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    In that case visual kei might not be for you
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    VK grandma represent \o/

    Welcome my dear children! How's vk doing these days? 😎 I see you can even listen to your weird japanese metal on Spotify, kids have it way too easy nowadays... BACK IN MY DAY I had to hunt single songs in 92kbps on dial-up Limewire and half the time ended up with "I did not have sexual relations with that woman.mp3". Funny story, that's how I got into vk! 13-year-old me was browsing the wide web, probably for some quality Britney Spears, and found a grainy Miyavi's Jibun Kakumei PV instead. With a 20MB download limit per day, I thought CLOSE ENOUGH and the rest is history. Now I'm back after over 10 years of impersonating a Serious Adult™ and I have Opinions™ to share. Some bands that I used to listen to (some of which are surprisingly still around!): Miyavi (duh), MUCC, Merry, girugamesh, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Hora, Kaya, Schwarz Stein (can't believe they got back together, it's like I never left!) and the whole shebang, Aural Vampire, Kagrra,, Yoshiki's classical stuff~ And some bands that I've discovered in the past few weeks and absolutely love: Initial'L and consequently Lycaon, DIMLIM, Xaa-Xaa~ Also, I'm Anna 💩 P.S. I also listen to a lot of kpop, all kinds of electronic and celtic music; don't expect there to be much overlap but you never know! if your music taste is as all over the place as mine, hit me up, we can share obscure recommendations!
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    New band gulu gulu has formed

