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    this is what actual texans are afraid of
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    You forgot half the information. Limited edition : 3500 yen + taxes CD : 1.ラズルダズル (Razzle dazzle) 2.着衣遊泳(Chakui yûei) 3.餓えの自覚(Ue no jikaku) 4.Always 5.ラズルダズル (Razzle dazzle) -instrumental- DVD : 1. 「ラズルダズル」 (Razzle dazzle) MUSIC CLIP +OFF SHOT 2. Digest from their man-limited one-man live 『益荒男』(Masurao) Regular edition : 1620 yen CD : 1.ラズルダズル (Razzle dazzle) 2.着衣遊泳(Chakui yûei) 3.餓えの自覚(Ue no jikaku) 4.Always 5.ラズルダズル (Razzle dazzle) -instrumental-
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    JUST WOW the energy in this is insane ❤️
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    Plastic Tree new B-side collection album "続 B面画報" (Zoku B-men Gahou) will be released at 2019/02/13 Regular edition (3500yen) will include 2CD Limited edition (5500yen) will include 2CD and DVD [tracklist] [CD DISC1] Dolly Paper plane カオスリロン (Chaos Riron) 灯火 (Tomoshibi) シンクロ (Synchro) Rusty 時間坂 (Jikanzaka) 回想、声はなく。 (Kaisou, Koe wa naku.) コンセント。 (Consent.) バンビ (Bambi) はじめての××× (Hajimete no×××) [CD DISC2] 静かの海 (Shizuka no Umi) 感傷ダイアリー (Kanshou Diary) トゥインクル (Twinkle) パイドパイパー (Pied Piper) creep アイレン (Airen) サイケデリズム (Psychedelicism) バミューダトライアングル (Bermuda Triangle) ユートピアベリーブルー (Utopia Berry Blue) リコール (Recall) ※Bonus Track *limited edition only* 変化(another side) (Henka(another side) [recorded at 1995/12/11 at their oneman live "Poison biscuit" at Shinjuku LOFT] [DVD] *limited edition only* ・「灯火」(Tomoshibi)Music Video ・メンバー座談会映像「プラっと語リー酒」 (Members roundtable footage)
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    Your last music-related buy!

    zoisite shop haul
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    Plot twist: It's Cazqui and Daichi from Nokubura. 😂
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    Reading this made me re-listen to OZ and damn I miss his voice, Natsuki is part of the few vocalist that I wish would have not retired but if he's happier like this it's better I guess, nice to see his face after such a long time!
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    The boy that I like (Gackt) Her boyfriend (Satsuki) His brother (Klaha) Me...
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    Kaya has unveiled a new project, "Road to 15th Anniversary" to celebrate his upcoming 15th anniversary as a solo singer - which will be commemorated in 2 years. To commemorate the start of this project, a crowdfunding campaign has been made for the production of his new cover album, "DRESS" (presumably to be released in June 2019), which is a culmination of his past covers done at his CafeNOIR lives. Those who contribute are also able to request songs to be put on the album and will receive unique awards based on the amount of their contribution (up to 100,000 yen). The crowdfunding campaign will begin on December 13, and will end on February 28. Brief summary of rewards list: https://www.muevo.jp/campaigns/1661
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    Arlequin new single release date January 30th, 2019!!! Spot with previews for each track on their channel. Sounds incredible, the new mixing style they’re going for is exactly what they needed. Tour dates, album art and group photo as well on twitter!
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    I think I scared someone away today just by sitting near him. Is this what it means to be visual kei
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    So how much do we need to pay to have him put a cover of 神曲 『S・E・X』 on the album?
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    Honestly it was me who introduced him and recommended him. so I personally am really vouching for him. he is extremely dedicated and a lot more hard working than he seems.
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    I’m gonna make a increasingly rare note here just to endorse the new members. Kanta is indeed incredibly skilled with a lot of experience. Aisaku is also practicing guitar 10 hours a day pretty much everyday because he wants to be a solid members. so I hope everyone will cheer them on and support them.
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    "The Mylene Farmer of visual kei scene earns her Farmer chops: This Entrepreneurial Genius Invested Mitsu Cash Money Into A Blossoming Mail-Order Limited Avocado Business And Outsold Wallmart In a Grocery Staple That Died For The Millenial Generation of Customers"
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    I googled a little bit, and found some screenshots of the cooking show, it seems. And here's Natsuki: Here's some links to the discussions about this subject: https://tr.twipple.jp/h/14/ba/ozx農家.html https://jyouhou-depot.com/yukiguniavocado/
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    SHHH! Don't you know that if you say a band man's name three times they can never return to the land of visual kei1?!?! In all seriousness though, -OZ- was one of those bands that I thought was at the "top" of the indie circuit. Learning that farming avocados is more consistent and lucrative than being an indie visual kei band man is a sobering feeling...
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    All 9 of the other new songs are on YouTube now. The others are all really good imo, there's even a serious ballad like some people were asking for earlier. The other title track ( 粉砕するぞ!) is amazing and couldn't possibly be further in style from the other one.
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    Off-topic but the band partook in the TV programme 「有吉反省会」(Ariyoshi Hanseikai) today. 黒崎眞弥(Kurosaki Mahiro) saw that he was not able to write his name using kanjis. The other members also had their names written in hiragana.
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    This is shaping up to be their best release yet. Damn, I certainly didn't expect that after the BLESS EP. Even tho they keep the same cohesive feel throughout, as they should, it all sounds nice and diverse. I'm really stoked for this one.
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    Friend of mine was recently in Japan and was watching a cooking show and Natsuki showed up. Apparently he now owns or works on an avocado farm, if I remember correctly?
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    Early Dir en grey influences

    Yeah, it's not like we're talking about a doctoral dissertation. This is commercially produced music by dudes who basically only started playing music because of the bands they ended up copying (who also started out like that). It's simply the coolest thing they know at that point. This applies to all VK bands, just like it applied to all the rock music pioneers. Eventually those influences fade, but not just because the players suddenly grew a spine and started playing original music like all real musicians. What actually happens is that they live, gain experience and accumulate more influences, becoming more eclectic over time. With Dir en Grey those influences can be particularly difficult to trace, but they're there. Along with the patterns they learned when covering the bands of their youth. People always knock the small indie bands for unoriginality. Sure, indie VK can be incredibly low-effort and some bands seem to be in no hurry to stop being tribute bands, but sometimes I wonder if things would be different if new bands could got the same opportunities as Dir en Grey. What if your musical community wasn't degrading, but actually still kind of blossoming? What if all the most popular bands in that scene disbanded within those first few critical years leaving space for newcomers? What if a member of one of those bands ended up lending you some of his reputation and production talent to give your major debut a boost? Maybe that would have given this hypothetical band just enough of an audience to keep playing. Maybe that would have helped them reach a point where they can earn their living with music and therefore can fully dedicate themselves to growing as musicians. Maybe they'd be around long enough for people to forget they once had those blatant influences and only know them as the legends that now influence the newer generations. Of course there are infinite possibilities for a band to thrive or fail, but you know, everything counts. So I really don't care too much about influence/plagiarism. I don't really judge bands based on it, but I do like to learn about it and build a more complete and human picture of the scene. I also think it's important to educate people on the matter, because I hate where the talk about influence inevitably leads when people have a limited understanding of it.
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    DIMMDIVISION . announced their new single [ Tiny Worth] to be released at their oneman on January 19. 1. Presto World 2. In Dub. 3. 深淵に横たえて ¥1,600
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    Can we just stop and think about how a band as young as kizu is delivering this kind of energy and quality.