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    Favorite J-rock Guitar Solos!

    Yeah, I know. You'd think a thread like this already existed here, but somehow, it doesn't. (well, there was this old thread, but that's not exactly the same thing.) So yeah, what are some of your favorite guitar solos in J-rock? You know, those solos that are so damn soulful that they sucker punch you right in the feelz, those solos that absolutely melt your face off with their sheer technical prowess, or those solos that are just inexplicably memorable! Whatever the reason, what are some of the guitar solos that have spoken to YOU? .... A somewhat recent solo that's become a favorite of mine is in "PHANTOM" by lynch. It actually caught me off guard, since I wouldn't typically expect it from this band, but man, I found this one to be pretty powerful. It's very clean and traditional, but it's also very soulful. They definitely hit all the "right" notes, and for me, the solo is the apex of this song. Listening to this was what initially prompted me to search for a thread like this, and subsequently make this one. The solo starts at about 2:48. This is probably the most recent J-rock solo that's cemented itself in my head. Though I'll probably post more at a later date. What are some of your favorites? (also, please use spoilers if you add video)
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    The OFFICIAL RPDR Discussion Thread

    Valetina makes for some good TV this season, but boiiiii am I irritated by her most of the time too, haha. Also lol @ this all-too-obvious 'suspending All Star rules' buffoonery just to keep some ppl in and bring some other ppl back...
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    Woke up to this song stuck in my head.....
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    The OFFICIAL RPDR Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I had fun with the latest episode in the moment but like... nothing changed. As much as I like Latrice, she shouldn't have come back. She wasn't bringing it like I know she can. I love delusional Villaintina, honestly 2019 goals to be that. I get why she isn't everyone's cup of tea tho
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    The Kiyoharu photoshoot everyone knows Wataru from LIPHLICH's "Beauty Calendar" that was mostly shots of his ass.
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    That one what's-his-name dude from vaatsu selling dick pics. That one always cracks me up.
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    You know, the album is nowhere the trainwreck I was expecting! Those are just my impressions from a first listen. Let me start with the biggest problem: Mio's singing. He is trying WAY TOO HARD to sing in a range he doesn't have. He is indeed a very good screamer (he's way better than Sho when he started out, he doesn't overabuse inhales and is overall more versatile) but for now his clean voice is making me have a harder time enjoying the music. Maybe he can go under an impressive improvement like Sho did, but who knows? While there is recently a whole wave of VK bands that put A WHOLE LOT of emphasis on musicianship sometimes to the expense of songwriting, I feel like the musicianship is not only capable but also used in a way it doesn't try to compensate for bad songwriting (different to something like Jiluka's lastest album which is nearly unlistenable). Despite the over-triggered drum sound that doesn't make him much favor, Issei is indeed a good drummer and way more capable than the repetitive machine gun double bass blasting I've heard in a lot of his stuff would indicate. The bass-heavy production renders the music a bit messy, and it doesn't help that their sound is very layered (with lots of guitar leads, vocal harmonies, orchestral and electronic instrumentation), so the mix is kinda muddy (I had wishes of DeG going for 8-strings before but this album reminded me that with their awful production values of late, the music would sound like a total mess). The songwriting is all over the place (there are proggy pieces, the all-out aggressive stuff in line with the promotional singles, synth-heavy "anthemic" live-oriented stuff, ballads here and there) pretty much like early Dimlim, but I consider it to be a slight improvement over something like Various (sorry, but I really dislike it). One of the biggest complains is the abundance of synth sounds that a lot of times subtract more than add to the song (not to mention how they clutter the mix even further). Couldn't care less about the anime ED ballads though and the unabashedly "live-oriented" songs with all the gang vocals and call-and-response bits don't do much for me either. My favorite tracks were "Judas" (which sadly suffers from some of the worst vocals of the album), "unknown" and "Blink".
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    Plug.DJ is no more... As far as we are concerned atleast~~~ We have a way better alternative in our discord group https://discord.gg/dh7vY5w - Join the queue and add songs to play with other people in the DJ channel - Alternatively, there is a 24/7 VK radio also playing. (a bit clickbaity, I do apologise) What are you waiting for already?
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    Tanuki rumors (about vk artists)

    don't forget the ~mistresses~ who act all holy and mighty and bitch at anyone who interacts with them. not to mention when they take requests, they cast you aside because you weren't ~specific~ enough in your message you know who you are
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    @Furik 縄, R指定 were Gara (Merry) and Ryou (Baroque) アイドル狂いの心裏学 was Haru (Dog in the PWO) and Lime (Kizu) リストカッター was Show (A9), Gara, Ryou 夕暮れの謝罪 was Gara, Ryou, Show, Haru, Lime & Tatsurou (MUCC)
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    Candy Japan

