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    New band gulu gulu has formed

    烏名 鳴と不愉快な仲間達 (Karasuna Mei to Fuyukai na Nakamatachi) has now become a formal band called gulu gulu Vo. 哀/I [Ai] (ex.Kuroyuri to Kage f.k.a 烏名 鳴 Karasuna Mei) Gt. 凛人/Rito (ex.MIZTAVLA 光 Kou) Gt. Kazari (ex.llll-Ligro-) Ba. 藍珠/Lanju (ex.Grieva 緋雨 Hisame) Dr. 螢ちゃん/Hotaru chan (ex. Balalaika f.k.a カタセ ケイ Katase Kei) They will make their first appearance at cure festival on 4.28 and hold their first oneman on 8.12 at ikebukuro EDGE Their first Single「変なメリーゴーランド」 will be released in 2 types on 5.28 -不味い盤- 1. 変なメリーゴーランド 2. 嗅覚障害 3. 不味い麻酔 -美味い盤- 1. 変なメリーゴーランド 2. 嗅覚障害 3. Rubra
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    Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest

    Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest Hey everyone! This is a shout out to all digital artists on the website interested in content creation. It's about time to add some new bands into the rotating banner at the top of the forum, and for that we can use your skills! What better way to show off some skills than in a friendly competition? Here's the basic idea: Create a banner according to the rules which I will define in a moment. Respond to this topic by submitting your banner in a post. Since you cannot edit your post after you submit it, make sure your post is the way you want it before posting. You can submit as many banners as you have time / energy to create. The second phase of the banner contest will be anonymous voting from the community. The top three voted banners will be added to the top and the members who created those banners will be announced then. Winners of the contest will get their screen name in a special color in addition to having their work featured at the top of the forum! Rules: Banner should have dimensions of 800x120. Banner should have a thin, rounded white outline. Banner should preferably be a PNG, but a GIF is acceptable if you are interested in making an animated banner. Banner should in some way relate to Japanese music. Normally, we feature a band at the top, but there is room for creativity. Banner should have the text "Monochrome Heaven" on it. Banner should contain material that is Safe For Work. NSFW banners will be automatically disqualified. Banner submission should remain anonymous until the end for fairness. All banners will be shown at the end. Banners can contain anything else you think will give you an edge in the competition. The submission deadline will be open for four weeks, or until May 18th, 2019. Have fun! I'm excited to see what our members can come up with.
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    tracklist: 01. Shirabe 調べ 02 .DIMENSION 03. Sennen no Shikisai 千年ノ色彩 04. Administrator 05. LIQUID VAIN 06 .INNOVATOR 07 .uprising 08. DNA 09. Akaku chirabaru hana 紅く散らばる華 10. DAYBREAK 11. Hibiscus ハイビスカス 12. Undo 13. Bishuu 美醜 14. LOCUS 15. BRILLIANT DVD 1. Sennen no Shikisai PV 千年ノ色彩 (PV)
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    Am I a bad person?

    Look, I've seen you here a couple of times trying to be a shoulder to cry on for some people voluntarily. Perhaps you shouldn't go around trying to help everyone in sight? I don't mean that in a bad way, just something to work on in order to prevent these feelings from coming up. What I've learned over the years is that people need to come to you specifically if they need your help. Most importantly, you can't (and probably aren't even equipped to) deal with other people's issues yourself. People, as much as it sucks to accept sometimes, need to deal with their shit on their own. Their own time and own terms. It doesn't mean you're a bad person or uncompassionate - sometimes the most responsible thing to do is refer the person that's hurt to someone else that's better equipped to handle those things. Sometimes you can be there to comfort them and try to talk them out of a rough situation, but it's up to the person in question how they'd prefer to better handle their feelings. Some people, however, just need to bring you down to their hole with them. Just be aware of those and make no mistake in cutting them off. No matter how bad they might feel and the amount of help they need, they might turn into a toxic person without even realizing it and if you're not aware, you'll be down there with them. I understand where you're coming from, but don't feel too bad. I hate to bring up this card, but you still seem relatively young, right? With more experience in your adulthood, I'm sure you'll be more at comfort to deal with a lot of situations in life and relationships with those closer to you. Don't beat yourself too much and just give it some time.
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    New band gulu gulu has formed

