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    THE BLACK SWAN will disband

    Look I was no fan, but how the fuck is TBS crumbling before The Thirteen?!
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    So @emmnywrote the definitive Kagerou piece about their best era.... but the timeframe discussed there left out one of my fave Kagerou songs! (And I wanted to talk about what Kagerou meant to me a little bit...)
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    DECAYS announced a series of lives for december, and they've brought a new look and lineup for the three shows! lineup: Vocal & Guitar Die (DIR EN GREY) Drums 樫山 圭 (MOON CHILD) Vocal & Guitar aie (the god and death stars) Bass 拓磨 (ex.Sel’m) lives 2017.12.16(土) 大阪・OSAKA BRONZE 2017.12.17(日) 愛知・名古屋HeartLand 2017.12.20(水) 東京・渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGE edit: they will also distribute a live-limited single during their tour thought i recognized takuma, lol good for him for this! die has good taste, even if his compositions are highkey subpar. fanclub presale info @ decays.jp
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    Worst Jrock CD Cover

    Excuse me, but this isn't the "Best Jrock CD Cover" thread.
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    the dude literally only wrote two songs (and they were credited to both him and hazuki) because hazuki constantly rejected his compositions as they talked about a few times. hazuki had almost 100% of the creative control and still does minus the handful of songs written by yusuke. and the bass was not the problem with their particularly same-y albums, in fact, akinori introduced slap bass to their repertoire which they promptly lost when he left. i love hazuki but he is 100% the problem with lynch.'s music being stale because he IS the sound of lynch....
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    This new single will be released on 2017.11.22. Limited edition : 1800 yen + taxes CD : 1.アサガオが泣いてる (Asagao ga naiteru) 2.ヒルガオの憂鬱(Hirugao no yûutsu) DVD : 1.アサガオが泣いてる(Asagao ga naiteru) Regular edition : 1500 yen + taxes CD : 1.アサガオが泣いてる (Asagao ga naiteru) 2.ヒルガオの憂鬱 (Hirugao no yûutsu) 3.ヨルガオは笑う(Yorugao wa warau)
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    So this his how CDJ rolls posters
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    For who are interested : at 17:30 (Japanese Time) in Youtube will be transmetted a visual-kei live held at Shibuya REX! Bands participants and time table : 1) 17:30 - 18:30 MAMIRETA 2) 18:10 - 18:50 MIKANSEI ALICE 3) 18:50 - 19:30 HAKUBISHIN 4) 19:30 - 20:10 SICK 5) 20:10 - 20:55 LACK.CO 6) 20:55 - 21:35 ZERO MIND INFINITY If you want to see it I recommend you to record the concert with a special program and save it on your PC! (And maybe share it on the forum with other users), I use Cyberlink Screen Recorder!
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    If I mysteriously disappear you'll all know what really happened.
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    ABOO vs. BABOO

    ABOO vs. BABOO
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    I'm sorry you guys couldn't participate. Ironically, you two were to be paired together so this all works out in the end. Partners have been revealed everyone! I will extend the day to give your partner their mix until Sunday since I was a bit late with the pairings. Have fun!~
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    [tracklist] 1. 久遠ノ籠 (Kuon no Kago) 2. Farewell 3. ディスレクシア (Dyslexia)
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    ROTFL the DIRU/kyo cult at it again. How much money do guys make discrediting other music. I guess cause grieva is dying and Rentrer en soi is dead so you guys been stalking the thirteen for a straw you can grab. And i stress the word "STRAW," as it seems you already know your off base here with agree that this is their main stream instrumental and their chorus but you gotta grab something right? but the way you phrase it with "maaan, I can't help but think about DEG" is straight up subjective, something your brain could have easily conjured up to keep Kyo elevated in stature. Plus going on like that, your so called "beef" is with "Mao" and you thinking about your god "Kyo." Not the bands. Furthermore you dig yourself deeper by saying "constantly trying to emulate him." "constantly?" So Mao does have his own thing and isnt "always" "emulating" kyo in his "10-year old career?" or is he always? Cause if so ima need a whole thread of Mao disco with every track and the Kyo track he is referencing. And even if what you are saying is true which im certain isnt considering how post undead 13+2 is hated and how commercial/MainstreamVK Mao's bands can get with Sadie's Redline, ever, daydream rain fall, Setsugekka (雪月花), The Gazette toying, and sadie's last album "Gangster" which continued on to be The Thirteen's Disco up to this EP, lets talk about Kyo. Are you not being a hypocrite? Kyo nor DEG is original for that matter. They copied Kuroyume, Luna Sea, BMTH, ECT. Kyo is definitely ripping of and failing at False chord which he stole from some western band along with those fry screams. Also on his Journey to be a Western Metal influence he copied their hair cut as well as fashion with the leather jackets and stuff. I would bring up marilyn manson but idk the timeline for his video's and Music VS Visual Kai's. but you get the point im trying to make with "plenty of minor details." Edit: back to the thread, if your not going to make it can you or atleast tell me if these are kyo byproducts WITH RECIEPTS PLEASE those are my fav for singing. Are you not familiar with Western music? Everything Trap, Mumble rap, all the females sounding the same and still on the charts? Anyway people need to get over sadie (The Thirteen is sadie[gangster]) wiping there asses with diru over the years and completely body them on bleach with Oboreru Sakana and Voice of pain remaster versions and not be mad the moved on to new greatness beyond upgrading like baby go for it.
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    THE BLACK SWAN will disband