    Soooo, for no reason whatsoever, I decided to start a thread about some sweets I'm gonna be getting twice a month. I'm getting them from this website, in case you were interested: www.candyjapan.com/ Also, the box art is the cutest thing ever. Alright, so, let's see what's inside! By the way, I can't read Japanese very well so I have no idea what these are or what they'll taste like until I open them.
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    Favorite J-rock Guitar Solos!

    Ooh Ooh! Great Thread @CAT5! I fucking LOVE PHANTOM btw. We all know that the GazettE - バレッタ (Baretta) is one of the most OG solo works to ever exist lol (Solo starts at 3:11) but to name a few favorites: 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) - 腐った海で溺れかけている僕を救ってくれた君 (Kusatta Umi de Oborekakateiru Boku wo Sukutte Kureta Kimi) (Solo starts at 2:49) ayabie - 桜舞う季節に (Sakura Mau Kisetsu Ni) (Solo starts at 2:35) and surprisingly, An Café (but at that time they were known as アンティック-珈琲店 (Antic Café)) - Aurora (Solo starts at 2:19) and I gotta throw in my own fave from lynch. with their song "Fallen" (Solo starts at 1:43)
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    Excellent review mate, hit the head on the nail with this. This was a hot mess, as was early DIMLIM, but it was somehow a breath of fresh air with all its excess
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    yeah I bought the digital copy of Kylyn's photobook lol
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    I'm watching Boruto! It's really fun hahaha and kinda silly but I enjoy it. Just watched Recovery of an MMO junkie, and ORANGE (which I HIGHLY recommend)
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    Candy Japan

    The time has come yet again! This time, I only have three things to tell you about, but they look good! I can sort of tell just by looking at them that they should be sweeter than last time.
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    Papo 10 galera, o álbum solo do vocalista do Dream Theater é a coisa(americana) mais VK que eu já ouvi... Bagulho parece até aquelas bandas tipo Arlequin kkkkkk Curti d+
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    Nyango star documentary on HBO!

    Nyango star documentary on HBO!
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    the girl with the ponytail blocking the camera at Grieva’s last show... that was me
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    Honestly, I think it is fairly neat/artistic from what we can see from twitter and the way the VK guys are sexualized, this is the logical consequence. Too bad he is not an active bandmen anymore, otherwise he could have charged so much more! I think I read somewhere it's going for ~1500\2000¥?
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    Well, not really. Myakuhaku had 14 songs, including 4 singles which have been released beforehand which makes 10 new songs only. I prefer bands releasing a shorter album and no singles actually. Their self cover albums, the tribute album and Jigen Bakudan has been released under MSHN already, so I'm not surprised. Seems like their contract with Sony expired.
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    new band "DIERRY CALL" has formed

    support members 01/18 gig Gt.ゆい @Yui00Dxtrl Gt.ユウヤ @0102gt Ba.𝓝 @nobutobu Dr.丞 @DYDL_JOW (ex.DAYDALA) Also Ram's position is Manipulator. So, this band is TIME limited UNIT, so they won't be around for a long time I guess? or change into a formal band after a time... Live schedule: 1.26(土)池袋BlackHole 2.7(木)池袋BlackHole 2.15(金)池袋BlackHole 2.17(日)池袋BlackHole 2.25(月)池袋BlackHole 3.5(火)Zirco Tokyo 3.6(水)東高円寺二万電圧 3.18(月)HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 4.05(金)池袋EDGE 4.14(日)新宿clubscience 4.26(金)池袋BlackHole 4.29(月.祝)池袋EDGE
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    It is hard to admit that all the nihilism, gothic and dark stuff are just making my insomnia and anxiety worse.Wish I wasn't so into it
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    Worst Band Names in VK?

