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    DIAURA new concept single, "運命開化" (Unmei Kaika) (1620 yen) will be released on July 18. Released by the band under their name in katakana, "ディオーラ", the single's concept revolves around "neo darkness". [tracklist] 1.運命開化 (unmei kaika) 2.葬獄 (sougoku) 3.ネメシス (nemesis)
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    X JAPAN playing Coachella 2018

    Pretty sure it's mainly because we can all agree with the fact that Yoshiki is an egotistical dickwad who only cares about playing celebrity instead of actually doing his job.
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    Always squatting in the 3rd stall.

    I think I found a pic of you.
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    Dir en grey

    they've been out x
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    X JAPAN playing Coachella 2018

    Sad news, Taiji’s hologram was arrested for assaulting a female hologram, he will not be joining the band for the show.
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    this cat reminds me of kyo dir en grey. he looks a lot like kyo. lol
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    Your last music-related buy!

    zoisite order!
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    dexcore - Black pig

    Since this is my first collaboration to this sub-forum, I wanted to gift you all with these lyrics, which make this song a true masterpiece of visual kei Engrish. Text: Hello shitty pigs I'm tired of looking at your face everyday Can't laugh anymore No point of this child war I'll just resist with my toy gun Hello shitty pigs Your name is fucking pigs Shit You make everything fucking worth Racism? Everything depends on the timing Lip service makes me fucking sick Hello shitty pigs My name is destroy What the fuck Theres a phone on his head I have no idea what to say But maybe its a vague there If so, I won't say anything Hello shitty pigs You don't deserve to fucking eat I'm staggered to shit of a golden fish that begs on you If you wanna unite the people, just follow me Cuz I'm the motherfucking president Hey!! Money whats your fucking name? Pig!! What did you say. Hey! I'm fucking black pig!! Hey!! Money whats your fucking name? Pig!! What did you say. Hey! I'm fucking black pig!! Fuck this shit What the fuck Theres a phone on his head I have no idea what to say But maybe its a vague there If so, I won't say anything Hello shitty pigs You don't deserve to fucking eat I'm staggered to shit of a golden fish that begs on you If you wanna unite the people, just follow me Cuz I'm the president Are you ready motherfuckers!!? Bounce bounce bounce!! Hey!! Money whats your fucking name? Pig!! What did you say. Hey! I'm fucking black pig!! Hey!! Money whats your fucking name? Pig!! What did you say. Hey! I'm fucking black pig!! Fuck!! Let's march cheerfully today Firmly align your feet So there is not a slight gap Hello shitty fucking pigs Pig that can't fly should die Pig that can't fly should die Pig that can't fly should die Credits: the band, for making the text available on the lyric video, and me, for transcribing it
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    DALLE new single, "not in love" release

    cant believe he read my post and did it
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    グラビティ (Gravity) will release a 2-type single in June. The title is still undecided and further details will be announced on a later date.
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    nagoya kei VS Neo Oshare