    This is weird, the way I feel about this. I think what sucks is I really believe Jin is sincere in his efforts. As bad as his vocals can be and as derivative as his songwriting gets, he’s trying. Maybe trying too hard? i don’t know. He deserves a break. Maybe he should use the time to get a vocal coach or something. Take some music theory.
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    THE BLACK SWAN will disband

    They needed to adopt another cat. In all seriousness, I grew to really appreciate Jin's vocals overtime. I hope he doesn't leave VK indefinitely!
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    陰陽座 (Onmyouza) new single release.

    https://twitter.com/KINGRECORDS_MET/status/918696268687335424/photo/1 According to data Onmyouza will release a new single for 2018 (January) and the main song will be the opening of Basilisk (Anime) new season
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    The Reverend

    #104: キズ (Kizu) - 蛙-Kawazu-

    Tracklist: 1. 蛙-Kawazu- 2. ラブソング 3. ELISE (Type-A only) 4. 十五 (Type-B only) |Prosaic, but with potential Should a band be held accountable for not living up to hype created by fans before they’ve released a single note of music or even revealed their identities? That’s the question I pondered as I listened to キズ (Kizu's) second, and newest, maxi-single 蛙-Kawazu-. The conjecture surrounding Kizu started near the beginning of this year when a red and black flier was handed out at VK venues with precious little information other than the name of the band, details of their first show, and a phone number prominently displayed. Callers of the phone number were greeted by a recording informing them that the band would listen to “your pain, your worries, displeasure, and anxiety”. All VK fans had to work with was a new, mysterious, melodramatic, emo as hell band that had left no direct clues about the members’ identities; not even a group shot in silhouette or with the faces obscured by masks! The biggest clue being that the other bands performing at Kizu's first show (DOGinthePWO, Unite) were popular bands in the scene, so this new band must be made up of people with connections… probably from playing in bands with some success themselves. This wasn’t a bunch of newbies who would be unknown whether or not their names and faces were public knowledge! Little by little more info leaked out of the Kizu camp (the vocalist of the band would actually answer calls to their number, more fliers with references to despair and scars and blood and loneliness) but still no one was quite sure who was in this new band. Theories about vocalists from all sorts of recently disbanded acts were entertained. One that gained traction that I hoped would turn out to be true was that this was Karma from Avelcain’s new band. The signs were all there: Karma is the queen of teen-angst-zetsubou and these promotional materials for Kizu had that in spades. When it was finally revealed that the vocalist was Lime previously of Lezard there was a collective “not bad… but I wish it had been *insert my favorite vocalist who isn’t in a band right now*”. By the time their first (extremely energetic and polished) PV came out many people had already come down from their speculative excitement. With all that being said, what about the actual songs? The music is not the backdrop for despair that their promo fliers would imply, which is a blessing because Lime is a capable vocalist but it’s hard to imagine him pretending to cut his wrists or mumbling to himself trying to quiet the demons in his head. In fact, the least worthwhile parts of this maxi-single come when Lime tries to showcase his harsh vocals. Too much of "ラブソング (Love Song)" is marred by Lime trying to contort his voice into shapes it just wasn’t meant to fit into. He’s much better highlighting his slightly staccato, higher range such as in the otherwise rather moribund "十五 (Juugo)". Kizu is at their best playing the frenetic, vaguely djent-inspired fast-paced VK you can hear in the title track "蛙-Kawazu-" or after the jarring Beethoven intro homage has ended in "Elise". When the big riffs and digital effects combine into some bouncy, undeniably fun rock'n'roll you can see why Kizu have scheduled a second oneman live at Tsutaya O-West less than a year from their formation and having released only two singles. Ultimately, I'd place my bets on the slightly brasher Razor or the even more scatter-brained Lack-co to be the 'winners' of these djent-kei experiments, but if Kizu can continue to channel the relentless energy of the performances in their PVs (shoutout to them for the throwback 'VK band in the woods' video) into their live shows and releases they should be able to make a name for themselves in the crowded and often staid VK landscape. Support the band: CDJapan
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    Your last music-related buy!