    烏名 鳴と不愉快な仲間達 (Karasuna Mei to Fuyukai na Nakamatachi) has now become a formal band called gulu gulu Vo. 哀/I [Ai] (ex.Kuroyuri to Kage f.k.a 烏名 鳴 Karasuna Mei) Gt. 凛人/Rito (ex.MIZTAVLA 光 Kou) Gt. Kazari (ex.llll-Ligro-) Ba. 藍珠/Lanju (ex.Grieva 緋雨 Hisame) Dr. 螢ちゃん/Hotaru chan (ex. Balalaika f.k.a カタセ ケイ Katase Kei) They will make their first appearance at cure festival on 4.28 and hold their first oneman on 8.12 at ikebukuro EDGE Their first Single「変なメリーゴーランド」 will be released in 2 types on 5.28 -不味い盤- 1. 変なメリーゴーランド 2. 嗅覚障害 3. 不味い麻酔 -美味い盤- 1. 変なメリーゴーランド 2. 嗅覚障害 3. Rubra
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    My body is ready.
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    A lot can be said, positive and negative about the legacy of MALICE MIZER, whether it's the abrupt departure of Tetsu after just one year, the GACKT years, the untimely death of Kami or the rise and fall in the Klaha years. There's no better way to understand how MALICE MIZER went from unknown to legends of Visual Kei than to start in the beginning. In the Beginning: The Era of Tetsu MALICE MIZER was formed in August of 1992 when former guitarist of Matenrou, Közi joined forces with the support bassist Mana and the two recruited the former Ner-vous vocalist Tetsu, former ZE:RO bassist Yu~ki and former DATURA (not to be confused with DatuRΛ) drummer Gaz to form MALICE MIZER (a postmanteau of Malice and Misery) with a concept based on the darker side of human nature. MALICE MIZER immediately began activities and released their first demo tape SANS LOGIQUE which had foregone vocals and released Speed of Desperate on the compilation album Brain Trash which featured acts such as ALUCARD, DIE=KÜSSE, THE PIASS and Gazelle. Shortly after Brain TRASH, Gaz departed and Kami joined; Kami being the only other drummer for the band until his untimely death. MALICE MIZER released a few more demos before releasing their debut album memoire on Mana's newly founded label Midi:Nette. Tetsu then left the band at the end of 1994 with a live performance titled Cher de memoire II on December 27th. Taking a Different Route: It's Gackt Time MALICE MIZER went into 1995 without a vocalist, but they didn't let it stop their surge as they performed without a vocalist for a sponsored event titled Dai Goya Higeki no Bansan Vol.5 (第五夜 悲劇の晩餐 Vol.5) before Gackt officially joined the band as the new vocalist with his first performance on October 10th Karei naru Fukkatsugeki. The music of MALICE MIZER took a drastic turn and was the catalyst for the rise of Gackt as a performer and set the stage for his continued success after leaving the band as the band went from a Gothic sound to a more upbeat sound; something that became a signature of Gackt's solo career. In 1996 MALICE MIZER released their second album Voyage sans retour and underwent a nationwide one-man tour culminating in a show titled Sans retour Voyage deux 1996. MALICE MIZER continued their stride in 1997 when they signed a contract with major label Nippon Columbia, a subsidiary of Columbia Music Company as well as undergoing a sold-out nationwide tour with STANDING TOUR '97 Pays de merveilles ~空白の瞬間の中で~ and a regularly broadcast radio show MALICE MIZER no Mayonaka no s'il vous plaît on CBC Radio. Merveilles, MALICE MIZER's third album and second featuring Gackt as vocalist is released in March of 1998, the band announced merveilles ~Shuuen to kisuu~ in which the tickets sold out in just two minutes as well as undergoing a new radio show MALICE MIZER no shisetsu hisho no chojutsu on Chiba's renowned bay-fm radio station. However, things would take a turn when in January Gackt decided to leave the band at the peak of their popularity to form own solo project that he continues to this day, simply called GACKT featuring a backing band appropriately titled GACKTJOB. As if losing their vocalist wasn't bad enough tragedy struck when in June beloved drummer Kami passed away suddenly from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, more commonly referred to as a brain hemorrhage. With the world crashing down around his shoulders, Mana underwent damage control and returned MALICE MIZER to his own label. Malice Mizer went on to release one song after Gackt left, a piano song called Saikai no Chi to Bara. Little did they know that their fortunes were about to change as their savior was right around the corner. From Rebirth to Climax: The Year of Klaha PRIDE OF MIND former vocalist Klaha joined MALICE MIZER on vocals on August 31st and would be the third and final vocalist for the group. MALICE MIZER proceeded to get back to making music right away with the release of their fourth and final album Bara no Seidou and Klaha had his first live performance one week later with Bara ni irodorareta akui to higeki no makuake - Dai icihiya saikai no bara. Sadly, nothing lasts forever and after several singles, a feature length, albeit silent film Bara no Konrei ~Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku~ and even a concert DVD in 2001, MALICE MIZER went on an indefinite hiatus at the end of the year. Each member releasing their own respective personal messages regarding the hiatus on the bands official website. Post Mortem: An Uncertain Future After MALICE MIZER went on an indefinite hiatus the respective members were quick to move on to other projects, except for Yu~ki who's only