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    helcchi's band drawings

    Added sound (and animation) to these drawings
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    new band【Avilis】formed

    haven't been so excited for a new band in like a year lol
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    He was probably rubbing his hands in delight when Pata was sick some year ago.
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    The Piass

    SCAPEGOAT will resume activities

    A new chapter will begin as of 2019.03.23.
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    good sis be putting finishing touches on that album like
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    New Madman's Esprit MV is fuckin killer. These guys are carrying alone the Vk scene in South Korea
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    ex-レクレンズ (Reclens) Vo.みさき (Misaki) (real name 三崎優太 (Misaki Yuuta)) has been arrested for tax evasion of 180,000,000 yen. Since his departure from レクレンズ (Reclens) in 2011, he has been focused on his company メディアハーツ (Media Hearts) which specializes in health food drinks and recently opened the cafe "FABIUS" He became known as "青汁王子 (Green Juice Prince)" and made several TV appearances. a more complete translated summary is at vk.gy written by @inartistic 💕
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    After many years I finally managed to get a hold of a CD I've wanted to get a HQ rip of, only to find that the CD itself is mastered from mp3 files and my brand new FLAC rip has almost exactly the same specs as the old 192kbps files available since time immemorial. Feels bad.
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    Renée has made a piano song for Valentine's Day.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    It was few months ago, but... It took me ten years to evolve from vkei child into this, and I'm not sure I'm happy.
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    Nintendo, you're really forcing my hand to buy a Switch.
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    oh my god this channel >makes videos about vk >puts out a video where he listens to buck-tick for the first time a scene authority this guy
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    Greetings from Hungary!

    Hello! I don't really know where to start, this is my first time being in a forum like this, but I'm trying to be a normal person I'm sorry for my english, it's not the best, so if I make any grammar mistakes or anything, that's 'cuz of that^^" About me: I'm a hungarian girl, who was always intrested in asian culture. I started with animes when I was little, then Kpop, and then Visual Kei. It's weird, that I just started listen to VK 2-3 years ago, because I know about it since 2009 (I liked some bands at that time, but I wasn't really intrested. So, I'm a new and an old fan at the same time My farorite bands are ZigZag, MAD LIP, Mamireta, the GazettE, °Cellsius, Deathgaze, DIMLIM and Malice Mizer (I think, I have a lot^^") I hope I'm gonna' have a good time here, so please love me! (XD)
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    random thoughts thread

    Hughley's analysis is on point. Imo feeble minds are too easily goaded into recreational outrage, but not only that - It's much easier to condemn others than it is to practice genuine empathy and understanding, as in doing so, you have to wrestle with the fact of your own flawed and fucked up human nature as well.
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    Don't worry, I wouldn't expect Ari to discover VK at any point in this lifetime. However... ... sukekiyo will cover "God is a woman" Not a nightmare, I am totally here for VK x Drag Race cross-contamination, HoNEeeY~ 🤢🤮🤮🤮
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    Pets and animals

    My babiesss
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    Anne Claire

    Pets and animals

    Got this lovely boii three weeks ago ❤️
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Sadie photocard 2nd Dyz - Re:birth SCREW - XANADU 妃&関西貴族 - 飼い主は犬 ダリ - core
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    Pets and animals

    My little fur ball turned into glorious lady
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    Sorry to quote myself but if this happens and he doesn't call it PonPonPonjour Honey, I'm out
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    new band【Avilis】formed

    pls turn the lights back off