    0.1gの誤算 - 男闘魂戦争 卍燃えよ誤算光殺砲卍 Carpe Diem - パノラマ sith. - 睡蓮 シビレバシル - LOVE2017 エルム - This is ELM [2009-2017] ソニックデスモンキー - ニコニコンプレックス lical - それは造花 Heliotrope - rain up FINLANDS - LOVE bough the wrong Axkey single im dumb.
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    finally got my cdjapan order with the novembers' before today deluxe album and was excited to wear the t-shirt but the size is waaaaay oversized wtf.......
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    i'm very excited for this just don't understand why the Karma haters still even bothering themselves checking every news about him
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    有村 竜太朗 (Arimura Ryutarou) (Plastic Tree) new solo tour, "デも/demo -beyond that point-" will begin next year from January 7-16. A new single will also be sold during the tour; details tba. Tour schedule: 2018/01/07 @ Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo) 2018/01/08 @ HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama (Saitama) 2018/01/13 @ Nara NEVER LAND (Nara) 2018/01/14 @ Banana Hall (Osaka Prefecture) 2018/01/16 @ Nagoya Bottom Line (Aichi)
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    Yo peeps. I wanted to talk about an issue that's very dear to my heart, and that's called planning a family, or a lack of it. Just like the title says. At my age, most women (and possibly also men) are, if not already totally at it, at least planning for their own family. You know. Husband, kids, golden retriever, stuff like that. Most women have silently agreed to have children, even if they don't particularly want them, just because society thinks they should. I stand at the other side of the whole concept: I don't want kids. Ever. I've been told ever since I was a tot that I'll change my mind and when I'm older I'll understand the need to have children. Bitch, I'm older now and still don't want any. In fact, I would gladly have my tubes tied into one hell of a knot to ever avoid even considering the idea that I might be with a child. The idea of pregnancy scares me. The idea of childbirth scares me. I don't like kids. I don't think babies are cute, not in the least. In fact, I believe children up to the age of 10 are, at best, a bore, and at worst, horrible spawns of satan I want nowhere near me. And yet, medical specialists argue I'm too young (nearing 30 here) to decide if I want kids or not, so they won't perform a sterilisation. Yo, people can decide on a sex correction surgery once they turn 18 but I'm not old enough to know I hate kids and don't want any. And I'm not saying this to mock anyone or say that transgender people shouldn't have the option to do that, but just that both are a part of body autonomy that I think one should have the right to rule over after a certain age. Are there other people who feel the same way as I do? Ladies and gents who just don't want kids, no matter what? Or people who want them but can't have them? Tell me your thoughts and give us some peer support.
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    The Piass

    Vexent new single 「CARRY」 release

    Their new single will be released on 2017.12.06.
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    VK Mood Board

    tfw he rams it in D R Y
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    Show Yourself (again)

    tried some halloween make up although I won't attent any event I hate that there's nothing close to me because it's so much fun to put on some make up lately I tried to do some D13 from Leetspeak Monsters inspired make up, didn't turn out how I wanted it to be but I'm kind of happy with the result anyway.
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    Their new album 「JUKE BOX」 will be released on 2018.01.17.
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    New last.fm scrobbler!

    Should work with iTunes 12.7 https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/itunes-12-7-windows-the-last-fm-scrobbler-plugin
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    The... ass in the lion's skin ?! Well... ok then.
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    "[no receipts havin a** b******] that talk s***? Now them the b****** I stunt for [monochrome-heaven] came at me [haters and trolls] ain't happy Rolled out with [. @kyoselflove@Yukimoto] And [. @Mihi] in 'em plain khakis" - NM, Chiraq
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    Covers for both versions are the same thoughts on this masterpiece ?? lol
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    Are we really getting hype over some cowbell?
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    VK Mood Board

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    wouldn't be surprised if its actually him lol X acting like old depressed Karma nowadays.. he would fit in perfectly the great tiger moth on their hp reminds me of AvelCains three month consecutive release.. boy I miss those days </3
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    the GazettE

    That was the big takeaway for me, as well. Forget the album, I want to know what Ruki is wearing.
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    "Shit Vkei fans say" This is so good! She is so good! oh my
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    Dont forget our Contest ends next Week! :)
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    chariots' guest guitarists have been determined: 弥妓 (yako) (ピサロ (pisarro)) 楓 (kaede) (ピサロ (pisarro)) 祐弥 (yuya) (ex-DuelJewel) 刻 (toki) (ex-Black Gene for the Next Scene) N∀O (ex-REALies) 渚‐Nagisa‐(シュヴァルツカイン (schwarzkain)) Ryusei(まみれた (mamireta)) + 1 more guy (will be announced 11/12...)
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    The Ass In The Lion's Skin is one of Aesop's Fables btw... did no one else have it read to them growing up? bless my papa he was about that lol, I was always interested because the characters were usually animals EDIT: Tbh recommend them for adults too they are all little lessons of virtue and moral fibre ; yknow, still holds true!
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    Your last music-related buy!

    You video of the Japanese music buys of the month of September! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ7VieqO_8o&lc=z22kypi5ttbcx52gb04t1aokgm2xy2zgm1m3mp030pvmbk0h00410
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    Your last music-related buy!

    - ピサロ x chariots - -照準はdessinされたアイツの影- - Sick. - PhAntom. - Soanプロジェクトwith芥 - 調律、その脈動に問う - ウミユリ - 餓え - MERRY - エムオロギー 【Regular edition】
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    Jumping in to say Deathgaze did it first on Enigma! This song is now 100% derivative XD
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