    xaa-xaa is such a cool name though. Extra cool points for stylizing ザアザア with an x instead of a z.
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    0801弐209XX6 new mini album release

    the tracklist of their new mini-album "X" has been revealed and vocalist Yukari confirms all the songs are new.
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    Copped a bunch of releases since late last year. I don't buy as much vk anymore, so I have a lot more room to splurge on cassettes: Flamingo Funk Vol. 1 (White Cass.) Diskette Park - Stray ローマンROMAN - PALMS ショッピングワールドjp & SP - Winner's Circle Saury - Shyest ETHERNET CITY - YOUTH FOUNTAIN This release is pretty underrated. I copped PALMS on SIC Records, so I got this one w/ it. Dragonball Wave I - III I wasn't planning on getting this at first, but after some Spotify & Bandcamp listens I got pretty hooked. Vantage - Metro City (Collector Edition) Modern Living (Remix + OG) ミカヅキBIGWAVE - 星空ROMANTIC Night Tempo - Tokyo Night Drive [Not a cassette, but a magazine by the cover artist. Still looking for "Nighty Tape"] マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Summer Touch I would pick up some other tapes I've missed on Discogs if it wasn't for scalpers overvaluing their shit. Fortunately, cassette runs are much less cutthroat than vinyl.
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    Tanuki rumors (about vk artists)

    there's a lot of old translations on tumblr. it's just that these people often stop translating because people start flooding with requests asking for super broad stuff like "omfg translate everything you find on 'Guy A'"??? but even today those translations are super entertaining to read lol I navigated tanuki a few times, but only looked for pics because IDFK japanese
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    Jupiter Ba.RUCY will depart

    Fuggin' A, not this shit again. I mean, I thought their music was meh since their formation, but to have members within feel the same way even now is just lol. Makes you wonder if Kuze is gonna make it through the year haha.
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    The ones I can think of, off the top of my head, are the following DVDs: Dir en grey - TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?- Dir en grey - TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ______ [mode of VULGAR] Dir en grey - TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ______ [mode of MACABRE] Girugamesh - Last Live DVD sukekiyo - MUTANS // 2016.7.17 sukekiyo 2016 live「裸体と遊具、泥芝居に讃歌の詩」-漆黒の儀- I've also attended the filming of a lynch. live DVD at Hibiya Park Concert Hall, but I've not actually looked at it yet so I don't know if I can see myself in it. I've also been featured in some instagram clips from MUCC etc. but I don't count those. I'm sure there are more though so I'll give it some thought and return to this thread! Being a tall white guy attending concerts in Japan means that it's quite easy to spot yourself in a DVD, haha.
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    Have you ever been recorded at a live?

    Not recorded, but my right arm and hand are on Toshiya's instagram picture of their Cologne concert: The one on the left, directly below the light.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    This is me https://imgur.com/a/ql5glcr
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    Show Yourself (again)

    New profile pic
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    Jupiter Ba.RUCY will depart

    RUCY has departed after the band's live on January 20.
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    Meto speaking + dating

    Psst. How did this rumour start anyway? Is there anything that indicates that they're dating or did they just smile at each once like friendly human beings often do?
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    Or talking about Laputa to a Spanish speaking person.
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    put some respect on kylynn's name! the look is good and as far as we know he ain't a literal pedophile
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    What are you reading?

    I'm reading Utena, I got the omnibuses and they're HUGE.
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    I don't get why issei thinks that mixing house beats and imitating-nega-imitating-DSS-era-Dir-en-grey on one album is a good idea but this is unlistenable anyone seriously expecting Issei to form another new band once this one disbands by november or so?
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    Ro plz

    the GazettE new album, "NINTH" release

    I will be there. Grabbing my ticket in a few weeks. LETS MEET FOLKS!
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    Anne Claire

    Show Yourself (again)

    ayyyyyy, long time no see
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    So yeah, let's collect "official" releases focusing on being naked and catering for the bangyas sexual appetite! Lol Kirin ex-merry bad end: Golden Bomber - personification of this in Kenji! (All print and official matetials on him lol) ICE - these "erotic Cure photoshots"
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    new omnibus album, "DEEP MORE DEEP #6" (2808 yen) will be released on March 27 and it will include 6 tracks (1 from each band) [featured bands] Sioux LAY ABOUT WORLD raith. Silver Bullet zicross Veinrot
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    Personally,this is a strange record.i like it,but at the same time it makes me confused.Even with it's flaws and dissonances,it was inspired,but again it feels like a package of good ideas badly executed. I'm hooked by the vocalist,and I really hope issei can chill out and find a balance in his productions or just leave it to someone else take over and make it real good,just like the DIMLIM's paradox [full album is up on Roppu's channel]
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