activity since the hiatus was contributing to a song on Közi's solo project. The aforementioned Közi went on to be in a managare of bands, first with HARUHIKO ASH in Eve of Destiny, then started a solo project as well as XA-VAT, ZIZ, VAMQUET and joined Ryo from 9Goats Black Out to form a nu-goth band called DĂLLE. Mana quickly formed his own solo project that is still running strong today called Moi dix Mois and launched his own fashion label Moi-même-Moitie as well as becoming a producer for the band Schwarz Stein and cellist Kanon Wakeshima. Tetsu formed several bands of varying styles of music after leaving MALICE MIZER with the most notable being ZIGZO and Nil. Gackt has been active as a solo artist since leaving MALICE MIZER and subsequently ventured into film and television while Klaha released a solo mini-album and full length album before disappearing from the scene in 2004, not to be heard from again. MALICE MIZER may be no more, but the pieces have come together several times since the hiatus, Közi joining Mana's Moi dix Mois in 2008 at Dis Inferno Vol.VI ~Last Year Party~ and again in 2009 for a two stop tour Deep Sanctuary; Deep Sanctuary becoming a staple event for Moi dix Mois from then on. Moi dix Mois and Közi went on another, longer tour in 2010, six shows aptly named Deep Sanctuary II which featured the return of Yu~ki on bass; the three reuniting on stage for the first time in nine years. The show featured MALICE MIZER classics such as Saikai no Chi to Bara and Beast of Blood as well as a cover of shock rocker Rob Zombie's What Lurks on Channel X. Moi dix Mois then held a tenth anniversary concert Le dixieme anniversaire Live 2011~2012 ~Tetsugaku no Hahen Dainana Shou Shinen naru Seiiki Deep Sanctuary III~ which saw Közi performing with his new band ZIZ with Yu~ki returning on bass. Sadly the original drummer Gaz passed away on December 22nd 2017, one year before the bands 25th anniversary and the subsequent reunion show last year Deep Sanctuary Ⅵ MALICE MIZER 25th Anniversary Special which featured the return of the trio as well as former roadies for the band performing their own renditions of classic songs, such as former LAREINE vocalist KAMIJO joining for his own take on the Gackt era songs APRES MIDI and Bel Air ~Kuuhaku no Shunkan no Naka De~, cali≠gari's Shuuji with a riff on the Tetsu era's Kioku to Sora and ILLUMINATI as well as Moran former vocalist Hitomi with Gackt's Madrigal and N.p.s.N.g.s. The show featured ZIZ and Moi dix Mois performing their own songs and MALICE MIZER covers with the show ended with a tribute to the departed Kami and all of the guest vocalists singing together for Ma chérie ~Itoshii Kimi E~. There have been teases for years and the band have come back in several shapes, but whether they will return with the likes of any of their three former vocalists is unlikely or at best up in the air with all of them seemingly content with their careers and lives and consider MALICE MIZER a part of their past. The future of MALICE MIZER is uncertain, but it's safe to say that the Visual Kei scene would be shaken to the core if the stars aligned and the malice and misery rose like a phoenix for a second time. Member History Current Lineup Mana - Guitar (ex-Matenrou, Moi dix Mois) Közi - Guitar (ex-GIRL, ex-Matenrou, ZIZ, XA-VAT, DĂLLE, Solo, VAMQUET) Yu~ki - Bass (ex-ZE:RO) Former Members Gaz - Drums (ex-DATURA, deceased 2017) Tetsu - Vocals (ex-Ner-vous, ZIGZO, Nil, THE JUNEJULYAUGUST) Kami - Drums (deceased 1999) Klaha - Vocals (ex-PRIDE OF MIND, Solo, retired) Gackt - Vocals (ex-Cains:Feel, Solo, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz) Support Members Shue Sakai - Drums (ex-JACK BLUE, N.S.D.P., Everlasting-K) Kazune - Keyboard (Brain Hacker, Art Cube) Staff Members Hitomi - Roadie (ex-Moran, UMIYURI) MAYU - Roadie (ex-LAREINE, ex-NEW SODMY) MACHI - Roadie (ex-LAREINE, Chanton L'amour) Masanori Yabuki - Roadie (Datenshi Tokyo, Ant1nett) KAMIJO - Roadie (ex-LAREINE, ex-NEW SODMY, Versailles, Solo) Shuuji Ishii - Roadie (cali≠gari, goatbed, EX-ANS) Discography Albums (1994.07.24) memoire (1996.06.09)Voyage ~Sans Retour~ (1998.03.18) Merveilles (2000.08.23) Bara no Seidou (薔薇の聖堂) Mini-albums (2000.02.01) Shinwa (神話) Demos (1992.10.31) Sans Logique (1993.04.05) Sadness (1993.10.12) The 1th Anniversary (1996.00.00) Après Midi (1999.11.03) Saikai no Chi to Bara" (再会の血と薔薇) Singles (1995.12.10) Uruwashiki Kamen no Shoutaijou (1996.10.10) Ma Chérie ~Itoshii Kimi E~ (1997.08.06) Bel Air ~Kuuhaku no Shunkan no Naka De~ (1997.12.03) Au Revoir (1998.02.11) Gekka no Yasoukyoku (1998.05.20) Illuminati (1998.09.09) Le Ciel ~Kuuhaku no Kanata E~ (1999.11.03)Saikai no Chi to Bara (2000.05.31) Kyomu no Naka de no Yuugi (2000.07.26) Shiroi Hada ni Kuruu Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo (2001.05.30) Gardenia (2001.06.21) Beast of Blood (2001.10.30) Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku (2001.11.30) Garnet ~Kindan no Sono E~ OHP Moi dix Mois Közi Moi-même-Moitie -A huge thanks to @inartisticand the great team over at vk.gy for a wealth of information that without, this would not have been possible.
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    Tenten is going to announce his new band My CHEMICAL HEAT IsLAND RE:PICTURES KuRt はなむけ my way.co.isthebomb.com
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    Show Yourself (again)

