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    Holllly shit, folks. Since April is gonna be largely a stay-at-home kinda month (at least around here), expect probably my largest upload binge in years in just a few weeks! Gonna be pretty fuckin awesome!!
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    Waru Chibi

    DADAROMA will disband

    found this on FB: He says that their company wanted them to say it's a hiatus, but he doesn't want to lie to their fans and make them wait for a comeback, since there won't be any comeback. They're just disbanding Yoshiatsu also says they'll all comeback, maybe together, maybe not, he still doesn't know, but for sure Yoshiatsu will continue to sing. So let's wait for their comeback even if it's in separate bands...
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    the boy slit his wrists live, i don’t think he’s really gonna give a shit if a couple of gaijin are using google translate to tell him his hat is Bad ™️
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    DADAROMA will disband

    Tbh that’s a really respectful decision, it’s better to stop when you know that things have run their course than to drill the DADAROMA name in to the ground until no one cares about them anymore
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    The band with the 90's gimmick has the 90's and japanese rock 'n roll as a reference point so when the spread of white nationalism obviously wasn't his intent, then all Karma is guilty of is just not reading The Symbolic Gestures of White People on Twitter memo that was sent being to everyone irregardless of their culture and nationality. I'm not saying that we can't be cognizant of the fact that it's dodgy and ignorant of the feelings of people halfway across the world, but looking at this shit on twitter I thought it's over my dead body that these morons start policing vk.
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    I don't mind it. I like the idea sort uhh yeah. Not their best tho. By the way thank fucking christ by the way these pig gaijins on twitter don't realise that he dun' speak no english, 'cause if he did, I'd be embarrassed. When did these people start listening to vk? Karma is obviously going for some old Japanese rock aesthetic with the hat and the song and the rest of it, so sorry if the rest of the world doesn't give a shit about what some Americans and Europeans on their white man's burden quest of civilising the world think about their hats.
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    I mean, gotta take the good with the bad I guess. My particular mountain town is funded entirely by sales tax so we literally run because tourists come here and spend money. It's pretty wild how empty it is now that the ski areas have been closed. Glad I still have a job... though I currently have been home for ~a week with maybe Covid-19. (you don't get tested unless you're really bad off and in the hospital, which thankfully I'm not as of yet.) Be safe @YuyoDrift and everybody!
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    The Make-It-Pop Thread

    MAKE IT POP I haven't seen any kind of general pop thread in the global music sub-forum and that just will not do! 2020 is shaping up to be an amazing year for pop music and there must be a thread to discuss everything pop-related! I'm going start by sharing some upcoming releases I'm looking forward to and then sharing some artists I've enjoyed since last year. Upcoming Releases Rina Sawayama Sawayama (04.17.2020) -Rina's been making some waves in the indie pop scene. She seemingly just came out of nowhere but managed to make an impression on people with her self-released EP "Rina" with hits like "Cyber Stockholm Syndrome" and "Ordinary Superstar". Her sound is very reminiscent of 90's pop/r&b but she finds ways to make it sound fresh and interesting. She's got a new album coming out in April of this year titled "Sawayama". Samples Purity Ring Womb (04.03.2020) -Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic pop duo drawing from sub-genres like glitch-pop and synth-pop. While they can sound bright and poppy, their sound is more strongly defined by dark and ominous undertones both lyrically and musically. They're probably most known for their tracks "Fineshrine" and "Obedear". They'll be releasing a new album titled "Womb" in the beginning of April and it's sounding like it'll be a more lighter listen. Samples Recent Favorites Grimes Miss Anthropocene (02.21.2020) -I'm sure Grimes doesn't need an introduction. She's known for her unique sound of ethereal and pop music and made hits such as "Genesis" and "Kill V. Maim". Her album "Miss Anthropocene" came out earlier last month and, honestly, it's been one of my favorite releases in 2020 so far. Certainly not the most amazing album and, arguably a bit half baked, but there are some solid tracks on the album and I've been revisiting it often. Samples Charli XCX Charli (09.13.2019) -Charli XCX went to the top of my favorite artists in 2019 when I listened to her latest album "Charli". Her sound was so different than a lot of other pop artists I had heard. While she certainly has songs with tons of pop appeal featuring bright dance-y music and catchy lyrics, she also brings with that a blend of future pop and experimental sounds. The production on her latest record is absolutely amazing and I was hooked from the first track onward. Although I'm a fan of her latest sound, she's probably most known for songs like "Boys" and "Vroom Vroom" (which, I absolutely love both). Samples Sophie Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (06.15.2018) -If Charli XCX's recent output is futuristic, then Sophie's music is so far ahead in the pop genre that by the time it's considered a classic the human race will have evolved into a higher physical state (fun fact, Sophie actually produced Charli XCX's EP "Vroom Vroom". ). All jokes aside, this album is quite simply something else. It has a few more traditional poppy moments but the other 90% hits you with leftfield experimental sounds intermixed with soundscapes and industrial bass music. The production on this record is so good though and there were so many times I kept asking, "what the hell was that sound? How did she do that?". It's certainly not for everyone, but for those looking for a more expanded take on pop music, so much as to the point of almost being unrecognizable, I highly encourage you to take a jump. Samples
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    DADAROMA will disband