    gulu gulu eigakan
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    They will also release a new single titled 「変なメリーゴーランド」(Henna Merry Go Round) on 2019.05.28 and will come in two types. It will cost 1,500 yen (tax not included). -不味い盤- (- Mazui ban -) 1. 変なメリーゴーランド (Henna Merry Go Round) 2. 嗅覚障害 (Kyūkaku shōgai) 3. 不味い麻酔 (Mazui masui) -美味い盤- (- Umai ban -) 1. 変なメリーゴーランド (Henna Merry Go Round) 2. 嗅覚障害 (Kyūkaku shōgai) 3. Rubra
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    仮病(Kebyou) new look has been revealed. Vo.四月一日 御幸 (Watanuki Miyuki) Gt.雛菊 雛 (Hinagiku Hina) Gt.半田 ヰ夂葉 (Handa Ichiyo) Ba. 幽城 齋 (Yuki Sai) Dr.四ツ辻 鬱気 (Yotsutsuji Utsuke)
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    To coincide with her debut 20th anniversary, 椎名林檎 (Shiina Ringo) will release a new full-length album as well as a new live video on DVD/Blu-ray on 2019/05/27. The album titled "三毒史" (Sandokushi) will be released in two types: regular edition CD and limited edition CD in a hardcover book case. The album will feature an array of guest artists such as Miyamoto Hiroji (Elephant Kashimashi), Tortoise Matsumoto (Ulfuls), Mukai Shuutoku (Zazen Boys, Number Girl), Ukigumo (ex-Tokyo Jihen, Petrolz), Hizumi Masayuki (a.k.a. H ZETT M) and Sakurai Atsushi (BUCK-TICK). Tracklist: 01. 鶏と蛇と豚 (Niwatori to hebi to buta) 02. 獣ゆく細道 (Kemono yuku hosomichi) with Miyamoto Hiroji 03. マ・シェリ (Ma Chérie) 04. 駆け落ち者 (Kakeochisha) with Sakurai Atsushi 05. どん底まで (Donzoko made) 06. 神様、仏様 (Kamisama, hotokesama) with Mukai Shuutoku 07. TOKYO 08. 長く短い祭 (Nagaku mijikai matsuri) with Ukigumo 09. 至上の人生 (Shijou no jinsei) 10 急がば回れ (Isogabamaware) with Hizumi Masayuki 11. ジユーダム (Jiyuu-dom) 12. 目抜き通り (Menukidoori) with Tortoise Matsumoto 13. あの世の門 (Anoyo no mon) The footage of the upcoming live DVD/Blu-ray "(生)林檎博'18 ―不惑の余裕―" was recorded on her debut 20th anniversary tour, and will feature the following: 機知との遭遇 -Sound&Vivision- 本能 流行 雨傘 日和姫 APPLE マ・シェリ 積木遊び 個人授業 どん底まで 神様、仏様 化粧直し カーネーション ありきたりな女 いろはにほへと 歌舞伎町の女王 人生は夢だらけ 東京は夜の七時 長く短い祭 旬 恋の呪文はスキトキメキトキス ちちんぷいぷい 目抜き通り(2018年11月22日) 獣ゆく細道 ジユーダム 悲しみの果て 五右衛門 きらきら武士 夢のあと -ending- 丸ノ内サディスティックneetskills remix -bonus track- はいはい (2018年11月22日) 余裕み時間 (MC集) You can already view some full songs from it on Youtube (putting it behind a spoiler tag cuz it's a lot of videos). They might not start if you play them here, but if you click on the YT titles and open them on YT they should work. ....Okay, I admit I just made this thread cuz it's pretty killer both Atsushi and Mukai are collabing with her.
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    new band "GCMZ" has formed

    waiting in anticipation for that GCMZ × GzNDLH twoman tour 🙏
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    Long-running visual kei magazine Cure has just released their first issue from 2003 digitally on Amazon Kindle! More issues will be on their way to the platform~
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    Closet Crybaby


    Hey, new here. Long time jrock/vkei fan (10+ years). Guess I'm looking for new people to talk about that with since it's pretty much died out with my friend group minus a few. Name a band and I probably at least know of them. My Top 10 Bands (Active) the GazettE Initial'L RAZOR DADAROMA ザアザア (xaa-xaa) Fest Vainqueur アルケミ (Archemi.) キズ (Kizu) Jiluka まみれた (Mamireta)
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    I feel like throwing together a random J-rock mix of about 10 songs or so. If I do, who's willing to listen?
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    The Piass