    shalom, shalom
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    Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest Thanks for voting! 56 members casted a vote before the poll was closed. I'm happy to announce the winners: In first place with 29 votes was Develop One's Faculties, made by @plastic_rainbow! In second place with 24 votes was Kyo, made by @platy! In third place was DELUHI, made by @ゼロ(*´з`)! Look out for these banners in our rotation soon!
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Lion tribe
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    DIMLIM new album release

    They will also release their 2nd full album in December. No details yet though.
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    Setlist: 1. 99.999 2. Falling 3. Ninth Odd Smell 4. Gush 5. Vortex 6. Venomous Spider's Web -SE- 7. The Mortal 8. その声は脆く 9. DOGMA -SE- 10. The Suicide Circus 11. Incubus 12. UGLY 13. Two Of a Kind 14. Filth in the Beauty Encore: 15. INSIDE BEAST 16. COCKROACH 17. TOMORROW NEVER DIES I'm in need of facial reconstructive surgery after this experience, because my jaw was on the floor the entire time. I have been waiting for years for the GazettE to visit North America on their World Tour. Last time that I remember making plans to go, the band had elected to skip North America, and then the time after that I had prior commitments and couldn't make the show. I was hellbent on making sure I attended this one, and I made sure to bring my friend Jet with me. We were listening to the GazettE in high school during the peak of visual kei, so he's that one friend I can talk to J-Rock about in real life. He's been waiting for this experience as long as I have. After smashing plates of chicken katsu, bulgogi, and rice, and braving our way across town through weather that threatened to pour (but didn't), the two of us arrived at Playstation Theater and was overwhelmed with the disorganization. There were a lot of fans, many lines for various purposes, and no signs to shepherd people into their place. @YuyoDrift, having bought a VIP ticket, was already in the thick of it by the time that I had arrived, and I was unable to find him. After asking around, we discovered that the line we wanted to be on was down the block and around the corner, and that line itself stretched down the block and around another corner. Organization was easily the weak point of this concert, since it seemed like the staff of the theater hadn't planned on so many people showing up. Joke's on you guys; when a visual kei band shows up in America the scene rolls out! @YuyoDrift had reported some issues and drama near the front of the line concerning miscommunication between VIP members and heresy fan club members on who got to enter first, but all I can talk about was how the other half of the line was progressively pushed back further and further until we were about a block and a half away. While I was in line, no less than five groups of people came up to me to ask why we were all standing here. One of them offered to sell me weed and some papers. None of them knew who the GazettE were, but a couple seemed more than interested in the colorful garments of some of the more hardcore fans in line. I need to take a moment to discuss the people that showed up. What a generational gap! There were easily 800 to 1000 people between all of the lines, and this is just what I saw. The youngest fan I saw on line was 12 or 13. The oldest fan I saw on line was in their 40s, and that person didn't look like they were escorting a relative. Some of the older people on line most definitely were parents. The most common age range was actually 18-25. There were people dressed relatively normally like myself, possibly sporting a band shirt or hoodie from a previous tour. There were some scene and emo kids wearing dark pastels and heavy make up. There were some fans who came in sporting colored hair and face paint, really pulling off the visual kei look. The most striking outfit I saw was a man in his 30s wearing a studded vest where the studs were easily several inches long, who came along with an equally as colorful entourage that could have been easily mistaken for Naruto cosplay. The stereotype about the average visual kei fan was thus dispelled and confirmed simultaneously, and I now have a deeper appreciation for just how many different types of fans there are. I was stuck in line for an agonizingly long time listening to the people around me front their knowledge of the band, which was honestly rather painful. One person claimed that the GazettE formed five years ago, to which Jet and I exchanged glances and laughed really hard. We both were listening to the GazettE ten years ago, so clearly they were mistaken. Another person had asked when the band had actually formed, and it took them several minutes to find out it was 2002. Someone behind me in line claimed that the GazettE were K-Pop. I tried not to talk to many people in line because of this, but when you're outside for 90 minutes it eventually happens. I didn't meet anyone too outrageous and after a long time the line suddenly lurched forward and began feeding into the theater. The doors had opened. Jet and I breezed through security, popped in our earplugs, and made our way downstairs to the venue. The line for merchandise was gigantic by the time we got there, and both of us made the decision to get good seats rather than stand in line. That turned out to be the wise move, because most of the merchandise was gone before the show even began, but not before both of us got a shirt later that night. There was a few cool shirts and hoodies that they ran out of before the show even began. Never underestimate the deep pockets of devoted fans. We were standing towards the middle of the floor at first, but we eventually decided to grab some seats shortly before the show began because we had already been standing for hours by that point. That was also a great idea, because parts of the crowd got really wild and it would have been hard to see over four rows of jumping and screaming fans. The earplugs were also a good move, because this concert was really loud. Limiting the sound to a max of 80 decibels spared my hearing a gory torture session and I was more clearly able to make out the instruments. Eventually the lights went dim and the crowd went insane as "99.999" started playing and the band members walked out to front stage. They played the first four cuts off of NINTH before the first pause, and I gotta say that hearing it live has made me enjoy these songs even more. I have a new appreciation