    decola hopping was a nagoya band thus they are technically neo oshare nagoya kei, check AND mate
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    Well it's been two months. I should've put a wager on this
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    I Despise the guitar tone and their riffing style at this point. Sukekiyo is about ten times the band they are these days
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    I'm sad about it but at the sime time I think Ivy deserves better band than this.
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    ya he's passing the meatball line for his own stans
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    Sounds better than the 1st one but the singer still needs to work on his clean vocals
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    I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed to see their comeback turn into a cancelled album and a disbandment. Let's make a thread to discuss this underrated band. llll-Ligro- Years Active: 2010-2013, 2017-2018 First live 2010.12.19, went on hiatus 2013.12.19 Side project 時限式:uadjet (jigenshiki:uadjet) active 2014-2017 Returned from hiatus 2017.12.01, officially disbanded 2018.05.18 Members Vo. ヒナタ (hinata) Gt. kazari Former members Gt. anki [left 2013.12.19] Dr. ヒロ (hiro) [left 2013.12.19] Gt. shin [left 2011.07.26] Ba. chiaki [left 2011.07.26] Discography* 2010.12.19 露草色の、 [無料配布] 2011.02.13 モノクロのカナリア [無料配布] 2011.02.27 虫籠/露草色の、 [無料配布] 2011.06.23 Useless repentance/亡目 [無料配布] 2011.08.19 DEFECTIVE IN PRODUCT(cease exist.ver) [無料配布] 2011.11.05 R sight [無料配布] 2011.12.16 両極の天秤 2012.01.29 HOLLOW 2012.04.22 INVITE [無料配布] 2012.05.11 保心と嗤う 2012.08.15 GRAVE MARKER [通常版/限定版] 2012.10.17 不羈 [通常版/限定版] 2012.11.13 INVITE (rerecording,remaster ver.) [無料配布] 2012.XX.XX NOT WORTH A D__N (rerecording,remaster ver.) [HPにて無料ダウンロード] 2012.XX.XX 不羈 (rerecording,remaster ver.) [HPにて無料ダウンロード] 2012.XX.XX INVITE (rerecording,remaster ver.) [HPにて無料ダウンロード] 2013.05.22 IDEOLOGICAL SUICIDE 2013.11.06 彼岸花 2015.12.29 在る空に傀儡 [as 時限式:uadjet] [無料配布/30枚限定発売] 2016.12.29 碧落の暁り [as 時限式:uadjet] 2017.12.01 INVICTA [YouTubeにて配信] 2018.03.01 INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL [YouTubeにて配信] 2018.03.04 basket case [無料配布] 2018.05.30 弔 [発売中止] その他 2012.01.29 ドグマ [無料配布] 1. ギア/Golbeza 2. 瞞しに凪/llll-Ligro- 2013.04.23 Blame the Redemption [無料配布] 1.INVITE [llll-Ligro-] 2.INVITE 人を捨てたモノver. [Vo.ZAKU from RedruM] 3.MurdeR [RedruM] 4.MurdeR ATMから下ろせないver. [編曲:llll-Ligro-] 2017.12.01 時限式:uadjetの墓標 [入場特典] A gift to fans who attended the live on this date. This appears to be a clear gravestone-shaped object with the 時限式:uadjet logo and some other words inscribed on it. My best guess is that this is meant to mark the end of 時限式:uadjet and the return of llll-Ligro-, as this live was also where they announced their comeback and the day they released the PV for INVICTA on YouTube. *Appendix to discography 無料配布 (muryou haifu) is a free distribution. 通常版 (tsuujou-ban) is regular edition; 限定版 (gentei-ban) is limited edition. Both GRAVE MARKER and 不羈 (fuki) were released in two types. The band released three rerecording,remaster ver. songs on their homepage for free download in late 2012. It appears these are still accessible using the Wayback Machine. 在る空に傀儡 (aru sora ni kugutsu) was released in two types: it was distributed to attendees of the live as a signed CD with a member comment/lyrics card, and also sold at that same live as a limited edition of 30 copies for 500 yen apiece (hence the name 'one-coin single').
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    Your last music-related buy!

    DADAROMA - 「This is “LIVE”」(A+B-type) B’LAIVE - B’LAIVE (通常盤)
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    DIR EN GREY - TOUR18 真世界

    This is all I needed to know.
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    Official release date for Z's enka single will be June 27.
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    There's a girl on twitter who @'s ruki every two hours or so and I'm slightly concerned about her
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    New Look Individual look: vo.まくらネム gt.たまて ba.おもち dr.うらら
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    Mao (the XIIIt33n) google searches this weekend:
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    inb4, I wonder what tentens next band is gonna be.
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    Dir en grey

    Ranunculus sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Google search shows that it's a plant, so maybe the spell could make anything smell like flowers. "Ranunculus: A spell used to enhance one's aroma. Useful right before a date or when you're about to meet your husband's parents for the first time and you're just nervous. Tips: For a more powerful effect, roll the "r" in Ranunculus."
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    NightingeiL will reform

    Yeah, I almost forgot about this
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    The Moon

