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    VK grandma represent \o/

    Welcome my dear children! How's vk doing these days? 😎 I see you can even listen to your weird japanese metal on Spotify, kids have it way too easy nowadays... BACK IN MY DAY I had to hunt single songs in 92kbps on dial-up Limewire and half the time ended up with "I did not have sexual relations with that woman.mp3". Funny story, that's how I got into vk! 13-year-old me was browsing the wide web, probably for some quality Britney Spears, and found a grainy Miyavi's Jibun Kakumei PV instead. With a 20MB download limit per day, I thought CLOSE ENOUGH and the rest is history. Now I'm back after over 10 years of impersonating a Serious Adult™ and I have Opinions™ to share. Some bands that I used to listen to (some of which are surprisingly still around!): Miyavi (duh), MUCC, Merry, girugamesh, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Hora, Kaya, Schwarz Stein (can't believe they got back together, it's like I never left!) and the whole shebang, Aural Vampire, Kagrra,, Yoshiki's classical stuff~ And some bands that I've discovered in the past few weeks and absolutely love: Initial'L and consequently Lycaon, DIMLIM, Xaa-Xaa~ Also, I'm Anna 💩 P.S. I also listen to a lot of kpop, all kinds of electronic and celtic music; don't expect there to be much overlap but you never know! if your music taste is as all over the place as mine, hit me up, we can share obscure recommendations!
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    Japanese Anti-Feminism

    I thought the title was about Anti-Feminism the band at first.
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    Visual kei among friends

    People always assume I listen to K-pop the moment they see me. Fun fact: I've never listened to a K-pop song the entire way through besides Gangnam Style and Gentleman by PSY (and that's only because they were pretty much inescapable when they first came out). Not that I have owt against it, I just haven't really listened to it, that's all. I remember showing a VK guy to this guy in my class last year at college and he didn't really think much of him until he put two and two together and realised he was a guy, not a girl. Oh, lordy, I'll never forget the way his face contorted in utter horror and confusion.
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    Stan Culture in VK

    u get horny for muscles one time and then ppl come running to do a smear campaign on u SMH i probably have more involvement on stan vk twitter than the average poster here. overall i don't really mind intense fandom stuff, it's nice to see people care so much about what they love. but the described phenomenon of fans falling in love with their favs ("gachikoi" fans) is kind of the crux of bad fan behavior in vk in general, to me. people are simultaneously super judgmental (towards themselves and others) and super defensive about the potential that they might have actual feelings for their favorites. i feel like the advent of fanfiction, roleplay, etc. in the western fandom is probably sometimes related to young girls needing some outlet for these feelings (and sexuality in general but that's a whole nother can of worms). it's also i think what motivates some women to pull the "i'm a better fan" or "___ is a bad fan" thing -- they want to believe that they're worthy and others are not. stan culture is only fun when it's not competitive like that tbh.
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    Yeah but fuck the police. Everywhere.
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    How Visual Kei musicians look according to my friend
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    Visual kei among friends

    "nobody wanna hear that ching-chong music" "why u be listenin to dem Chinamen?" "they make music in Japan???" "they could be singing 'i hate niggers' and you wouldn't even know it!!!" Just a few examples of the ignorant things ppl have said in the 20-something years I've been listening to Japanese music Granted, I can understand why they'd be perplexed. I still don't understand why a poor little black boy in the late 90's took a liking to Japanese music. My only explanation for that would be: "I just like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
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    ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) new single release "破裂 (Haretsu)" will be released at 2019/7/24. Type A will be CD (2 tracks)+ DVD ("破裂 (Haretsu)" MV) and Type B will be CD only (3 tracks) Their other new single "水没 (Suibotsu)" will be released at 2019/8/24. "破裂 (Haretsu)" track list: 1.破裂 (Haretsu) 2.劣等生 (Rettousei) 3.光 (Hikari) (included on Type B )
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    #120: llll-Ligro- - 弔 (Tomurai)