for Reita and just how much his bass adds to the music. Heavy isn't the word for it; the bass itself sinks into the floor and pounds into your chest. He swapped bass a few times over the course of the concert as well, always slightly changing the feel of his bass depending on what songs were coming up next. "VORTEX" is the first curve ball that the GazettE threw the crowd, and then that was followed up with "Venomous Spider's Web", and I think both songs sound way better live than on the record. They fit naturally into the set and shows how much NINTH is a refinement over TOXIC. I wasn't expecting them to reach that far back. One of the standout moments of the show was definitely the combination of "The Mortal" and "その声は脆く". The first cut in really heavy after a second, shorter break and the first live-only interlude, which got the crowd really energized. "その声は脆く" stole the show. This was the first proper ballad of the show, and the contrast on the guitars really changed the atmosphere of the venue for those few minutes. Ruki went all out on the performance here, adding some emotional screams to the end which made this a treat to experience. This entire show was recorded, so I'm really hoping that this exact performance of "その声は脆く" ends up on the DVD. It needs to. After that song was done, the lights fade and sound effects wash over the audience again before the opening riff to "DOGMA" began, and it's at this point where the crowd goes ballistic. No one was expecting this. The energy was insane, but this is one of those songs that I think sounds better in the studio than live. That's not to take away from the performance of this song, which was incredibly stellar, but more to comment on just how dense of a song "DOGMA" is. There was a bit of aural whiplash as the band transitioned into a live-only SE followed by "The Suicide Circus" next, but that set the tone for where the rest of the night was headed. Ruki addresses the crowd briefly before "Incubus" kicks in, followed up quickly by "UGLY". "UGLY" was absolutely dominant and by the end of the song the whole crowd was clapping together as the next song immediately kicked in. "Two of a Kind" was also a really powerful and driving song live, if a bit abbreviated. They went from one song to the next without enough time for the cheering to subside. I think Reita makes one more bass switch before this all begins as well. No matter what, the GazettE made sure those in the front were having the absolute time of their lives. Ninety minutes had passed in a flash, and all too soon Ruki announced that they were playing their last song before cracking a small smile. The opening licks and background vocals of "Filth in the beauty" start up and then the crowd cheers harder than ever, and then Ruki's smile gets even bigger before he begins singing. This was the second curve ball we were thrown, and I'm really glad I got to hear one of their classics live. At this point, I looked to Jet who was already looking back at me, and he just shot me a huge thumbs up. "Filth in the beauty" was the song that got him into the band, so to end on that note was extra special for us. The band took a ten minute break at this point and we got merchandise while the crowd was chanting for an encore. We went separately but got the same shirt for $35 (gotta support the boys) and Jet came back just in time for Kai to come back out. He picks up the mic for the first time, entertains the crowd as the rest of the band comes back, and gives the mic to Ruki for a few more words, some "I LOVE NEW YORK!!!", and then the beginning of "INSIDE BEAST" begins. At this point, we were glad they came back out at all and figured that we had one or two more songs left before the true end of the show, but I was seriously not expecting to get "COCKROACH" during the encore. This was the song that separated the old fans from the new fans, because the old fans were over the moon for getting such a throw back, and the new fans looked a bit confused over what song it was, but didn't really care because it banged so hard. This was the oldest song we got all night, and it was equally as compelling live as it is in the studio. I hope future tour dates get a crack at hearing "COCKROACH" live too. The show ended with "TOMORROW NEVER DIES", which was okay I guess, but I would have preferred "Unfinished". All good things must come to an end, but in this case that end was also good. All members of the band retired from the stage rather quickly; Kai took a picture with the crowd before departing too. Both of us had a train to catch, so we slipped out fast as hell after the show ended, but I heard afterwards there was a meet and greet for VIP. I wasn't on that line, so I can't report much on that. Considering how we've missed some bands that we'll never get to see live and how infrequently the GazettE are in town, Jet and I are both glad we went. We'll definitely be in line for the next visual kei concert to hit New York. If you're on the fence about buying tickets to go see the band, I would say go. If you have even a passing interest in visual kei, seeing one of the biggest visual kei bands of all time live is something words can only partially describe. If you really like the GazettE, you owe it to yourself to go. Just keep in mind that they're going to be playing mostly their new material, so don't hold your breath expecting old classics like "Katherine in the trunk" or "Crucify Sorrow" to show up.
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    I wanna be open with you all about something, the last couple of months have been the most difficult of my life, I have been very depressed, anxious constantly and I’d go from feeling super fine one minute to incredibly down the next. Things in my life, both work and personal, ended up getting too much for me to handle, I was walking home one night and had a breakdown and was prepared to go out and commit suicide by any means necessary. Thank god I convinced myself not to. Now I’m taking steps to seek professional help, and I’m hoping I can get a diagnosis of what’s wrong with me, but I want to say thanks to each and every one of you here at MH, this community provided me with a sense of escape when I needed it the most, I’m so grateful to all of you. Much love ❤️ If any of you here are struggling with anything and you need someone to talk to, to vent about your problems no matter how big or small you feel they are, I’m here for you, just like the community has been here for me ❤️
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    Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest

    Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest Hey everyone! This is a shout out to all digital artists on the website interested in content creation. It's about time to add some new bands into the rotating banner at the top of the forum, and for that we can use your skills! What better way to show off some skills than in a friendly competition? Here's the basic idea: Create a banner according to the rules which I will define in a moment. Respond to this topic by submitting your banner in a post. Since you cannot edit your post after you submit it, make sure your post is the way you want it before posting. You can submit as many banners as you have time / energy to create. The second phase of the banner contest will be anonymous voting from the community. The top three voted banners will be added to the top and the members who created those banners will be announced then. Winners of the contest will get their screen name in a special color in addition to having their work featured at the top of the forum! Rules: Banner should have dimensions of 800x120. Banner should have a thin, rounded white outline. Banner should preferably be a PNG, but a GIF is acceptable if you are interested in making an animated banner. Banner should in some way relate to Japanese music. Normally, we feature a band at the top, but there is room for creativity. Banner should have the text "Monochrome Heaven" on it. Banner should contain material that is Safe For Work. NSFW banners will be automatically disqualified. Banner submission should remain anonymous until the end for fairness. All banners will be shown at the end. Banners can contain anything else you think will give you an edge in the competition. The submission deadline will be open for four weeks, or until May 18th, 2019. Have fun! I'm excited to see what our members can come up with.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    been a while since there was a face to the name
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    Welcome to the 3rd annual most notable VK looks presented by yours truly, The Reverend. As usual, we're here to celebrate the 'Visual' in Visual Kei. Suggest your favorite or least favorite or weirdest looks from the past year in the comments below! Thanks to the ORZ team for helping out and contributing, and especially @platy for making like five banners for me and letting me choose which one I liked best. マーブルヘッド (Marblehead) ユメリープ (Yumeleep) キズ (Kizu) lynch. BRATBAX the Raid. vocalist 星七 (Sena) SHiSHi guitarist お花 (Ohana) MEIDARA Virge Dillinger
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    after thirteen years, deadman will hold a oneman live, titled oneman live 2019 -before the dawn-, at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM ebisu on the ninth of September, 2019. the group will consist of 眞呼 (Mako) (Vo) and aie (G). Support members will be Tetsu from MERRY on bass and Asanao from lynch. on drums. nothing about whether this is a full-scale resumption of activities or just a one-day thing. official website
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    Show Yourself (again)