    Dir en grey

    can't stop thinking about those samples x
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    mix tradeoff idea: cheap kei hell/obscure bands only ultimate goal is for your partner to have not even heard the name of any of ur artists + demo sonic aesthetic, freshman releases, etc.
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    Fairy's blood - drinking this will grant you the ability to control your dreams.
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    [超マブ盤] CD+DVD 01. CHOVERIX!! 02. アブノーマルシンドローム (Abnormal Syndrome) 03. 真夏の純情とRevolution (Manatsu no junjou to Revolution) 04. Ironic story-運命と不平等- (Ironic story -Unmei to fubyoudou-) 05. サイケにモーション (Psyche ni Motion) 06. V.O.T.S 07. 生斬る (Namakiru) 08. ボクらの英雄伝説 (Bokura no eiyuu densetsu) 09. KR 10. 転生烈火 (Tenshou Rekka) 11. TOKAGE!!ライジング (TOKAGE!! Rising) 12. LIVE ON [DVD] CHOVERIX!! Music Clip Resistar Records PRESENTS「治外法権-新春だょ全員集合!!2018-」 at 新木場STUDIO COAST 01. TOKAGE!!ライジング (TOKAGE!! Rising) 02. 生斬る (Namakiru) 03. Driving[DPY] [激ナウ盤] CD 01. CHOVERIX!! 02. アブノーマルシンドローム (Abnormal Syndrome) 03. 真夏の純情とRevolution[mode:TOKAGEX] (Manatsu no junjou to Revolution [mode:TOKAGEX]) 04. Ironic story-運命と不平等- (Ironic story -Unmei to fubyoudou-) 05. A-MOU!!! 06. サイケにモーション (Psyche ni Motion) 07. V.O.T.S 08. 生斬る (Namakiru) 09. ボクらの英雄伝説 (Bokura no eiyuu densetsu) 10. KR 11. 転生烈火 (Tenshou Rekka) 12. TOKAGE!!ライジング (TOKAGE!! Rising) 13. LIVE ON
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    the god and death stars new live DVD, "DAWN OF THE GOD -official bootleg 01-" will be released at the band's live on April 21. They will also hold their oneman live, "GOD IN THE SHELTER 2018" on May 6.
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    Dunno if its unpopular, but its an opinion nevertheless The tracks 'Ju te veux' and 'S-Conscious' on the Malice Mizer album merveilles are pointless filler that serve no other purpose
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    For the most I like Tenten, Ivy and Milk(Satoshi), they didn't seem to fit well in the same band/music style such as LACK CO is doing. with hope, we can get a Moran comeback. rere:MBHI, now with heavy guitars!
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    whats up with this dollar store halloween look?
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    I guess so... spoke with: Yayoi (Vice risk) Yukika (Ains) Kikyo (La'veil Mizeria) Misa (Da'vid shito:aL) Pietoro (Da'vid shito:aL) Yayoi (MIRAGE) Tatsuya (Syndrome) Kyouka (Aliene Ma'riage) Kyohei (Das:vasser) Thogo (DEFLOWER) On different SNS (mainly twitter and ameba (back when people used it)) but some on Facebook as well)). I've met some people irl as well: Yayoi (Vice risk) Kenzi (Anti feminism) Yukika (Ains)* All of Grieva* All of Kuroyuri to kage Saku and Akane from Gossip* All of La'veil Mizeria The guys from The dead popstars One of the dudes from THE PIASS One guy from a really old Anarchist records band (cant remember the name now) The vocalist of DEATH*RABBITS Yuuga (Devil Kitty)* * Only walked past each other though Probably forgetting a few people, being in Japan obviously makes all this much easier.
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    Damn, every song sounds absolutely amazing. And as much shit as I gave Korey, his shoes will be somewhat tough to fill...oh what am I saying, they just need some Cubase/Pro Tools drum-programming lessons and they are set.
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    Doodles dump

    it's been yeeeeeaaars, here's an update :')
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiive (also snapchat filters are the best okay)
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    NightingeiL will reform

    Time passes faster when you are old. How much I wish for a new release by them.
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    Dir en grey

    You're two weeks late :x