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    外道反逆者 ヤミテラ (Yamitera) new album "メンヘラ撲滅" (Menhera no Bokumetsu) will be released at 2019/08/21 (6 songs, 2500yen)
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    It will be limited to 6940 copies. 「アメリア」(Amelia) will be released on 2019.07.26. (2000 yen + taxes) Tracklist : 01.アメリア(Amelia) 02.アメリア DEMO (Amelia) 03.リブラ(Libra) (2019.05.19 名古屋特殊陶業市民会館ビレッジホール at Nagoya Civil Hall) 04.楽園(Rakuen) (2019.05.02 中野サンプラザ at Nakano Sun Plaza) 05.ミヤ(Miya) 「My WORLD」 on 2019.08.12. (2000 yen + taxes) Tracklist : 01.My WORLD 02.My WORLD DEMO 03.○○○ 04.○○○ 05.SATOち(SATOchi) 「taboo」 on 2018.08.21. (2000 yen + taxes) Tracklist : 01.taboo 02.taboo DEMO 03.○○○ 04.○○○ 05.逹瑯(Tatsurou) 『例えば僕が居なかったら』(Tatoeba boku ga inakattara) on 2019.11.05. (2000 yen + taxes) Tracklist : 01.例えば僕が居なかったら(Tatoeba boku ga inakattara) 02.例えば僕が居なかったら DEMO (Tatoeba boku ga inakattara) 03.○○○ 04.○○○ 05.YUKKE https://55-69.com/news/208619 Also, a demo tape called 『HOTEL LeMMON TREE DEMO』 will be sold at their live on 2019.07.01. (1000 yen) https://55-69.com/news/209957
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    Manji 卍

    The Virginity Topic

    @Gesu I'm 23 now and I lost my at 19, I've been there, believe me. Can't say from a girl perspective,but as a guy,that was a nightmare.Passed my whole adolescence lying to people and myself just to "fit" in the groups,bcuz all of them had a girl or apparently had more experience than me.I hated going to school,I felt like shit every single day, and even if I tried to go for masturbation that just made feel worse, bcuz it's a trick for the brain and the shock of reality afterwards is just miserable. When I finally managed to do that,it felt so fuckin weird bcuz I was already so "disconnected" from reality after years tricking my brain and wondering how everything would be like,that I couldn't even enjoy,was just an awkward experience.Then I started to hang out with some people,under some kind of "chaser effect", looking for more and fell into promiscuity. Went through some really bad things that I can't say (the reason why I got so paranoid with the abortion stuff other day) and nowadays I have my desires but most part of the time I don't even wanna be touched. If I could go back in time i would've done things differently. I know how it feels to be like you were left behind,but there's nothing wrong with you. Society is pushing it 24/7 and it's not easy to deal with our natural instincts.But I think you should occupy your brain with something that makes you forget about it while you look for ways to meet someone nice who deserves a girl like you.
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    They will release their second single, titled 「Solaris」-ソラリス-, on 2019.08.14, and will cost 1,500 yen (+taxes). They will also their one man live on 2019.08.31. Tracklist 1.The sea of metaphysical 2.Solaris 3.接吻 (Seppun) 4.真夏のMelancholia (Manatsu no Melancholia)
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    Minor news : The shopping bag will be charged as of 2019.07.01. http://ktai.la-edison.com/pc/0055-eve.html
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    Hello everybody

    Haha, so seemingly I was glad. Otherwise I guess I just would have registered again. Thank you. ^^ I've been looking at the News section every now and then but that's been it actually. And I've been reading through new entries for the past few weeks and leaving a like here or there but now want to participate and that's why I'm here. I already left some topics opened to contribute to. Oh yeah, we're entering old age. I was past highschool for a while already when I got into VK. I'd say mainly Gazette but I keep an eye on quite some bands still. I'm pretty much into DaizyStripper, too and also immediately fell for DIMLIN even though their new single didn't get me as much as their stuff before but I didn't spent much attention to it yet due to the Gazette tour and all focus just being put on them. The ticket sale for Dir en grey is just about to start in less than one hour and since I haven't seen them since 2011 I see how it turns out (I've heard stories of it still being a crazy run on the tickets as it was back in the days).
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    when your McNugget urge is strong. How the hell do you get fired/deported for not paying for your meal? How the hell do you even get your meal without paying?
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    Having an absolute blast with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. I never owned the original one myself but my friend had it and every time I hung out with her I begged we go to her house and play CTR. Though after a while she didn't want to play it with me anymore because I kept winning every time... haha. Anyway the remaster looks really pretty and feels great! I'm of course maining my favorite crazy doc, N. Gin~ Ah, he looks as insane as ever.
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    The Virginity Topic