    I liked their last 2 mini-albums, but bye!!
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    I swear one day, someone is gonna name their kid "Corona" because it sounds "Spanishy"
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    Everything's going to be just fine, a few gaijin on twitter won't mess things up, even if they were crazy enough to protest when they came to Europe or America for a show, but by the time they could do such a thing they'll have moved on to the next injustice. Why westerns expect Japanese, a country of homogeneity with a history of pretty much deleting history from their text books to be as woke as those with too much time on their hands or are using it in less efficient ways (that twitter energy could go to actually helping people in person.) never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, what will it take for you to learn that the Japanese are far different from the rest of the world. That being said, it sounds pretty good and it can only get better, they should cover SLTS for a B-Side now.
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    Today 03.26 Download Now Song 拡散性アップデーター (Special Edition) https://www.ainneferia.net/ Look December 2019 To remember 3rd Single 「Killing Me 」2020.01.08 1.Niflheimr[SE] 2.Killing Me 3.Lady joker Full Mv
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    Title track sounds very experimental... not sure I like the chorus. I thought after the remake albums they would return with some type of refind sound similar to their early days. I’ll have to listen to full album before judgement.
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    ahaha, thanks! i don't know why i typed juice instead. 😅
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) MEGATHREAD!

    The counties around me have a shelter-in-place order, and although there's no confirmed cases here, I'm afraid we'll be next. Good thing I'm still working I guess?
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) MEGATHREAD!

    Hyde has been living in LA for a few years now if memory serves ^_^! With a lockdown in Tokyo seeming likely now everyone is acting a fool again. Just went to go buy some coffee and saw everyone in my neighborhood panic buying again. I do not know why people here do not have enough toilet paper yet after the last go @_@;;
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    @plastic_rainbow Orange Milk*
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    no switch, but life, uh, finds a way... It's running at about 10~15 fps w/ graphical glitches atm (ryujinx), but I expect it to be playable within a month-or-so. - Recently bought a GTX 1080 for my eGPU enclosure. Finally justifies playing FFXV Windows Edition, but I feel like I'm re-learning the game again b/c I beat it (w/ some additional sidequests) 2~ish weeks after launch and haven't touched the game since.
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    Clack inc. have now uploaded their whole discography on every digital platform. Please check it out, you won't regret it!
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    CieLGraVE will Disband 2020.04

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    Guys, I don't mean to be rude, but I don't see the point in commenting something is happening or has happened and not providing links. It actually takes you longer to type that than just pasting the link here, but yeah, as for MUCC's streaming, it's just a compilation of old stuff going on here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kaN0cjggBA so it doesn't matter for the purpose of this thread. Please keep this thread related only to specific gigs arranged for the sake of the pandemic. It doesn't matter if a band posts their entire videography online. Previous performances won't count, ok? If it has an audience, just don't post it. Also, no talk sessions, offshots or whatever else that isn't music-related.
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    What are you listening to 2?

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    Show Your Desktop

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    SHOXX vol. 15 scans

    this is my first post, but i'll spare intros haha! anyways - i have some magazines i scan, so i thought it would be nice to share, for all of the oldschool fans. this volume is from march '93; main event is the long seth et holth tusk + hide feature, but as with any shoxx, the whole volume is full of content -- i love those shots of Gargoyle especially. here's a mega link to the numbered raw HQ scans right here : ) these are a little colour corrected. i'll scan the rest of this, then vol. 29, 5 and 7 at some point. and yes! some of the scans are a bit messed up, that will be fixed at some point lmao. here's some highlights that aren't the seth et holth shoot lol, loved the shock age + yankees features :
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    DADAROMA will disband

    Yoshiatsu decided to stop the band cause he musically did all he wanted with them and he prefers stopping before DADAROMA's name gets dirty.
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    DADAROMA will disband

    It sounds like Timely asked them to say 無期限活動休止 (indefinite hiatus) instead of 解散 (disbandment), although indefinite hiatus is an indirect way of saying disbandment 99% of the time. All the fans I know in Tokyo understood that it's a disbandment from the initial announcement, though, especially the fans I know from Crazy Shampoo. Crazy Shampoo disbanded 2 days before Yoshiatsu's birthday, so the last live of the tour being on Yoshiatsu's birthday was a pretty strong indicator that this is the end, but it's good that Yoshiatsu went and confirmed it
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    Viacom copyright claimed a zone tan parody, now they get 3 dollars a month for claiming Xj9 likes it in the butt. It's cannon. The more you know 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌟
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    good sis Karma will be hit by her own stage name over this desperately baiting for attention single x I expect their disband/major member change next.
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