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    out of all the bands to disband in 2018, i still think Dezert was the worst miss those lil homies
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    Dir en grey

    22 years today, Dir en grey was officially formed.
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    I don't get people who dislikes some bands,but keep an eye on them just to keep confirming they don't like it. Stupid and annoying.
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    deg themselves are fantastic, their fans are among one of, if not the worst out of any japanese band/group/musician fandoms
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    Right now from the new VK bands, I am very interested in RAZOR right now, I love their sound and almost everything that they have released so far has been very nice to me, I like The Thirteen too, and I'm super excited about the Alice in Menswear project. I will check out some of the new bands mentioned hear that I haven't listened to yet.
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    SPARTA LOCALS new album release

    Awesome! My boyz are back!!! ♥ Track lengths for the album if anyone's curious: 1. 夢くれ - 03:25 2. コールタール0 - 03:11 3. jumpin - 04:13 4. アンダーグラウンド - 03:12 5. battle - 04:06 6. GOD - 03:52 7. Leaky drive - 02:14 8. noRmaL - 05:01 Clocks in at 29 minutes.
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    Diaura officially switch labels

    To be fair, I don't think FORUM has an official website or Twitter. They do have an official Youtube channel tho (and weirdly enough a Google Plus profile with two updates, btw the profile points to the official MEJIBRAY website as the label's "official site" lol).
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    Diaura officially switch labels

    stop acting so childish.
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    Loving the promotional visuals for this album
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    Good thing that women are still standing up for themselves, even in Japan. Also men shouldn't have anything to say about it, as they are not the ones carrying the child in their body. Oh well, let's end this here. As we are heading off-topic now.
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    MORE will be on hiatus

    Even if MORE will hold their 5th anniversary on 2020.06.21 at ikebukuro edge, the band will go on hiatus after the live of 2019.02.17 However Loki said, that he will try to return as fast as possible before their 5th anniversary.
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    悪者(Warumono) 1st single "はじまりはじまり。" will be released at 2019/03/05.
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    Nearly got mowed down by a Deliveroo guy on his bicycle today (he was coming out of a narrow alleyway, so neither of us could see the other coming) and I apologised for getting in his way, but he just said "fucking hell..." and went away. Like, dude, you nearly ran me the fuck over. If anything, you should be the one apologising to me
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    disliking and laughing at embarassing music are two completely different things x
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    New band "Hueye" has formed

    Good to see Majyu in a new band, hope it's gonna be tolerable. btw can't wait for Hueye's potential side projects Deweye and Louiee
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    The big TV-series discussion thread

    Agreed. I thought a few of the episodes where a tad too long, but the series overall ere really good and entertaining. It's fun and witty, but at the same time it takes up some serious issues like sexuality among teenagers, the frustration and pressure and how hard it is to live with ridiculous expectations. Very pro-lgbt as well. It got renewed, and I am looking forward to it for sure.
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    Rands is very boring, very forgettable.

    Rands is very boring, very forgettable.
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    The big TV-series discussion thread

    Just wanted to drop by and mention that I've been really enjoying Sex Education on Netflix! It's got just the right balance of comedy and drama I like, plus I'm always a sucker for coming-of-age stories. The plot is nothing wildly impressive or out-of-the-box but done excellently, the actors are great (Gillian Anderson! ♥) and the soundtrack is killer. If anyone's looking for quality entertainment I totally recommend it.
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    random thoughts thread

    i drink vodka while watching vkei mvs with my friend for the second day in a row and i feel so blessed to have an irl friend who shares my interests
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    So I'm really digging "DAVID" a lot more than I thought I would. Also bonus points for looking like Lareine Kamijo with that long blonde hair hurrr
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    The CD will be released via Itunes etc as of 2019.02.11.
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    Holy shit, why are vk fans so delusional about their favorite musicians' habilities? Just because you like someone it doesn't mean they are technically perfect musicians above any criticism. No wonder vk has such an awful reputation
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    Dir en grey