    Hi, My name is Spike of Cowboy Bebop. I'm the hottest guy in space. Virgin or not I respect a woman who respects themselves.
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    Their first live will be on 2019.08.28 at Shinjuku clubSCIENCE Members : Singer : 汀 (Nagisa) Guitarist : 星垂 (Hotaru) Guitarist : 灰(Kai) Bassist : 藍季(Aiki) Drummer : ゆうき(Yuuki)
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    Falilv revealed Tetsuya who will be the new bassist with the comeback from losing the former bassist Kei and also announced the small tour "Carry On Falilv" .
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    Finally finished LoZ: Ocarina of Time (3D) for the first time today after going around it and never progressing much for like 20 years. Really enjoyed the game as a whole. Absolutely dreaded the Water and Shadow temples, but the others were lots of fun. I already have A Link Between Worlds lined up and that shall be the next I play.
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    Absolutely & without a doubt the best character in the Crash series along w/ Ripper Roo. I still really wanna play both the Trilogy remakes and the Kart remake, but the former already didn't run on my gf's laptop, so i'm kinda feeling like Kart prolly won't work either.. I've been playing the GBA puzzle game Guru Logic Champ w/ my gf lately, it's incredibly fun and the art style's p cute too if you like ducks, for the past couple of sessions we've been stuck on this ONE fucking puzzle that's needed to progress to the final chapter and I have absolutely NO idea how to solve it, also helps that there's like no guides available anywhere for this particular chapter's puzzles lol
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    LEO今井 new cover EP "6 Japanese Covers"

    Might as well talk about my boy Leo here since it might be of interest to one or two people. LEO IMAI will release a new cover EP called "6 Japanese Covers" (heh) on July 24th featuring covers from bands like Ningen Isu and ZAZEN BOYS. Tracklist also features 3 bonus tracks including a new song called Fandom and two live takes. 1. どだればち [original by 人間椅子]  2. 夏の日の午後 [original by eastern youth] 3. ポテトサラダ [original by ZAZEN BOYS] 4. ヤングたかじん [original by 呂布カルマ] 5. ファックミー [original by 前野健太] 6. 雨 [original by ペトロールズ] Bonus Tracks 7. Fandom (Remix For A Film)  8. Venom (Live at Bottom Line, Nagoya) 9. Karaoke (Live at Fever, Tokyo) Music Video for どだればち: Samples:
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    Karma is the only person left in vk with taste...once he releases a clothing line ruki will be ROBBED and BANKRUPT.
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    I equally hate when people praise any cookie cutter new band that comes around like they're going to be anything special and then everyone forgets about them a year later. Sometimes I feel like people aren't being honest with themselves with trying to enjoy newer stuff. I admit I sometimes do this too. Not saying there still aren't great new bands that come around every once in a while.
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    Deviloof is becoming that kind of "hate it or love it" band,and I don't blame people for it.
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    I mean I guess realistically some incentives for instores like 2shots can be done at venues, but the talks
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    凛として時雨 (Ling Tosite Sigure) new maxi-single "Neighbormind / laser beamer" will be released at 2019/07/03 [tracklist] 【Disc1 (CD)】 1. Neighbormind 2. laser beamer 3.Neighbormind (Instrumental) 4. laser beamer (Instrumental) 【Disc2 (DVD)】 “laser beamer” Music Video “laser beamer” - 「舞台PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Virtue and Vice」Opening Stage Plot
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    Ikebukuro still has Closet Child. They're just not buying CDs anymore and the selection is quite small.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Yeah, kinda, but regular printers surprisingly scan stuff pretty well. I had to do it at the highest DPI setting, and it came out pretty well. I'll see if I can find a better picture of the shirt, since I think I took another pic of it when I first got it
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I scanned my Cuartet Obi, edited it a bit (I replaced the pic of Saki with the one from the Lyric booklet, since I liked that picture better lol) and put the design on Redbubble for me to buy lol.
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    The Virginity Topic

    How about tinder?
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    What are you listening to 2?

    I’m soo happy I found them on spotify 😭💕
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    Your last music-related buy!

    ah, demo is a fake so the hunt continues ><
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    White version : 2500 yen + taxes CD : 1. Mirage 2. Tragedy 3. AZALEA 4. SHIRABE 5.センターオブトーキョー(Centre of Toukyou) 6. 6inchの凶器(6inch no kyouki) DVD : 1. AZALEA Music Video 2. Shin talks about his newest album 『AZALEA』 Pink version : 2000 yen + taxes CD : 1. Mirage 2. Tragedy 3. AZALEA 4. SHIRABE 5.センターオブトーキョー(Centre of Toukyou) 6. 6inchの凶器(6inch no kyouki) 7. (Bonus track) 花(Hana)
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    The Virginity Topic

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    The Virginity Topic

    literally me every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Virginity Topic

