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    please stan slothreat

    please stan slothreat
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    I'm not at all surprised about Ryuya leaving, but Taishi is a bit of a shock for me. I've known he's had health issues for a while but I didn't think it was getting to such a point that he'd be quitting music. He's always feeling his oats on stage. Ryuya's been dropping some pretty strong hints for a while, though. For several months now he's had little no to motivation at lives, and while the others don't really update SNS that much, he completely stopped for a while other than retweeting announcements. In addition, he looked 100% done at their live on Monday. My friends who are fans of his left that live feeling really down and disappointed. I feel bad saying this because he's a nice dude but Ryuya's a very mediocre guitarist and it sounds like he's admitted defeat. You can get better bro, you're still young.
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    Retsu and Sho write all the music. Nothing's gonna change music-wise.
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    random thoughts thread

    Vk's like a telenovela~ it's been on some local, obscure TV channel for 20 years, you're on the 1537th episode and by this point 75% od the cast has been replaced and you can't even remember the original actors. 90% of the characters had at one point slept/married/divorced each other. Some of it is subbed but some is not, and honestly either way it doesn't really make much difference. Someone is gesticulating wildly while crying and half of the set is on fire. Also it's almost 2am and I'm drunk on a Wednesday.
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    sleepy coffee

    Fuck summer

    Fuck summer
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    Baseless statement of wishful thinking - plz let Katsuya come play guitar so we can mash Slothreat sound with DIMLIM sound 💀
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    Oh wow, that came out of nowhere. I'm quite shocked.. The official statement offers that Taishi leaves due to illness issues and Ryuya seems to be literally done with DIMLIM. As I'm pretty sure that DIMLIM will continue after their Oneman I'm quite worried if they can sustain their actual sound. They created such an individual and perfect sound until now that I'm not sure if a replacement will work out.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Tracked down a copy of Sigh's Gallows Gallery in swirl vinyl. Good stuff
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    Kisaki Drama 2k18

    I’m still surprised this guy is still around. Honestly, I still have a love hate relationship with Kisaki, despite my furious hate for this fucking asshat. One one hand, he has been in some of my favourite bands and he’s a DECENT bass player. On the other hand, he has done soooo much damage to himself and to others. I’m still on the fence of innocent till proven guilty, but with all available evidence, it’s hard to say he’s innocent. Even sometimes, I cannot separate the art from the artist when it comes to Kisaki. It’s hard not to think of his musical talent without thinking about his shitty attitude. I just hope Kisaki gets his ass beat in prison
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    Kisaki Drama 2k18

    can this just be closed until anything else is said about it or something...
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    Kisaki Drama 2k18

    Kisaki is a nonce
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    twitter has returned guess i aint living in 2008 momentarily
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    random thoughts thread

    Ya know. Despicable as it is, people lie all of the time. You have people that lie for absolutely no reason, you have people that think telling white lies somehow makes it less of a lie. You've got lies of omission. You've got ppl who deliberately lie for selfish and/or nefarious means. Even some of the most upright folks will lie if it benefits them. And hell, most of us lie to ourselves on a daily basis. People lie. But what amazes me is that some people have a hard time even just entertaining the possibility that many things that have been accepted as fact or that people put their trust in, whether we're speaking about history or modern times, could indeed be lies. Maybe it's because being so-called "woke" has become such a meme that people seem less inclined to consider ideas that might directly contradict the status quo or history as we know it? I don't know. But I don't even think it's a matter of being woke, honestly. I think it's a matter of common sense: Just because one has a title like historian, scientist, politician, banker etc....that does not exempt them from fallibility, corruptibility, or the human condition. Everything we put our trust in is the product of other human beings, most of which are just as fucked up as we are (if not more). That's a sobering thought. Knowing how humans are, it just makes me wonder how many personal/political/religious agendas and biases have shaded the lenses through which we view the world.
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    he basically dropped d.i.d. more or less early, before issei, tohma and other session members sashayed away; I'm not sure if she's gonna be back to that name tho tbh, I think I've seen her mentioned around (session bands, or something?) as milk after clackclack announced their disband.
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    ex-paranoir/did/lack-co fulltime guitarist; retsu is ex-did support guitar.
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    I'm glad that those ugly-ass robes have became an unofficial mark of "band you can safely sleep on"-kei
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    Nooo but I'm glad Retsu is not leaving
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    Johnny from Johnny's died

