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    Satsuki drama

    here goes xoxo
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    damn no one came out looking good from the mejibray disbandment I mean it's not good even for what it is. This is the sort of shit that plays in dentist's waiting rooms or in mom's car while picking up the kids from football practice. It's fucking trite and that's the saddest thing about it. fuck my life tzk why did you do this to me
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    dude what the fuck is this shit
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    DIMLIM Concept Full Album CHE DO A RA

    I saw Dimlim yesterday and he did do the scream. Very well, actually.
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    DAYDALA will disband

    sometimes VK is like watching a bunch of innocent baby deer getting hit by a truck before they can even walk straight
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    [Album Review] The GazettE - Ninth

    So, Ninth is out and what I've mostly read online is that it is not at the same level as Dogma, it's generic, it's been heard before, bla bla bla... so I tried it out asap and wrote an overall review, (don't expect a song-by-song musical analysis). I have to agree on one thing with the negative critics: Dogma was the shit on a technical level, but the more I play it the more it feels like a single long song. I distinctly remember playing it for the first time and asking myself "when is this song ending, sounds like a freakin' Versailles song", only to check the iPod and realize it was already on track three. Sure, Ninth sounds like "shit we've heard before", but the album on it's own is more diverse, soundwise, and has ups and downs. I rated songs while I went through it with 4 stars and others with 2, 3's and a 5 along the way. Dogma was a flat three. All the way. For Dogma, none of the tracks sucked but none was outstanding for me either. Which is not a good thing because I honestly never even remember what the album sounds like (the album and the singles related to the concept). And every time I play it to see if I magically start liking it I get bored and switch to something else halfway. Ninth, however, felt more... Complete? Catchy? Memorable? Your pick. It was definitely something else. I can distinctly remember which tracks stood out for me and which ones I disliked. Whereas for Dogma I cannot even tell them apart. Sure, it's generic GazettE, it's stuff we all know, it's familiar. But more importantly: it works. Structures work together to make songs memorable, in good or bad ways. And, tbh, I feel if any other band would have released this it would have been probably praised. But since it's Ruki's distinct voice attached to those riffs people get a "déjà vu(heard)" feel. And, being the popular band it is, the bar is always high when it comes to them. While Dogma was a good dive into darker, heavier waters, I always felt their execution of it was not as proficient or distinctive as it could have been. While, for me, Ninth nailed it. You can always try new things, and I'm all for bands attempting new styles, but sometimes it can be better to go back to a safer zone and kill it than keep attempting at something new and do it halfway. And Ninth is good proof of it. I get the more versatile feel I got from albums like Nil and Stacked Rubbish, in a more mature, polished and 2018-ish way. The tracks that stood out for me were Falling, Utsusemi, Sono Koe wa Moroku and Unfinished (a banger, way to finish an album). I did not pay attention to the first version of Falling and I will certainly not do it now, but this version gave me a better impression (it could be the transcode-decent bitrate difference rather than the mixing itself). It's catchy and modern enough for a PV and the composition has Ruki all over it. I'm a sucker for good rock ballads and Sono Koe wa Moroku was melodic enough without going on a chopped-onion level of cornyness. Utsusemi and Unfinished were just straight up my alley; strong yet not overly harsh on the voice. Ninth Odd Smell and Gush sadly blend together a bit too much for my taste yet both are solid tracks that will most likely grow on me and Babylon's Taboo was barely... bearable. The SE track was terrible, but their SE's rarely are my taste at all. The Mortal has a mystic feel to it and to me it carries on the atmosphere from the previous releases, with a pleasant twist. Abhor God is powerful and thankfully short, otherwise I'd feel it drags on more than necessary. I feel it will be a great song live. Two of a Kind felt like a "fresh old Gazette" and Uragiru Bero fitted the album nicely to, but didn't catch my attention that much, felt like a filler track. The album showed both a heavier side yet was kept melodic and reminded me a lot of Division, one of their best releases imho. Like it, it was packed with both harsh and softer aspects and shows maturity and improvement. Overall I give it a 4/5, and I will most likely buy it in Japan in a few months. Otherwise I'll get the iTunes version. It's a great release and if you felt lately that GazettE was getting stale you should definitely try this album. It is unmistakably The GazettE, yet fresh and modern.
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    Their new single will be released on 2018.07.25. TYPE A : 1620 yen + a 8-page booklet CD : 01.メイメイ(Meimei) DVD : 01.メイメイ(Meimei) TYPE B : 1620 yen CD : 01. メイメイ(Meimei) 02. hakuti 03. ほうかみすい (Hôkamisui)
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    NOT THIS TOPIC AGAIN! Relax, it's not what you think. If you guys remember this topic - and I'm sure most of you do - then you will remember that I made a proposal at the end of it. What I said I wanted to observe was the effect of "our" piracy - our as in Monochrome Heaven - on visual kei sales, using the GazettE's newest album "NINTH" as the benchmark. Some of you really took this suggestion to heart, and others thought I was making a bad joke. I wasn't. There's something to be said for testing even the most obvious of conclusions because sometimes the results can surprise you, but the results of this did not. I knew that this album would leak and make its way here well under the two weeks I specified. Next time someone restarts the discussion of supporting our favorite bands by not pirating their music, point them to this topic and remind them that the Internet is a very large place and that shouting your demands in one corner of it isn't going to change what happens where your voice and influence can't reach. Not even mine. It's good to know that we are not the center of the visual kei universe. We have some influence and we do our part to keep the show going, but if we were to disappear tomorrow, I don't think the show would stop. That is ultimately a good thing. The scene needs to spread if it wants to stay alive. It seems pretty obvious but its worth reiterating. For what it's worth, the album didn't appear here first so it's not like we are the alpha and the omega to all of the woes our favorite bands go through. The conclusion that I can draw from this failed social experiment is that we need a better definition of what "piracy" actually is. There are reasons why the international scene depends on piracy, so to make future discussions more useful we should find as many different reasons as we can and the distribution within the scene. To that end, I've attached an anonymous poll to the top of this post. If you are interested, vote for the option that fits your situation the best, and if there isn't one (and you don't mind), share your specific reasons below. I'll leave this topic open until the end of the month so you guys can share your thoughts and opinions.
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    i hope the yakuza takes out the suit who came up with this
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    Do not come back in the music world if it is to do k-pop...
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    Peace Heavy mk II