    New band "The Guzmania" have formed

    They held their first live today at Takadanobaba AREA. Their first mini album 「開花前夜」(Kaika zen'ya) will be released on 2019.06.26. Limited edition : CD + DVD Regular edition : CD Members : Singer : 時羽(Tokiha) Guitarist : YOSHIO Bassist : ちょび(Chobi) (ex-DIV) Drummer : テツヤ(Tetsuya) Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheGuzmania Website : https://theguzmania.com/
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    Riku has announced that he has joined marder suitcase and will commence solo activities from 4.22
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    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 20 seconds. Contains 1669 words. There was a time when a Schwarz Stein reunion would have been at the top of my music wish list. The late 2000s were drawing to an end and I was still very much immersed in their eschatological vision of digital decadence, a dream of liberation and redemption with the technopolitan paradise awaiting. With their first two albums, 2003’s New vogue children and 2004’s Artificial Hallucination, Kaya and Hora established their very own, unique sound, not only as an electronic act in the visual kei space, but also within electronic music in general, fusing beat-driven, danceable EBM with tinges of trance, synthpop, industrial and chanson. Their conceptual and lyrical focus on themes and dualisms of oftentimes biblical proportions (entrapment vs. salvation, earthly dystopia vs. transcendent utopia, freedom vs. sin etc.) and allusions to hedonism and sexual liberation as an antidote to the paralysis of totalitarian social order give Schwarz Stein a distinct gothic edge which resounds in their music in an obvious yet elegant way. Accompanying even more upbeat tracks is an almost omnipresent melancholia, lingering in the timbre of reverberating keyboard strokes and gaining momentum in the lyrics and vocal delivery. Kaya’s singing voice has always struck me as exceptionally powerful yet composed, while retaining fragility, warmth as well as emotional depth and nuance throughout its entire range. He croons with such clarity and smoothness, his lower register seems more like the dark hues of a bright color while his midrange is forceful and voluminous, at times erupting into a subtle, wistful vibrato. Even his highs stand out to a certain degree – they sound youthful, open and bright while thinning out only in falsetto. Similar to their sound and overall design philosophy as a band, Schwarz Stein’s visual aesthetic revolves around the juxtaposition of visceral darkness and playful sensuality. The foundation of their style is a mixture of BDSM fashion and gothic glitz, which in and of itself would be anything but revolutionary and was actually quite the cliché couture of early 2000s visual kei. But Schwarz Stein put a unique spin on their makeup, costumes, props and stage design by incorporating an iconography and visual aesthetic that is unmistakably inspired by H.R. Giger. On a superficial level, it might seem gimmicky. But Giger’s transhumanism actually translates in a very meaningful way into Schwarz Stein’s world, where the non-human part, the intrusive, dehumanizing element resounds not only in their musical concept as a purely digital act but also in themes like estrangement, solitude, corruption and slavery to an unfree system. Interestingly, this clear vision of their style had already been established during their Rudolf Steiner demo days and (unsurprisingly) became a little less prominent during their prime under music and fashion label owner Mana. In 2006, two years after their initial disbandment and subsequent pursuit of solo careers, Kaya and Hora came out with a onetime collaborative session album titled another cell. While it was a solid release, especially for Kaya lending INNER UNIVERSE and FROZEN PAST his voice, it suffered from lower production value and a creeping disconnect in the duo’s collaboration; a first foreshadowing of what the future would hold. When Recurrence of Hallucination dropped in celebration of Schwarz Stein’s 10th anniversary, the sense of foreboding left behind by another cell turned into sobering reality. Even though the 2011 mini-album was released under the Schwarz Stein name, it feels even more like an on the side cash grab. It consists of three slightly remixed and somehow less exciting versions of tracks from Hora’s solo work, one new, albeit sub-par composition and an instrumental intro, which ironically trumps the rest of the EP. The whole thing sounds anemic and detached. And I don’t even so much take issue with its shortcomings in the engineering and production department; the switch to Kaya’s label トロイメライ (Traumerei) surely came with budgetary constraints. It’s the blatant decline in songwriting and compositional quality and the obvious lack of effort put into the project I find so deeply disappointing that not even nostalgia suffices to compensate for it. After their official reunion in 2014 and a handful of hit-and-miss singles, Schwarz Stein finally announced a proper new mini-album titled Immortal Verses and scheduled to release in September of 2018. The track list and cover art looked promising at first, calling to mind their trademark mix of gothic kitsch, dystopic gloom and stoic sensuality. In a lot of ways, however, Immortal Verses completely fails to correct course. In fact, it seems entirely ignorant of any shortcomings or failures in the first place and instead reiterates in an even more opportunistic way the exact creative principles which not only spoiled its predecessor but also threaten to water down their