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    The Piass

    The GazettE new album release

    This album will be released in spring 2018. There will also be 4 dates for Halloween called "HALLOWEEN 17 SPOOKY BOX 2" which can be seen in the images. The lives on 2017.10.25/30 will have the concept of Abyss while the lives on 2017.10.28/31 will have the concept of LUCY.
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    semi-friendly admin warning that i will revoke your right to post downloads if you continue to post shitty transcodes kthnxbai ^___^
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    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    Karma ex. AvelCain announced a new project on Twitter. Not much has been revealed yet except for that there is a song titled "愛の特異点" (Ai no Tokui Ten)
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    眞呼(maco)(deadman) will act as a special guest at Schwarz Stein's 15 th annivesary live in Nagoya on November 19, 2017! Kozi will be a special guest in Osaka.
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    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    @emmnyfound dead in miami
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    The Piass

    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    Let's hope that he learnt to sing. Well, after listening to the song, he did not learn to sing.
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    I have already ripped full song, if anyone wants it I can upload it
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    BLESS THIS MESS has restarted activites as a twoman unit on August 16. Staying true to their name, they have also signed with Starwave Records. They will hold their first live on September 9 at Ikebukuro EDGE. [current lineup] Vo.YNG (yanagi) Gt.&Prog.立石 恁 (tateishi jin) (ex-BuZZ TRASH (roadie) → auncia → ANSIA → NIA) [support members @ 9/9] Ba.Rega (ex-平成ティーンズヤングマン (heisei teens young man) → トゥーン工場 (toon factory) → SRASH NOTES GARDEN, ANSIA(support) → NIA) Dr.チャーリー (charlie) (ex-イヴ(support) → Seek Of Liberty → LUCHe. → Smileberry)
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    I can already hear@emmny buying plane tickets
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    #1 Album of the Week 8/20 - 8/26 「 Mr.unknown - Amnesiac's Nothingness」 selected by @itsukoii \ Mr.unknown is a visual kei band from Hiroshima, Japan formed in 2007. Member: Voice: 京介 (Kyosuke) Guitar: takekazu Guitar: 淳司 (joined 2011) Drum: jun Ex-Member: Bass: You (left 2010) 2010.12.15 irs-007 1.Amnesiac 2.Nothingness there 3.conflict days 4.answer 5.The Other Side Of hope 6.追憶の雨 7.the Indifference TV show 8.冷たい部屋(fortessimo) 9.calm scream 10.Murder 11.この静寂の果てに Alright, here's our first selection - chosen by @itsukoii. The first full album from the obscure Visual Kei band Mr.unknown! Let's all give it a go and use this thread to discuss our thoughts! Feel free to comment whenever you want!
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    Welcome to the Château musical J-rock listening club! If you're interested in sharing, discussing, and bonding over some of your favorite J-rock albums with fellow fans (plus possibly hearing some new things as well) then this is the club for you! Every week, we'll explore a new album together, with a different member assigning an album of their choice! To assign an album, simply join the queue by posting here and you'll be added to the list. When it's your turn, choose an album that you'd like to assign for the week (make sure you can provide links to the album for the rest of the members if necessary). You can join the queue again when 3 weeks have passed since your last turn. We'll post a new discussion thread here every week for each selection! Feel free to post your thoughts on the selected album anytime throughout the week. A few ground rules! Your selection must be J-rock/Visual Kei only. Your selection can be an album or a mini-album. You don't need to write a full album review or anything, but try to expound on your discussion responses (aka put some actual effort into it!). I'll post some discussion tips below that might help. Keep things civil and don't be an ass! Have some fun! Discussion Tips! As stated above, no one wants to read or write some formal album review. That's not what this club is about. This club is all about sharing and expericing music together as a group, as fellow J-rock fans - so when you post your thoughts, do it openly and honestly! It doesn't matter if you like or dislike the album, but try to provide a bit of insight as to why you feel the way you do about the album. Here are some things to ponder on that might help you when discussing the albums: What did you like about the album? What did you dislike about the album? In what ways could the album be better? What are your favorite tracks? Which tracks did you dislike? Have you heard anything from this band before? Would you be interested in hearing more from this band? Is this something you'd normally listen to? If you've already heard this album, has your opinion on it changed about it all? If you've already heard this album, how does it compare to other albums by the band? Could you see this album growing on you? Would you listen to this album again? How'd you feel about the production? the lyrics? the vocalist? the instrumentation? What did you feel about the album overall? That's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Selection Queue: Aug 20 - Aug 26: @itsukoii Aug 27 - Sep 2nd: @Takadanobabaalien Sep 3rd - Sep 9th: @Chi Sep 10th - Sep 16th: @CAT5 Sep 17th - Sep 23rd: @doombox Sep 24th - Sep 30th: @VESSMIER Oct 1st - Oct 7th: @plastic_rainbow Oct 8th - Oct 14th: @Ito Oct 15th - Oct 21st: @Seimeisen Oct 22nd - Oct 28th: @tetsu_sama69 Oct 29th - Nov 4th: @Original Saku Nov 5th - Nov 11th: @platy Nov 12th - Nov 18th: @Delkmiroph Nov 19th - Nov 25th: @WhirlingBlack Nov 26th - Dec 2nd: Dec 3rd - Dec 9th: Dec 10th - Dec 16th: Dec 17th - Dec 23rd: Dec 24th - Dec 30th:
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    Quick tip: no matter what your opinions are of Karma as a musician or a person, there's a difference between "I don't like this guy, good for him tho" and "UGH THIS GUY SUCKS" Stay on topic, pls. 👌
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    I'd like to withdraw from this trade-off, thanks
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    It will be released on 2017.09.20. Limited edition : 2100 yen + taxes CD : 1.RISE 2.PANDORA 3.CLOCK JOKER DVD : 01.RISE Regular edition : 1620 yen CD : 1.RISE 2.PANDORA 3.CLOCK JOKER
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    The Reverend