    Visual Kei Youtubers

    @The Reverend gives vkei car reviews. That’s good content
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    Don't you guys find furi weird as shit? I can sorta understand that in bubblegum oshare and all, but when bands are dropping the most brutal shit on stage and fans are calmly waving their hands like conducting an orchestra frustrates the hell out of me
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    the pairs have been revealed
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    Hey hey!

    Hey everybody, I've decided to make a profile since I've been reading posts here for years. I've been into VK since 2006-2007(I was 12-13 back then, I'm almost 24 now) and I still listen to it 24/7, nothing else, haha.. Also been to a few concerts (when bands use to come to The Netherlands which they rarely do nowadays). VK was also an outlet for me to dress feminine and eventually start hormones/surgeries(5-6 years ago). I use to dress up (inspired by a few bandmembers) and live my life like that, haha, but I'm kinda basic now clothing-wise.. I'm more into the early VK era now (90s) but mainly 'cause I've listened to almost all the 2000-2012 stuff and didn't pay the early era's much attention until 2012. I'm not so much into the newer era.. You can check my likes-playlist on youtube: thewebsweweaved to check out what I like(I listen to more VK bands through cds etc, a lot of stuff is deleted on youtube). Maybe someone here has suggestions so I can check 'em out. It's hard to find people that like the same music. It truly is a big passion of mine and I can't describe how much I love the sounds, vocals and unique beats of some songs. Sorry for my long ass intro and thanks for reading to those that did.. x
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    Satsuki drama