entire legacy. The main problem boils down to the songwriting and composition. As a solo artist, Hora has always been frustratingly impervious to any kind of innovation when it comes to his sound. It wouldn’t even be much of an overstatement to say that he’s been making the same three songs for thirteen years now – there’s the abrasive industrial banger, the spacy club anthem and the ambient mood piece. Even his sound palette hardly changed in over a decade which makes his albums altogether feel like weary and unfocused attempts at amplifying the slowly fading echo of his accomplishments from times past. Unfortunately, this is exactly what plagues Schwarz Stein’s post-reunion material. There’s very little in the way of original ideas. Instead, songwriting and composition seem to be largely governed by a self-referential process of copy & paste and an aggravating compulsion to check the same old boxes. It’s formulaic to the point of redundancy. Lotus is a prime example of that. It’s the mini-album’s thematic and narrative climax, the focal point of overall tension building and pacing. By virtue of its placement and function, it tries hard to be loud and spectacular, to emulate the abrasiveness and tonal density of their harsher, more industrial-oriented output. Nothing about it works though. Structurally, it is entirely predictable and musically, much too familiar. What should’ve been an homage, I assume, ends up as an awkward amalgamation of Schwarz Stein’s BIO GENESIS (2003) and Kaya’s Sodomy (2013, music written by Hora). The thumping beat, the ominous synth lines, the nervous, channel-hopping buzz of distorted guitar samples… it’s all there, ready to wreak havoc but the individual elements simply don’t add up to anything meaningful or enjoyable. Lotus misses the mark widely and by recycling old material so bluntly illustrates the duo’s petty refusal to be creative with disheartening clarity. And to add insult to injury, even Hora’s “death voice”, a simple yet somewhat iconic voice distortion effect (cf. CREEPER, 2004), is employed so ham-fistedly here, it degenerates into a meaningless, lackluster gimmick. In short, Lotus is Immortal Verses at its worst: derivative, unimaginative and overstated in all the wrong places. Despite all that, however, there are a few redeeming moments and some genuinely sensible artistry to be found on the mini-album. The lyrics of Immortal Verses tell a short but moving tale of a lost love which has rendered the protagonist broken and immobilized, slowly withering away in deeply solitary, lifeless apathy. The memories both painfully elusive and relentlessly parasitic begin to haunt them in the form a faint, flickering light. The longing for what seems forever lost in time – love, happiness, the feeling of wholeness – is presented as an inescapable dilemma: it’s the sole raison d’être and ultimate martyrdom at the same time. The narrative unfolds over the course of all five tracks and adds a welcome element of cohesion which the music alone oftentimes fails to provide. In some cases, the lyrical themes of isolation, estrangement, solitude and yearning resonate quite beautifully with the instrumentation and vocals. morgue, for instance, does a decent job as an opener with its simmering organs setting a somber mood and the beat building tension in unison with dramatic synth strings. It’s neither loud nor overbearing but a patient moment of exposition, providing a well-rounded backdrop for Kaya’s equally subdued yet poignant vocal performance. Although he’s always been a competent vocalist, his voice sounds more refined and confident than ever. Even in otherwise unremarkable tracks like Immortal Light and Forest of Paralysis, he manages to break the relative flatness of the instrumental and add depth, a third dimension for emotion to resonate within and become tangible. Wachtraum is most noteworthy in that regard. In similar fashion to COCOON (2014), Kaya hums impressively clear, low notes during the verses which transition into an elegant, climactic hook. The tension that has been progressively built during the first three cuts and peaked in Lotus quietly dissolves in these last, satisfying moments of calm reflection and melancholy. And even though they don’t quite reach ethereal quality of tracks like transient (2003) or Emergence of Silence (2004), these quieter moments bring to light little bits and pieces of something I thought Schwarz Stein had lost for good: their identity. I find it difficult to assess Immortal Verses in a broader, more general way that would be commensurate with a conclusion of this review. There’s one reason for that and it’s the sincerest bottom line I can produce. Immortal Verses is an extremely hermetic release – and deliberately so. Neither does it engage in any kind of dialogue with the tropes and trends of contemporary visual kei - be it stylistically or musically - nor does it build upon the duo’s established sound and innovate it. The mini-album’s entire artistic scope and purpose are wholly determined by its relationship to Schwarz Stein’s previous work. Immortal Verses is a sonic soliloquy, a nostalgic stroll down memory lane and as such it explicitly and exclusively caters to a very specific audience: Schwarz Stein’s most devoted, longtime fans. In a perpetual sequence of anachronistic references, the songs try so hard to tie in with the collective memory of a sympathetic fan base that they fail to say anything much but this: contemporary Schwarz Stein is for those who remember. Without that memory, there just isn’t much to enjoy.
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    random thoughts thread