    Three things in life are inevitable as a visual kei fan: death, taxes, and your favorite band ending activities. If you are a fan of llll-Ligro- , then you experienced all three at the same time when they announced their second disbandment. I wasn't super into the band at the time of both of their disbandments, although they were on my radar and not on my shit list, so I can sympathize with fans who had to deal with heart break twice. Fans of yesteryear went through a similar phase with UnsraW's vocalist Yuuki, and depending on who you talk to he still hasn't gotten back to his prime ten years later. The similarities are so striking it's hard to resist the comparison. But this review isn't about UnsraW, it's about llll-Ligro- and their unreleased second album 弔 (Tomurai). The three tracks that managed to survive stand as a reminder for what could have been, and what should have been. Before its cancellation, 弔 was announced for a 2018-05-30 release. Artwork and booklets were probably designed and pressed, but no scans other than the front exist. A track list was released but we don't know how many of the nine unreleased songs were finished. The album was delayed multiple times due to Hinata and Kazari's habit of postponing releases for the sake of quality, but Hinata's refusal to finish recording his parts due to acute chorditis implies that at least some of these songs were unfinished. As is, it will be impossible to give a full review of it, but there are several tracks we can reflect on. Those tracks are comeback single "INVICTA", live distributed single "basket case", and other promotional single "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL". "深閑ガラス" (Shinkan Glass) is a track played at their last live but no recording of it exists. 弔 (Tomurai) 1. Blame me (SE) 2. INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL 3. basket case 4. Shinkan Glass (深閑ガラス) 5. Kuroneko wa Kaku Katariki (黒猫は斯く語りき) 6. Ratai Are Hateta Hyou (裸体荒れ果てた標) 7. DIRGE OF INFECTION 8. HIRAETH 9. INVICTA 10. Mist 11. DEEP SIX 12. Seija no Koushin (聖者の行進) 13. Kanransha wa Adabana to (観覧車は徒花と) 14. Isho (遺書) Despite all the material released as a part of llll-Ligro- 's first phase, "INVICTA" isn't the ball scorching metalcore banger I was expecting. The unassuming opening does a lot to disarm the listener, and on the first listen I thought this was going to be a ballad, but before long the song ratchets up the complexity and the aggression. The band dips their toes into the progressive metal waters with this one, as everything from synthesized piano keys to acoustic guitars and a generous amount of toms and cymbal crashes makes an appearance. Hinata's vocals are one of the most striking elements of the track, featuring his signature skill of deftly switching between harsh growls and pig squeals. Sometimes the transitions are so fast I'm not sure if it's all natural or studio magic, but having to perform that live is absolutely killer. It's a seven minute trip far more realized than most of their contemporaries. If every band has their magnum opus, "INVICTA" could be theirs. This must have been a product of their time as 時限式:uadjet (jigenshiki:uadjet). "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL" is a much more straightforward track, and would have been the first track on the album after "Blame me", which is an SE so I don't count it. There are a lot of cool ideas here. I think my ultimate favorite part is around 3 minutes, where Hinata's clean singing is laid over his screaming, creating a great dynamic tension to push the song into it's last section. The piano motif returns again, which makes me suspect that we would have gotten at least one piano ballad on the album. There's also some pretty dope bass slaps before the eagle scream halfway through where I expected a breakdown to appear, which is what cemented my opinion of this track as an above average metalcore dirge. The last track that was released was "basket case", a live distributed teaser that ended up becoming their last official release. This would have followed "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL" and does a good job providing contrast to the first track. This wasn't uploaded anywhere else, so I'll try to give a good description of how the track sounds. "basket case" opens up with a short, distorted riff into a chorus with clean vocals with a straightforward, 'four to the floor' drum beat. The main guitar riff of the song sounds mental and the song moves at a frantic yet restrained pace, alluding to the title. Most of the singing is clean and takes place with Hinata's higher register, but mid range barks, growls, and a pig squeal makes an appearance shortly after the second verse. There's a strong emphasis on twin guitar melody for this song. The chorus has a very stereotypical visual kei melodic progression, so much so that I feel like I can place at least the first few notes of "basket case" from another song, but I can't figure out which one it is yet. "basket case" descends into thirty seconds of noise as the track winds down to an end, and I find myself feeling saddened that the album will never be released in its entirety, and that I'll never get to hear "深閑ガラス" (Shinkan Glass). llll-Ligro- hold the crown for visual kei bands with one of the most promising yet unfulfilled musical development arcs of all time, and that's not a title I'm keen on reassigning any time soon. Based on what I've heard, 弔 would have been the album that made a fan out of me. I just know there's a copy of the unfinished masters sitting in a vault in Japan somewhere, and perhaps a second or third copy on a hard drive, but the odds that we'll ever get to see or hear any more of this album are slim to none. At this point, I'd even take a mini-album of whatever is fit enough to be released. A lot of unknowns remain around the members and the state of the band. Can Hinata ever sing again? Is the relationship between Hinata and Kazari too strained to imagine a third reunion? Do they even want to try or will they both move on to new, separate projects? I am reluctant to stoke the fires of hope for the remaining llll-Ligro- fans out there, because that's just cruel, but the scene has shown with both HIZUMI (D'espairsRay) and Yuuki (UnsraW) that there's always a chance for Hinata to return.
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    Visual kei among friends

    i have no friends
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    I was supposed to be productive and social today but instead I ended up watching 14 episodes of jojo's bizarre adventure and taking a 2-hour nap. Day well spent, huh... Well, I probably won't be able to sleep at night because taking naps always kinda fucks me up so might as well spend the night watching more jojo and then feeling like a dead shit tomorrow. Sounds like an A+ plan.
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    The return of the BL fanservice

