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    new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed

    new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed in January and they have released their first demo single, "THE MISSING DEAD" on digital platforms on March 21. [lineup] Vo.宗 (sou) Gt.kairu (ex-La'Vistier --> {mid:night}) studio support Dr.Maurizio Antonini (for this release only) Twitter
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    Thank you! Love More and Loki is a great guy. Thanks for sharing the song Suji! ❤️ Mr.Antonini is a studio musician living in Rome,Italy that we are using for the 1st releases live support will be the drummer of Anatomy. badabing badaboom! haha. Will try for a bit longer than that. Maybe 3 months and a hotpocket. yussss. /m/
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    {mid:night} last live has been postponed due to Dr.Gunnar's inability to travel to Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic. They will announce a new date soon. In the meantime, Kairu new band "En'Cell Dis'Dein" has formed Also, Gt.Ko'ki has formed his solo project, "Road Noise" and will hold his first live at 大塚welcomeback on 4/27. His first single, "Public Words" will be released soon. Twitter
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    incel disdain yassssss!!
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    If I remember correctly most (if not all) VK music videos filmed in church-like locations are actually establishments that you can rent for activities like filming or hosting various types of events. Similar to that big "European" castle seen in some MALICE MIZER and Psycho le Cému vids, iirc.
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    Sometimes I miss 1999-2009 , life was different those years.
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    Few PVs that comes off my mind but there's so much more
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    Let's just say karma... will come back to bite him in the ass for that hat.
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    it will include 12 songs for 3850yen [tracklist] 01. 掟 (Okite) 02. 狼煙 (Noroshi) 03. 明日もし僕がどこかで朽ちて (Ashita Moshi Boku ga Doko ka de Kuchite) 04. デラシネーション (Deracination) 05. 神様のアイロニー (Kamisama no Irony) 06. 木枯らしの詩 (Kogarashi no Uta) 07. 完全無欠 (Kanzen Muketsu) 08. MAD INVISIBLE 09. 見知らぬ害虫 (Mishiranu Gaichuu) 10. UNCHAIN 11. STARS 12. 邂逅 (Kaigou)
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    new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed

    Sounds pretty interesting, it's nice to see that you find great vocalists. If in the future you find Sybila (Sito Magus) it would be the bomb. Wanting to hear more. ^^
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    Moar like encell disbandintwomonths amirite
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    Because of coronavirus, they uploaded two full shows on YouTube. They'll be there for a limited period. First anniversary oneman: Latest live-DVD:
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    Their 5th concept single 「想う」故に暴力 ("omou" yueni bouryoku) will be released on 20.04.2020 Tracklist: 01.「想う」故に暴力 ("omou" yueni bouryoku) 02.狂気乱舞 (kyouki ranbu)
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    Song is good; but everything in it screams "fake" so loud... How can I take seriously that approach on djenty breakdowns and screaming if they were doing a full k-pop routine on stage like... what, two years ago? Don't know, this band is so messed up, which is really sad considering all of them are talented musicians...
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    Kyo's girlfriend?

    Yeah, this is the one famous pic. Although it's taken inside a store kyo still looks very surprised. The bangyas at tanuki mainly hated on his girl for being a kuso gaijin uwu
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    GzNDLH will disband

    GzNDLH will disband at 2020/5/10.
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    vk.gy - visual kei library

    Thank you very much! I definitely agree re: looking at releases that you’ll never be able to get your hands on 😭 That’s a good piece of feedback. I’ll add it to my list of future improvements. Thanks! If you have other website issues/suggestions, you can always drop them in our Discord.
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    vk.gy - visual kei library