    Apparently the same people who are quick to shame a man who has just died are the same people who are quick to judge someone they have never met over a single comment on the internet. In no way do I condone pedophilia or any form of harrassment. I think it's a hateful crime and show of disrespect another human being. In fact, my own (ex-)girlfriend was molested in Japan and despite going to the police about it it was just one person's word against another so nothing came of it. That was one of the most trying times in my life so far, feeling so powerless to do anything about the situation. The nature of my comment was just to say, let's respect that regardless of who a person was there must be numerous people, be it family, friends or coworkers, who are saddened by that news. As far as I'm concerned, it's a shame when anyone dies because that loss ripples through so many others' lives. And I also think it's possible to respect someone's professional success while divorcing that respect from your disgust towards anything that happened in their private lives. If a popular actor is embroiled in a rape or adultery scandal, that doesn't make them any less of a great actor, it just makes them a shitty human being.
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    If I ever did a band cosplay, I would be the only one cause all my friends hate my music... Someone PLEASE cosplay with me...I'm lonely
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Got some Boris shit. Download cards for the records would have been nice, now I gotta digitise them.
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    DIMLIM's Gt. Ryuya & Ba. Taishi willl depart after their oneman live on August 17, 2019 at TSUTAYA O-WEST. The band will continue activities with the remaining 3 members.
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    Kisaki Drama 2k18

    Yeah, let's wait for Kisaki drama 2k19 or 2k20 if the guy is careful. As of now he is just trolling other bandomen... in a even more douche fashion than Yoshiki
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    come on, keep it going! lol
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    iphone 5S because at this point i'm too poor and cheap to upgrade.
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    I am a outside-japan-fan, who is definitely liking their stuff so far, although very limited music is accesible of them. I have no chance to really get to know their music since so much is live-exclusive. I hate this about japanese bands. I see the attraction of it as being ‚exclusive‘ or ‚rare-item‘, I mean at the end of the day it might be to the fans as collecting items, just like stamps. To a certain extent, it is okay and it is part of the VK-culture. But the bands that hold on to that method to extreme extent just suck. Their paranoia of losing money through accessible distribution is not legitimized, because that way less people get to know them / stumble across their music, etc. And with that, a percentage that would be willing to pay for their music, go to their concerts, etc. (here, you earn money through the quantity!) Of course you can probably live off having a smaller, but ‚loyal‘ fanbase that keeps on buying your stuff because of the ‚exclusive‘ illusion you create, giving that sort of underground feel. It‘s cool for everyone who is around. But for all the others, it feels like you‘re not invited to the party and your crush gives a shit about you. I‘m all for digital and international releases. If you stan, you will pay. But bands - such as this lovely one - just cut you off
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    I'd very much like to translate the second song from the 離人-single (肉腫と繁殖と不快感) but only lyrics to 離人 are around on various sites. Just the kanji is enough ♡ Or even just a legible picture It's notable I would use the lyrics to put them and my translation into a video for my youtube linking the source, and would also post the translation itself in this thread EDIT: https://rocklyric.jp/lyric.php?sid=1754945 <- in works right now for rocklyric EDIT 2: 11/7 - posted on rocklyric! I'll do it for tonight and post translation+video here
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    2 genders of MH: -- seething at $50 live only dimlim demo CDs -- seething at dimlim business-side neglect
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    The news got me down hard. I don't know...seems like everyone will be stuck playing the 2nd fiddle to Retsu, which really isn't an issue, creatively, but essentially bands are a business, too, and that's the side of the coin that Retsu neglects quite a bit and unless he eases off the reins, I don't think they will be able to grow. Releases and live shows few and far between...pretty much radio silence for the most part. And, yeah, Satoshi would be the perfect guy to take helm and try to actually take the band somewhere.
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    From his official statement (Google translate): "As a member, as an artist, I am not qualified to stand on the stage with a feeling that I am half-hearted, and I offered to withdraw from the thought that it would cause excessive inconvenience to the members and customers who are supporting me. " And as @Duwangstated it seems that he had 0 motiviation to play in this band anymore.
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    has Satoshi/Milk signed for another flop act because it might be ha chance at grabbing good mitsu dollar; sucks that the qt one left though.
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    I thought DIMLIM's current lineup would stay untouchable for at least one decade.what a horrible news.
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    Just saw this on Twitter, this really sucks. I hope this doesn't affect the quality of what they have been putting out recently. Visual-kei bands really suck ass when it comes to staying together, wish it wasn't treated like a part-time job. Obviously the industry works differently but still it's really annoying.
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    [tracklist] 01. intro 02. キカ (Kika) 03. ぴあとぅり (Piatouri ?) 04. Joule 05. リトルスカイハイツ (Little Sky Heights) 06. 驟雨 -SHU U- 07. Rainy Sunday 08. 君乞い (Kimigoi) 09. カナリア (Kanaria) 10. 愛しのティルモラ (Aishi no Tirumora) 11. 想いベタ (Omoi Beta) 12. スターダスト -流れ着く場所 #2- (Stardust-Nagaretsuku Basho# 2-)
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    Teaching English In Japan?