    Linking arms? This should be tagged under hardcore on xvideos
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    It will be released on 2019.07.17. Type A : 2100 yen + taxes CD : 1. 縁(En) DVD : 2019.03.23 SCAPEGOAT ONEMAN in edge ikebukuro 「good morning」 1.蕾 2.赤いバスルーム 3.ハルカ・モノクロ 4.FACSICULUS(live clip) + 8-page booklet Type B : 1620 yen CD : 1. 縁(En) 2. shaka 3. デモクラシー(Democracy)
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    The return of the BL fanservice

    Hoo boy, can't speak for the current trends but I don't think it will ever die out completely. As long as a big chunk of the fanbase consists of hormonal teenage girls (speaking as a hormonal teenage girl of years past that lively participated in this culture). I do find it cringey and problematic now that I'm older and wiser, but I get why they're doing this (a disclaimer, by "it" I mean this kind of fanservice and RPF fanfiction not reading/writing gay fanfiction in general). Think of all the queerbaiting in western shows, they do it for a reason also. Not exactly the same, but it serves the same purpose, it keeps a certain type of fans engaged. In this essay I will.... Jkjk, I'm not certain you were looking for debate on queer representation, stereoptyping and exploitation in Japanese media? XD
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    People incessantly complaining about live limited releases and pinning it on the bands being "racist" and "anti-foreigner" when they're just trying to get more money by selling more tickets to their lives. There are a lot of foreign bangya and a lot of overseas fans going on vacation to Japan these days. Chances are you can probably find someone to buy them for you unless you like a band with like 2 fans.
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    oLd Vk WaS sO mUcH beTtEr was old in 2004 on LJ and it still is in 2019
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    NAZARE new single IDEAL release

    Setlist at 2019/06/16 at Takadanobaba AREA : SE「成れの果て」 『駁-baku-』 『a Vain you』 『Believing』 SE「茨の海」 『軽蔑された愛情と、』 『neglect』 『寡黙と眠り翻弄』 『メアリ』 『災禍論』 SE「遺言」 『幸福論』 『anotherDAY』 『JUDAS』 『Beyond the lost happiness』 SE「麗酷」 『unknown』 『Blink』 『Sense of distrust』 『Break it down』 『Adolfism.』 -ENCORE- 『IDEAL』 『無慈悲な蒼空』 『They Don’t Know About Us』 『受難』 『色失』 『SAD[ist.]』 SE「終わりの未来」
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    new band "Denial of Living" has formed

    we stan a character development ☝️ I hope their first single is creatively titled 『NIHIRISM』
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Very happy I finally got VENOM, one step closer to a complete Hora collection 😅
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    Can we go back to the early to mid 2000's when vkei bands used crystal synths and harpsichords??????
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    I just got reprimanded at work and all I could do was laugh in their face about it. Feels good.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    remember me as the young girl you see in the photo cuz i have final exams tomorrow so its very likely ill age 40 years in a single night
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    its crazy how a song can sit in your library for ages and it never quite resonates with you. but then one day you have a bunch of weird experiences, come home, listen to it, and really feel it
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    I mean I’m a huge fan of Mejibray, and at the beginning, even though I went to a couple of 8P lives, I was massively conflicted about it. Then (in my opinion) the quality of the music began to improve and it became apparently that they were expressing what was basically an apology to the fans that they hurt in the process of breaking away - which yes, they didn’t need to apologize, I get that a lot when I bring it up, “they don’t need to apologize for being true to themselves”. But I was there for the last two tours, and it was rough. People were sobbing, everyone was screaming for encores that didn’t come, the tour final was ROUGH, and Koichi basically plugged 8P-SB at the end of Mejibray’s last live on his birthday. Even if they didn’t have to, it was really nice to hear those hurt feelings acknowledged. I went on on a tangent, sorry, LOL. I will never not miss Mejibray, but I feel like the quality of 8P-SB is improving. I went to their tour more recently and Koichi is definitely a lot more comfortable, both are happy, and Genki utilizes his voice in more interesting ways live than he does on the recorded singles. There’s not as much screaming, but it’s still there and in interesting ways. I think I lost my train of thought, but yeah, it’s really not as bad as people think, it’s getting better, but it is radically different.
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    The return of the BL fanservice