    Thank you for the site, inartistic! It's absolutely nice to have access to all the info it provides, specially when yunisan wasn't up all the time nor up-to-date. A little too much nice, I'd say, because knowing about lots of releases I'm never going to have isn't actually nice, but it's all nice in the end, you know. 😂 - A thing I noticed a little bit confusing for me is the central location of the random band link, as it is closer to the band's members' info than the band's name, which is in the left corner. This makes me think that I'm in the wrong band's profile, because the first band name I see is the random band featured in there, not the current band name in the corner.
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    Chapel Goedele in Osaka has been a pretty cool/common PV location.
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    A lot of them aren't actually in Japan, from the top of my head the church/chapel in Dir en grey's Yurameki and Akuro no oka is somewhere in Europe.
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    I've always been interested in various forms of the occult, tho not from a 'practicing' standpoint, only reading up on it or watching movies with this theme. I recently started reading a book on the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, seems interesting so far, although a bit dry. I also got a killer book on the history of magical thinking / occult in Europe, but haven't checked it out yet. Stuff connected to the Temple of the Black Light (kinda chaosophic/Satanistic/nihilistic mixture?) seems cool too from what I've checked, but it can all become a bit silly in its seriousness. Anyway, it can be intriguing to delve into when the mood strikes.
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    That Nirvana【Smells Like Teen Spirit】 intro is a surprise ✨
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    More great news from CLACK inc.!!!🙆‍♀️
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    Interview with JIRUDORE: https://twitter.com/vkgy_/status/1242436403411238912?s=21
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    Limited edition (3850yen) will include CD (16 songs) and DVD including 「惡」(Aku) recording documentary +member interview Regular edition (3300yen) will include CD (16 songs) only [CD tracklist] 01. 惡 -JUSTICE- (Aku -JUSTICE-) 02. CRACK 03. アメリア (惡 MIX) (Armeria (Aku MIX)) 04. 神風 Over Drive (Kamikaze Over Drive) 05. 海月 (Kurage) 06. Friday the 13th 07. COBALT 08. SANDMAN 09. 目眩 feat.葉月(lynch.) (Memai feat. Hazuki (lynch.)) 10. スーパーヒーロー (Superhero) 11. DEAD or ALIVE 12. 自己嫌惡 (Jiko Kirawanai) 13. アルファ (Alpha) 14. My WORLD (惡 MIX) (My WORLD (Aku MIX)) 15. 生と死と君 (惡 MIX) (Sei to Shi to Kimi (Aku MIX)) 16. スピカ (Spica)
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    The new single is titled "茹でた隠元豆のある柔らかい構造" (Yude ta Ingenmame Noa ru Yawarakai Kouzou) and will be released on 2020/05/11 (1,500yen). Tracklist: 1.21世紀少年 (21 Seiki Shounen) 2.茹でた隠元豆のある柔らかい構造 (Yude ta Ingenmame Noa ru Yawarakai Kouzou) 3.晩鐘 (Banshou) 4.Bedlamは遊園地 (Badlam Wa Yuenchi)
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    I actually really liked that. Got strong More vibes.
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    Kyo's girlfriend?

    why did you photoshop kanye west's face on there? 😕
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    I guess I kinda count? I mostly dabble in mixes of different kinds of paganism, but mostly focus on Taoism and Hinduism, so I guess you could say I'm the Southeast Asian equivalent of a Witch lol.
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    New Band XXXDOLL (クロスドール)

    That Kingdom hearts font, tho
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    Horror Movies

    Alucarda - That's the good shit. Satanic panic horror from the '70s that's just oozing with atmosphere. Very beautifully shot, the set design is amazingly well done and anyone who's into the atmospheric gothic horror stuff will surely love it just for the visuals alone. The plot itself is just the usual 'demonic corruption' stuff that's been done to death by now, but the somewhat dreamlike manner in which everything is presented makes it work anyway. There's the occasional bout of overacting that veers a bit too far into the 'too silly for its own good' territory, but overall this one's definitely well worth watching.
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    After some researching, finally found it. Fufilling this for @IsuKa-san, who posted a request for it!
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    Two important news: - Clack inc.'s new song "5th" is out. You can get it here (and possibily other platforms I may not be aware of). It's a fantastic song, so please check it🙏 - Clack inc. will stream their live on YouTube on March 24th, 19.55 JST. Tune in if you're curious to see how they sound live☺️
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    I still feel like something happened to Shou's voice. his vibratto is nonexistent anymore. ;-;
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    "Where in the World is Yoshiki"

    pretty sure this is old considering the link but Yoshiki x iCarly at a Hello Kitty event i'm sHOOKETH
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    karai · ebi

    ebi art roll

    again I've not drawn much big gaps between, but when I do I at least feel happier with being able to express what I see. Although now I am thinking I want to spend this free time learning the guitar rather than draw because I've always wanted to.
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    Jaki's previous release was available for sale on Starwave Records' webshop But I suppose you mean his earlier stuff, right?
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    Ro plz

    lynch. - ULTIMA [Discussion Thread]