    Back when they were still on their prime, their heavy stuff was virtually unbeatable. Their attempt at making "heavy" stuff with TIW was just bad, dumbed down and annoying. I remember someone here saying that they should leave the heavy stuff to younger bands because they're doing it better than DeG now and it saddens me, but I agree. I honestly doubt anyone else will ever come up with something the level of Uroboros or DSS, but a lot of bands are pulling the whole extreme/alternative/prog metal(core) thingy better than DeG did with TIW. I think it's possible, they've "resurected" older songs before (albeit in heavily different forms sometimes). "Conceived Sorrow" and "Revelation of Mankind" were included on the albums that followed the ones they were originally composed for, for example.
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    Maria Cross is pretty gud doh, not gonna lie. Still need to buy his remaining cds.
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    that cover art is way, waaaaay better than this band's music will ever be and it's still 'generic tattoo art' tier
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    For a debut,the MV seemed to be very well produced. but,come on...how many R-Shitei's do we need?
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    Manji 卍

    Dir en grey

    been listening to the DISC 3 of Vestiges,The unraveling mini,and the heaviest tracks of DSS,and GOD,their deathmetal era was so good.that production was criminally brutal,so much that makes your skin crawl,they were amazing.unfortunately,TIW still not flowing well to me,the only thing i could enjoy was Aka,and unless they release a remastered version of the album,i don't think it will ever grow on me.Usually i need time to digest an album,however,i keep retrying and revisiting and still the same...shit.
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    Rinrin is in this band? Okay, I have to check them out. He is a really nice person irl.
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    Dir en grey

    I love their heavy stuff but also give me an album that sounds like Kaishun pls ty
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    @-NOVA- I'm loving this toooooo
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    Yassss we need more razor appreciation
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    The general Metal discussion thread

    Another new Saor song and this time it features Neige of Alcest. Better than the last track and one of the better Saor tracks to date, and much of it comes down to Neige's excellent vocals. He's just on a whole different planet vocal wise.
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    Diaura officially switch labels

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    LOL, here's some more recent ones.
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    from the comments here I'd say it's working
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    Niiiiiiiiiiiice Band name reminds me of Daisuke's (Kagerou) solo project 大佑と黒の隠者達 (Daisuke to kuro no inja-tachi).
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    Diaura officially switch labels

    Remember when VK bands would only leave their labels to go major or to go to a bigger label ?
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    Yup you cracked the code
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    Dir en grey

    22 years ago, on January 24, 1997, DIR EN GREY played their first ever show at Nagano J. Kyo, Kaoru, Die and Shinya arrived the day before and met Toshiya in a parking lot. They stayed at Toshiya's parents' house over night and on the next day, they booked two hours in a studio to rehearse. In the evening, there was an event and the future members of DIR EN GREY performed on stage together for the first time. Since they had not thought of a band name, they called themselves DEATHMASK and played around four Kuroyume cover songs. Toshiya also performed with D+L as their support guitarist on that evening. So since it's already the 24th in Japan, today marks 22 years since the true beginning of DIR EN GREY! 😊
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    Last movie you saw.

    Apparently I didn't have anything better to do yesterday so I watched the 'extended version' of the original Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (a.k.a. Män som hatar kvinnor), which was like a 2-part movie in 3 hours total. I haven't previously read/seen any of the books/movies so this was my first encounter with this franchise. It was a pretty cool crime thriller that took its sweet time fleshing everything out but it didn't give me a chance to get bored thankfully. In other words, it had a good pacing, great characters, and I'm glad that basically all questions were answered by the end. I'll probably check out the sequel(s) too, and eventually the US remake/reboot thingies, even though I heard they aren't as good (tho I did hear praise about the David Fincher one).
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    its so hard to give a shit about this band considering they have only live limited shit so far and issei
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    Mana (of Malice Mizer fame) speaks fluent English, but inexplicably has a very thick cockney accent
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    You are welcome! : D Although I'd be careful in interpreting any political statement into this. 'Abortion' has been a classic theme with the darker vk bands ever since 黒夢s 中絶 and 生きていた中絶児 in the early 90s. Dir en greys try on that motif is pretty well-known, too, I think. It's also important to notice that japans view on abortion is very different from many western countries with christian roots and this kind of song isn't as controversial there.
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