    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    Great news! (Happy to see Eve here; 'eve-writing-everything' era Avelcain was my favorite Avelcain)
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    Show Yourself (again)

    With the Vivarush guys. They're so fun that i couldnt even stop laughing and had to concentrate a lot to don't laugh while tooking the picture hahaha Love this boys
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    Hi! I'm from Russia. I introduced to visual kei fandom in 2015. I like dark and aggressive kotekote >•< My favorite bands (active): Grieva*, La'veil MizeriA, Crucifixion, Ru:natic and many more; (disbanded): gossip (VARYL Hiro's old band), Azalea, MerCurius, Beata, Pyuera, Sadiesmarry, etc. I'm still hard to speak English. For me, staying in an English-speaking forum is a kind of test. I hope that I will not be useless. Peace )))
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    Just saw DEZERT and they were, well, interesting. I had a blast but half of the time the vibe was super strange and at some point Chiaki got off stage and people were like '....OK now what'. We waited about 5 minutes for him to come back in the awkwardest silence ever. Then he got back on stage, took Miyako's guitar and started playing random chords to the crowd's cheers. That was after in the beginning his mic flew from his hand and it took them too long to find it on the stage. No wonder the tour is called 千秋を救うツア.
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    I promised myself I won't buy any more MUCC releases this year because it's getting ridiculous. I just pre-ordered their self-cover album because 1) shit, the tracklist (I can't wait to hear what they'll do with '1979' and 'メディアの銃声') 2) look at this shiny piece of garbage: I need help.
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    SuG will disband

    The fact that all of my favorite songs by them were before 2010 makes this more sad to me... where is my life i miss the way hair was in 2007
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    collecting funds to get professional help for the people who are still using last.fm in 2017
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Bought all this things in these months (except the Archemi. Distributed CD, was a Gift). Thanks to "Yume Shoku Store" (Chile). In my opinion is the best <3. And some Flyers of Grieva, THE SOUND BEE HD, Zip.er, Archemi., and others <3
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    Megaromania one-day revival

    Mizaly has been announced that tomorrow he made an important announcement on his twitter account, maybe he form a new band!? Stay tuned, follow him and retweet please!
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    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    @chemicalpicturesI was the same way, so I attempted to give them another try and finally found a handful of songs I can get behind. Maybe you'll like the ones I liked. They were: DEVIL’S SANCTUARY 狐狗狸 手鞠唄 ID PSYCHO -サイコ- 蟷螂 片想い 相合傘 月-MOON-
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    They don't convice so far, it's too chaotic. I mean too much different styles mixed together. I hope my mind will change (at least a bit) with the album because I like the musicians.
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    nier:automata's ost is my favorite album of 2017 oops
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    While talent / skill is imperative to at least some degree for a band to be objectively good, overall I find that passion is still more important. In other words if a band's members have very little technical skill, they can more than make up for that by pouring their heart out and releasing otherwise sick tunes. I feel this way as someone who listens to a lot of very indie visual kei. I can totally dig horrendous vocalists if the music resonates with me. I'm probably explaining this poorly.
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    random thoughts thread

    Oh school... I spent whole July wanting to go back to school. Three days of school and BAM, I was permitted to not go to communication marketing (??) class because of my work experience (JaME) and previous degree. So now I have month free from school. At the end of September I have one class left abd the only thing I have to do before graduating is internship. That was fast.
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    The Bread Wolf

    random thoughts thread

    I have long since stopped trying to understand my musical taste. I have now gone from Finnish parody of Mulan's 'Make the man out of you' to 'We are number one but it's in Japanese' (which is, incidentally, done by a Finnish lady) to Touhou Project's 'Bad Apple' and honestly, all of them sound good to me. I mean... I guess there's a logical transition between all three, but still.
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    random thoughts thread

    meet me off the coast of brazil in an hour
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    The Moon

    A9 new single 「PENDULUM」 release

    i can't believe alice nine invented gravure
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    Hi, my name is Kohaku I just rejoined this site. I had an account YEARS ago and I can`t even begin to try to figure out what my log in info was. So I`m starting over lol. A couple of my friends recently brought this site up and I figured that I should sign up again. I want to make more friends that like J-Rock (And DIR EN GREY)! I also hope to discover some new bands maybe. I also offer translating and finding merch services if anyone is interested in that. I go to many DIR EN GREY lives so I can get people merch that is being sold on the tours. Sorry this was such and awkward intro lol. P.S. I recently have been getting really into Pierrot and Angelo if anyone wants to have a discussion about them!
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    @saishuuand @Saishu. You guys are gonna have to fight it out or something. Winner gets to keep their name.
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    "ULTIMATE SACRIFICE" means they're going to kill LEDA on stage
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    哀愁のアンティーク (Aishuu no Antique) not being a part of their digital catalogue is criminal! Anyone interested in MUCC should listen to that album.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    usemono - tereos gibkiy x3 - in incontinence
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    time to separate the best tracks from Furacão 2000 for @Hakoniwa
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    this has to be the second vkei pv with black people
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    SuG will disband

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    y'all should know by now that ''best of' usually equals ''single a-side compilation'' like 99% of the time... also lmao a card game anime OP? imagine some 9 year old's face when he accidentally stumbles upon one of their edgier older songs
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    please partner me with @saishuuso I can make him a 70 min long mixtape with only the best washed-up-&-badly-equalized metalcore neo vk has to offer