    I know this thread was dead before but just to add on...I've never taught English in Japan before, but I have friends who do or have. From my understanding if you really want to do it, go through JET. And do NOT work for an eikaiwa. You will not have a good time. And from the rest of the replies here I'm seeing the same thing. 😕 If you really want to go to Japan and don't want to teach, my advice is to study abroad. It only lasts a year but it can be a really great experience! I studied abroad in Kyoto for a year and absolutely loved it.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    NAZARE - 荊海 CODA > big THANKS @ "..." for helping with the NAZARE CD. (you know who you are.^^) アルケミ - 血塗れ菩薩 エンヴィル - 「白 × 黒」
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    Your last music-related buy!

    I never knew that! The one I’ve ordered comes with two CD’s I believe!
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Japan trip loot
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    グリーヴァ (Grieva)

    Just realized "Oni to kage" was released 6 years ago (actually almost to the day, it was 13th Feb) and got all nostalgic. I love these guys so much still. ;w; I remember all the excitement while waiting for the CD to come in the mail and then getting to rock out to it while browsing the booklet. Granted, it's kinda just a glorified GAUZE tribute album, but that could never turn me off of it, haha. 解離性同一性障害 is one of my eternal jams.
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    Can someone make a separate thread about Ruka getting beat up with a chair or link me to some place I can read about it? I want to know this juicy gossip
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    The Bad Boys of Visual Kei

    Dynamite Tommy always seems to get himself in a pickle. According to TV tropes, one of his fights with Yoshiki caused a bar to be demolished. Can anyone provide backstory on this?
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    I will miss her so much...

    What the hell does this have to do with her being Chinese? She just doesn't wanna date you dude, get over it.
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    グリーヴァ (Grieva)

    I have to say their last album finally started growing on me. At first I found it to be rather weak compared to the first (which wasn't really that individual). It defenitely takes some time to grow on you. I am really glad, that there were more songs with a personal note rather than another bunch of direct Diru imitations. Their songwriting still lacks some independence. Like many people have said, many of their songs sound wa too similiar. I hope Grieva follow this path though and experiment more, without loosing the elements that make their music nostalgic and charming. Also it may just be me, but i love the look of their last PV. It reminds me of the stuff La'Mule were doing, just with black splatter instead of red one. I am not so fond of their recent look, but the single may be turning out wondrful and that's what matters more.
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