    remember me as the young girl you see in the photo cuz i have final exams tomorrow so its very likely ill age 40 years in a single night
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    Spoiler: her husband is Takemasa Kujou
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Might delete later but here's me with no makeup and two eyes, what d'you guys think
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    well I guess he was... レックレス
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    What are you listening to 2?

    Hi guys! Turns out that in the forum there's a limit of the number of pages that can be in one topic, and that is around 950 pages. The first topic was so popular we passed that limit! I'm starting a new topic so you guys can post here.
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    Vocals HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay) Programming 岸利至 (KISHI) (a.b.s.) Guitar MASATO (defspiral) http://nul.tokyo/ The band has formed on 2019.05.25 and will perform their 1st live at SHIBUYA REX on 2019.08.16.
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    Goodbye for now

    Didn't you just make a new topic, like, just a few minutes ago? Nevermind that, it's sad to see you go this quickly. Thank you for reviving discussion on MH with your threads, especially since you're a newbie who has lots of questions and there's nothing wrong with that. There hasn't been a lot of discussion on certain subjects before you came and posted about them, so I commend you for that; it really helps other newbies navigate this weird world of visual kei through a newbie's standpoint, followed along by replies of longtime fans with years of experience (which largely makes up the majority of this forum) However, you must also realize that this is an open forum, where anybody is free to dish out their opinion, whether it be good or bad. You don't have to agree with it, but you have to deal with it; that is reality. I know you're young and you stand by your opinions, but I used to be like you, blowing up when someone said something negative about someone or something I care about, and it escalated to the point where I suffered consequences and basically had to grow up and redeem myself. That's basically how it is in the real world; sometimes you can't convince people that you're always right, and they stand by their own ideals no matter what. What's most important however is at the end of the day, their way of thinking shouldn't matter to you. You live your life by your own principles and your own beliefs, and you alone are in charge of that, not anyone else. All I'm saying is, don't let these people get in your head, and you'll be ok. Hope to see you again soon!
  26. 12 points
    we stan a wedding season 👏👏👏 their incel stans r probably already on a suicide watch
  27. 12 points
    KISAKI PROJECT will restart activities with new vocalist ENDIGO (ex-Still Echo --> Overworld --> BaTAAr) as of April 1! Their first single, "And the rest is rust and stardust... " will be released sometime in September, and their first live will be around the same month. "And the rest is rust and stardust" cover art:
  28. 12 points
  29. 11 points