    can't fathom of any drama less interesting to me than ex-loop ash, but given that they toured/worked together i assume it's something similar, but Sana has fallen so far out of relevancy for tanuki that you'd likely have better luck with european sources. i'm not sure on the details but Too Wild headed by Gloria, the "label" that is/was in charge of the fanclub for Satsuki in Europe was doing shit like milking Sana fans (specifically they had to join the Satsuki fanclub to hear Sana's new song and participate in the Sana fanmeet)... and that's literally the only mention of Sana outside of MASK on tanuki
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    *sits down in rocking chair* "Piracy: an act of robbery on the high sea-" *cough* "Piracy: the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright" The warnings you get that precede DVD contents, plastered on CDs, etc. are constant reminders that piracy is clearly DEFINED . We've moved the conversation beyond the point of piracy b/c this forum promotes the sharing of copyrighted content. We can crunch all the numbers we want about vk band revenue streams, but in a legal sense all of us who participate in this are in the "wrong". The arguments and debates on this forum really stem from our subjective stances on the value of content in its physical and digital form. In my subjective opinion, I think piracy (in the scope of vk) has been helpful for promotion both overseas and within Japan. While it's dodgy, I would have NEVER gotten into Visual Kei if it weren't for those who uploaded material on streaming and download sites. I would go as far as saying that the sharing of content has been quite helpful in promoting artists & amassing fans who spend $ on them. The largest revenue stream for most vk bands are lives, and , generally, only fans that are really engaged w/ the bands are going to go in the first place. Most people aren't inclined to show up to a live w/o hearing the artists' work (it would be a waste of money). CDs and DVDs are products as well as promotional tools, and making that material available to a larger audience grows that promotional value. Piracy might take away a little revenue,but I believe that there is net growth in the long run. In the context of overseas content consumption: The delivery methods of piracy have changed a lot in the past few decades, transforming from physical -> digital -> digital + streaming. In our scope, most of us have witnessed the piracy shift from P2P (Peer-to-Peer e.g LimeWire & Torrenting) to DDL (Direct Download e.g. MegaUpload/Mega/Mediafire) to YouTube uploads. As Visual Kei (and Japanese Music) has shifted from niche P2P sharing to largely accessible streaming & social media, the impressionable audience has gotten much larger. Those who discover these bands and this genre are so enticed/entertained that they want to consume, even participate in buying all this content, but then it hits them. Shipping fees, CD prices, live-limited content, and the list goes on. You're too far physically to participate in lives and it's too expensive to keep up (or completely unreasonable for those who don't make their own money, teenagers.) Of course there is going to be pirating. Now here's where I stand. No one is entitled to upload anything, but I've made it my small mission to close the gap for overseas fans w/ my channel & my uploads here and elsewhere. I put a lot of "$" value in substance and promotional value in "content" (if that makes any sense). I don't like uploading everything I have in FLAC or even 320 b/c of the time & effort it takes to acquire "those" releases in the first place, but I'm willing to share everything on YT (it's gotten much easier to upload w/o your channel being suddenly taken down). I don't think everyone is entitled to having "pristine" copies just willy-nilly, but I think it would be a mistake for me not to at least share. From the bottom of my heart, I want people to love VK because is something I've grown to love. It has been a refuge, an eye-opener, and a catalyst for my exploration in music. In addition, if the content I share can get at least one person to love or maybe even invest in VK as much as I have, then I'll be happy to continue being a pirate. (I hope this doesn't sound too scatterbrained. I've been coding most of the day and I'm a little eye-strained. Please ask me to clarify my points if need be.)
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    YOSHIKI has posted the new album cover on Twitter.
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    is will.i.am gonna be featured on the new x-japan album? ("we are remiXes" album confirmed?)
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    i gave it a go! btw, for you and anyone else who browses this section and might need to know, there's a site that can extract lyrics from some of these sites with text in a flash container so it can't be copy pasted. rocklyric isn't supported, but utamap and others are, if you ever need it: https://franklai-lyric-get.appspot.com/ --- torn telegram music/lyrics: ao sakurai —so quiet my ears won't stop ringing. time for silent prayer. tears must live behind the words i'm tired of hearing.— there's a stranger i know very well. a child squats and looks at him. "but who might this person be? but who might this person be?" —i told you! the nostalgic cruelty that quietly torments me when happy memories start overflowing. the transience attached to life, is the present a prophetic dream i had one day? "but who might this person be? but who might this person be?" —my past self is watching. smiling, i bit through my mouth and answered. in the warm darkness stained with the light stippled through tree leaves, the deep red world acknowledges all. the lifeless telegram on the table, still ripped, screams for me! "i want to go home!"
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    Peace Heavy mk II

    Visual Kei Youtubers

    just admit you wanted to talk about this
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    It's a VK album in a long while that I literally like every single track. Their sound has completely moved on from the project Dark Age but still very the GazettE-ish. IMO, according to the quality, most of the songs could have even been released as a single. Hand down one of the best recent VK releases. ¥O$HIKI, your turn is next.
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    KRAD have fired guitarist 勿音(Naoto)

    preemptively deleting your Line account so you can't get caught ordering pizza
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    Peace Heavy mk II

    Satsuki drama

    I’ve been thinking about this thread all day and can not fathom how bad things must have gotten to be kicked out of the Kisaki Project. Like, we have a whole thread of Kisaki bullshit, and someone with that much dirt on him said “yikes, you need to go” to Satsuki. Amazing / tragic because I really liked that incarnation of TKP
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    The GazettE new album, "NINTH" release

    “U” is next to “i” and even in 2018 I struggle with touch screen keyboards. As for “bero”, I’m just going by what’s on US iTunes. I don’t like some of the heaviest tracks because they sound so much like other heavy Gazette tracks. And despite Ruki’s vocal skills, I don’t think he’s that creative with melodies or phrasing, so it’s usually his fault when a song sounds just like another Gazette song.