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    KIYOHARU has announced the release of his next album 『JAPANESE MENU』. It's scheduled to be released in March 2020. They posted a clip of the PV to「survive of vision」on twitter. It features footage of his trip to Guanajuato, Mexico back in August (if I'm recalling correctly). Tour dates are here: https://twitter.com/kiyoharu_info/status/1207531413878099970 The track is the opening song to the new BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL anime that has been airing on Amazon Prime since October.
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    can u imagine that toshiya and kaoru wearing 2D anime dominatrix attires would have been enough to force corebros hold their hormonal smegma in the entire time, avoiding the entire Kyo-sama disrespect drama we see as a result
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    It's official: visual kei is saved.
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    I haven't kept track of when and where they've sold out, but when I saw them in Tokyo in the summer, the venue was packed, so it seems they've got a good following behind them. I wish them luck on the tour and hope they see the success they want. And -- finally an album!!
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    Kaiki has tweeted more about the event, "Always with you 〜toおはる♡〜" and its upcoming guests. He has also tweeted about NéiL, which is why I decided to merge these threads together! [lineup] WITH-SEXY Vasalla Vasallaソレイユ (Vasalla Soleil) (I'm guessing this is a different lineup?) Mirage NéiL 2020 Romance for〜 キョウジ (kyouji) BEATLOOSE デッドポップスターズ (DEAD POP STARS) アンチフェミニズム (ANTI FEMINISM) UNCLOCKLOVER Noi'X CLeiR (Vo.NAKATA (カウス (Kausu)) /Gt.ATSUSHI/Ba.SPYKE (城戸葉月 (Kido Hadzuki))/Dr.HIMAWARI (JUN)) GLARD (with Kisaki?) Lucifer's underground UNDER FALL JUSTICE 爆弾ボンバーズ (Bakudan Bombers) (Vo.KoHey (Sleep My Dear)/Gt.Yuki/Ba.YOHMA/Dr.SHIRO) Katsura (Baiser) session Dai/Reina (S) session 龍夜 (tatsuya) session Silver Rose session Tomozo (ex-SHAPE SHIFTER)/Kaede session unnamed session band (Vo.DEAD (Merry go round,ANTIC DOLL)/Gt.由希 (DIE-ZW3E, ROUAGE)/Ba.Kusuba (Laputa, Lucide, Kraidhearz)/Dr.???) ドカチン (dokachin) (Vo:K助 (K-suke) (覇叉羅 (Vasalla) (Dr.))/Gt.YAYOI (Mirage)/Ba.KAIKI (ex-SILVER ROSE, ROUAGE, WITH SEXY)/Dr.ヒトデ (hitode) (ex-HEARTS)
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    Ro plz


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    That clapping is really annoying to me for some reason. Doesn't fit the mood at all? Also cheering while the dude is ripping out his guts.
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    me: *scrambles to defraud people so i can go to nihon motherland for that tour*
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