    You just made me think of this video... 😛
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    I used to think that LiME hated me (while all the Kizu guys treat me really well) but today he replied me on twitter asking me when i return to Japan cuz he's waiting for me.... SO DAMN CUTE. I'm so relieved and happy rn.
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    Time to say goodbye

    Hi all MH crew, I wasn't a very active person here - apparently because of not enough time and other priorities in my life. But just wanna to thank You for all the time I spent here, so much kindness from You all... This journey comes to an end. I'm leaving not because I'm angry, or have sth against You. You all guys and girls are really awesome, and please stay awesome forever It's just because some episodes in my life should've ended muuch time ago. It's one of them - my love for J-music is so weak now, cannot participate anymore in such topics. To be honest with You all: I need some more time and some more space outta internet and internet communicities. That's just it. To summarize it: thank You so much fo everything, keep going to be always so kind and awesome, and hope we'll meet somewhere on the same highway With this post please delete my account on MH - won't be back again Good luck ! Air
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    I listen to aizou ni tsuki so much its interfering with my life
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    New band gulu gulu has formed

    edit: the single is named henna merry go round, not merry go land btw
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    As I previously mentioned (perhaps in the main Dimlim thread) they've been playing a new song since the beginning of March that is slow and heavy with a very good rhythm for headbanging. The SEs in these videos will most definitely NOT become Dimlim songs. Retsu just likes various types of music and probably thought that electronic music would be better suited for these videos. Calm down guys lol
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    fuck nazis ☠️

    fuck nazis ☠️
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    reviving this thread to give a commentary of their april 19th revival live at tsutaya o-east in shibuya. i was lucky enough to score a ticket and go, and aaa, too many feels... ~ setlist ~ 1. hybrid truth 2. rebel sicks shadow six 3. freedom 4. flow snow 5. wake up 6. shade 7. ivory and irony 8. the farthest 9. no salvation 10. follow the future 11. g.a.l.d. 12. revolver blast 13. frontier 14. skapegoat 15. baby play 16. f.t.o. 17. departure ~ encore ~ 18. remember the rain 19. vivid place 20. coda 21. orion once again 22. two hurt
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    just found out my Shinjuku lodgings are a three minute walk from Like an Edison/etc... RIP my wallet
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    My name is Lauren, Its nice to meet you~ i usually came onto this site on and off but i never really had an account, So i decided to create an account finally x3
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    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!
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    Maybe they will finally release something good !
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    This project had such high potential when they were still a proper band. It fell kinda flat after Chaos' departure. Which wouldn't have been such an issue if they'd simply continued with their activity (loosing one vocalist is no tragedy when you have two), but it seems the rest of the band stopped caring pretty much as soon as he left and now after a long gap of no activity Kyouka is releasing these half assed songs… disappointing.
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    New band gulu gulu has formed

    A short bit of the song 嗅覚障害 can be heard in these clips.
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    I'm not even under eighteen anymore and even I'm thrilled about this. We should be encouraging parents to have healthy, non-vitriolic discussions with their children about this kind of thing if/when they get curious about it, not blaming people for having libidos and trying to prohibit them from safely acting on their urges. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/porn-sites-offer-loopholes-to-get-around-web-ban-as-bbfc-admits-it-is-powerless-to-stop-tech-savvy-teens/ar-BBW54hB?ocid=spartanntp
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    New band gulu gulu has formed