    Somehow Lynch. was able to keep my interest in those string of Albums that dropped back to back. Once AVANTGARDE came about, it was VERY clear that they were running on fumes but were starting to break out their shell a bit. BLOOD THIRSTY, and SINNERS were more great steps in the right direction even with the absence of AK. That momentum went out the window when AK came back. XIII was a mess. It was worse than that one album ppl always killed me for hating...what was it? OH "I BELIEVE IN MID." Easily one of the biggest let downs of 2018. ULTIMA is what XIII should've been. This album is LYNCH showing in length that they're evolving while still staying true to their sound. This shit is a breath of fresh air, dawg. Maybe they realized how they let a nigga down, and they channeled that energy and really crafted something amazing. The energy in this album feels like a huge fuck you to me and anyone else who doubted them. They had something to prove here. Like dawg, why do I wanna do dirty things to my woman...but dance at the same time while listening to EROS? Why do I feel like the band sat through a couple of the GazettE's recording sessions and used that influence to create the BANGER that's MACHINE? Who told them to make DEVIL better by making IDOL? WHO?!!! What the fuck is Reo and Yusuke smoking? Did AK give them the same weed he got caught with? The fuck is up with the nasty riffage in these songs? Why do wanna cry after listening to ZINNIA? I have so many questions after listening to this album. This shit SLAPS. What the hell man. Even XERO, which i killed sounds good with the rest of the album. Man 20/10. Fuck the proper rankings. Unless DECAYS or KEEL is coming back, I aint tryna come back on here and talk about J-rock for the rest of 2020 with yall. This album sealed the deal. Corona virus can take its time. The endless replays this masterpiece will get shall hold me over. Have y'all seen someone so happy with a release that they quit a forum over it? No. Congrats, I just did it. And you just saw it. Bye. I love you all and ill see you in 2021.
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    here ya go https://mega.nz/#F!JYUT1ATY!CD9GhA29uQ0T1UDPAjTWlg if there will be more twitcast lives, I'll put them in the same folder. scarletvalse of march 10th, somehow went wrong with recording, will do tomorrow again XD Nostradamnz setlist 1.It's a small world 2.オモイデ 3.Uupaaruupaa 4.さよならロックスター -CM- 5.原罪論 6.Lilly 7.ほころびて 8.Skygaze -うーん- 9.Smallchange 10.無線衝突 11.サラバ
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    Damn only 2 days into 2020 and Xa-Vat have already served the best look of the year.
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    I've really been diggin' EARTHGANG lately. Their new album "MIRRORLAND" is surprisingly dope. It's been a while since I had some hip hop on repeat....I'm loving the scope and the creativity of their sound...lots of dope production and catchy songwriting that both young and older hip-hop heads can appreciate. These guys aren't super technical or lyrical rappers, but there's a lot of heart and sincerity in their lyrics, and there's a number of lines that stuck with me despite their relative simplicity. Plus their subject matter is generally relatable. What I love most about these guys tho is just their overall style. They're from my hometown of Atlanta, and while it's kinda hard to describe if you've never really been to ATL, their sound just captures a lot of that eclectic ATL energy. But even speaking more broadly, they just bring a kind of soulfulness that I feel has been missing from a lot of hip hop these days. Stylistically, some of their songs remind me of how I felt listening to Outkast, Goodie Mob (and even early cee-lo green before he went pop). These two particular tracks is my shit!!! ----- Sampa The Great's album was also dope, but I've only listened once and need to listen some more...
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    I pray for someday heteronormativity just erases off from the vk scene. It's just so weird that every musician within it pretend to be full cis-straight in a scene where the basic dress-code is actually cross-dressing. I guess heteronormativity could never look so stupid itself.
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    As you all might know, Japanese government announced a new era for the history of the country. It will begin in a month and its name is Reiwa. Some bands released music to commemorate it. BabyKingdom is one of them and here are the lyrics of their song. Text: Kanji-kana: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the lyric video, and me, for transcribing it.
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    I was watching a video by SEX-ANDROID's おめかしのカリスマ , (Click to watch the video via youtube channel) which filmed in early 2011 , and there are a lot of people appearance in it , there is 団長 from NoGoD , DAISUKE from THE SOUND BEE HD , a few from 犬神サアカス團 and 人格ラヂオ , some I just don't recognize , just wondering can anyone name them all !?
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