    Old thread, but I just... fuck. Okay, don't misunderstand me. I don't just fuck. What I meant was, I just need to post here because... fuck. I am about ready to beat the living shite out of an inanimate object because I am a virgin and I've never been kissed or anything and it just... pisses me off, y'know? I know, I know, I'm a young'un and everyone else here is probably looking at me like I'm a stupid naïve baby right now, but I have an extremely high libido and when you're surrounded by people who have done it, can access it so easily that they may as well be living off it and are constantly reminding me that it's something "everyone does" and that I shouldn't go all quiet when people start talking about it, it's really fucking frustrating. It's not something "everyone does" because not everyone is that lucky. Also, I hate it when people tell me "it'll happen when it happens" because it doesn't just... happen. It doesn't just fall into your lap (no pun intended). You have to find a suitably attractive person, get to know them well enough to trust them, negotiate, etc, and it's just... argh. Especially considering barely anyone here is even my type and when they are, they're never interested in me back. My mother telling me I had to have sex at some point in my life didn't help much either. She told me that any potential suitors would consider me worthless if I didn't... and that, ladies and gents, is (probably) the story of my conception 🙃 but I digress. Look, I don't mean to dump all over everything everyone else has said here because I wholeheartedly agree with the general consensus that you shouldn't judge or shame people for being virgins - I know that better than most - but I just really needed to get this out because it's making me want to hit something! I don't even know why I care about it so much. We could go on and on about Freud or evolution or biology or yada-yada, but considering I don't want children, I've already removed that instinctual aspect and once you do that, the biological aspect is kind of nullified. Like I said, I just don't know why I care so much about this other than I have a high libido, and even then, that doesn't explain why I want a person so badly as I'm not really interested in a romantic relationship at the moment. I used to be, but that was bloody ages ago. It's really odd because I don't want to do it out of pressure. As I mentioned earlier, people telling me "everyone does it" isn't helpful, but that's not the reason I want to do it. I don't want to do it to score popularity points and I would only really tell someone I had sex if it was anonymously or if I absolutely had to. I just... want to. On a lighter note, a girl who lost her virginity really early once told me to not feel pressured and she was really sweet to me when this complete bastard picked on me for being a virgin, so that was nice. Anyways, I'm going to try to get some sleep. I have college in just under six hours. I napped earlier so I should be okay. Hopefully.
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    New band "GoodByeMyFriends" have formed

    Vo.汀 (Nagisa) is ex-爆烈ストーム!! (Bakuretsu Storm!!) Gu.星垂 (Hotaru) is ex-VAZENORIA Ba.藍季 (Aiki) is ex-DIVEIN Dr.ゆうき (Yuuki) is ex-ラストクレイン (The Last Crane)
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    I was really nervous after reading all the bad switch reviews, but honestly this game is so fun.
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    no i havent ill go check it out
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    The meaning of the song Regret by The GazettE describes how I feel atm
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    random thoughts thread

    The second is him giving a presentation.
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    deported for not paying for food- North Korea joke (or China) oh it's fake...well there goes my scandalous vibe, guess I'll wait for someone in Kiryu to get married and out shook Jaw man.
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    Kizu having a hologram concert, this has to be a first for visual kei right
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    sleepy coffee


    What the actual fuck is this band's budget if they can pull this off
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    Was at an arcade today and I won on a claw machine three times in a row 😏
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    The.picnics is an alter ego band of ensoku, so yeah, this is a joke lol
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    This must be a joke because what the fuck? You pay for the meal first, LOL.
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    I don't understand how this is possible. You have to pay before you get your food in person, and at a kiosk...
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    That's what I thought but it was quite weird X)
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    強制送還 means deportation, so Dave was deported from Japan. Because of McDonald's... This sounds like a bad joke.
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    Chateau la Tour is such an underrated band. It and Kar'Maria are the only Yuuga bands that really had synergy as bands. Devil Kitty, while I love them, is more of a trio between Yuuga, Yura and whatever bassist they were always replacing lol. They also surprisingly had pretty good sounding production.
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    Misaruka WDP will perform?

    Misaruka WDP will also perform at 25/07/2019 (Opening Act) at Fukuoka GRAF (Rin's Birthday Event) Live Members : Vocal : Rui (Ex-Misaruka -> Mikansei Alice) Guitar : Rin (Ex-Misaruka -> Scarlet Valse)
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    The big TV-series discussion thread

    Comrade Detective - Comrade Detective is presented as a long lost Romanian TV-series that resemble a non-existent gritty 1980's Cold War Romanian police show that promoted Communist ideals. It's shot in Romania with a Romanian cast, but is dubbed by the likes of Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and loads of less familiar faces and voices. It's six episodes and it works both as a crime comedy and a fake anti-socialist propaganda series. It's exciting, it's fun and very, very well made. Probably a top 10 series for me, maybe quite high on that list too. Excellent!
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    People being ungrateful for other uploaders + also some that posts releases on other sites while claiming it's their own. Eww.
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