    This line-up is like
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    Ouch... they really don't know where they're going... it sounds like a mortal kombat song... which is not a good thing at all... really disappointed in them lately... To think that they were the ones to release Oboreru Sakana as a debut song, which was also one of the 3 or 5 best VK songs that year... We're very far from that quality now
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    Asagi has been writing his novel (Bara no Houkan) since his Balsamic days, allegedly. Some Syndrome songs are even a part of the story iirc (Shigaitan I think is part of the Justice arc). It's been long explained in liner notes in Mad Tea Party magazine since the dawn of time, half of their New Blood mini (first release) was part of this storyline. Pretty much everything they've released, except for the whole Alice Saga, was connected to this novel. Each member has a character assigned (Asagi has like 4 and Hide-Zou has portrayed 2), they even had a mobile RPG game related to the story. The information is pretty scattered, there's liner notes in their photobooks, in MTP magazine, their FC publications, the video game had a bunch of info too on the story mode, lyrics of course, their blog, etc. D's discography as a whole is a pretty dramatic/interesting story around a fictitious land, spanning about 2-3 generations of characters, different arcs, etc.
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    Yoooooo @plastic_rainbow ,@reminiscing2004, @indigo - you guys every heard of this band? I just stumbled across them and they sound DOPE!!!
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    random thoughts thread

    having a headache due to of lack of sleep and from being around people too long.........i feel so drained
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    Well, he left the band on 2019.04.08. He has been doing music for a while now and now that he is in his mid-twenties, he would like to do other things. So he will play in any other bands. He said that he has been trying to make a living as a writer and レツスンプ (?) but he saw that his skills were limited which led him to feel anxious about his future.
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    behold the collab of the century
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    its nearly 2am and i ave come to the point of translating jrock songs into irish
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    Pretty good quality radio rip of the full "RONDO" is up, listen quick before it gets taken down~ I love ittttttttt ♥ Also, 15-second sample of the "獣たちの夜" video: Catch the Cure reference, ha!
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    We've got an entire section of the house turned into a sorting depot! You guys can expect a custom item denoting your auction winnings to be placed into your shopping cart by the 24th. P.S. Did I ever mention how awesome you all are?
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    What are you listening to 2?

    nostalgia will be the death of me
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    random thoughts thread

    I wish I had a bigger freezer. I wanted to buy some ice cream today but there's literally no space in my freezer... There's currently four half-empty bags of different kinda vegetables, a huge bag of fries, three pizzas, two boxes of chicken and rice I made some weeks ago, three bags of rye bread and a bunch of ice packs. Why do I have so much stuff there.
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    ^ it would be nice if you added more to your post :v D has announced 5 new concept collection album releases based on the band's characters from their VAMPIRE STORY series, featuring old songs. Each of the five albums features a different band member posing as a corresponding story character. Four of the five albums also feature an old song with alternate vocals performed by that character/band member. (thanks vkgy!) Dahlie (ASAGI) tracklist (1500 yen) : 1. 開眼 (未発表曲) 2. 隷獣~開闢の炎~ 3. My unborn baby 4. 赤き羊による晩餐会 5. 開眼 (Instrumental) (new song) Kircheis (RUIZA) tracklist (2500 yen) : 1. Misty (Instrumental)(new song) 2. コールドスリープ 3. Glacial melt 4. Kの氷奏曲 5. 月と海の誓約 6. 氷の墓標 7. Gemini ~片羽の報復~ 8. 氷獄の魔獣 9. Crystal Crown 10. 血に濡れた一角 11. SECRET HANGAR 12. STAR SAPPHIRE Bonus track 13. コールドスリープ(Kircheis(Ruiza) Vocal ver.) Rafaga (HIDE-ZOU) (2100 yen) 1. Determination~風の決意~ (Instrumental)(new song) 2. 翠緑の翼 3. Memento~風のレイピア~ 4. 風に嫁いだバイラオーラ 5. Solitude~最後の手紙~ 6. Little Adventurers 7. Ghost in the mirror Bonus track 8. 翠緑の翼 (Rafaga(HIDE-ZOU)Vocal ver.) Carbuncle (Tsunehito) (2300 yen) 1. 凄艶 (Instrumental)(new song) 2. クヴァンデルの肖像 3. ひび割れた柘榴石 4. Luminous flame 5. 愛は棺の中に 6. 紅の蝋涙 7. Dragon Princess 8. 微熱~雨の幻想曲(ファンタジア)~ 9. The Secret Rose Garden Bonus track 10. クヴァンデルの肖像 (Carbuncle(Tsunehito) Vocal ver.) Wilderness (HIROKI) (2100 yen) 1. Vorreiter (Instrumental)(new song) 2. Desert Warrior 3. 太古の牙 (Instrumental) 4. 砂上のバラドゥン 5. アネクメネ (Instrumental) 6. 猿王の腰掛け 7. ザハブを継ぐ者 (Instrumental) 8. 千夜一夜のダラブッカ Bonus track 9. Desert Warrior(Wilderness(HIROKI) Vocal ver.) Well this is different 😮
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    Your last music-related buy!

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