    Show Yourself (again)

    Me and my homie Ai from gulu gulu
  30. 11 points

    YOSHIKI important announcement

    you know what i'm so pissed about this announcement that i am not going to give him the benefit of exposure. this topic will sink in stygian like his career
  31. 11 points
    DIAURA will release a new single titled 「FINALE-Last Rebellion-」on 2019.10.02 and it will come in 3 types. TYPE A: CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL DVD 01.FINALE(MV) TYPE B: CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL DVD 01. 2019.07.13 Footage from the live TYPE C CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL 03.Mind Mirror Additionally the band will release a live limited single titled 「GARDEN」on 2019.09.03. It will contain one track. CD 01.GARDEN
  32. 11 points
  33. 11 points
    FJ found my items. I'm so happy rn. Thank you everyone that cared during my materialistic crisis.
  34. 11 points

    Show Yourself (again)

    Hi again~
  35. 11 points

    Show Yourself (again)

    Been a minute since I've shown my mug around here
  36. 11 points
    "You may kiss the bride" "Mhh pfhh mhhhff!""
  37. 11 points
  38. 11 points

    VK/J-rock confessions

    I only listen to visual kei bands that say they don't think of themselves as a visual kei band, despite looking like one, sounding like one, being signed to a visual kei label and only providing interviews to visual kei magazines. When asked about who their influences are and bands they might have influenced, they answer that they don't have influences and don't know anything about other bands. They do like X-Japan though.
  39. 11 points

    8P-SB new single "8bit boy" release

    Keep it
  40. 11 points

    VK/J-rock confessions

    I don't give a shit about X Japan. I've never listened to them and I have no desire to start.
  41. 10 points

    DIMLIM new album release

    new look they will hold their oneman live "存在証明" at 2019/09/20 at Aoyama RizM
  42. 10 points

    Does KISAKI Is Gay?

    I saw kisaki at a grade school in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how bad it was to meet him in person, and that he should probably leave or i’m gonna call the cops. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “yes, hello, police? i would like to report a strange pedo at a grade school,” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my 911 call, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When the cops came to arrest him for being a child diddler, I saw him trying to walk away with like fifteen 2nd graders following behind him. The cop that came out was very professional, and was like “Sir, you’re going to prison.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the school. When the cop was handcuffing him, he radioed for backup to come take the kids back to class. kisaki stopped him and told her to take them each individually “to prevent any pedo infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After he was cuffed, the cop started to read him his rights, but he kept interrupting him by yawning really loudly.
  43. 10 points

    Fuck this break.

    If you leave us again, I'm permabanning you.
  44. 10 points
    Dear Yoshiki, here I gift you the new X album cover, so you can release it. IT'S FOR FREE! No need to thank me. xoxo
  45. 10 points

    shigatsu. disbands due to infidelity

    I have to thank Serah from Labaiser for posting the link to that article, while also commenting "Labaiser prohibits in-band romances, so we don't have to worry about this". legendddd
  46. 10 points

    shigatsu. disbands due to infidelity

    the femme fatale fanclub of monochrome heaven are sending our official condolences to the band and their fans!
  47. 10 points

    random thoughts thread

  48. 10 points
    Did he wear a face mask to the ceremony?
  49. 10 points
    therapist: mustache kyo isnt real, he cant hurt you mustache kyo:
  50. 10 points
    Alright, who asked Kyouka this on instagram?
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