    Sadly, LGBT rights in Japan, from my understanding, are pretty much non-existent and discussions of sexuality are not widely talked about like it is in the West. It’s still considered a taboo and general attitudes towards the whole subject are negative on the whole. Not to mention the Japanese culture favors homogenization, or the group mentality, so being different among the “group” is not highly looked upon, and one would most likely be socially ostracized or even bullied (These are not my views on the subject, just something that unfortunately exists ^^;) As for the topic, as mentioned before, BL fanservice has been and will always be a thing. I don’t think it ever disappeared or went away. I guess if it brings in money/attention from the fans, it’ll be something that bands will do.
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    People being ungrateful for other uploaders + also some that posts releases on other sites while claiming it's their own. Eww.
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    The return of the BL fanservice

    Don't forget Tomo and Takashi from Dadaroma, although they've calmed down they had a straight up romance going on in the early years of the band. I think it's unnecessary and annoying. It makes my eyes roll every time I see band members pretend kiss or whatever. It helps them generate some much needed income though, so what can I say. I'd rather see solo fanservice, like (again) Tomo from DDRM did that photoshoot semi naked with his bass.
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    NAZARE new single IDEAL release

    favorite thing about this band tbh
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    🚔Police harassment in Japan🚔

    Nero is amazing for uploading this video and speaking up. My friend and I experienced this recently and got called "ayashii" pretty much to our faces (they thought we couldn't understand Japanese). They asked us to show our resident cards, emptied our wallets and looked at the names on our credit cards. They also asked personal questions about my family. It was really humiliating but we complied because we didn't want to get in trouble. The real kicker was when they noticed my friend has a Yoshiki credit card and started talking to us about X Japan as if they were our friends. It took all the restraint in the world to not tell them to go fuck themselves.
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    the world is ready for a fully instrumental vk band
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    Visual kei among friends

    When I first got into VK, I got into it with a friend but he has since grown out of it. I feel like it was just a phase for him but it was honestly life changing for me as dumb as that sounds. I think he stopped bothering with it 2011/2012? We'll still bop to Lycaon, Deluhi, Lolita23q, etc from time to time if he's in my car, but he's completely oblivious about all new bands that came about within the past 7 years or so. The rest of my friends know I listen to it, but no one is really interested in taking a dive into it themselves. Honestly, 90% of the time they're forced to listen to VK whenever they're in my car so they have no option but to listen to it lmfao. Some of them even have a specific song they like and ask me to play, but there's no real interest there for them to delve into it any further. Maybe I'm lucky? Nobody, not even my family, gives me a hard time about it or makes fun of me or anything.
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    Visual kei among friends

    To be honest, I have gotten more friends, although most of them being in their 40s or 50s, in real life for being a fan of Loudness and EZO than VK ever did for me. However, VK did manage to snag me my boyfriend of 15+ years. It's hilarious to tell people that we started to date because I had pictures of Dir en grey and Malice Mizer hanging in my locker in the 8th grade and my SO overreacted when he noticed because he was a closeted VK fan and thought he would never find another VK fan in our tiny, country bumpkin town. We ended up getting a lot of our close friends into VK during high school, but I'm pretty sure most of them don't listen to anything related to VK anymore.
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    Japanese Anti-Feminism

    Whether Japan needs feminism or not it's up to Japanese women to come together, decide what they need and how to go about it.
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    Visual kei among friends

    Honestly, I hang with a buncha G's that wouldn't want to be associated with VK in the least Granted, some of them look at me sideways for enjoying Japanese music in general anyways 🤣
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    In HS I had one friend who loved X Japan, one was a metal head and loved stuff like BFMV and kinda liked the GazettE and the other who was more grunge liked the pillows. Everyone else thought it was Chinese rather than Japanese. Now, nearly 30, those friends are long gone, and the only person I talk to on a regular basis doesn't care about that sort of thing as that's not what we bond over. I've always been a loner and it's very much true that as the older you get it's harder to form new friendships, but over time you get used to not having friends and those you do you tend to only initiate when you have something to tell them, otherwise you just let them contact you first which means that you could go anywhere from a week to a month or more without speaking.
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    Japanese Anti-Feminism

    I'm nearly 30 and went from not caring about anything when I was your age to getting right as far deep into SJW land as possible, voted for Obama and founded the North American chapter of a Japanese antifa, but as I've gotten older and seen what feminism and SJWs and censorship etc can do, I'm somewhere in the middle now.
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    The return of the BL fanservice

