music is super cool. Sho nodded with his arms crossed and said "hmm”. I’m guessing that a good thing, Ryuya said "Ahhh". lol and hands down the best reaction was Retsu. He said in English, "I can speak english a little bit.... Stay with Us!" I wanted to cry he made the effort to speak English for me and he did it so well. I took my picture with Retsu ❤️
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    Hello from Australia

    Hello. I just found this website and saw a visual kei section and so I signed up. I'm 26 and I have been listening to Visual Kei for 12 years now. I don't really know a lot of the recent stuff, I just have the bands that I already know and like XD The bands I've known the longest are Dir En Grey and the Gazette, that I used to listen to when I was 14. Geeze that's so long ago. Back in dem days you either got your Visual Kei from limewire or people who were kind enough to share mp3s on their sites, like this one graphic artist who made Visual Kei avatars and other graphics. I'd really love some friends who are into Visual Kei. Though I hear the interest in western countries is dying. I know that the community is small in Australia, and even smaller in my city, Melbourne. (It's a very toxic place...) So... Making friends on the internet it is lololol
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    Honestly why these news in Japanese? Just few people can read japanese here and if i want news in Japanese i would look in japanese sites XD
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    DEZERT new album, "TODAY" release

    That beautiful gritty distortion....it's all gone...they stripped away one of the most key defining characteristics of their sound.
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    Rest in soul, Aretha Franklin.
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    New DIMLIM song sounds so good 🔥😩👌
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    Hello everyone, I hope you are well 😁 I met v-kei when I was 13 years old watching a music video from one of my favorite bands, NIGHTMARE. The sound, the visual aesthetics, the movement itself made me love for life. Although I liked that kind of style very much, I started to like Oshare Kei more. Bands such as Irokui, An Cafe, Ichigo69, Delphinium, Poroli, Hime Ichigo, among others. At present, I also like the Angura, groups like Monokuro Kinema, MIZERIA, Kalimero, Hotaru, Jully, etc. I do not like much the evolution that Visual Kei has taken in the last time, but I can not deny that it has been the aesthetic (and pseudo musical) genre that managed to steal my heart, being almost impossible that I like something else at this point. I hope to contribute to this community of which they have spoken to me very well. Thank you very much to anyone who has read me and I hope we can talk, if you like 😊.
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    Y'all buying "new versions" of Skyrim being rereleased every week but refuse to support Kisaki, eh ?
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    I'm loving what artists are doing with vaporwave. Playstationwave??? Yes please:
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    I felt strangely spellbound listening to GROTESQUE and Malformation on CHEDOARA.took me to my "emo" past,when metalcore was my addiction
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    I think a lot of people were expecting way to much from this album. I think its fantastic. For a first album it is awesome. I don’t remember a band release such a good first album. These guys are so talented, in the future they’ll deliver even better
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    Your last music-related buy!

    omg I love them *~*
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    vk.gy - visual kei library

    For those interested in Dir en grey and their predecessor bands, I have spent the last weeks and months collecting information and updating their entries. Make sure to check them out, you can find information that isn't anywhere else on the internet! Special shoutout to @inartistic for enduring my endless walls of texts, random questions and requests and my general Dir en grey craziness.
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    SHIVA new single "百舌鳥-MOZU-" will be released at 2018/12/5. (3 TYPE)
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    DIMLIM Concept Full Album CHE DO A RA

    This band wasn’t anything special before Issei left because they were more or less Periphery fronted by a Kyo stan. And Issei’s drum tone was garbage. Hiroshi sounds like he’s actually back there playing a real drum kit.
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    DIMLIM Concept Full Album CHE DO A RA

    Any chance of an upload please now that you've awoken my musical boner?
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    Got my copy today from CDJapan. This album is simply amazing. All the songs are notable, the production is on point and well beyond what is generally expected for VK, and it overall lives up to the hype generated from the three songs we got in preview. I'm sure it will be worth the wait for everyone else whose copy hasn't arrived yet. And to be honest, I didn't realize there was this much skill in Retsu and Ryuya's guitar playing. Of course, Hiroshi is a much better drummer than Issei ever was, so that probably allows them to demonstrate their skill a lot more now. It's pretty heavy overall, but there is diversity in the stylistic choices in the songwriting. There are a couple of ballad-ish songs (Malformation, D.Hymnus), but the final track 「人」と「形」is the most like that. Otherwise Vanitas probably comes closest to that Avalon-like Ballad feel. I noticed that the 3 preview songs all say the music is by Retsu, but in the lyric booklet every song composition is credited as 02. Retsu is the 2nd member credited in the band members, so... I dunno lol
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    random thoughts thread

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    If he really wants to start shit in the scene, a new omnibus with Eternal-era GazettE demos OR a ~☆30 Years Of Me☆~ collection with La:Sadie's tracks would do it.
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    random thoughts thread