    Hahahaha Well, I guess it's like the general onnagata thing, someone of the band gets appointed to do these kind of things, if they want or not... Also band guys often don't even get along so well (disbandment wave...) But man, when there are rumors you are married and sleeping around with girls and then they pretend this BL stuff at events or on stage I feel it's super forced and it's embarassing to look at. 😑 I would be ok with them just cuddling now and then and saying the other guy is cute or so...
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    new band "どく" (doku) has formed

    new band "どく" (doku) has formed in May 2019 and they will begin activities at their first live on July 24. Details tba... Their concept seems to revolve around the dark web... http://visualive.com/2019/06/16/doku/ Twitter their first single, "クイ" (kui) will be released... my favorite mysterious band photo:
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    random thoughts thread

    My friend, looking at houses: That one looks quite nice. Me, slouching in a spinny chair: If that house was a guy, it'd be so hot.
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    己龍 (Kiryu)

    I mean it's his money and his face and he can do whatever he wants with it, but I don't think he needed the surgery.
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    Man, do I have a lot to say about this. First of all, I remember when the Brexit vote was happening there were no hard facts, no plan, nothing about what would happen if the country actually left the EU. What I did see was a lot of patriotic rubbish being spread about how Britain needs to stand on its own again. Now here's what I also saw. This woman got asked why she wanted to vote leave, her answer was, and I quote, so she could eat 100% British eggs for breakfast. Eggs are some of the very few things which are NOT imported in England. Next, a colleague of mine at uni said he was voting leave simply because he had never been in an England that was independent, so he was doing it out of curiosity. He also said that Europeans immigrants were taking the jobs in the country and it isn't fair. His (newly immigrant) Japanese girlfriend (whose English was very basic to say the least) lost the nurse position she applied for to a Hungarian person. So yeah, ignorance all around. Also, isn't it a bad sign when the dude who proposed the Brexit vote resigned on the same day as the results came out? And it says a lot about the British that most politicians who back Brexit now have dual passports for their families and/or houses in the sunnier parts of Europe. As an immigrant in the UK I had no right to vote despite living here for over a decade. You could say that for those reasons my views are biased lol but as an outsider I also get somewhat of a clearer look at things. England imports most of their products. There are cities in Spain which have a population of mostly British middle aged people. Yet they spit on Europe and talk about being proud. Of what? You couldn't stand on your feet if immigrants left. The people who do the shitty jobs, jobs that are too humiliating for the average brit, are all immigrants. It's not a case of the jobs are being stolen, it's a matter of pride and thinking you are better than others. I've lived this and have been humiliated for being okay with so-called dirty, hands on jobs, and so have my foreign friends. The reason I focus on England when talking about this issue is because Welsh people are chill and the Scottish want nothing to do with England, but are sadly lumped with it. England has its nose way to high up considering how much they depend on the rest of the world (not just EU) for their economy, work force, holidays and food lol It'll impact me negatively somehow, but I'm enjoying seeing England embarrass itself on an international level. Everyone knows it's a bad idea. Banks and many other businesses have already left the country. But the government is still pushing it just to save face. Me and my European friends really hope they fuck themselves over and then, hopefully, the country will learn what England is without the people that make it function. What a shock it'll be when the people find out they won't be able to just walk in and out of the beaches in Portugal or the French Countryside lol Also the people (read: old and white who will die before they see the hard impact of Brexit) are super against a second vote because they know others have realised the size of this fuck up. "the people have spoken", let them speak again. If you're so sure of it then a 2nd vote won't change anything. The first vote was NOT an informed decision on anyone's part in any way, shape or form. Now that there have been negotiations and there is an idea (albeit a vague one) of the new laws and regulations which would be in place after Brexit, maybe now would be a better time to give people the vote. /EndRANT
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    Seeing the GazettE tonight in Paris ! Can't wait !
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    Aie has announced new goods and re-edition of album "SiteOfScafFold"
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    Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love them any more, they're now colour-coded!? AAAAAAAAAH~ ❤️💛💗💜💙 Now all I gotta do is resist the urge to paint my nails in those colours... no, Gesu. Your nails are already pink. That's Ohana's colour. That's perfect as is. Anyways, that song was awesome! I don't know how they pull it off, but they always have this perfect mix of typical oshare bubble-gum pop and totally original/out-there. Also, did Reno say "yami usagi" at 3:15? My Japanese ain't that great so I can't be too sure, but if so... I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!
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    it's kinda nonsense when people say things like "oh,this single is just X album leftover " , as if bands were obligated to keep reinventing themselves from the absolute zero on each release.
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