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    bandoman pls, 0th isn't a thing. who the fuck even came up with that lmao
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    Everyone who liked NEGA at one point is a sad adult now, prove me wrong
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    FB: PERSON saw your Story. Why the hell does FB need to notice you for everything....
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    General KPOP Thread

    new Chung Ha slaps
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    so does it become a "reveal" or an "unboxing"?
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    I'll never understand what's the point of keeping everything as a mystery, I just find it kinda dumb
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    if this is the week u r uncancellening Kate Bush while having simultaneously no knowledge of her actual music, beeline straight to mylene farmer instead xo
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    OGYAA おぎゃー Vo.ぬる nuru ex ゴア(Gore) @nurunuru_D Gt.いのり Inori ex ゴア(Gore) @inorizm_D Ba.はくや Hakuya now in CLACK inc. @Hakuya_D https://twitter.com/OGYAA_OFFICIAL_ Lyrics Video 『嗚呼、うざいうざい』 “Aa, uzai uzai”
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    Bought these lovely Sadie singles from @ghost who was an awesome seller! Thank you so much for the CDs ^-^
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Megaromania - Oblivious (TYPE-B) Megaromania - Megaromania (TYPE-A) Megaromania - Megaromania (TYPE-C) Megaromania - Quintessence Voyage (TYPE A) Megaromania - The Birth of Creation brodiaea - trace of abyss Sugar Forkful (シュガーフォークフル) - 処女作 NEGA - VANITAS (B TYPE) Vinett - HAPPY!! Vior gloire - Gloomy and wakeful night Vior gloire - インスパイア
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    It's alright; pretty nondescript and formulaic. A+ to whomever at double river suggested that they should have 1 guy ghostwrite for 2 bands at once.
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    Here I go: - Yoshiki will do more collabs no one cares about. - Hyde will do more collabs no one cares about. - GazettE will release a live DVD after the world tour. - Kizu will release a full album, but will also lose a member (my money is on the drummer) - Jiluka wil release a single in the second half of the year. - D will release a conceptual album, going back to the Vampire Saga days. - DIMLIM will play it slow and steady, will release a single and maybe a mini album. - More Kisaki drama. With no consequences. - Another bandman arrested for "antisocial behavior". - Another bandmember scamming their bandmates. - NokuBura tries to stay afloat but ultimately disbands. - Diaura releases another single and an album. - Karma's new act will dissapoint. So will Byo's. - MiA will start yet another project no one will take seriously.
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    - Akane returns with new band - Yuuki returns with new band - Deviloof cancels europe tour - Next kizu release is a full album possibly featuring previous live only tracks - Seiya (ex Deviloof) will release solo music
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    In before someone says "☒☒☒☒ Japan"
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    Releases calendar

    Like I said in the suggestions thread : The official MH Visual Releases Calendar is ow opened ! I will do my best for daily updates and feel free to add the missing ones . 2018 JANUARY 2019 FEBRUARY 2019 MARCH 2019 APRIL 2019 MAY 2019 JUNE 2019 JULY 2019
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    The general Metal discussion thread

    Can't wait to see what they'll call the 'other' Batushka... Batushka A.D., The True Batushka, Ba2shka, Христофор & The Babushkas...
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    I like to pretend he isn't out there playing in random Ayabie/Aoi gigs, don't remind me
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    I'm gonna hunt down everyone here predicting dimlim to disband and it ends up happening
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    Kizu and DIMLIM will continue to put out killer good releases The Thirteen and D=OUT will (hopefully) release full length albums Verxina will continue to amaze with great music
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    I'll check it out because it's Jin and I admire how committed he is to vk, even if I haven't clicked with anything he's been a part of since early Nega and a couple of rando songs from tbs.
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    Dir en grey

    Yeah you have pretty much summed up that news article. Can't believe he went to Sanrio though! lol The article quotes Kyo: "They (Sanrio) may want to avoid a slightly scary character. I don't like normal happy endings. I will publish this for people who resonate with the realism it depicts." And it also says he may do a sequel or create a mascot character ("yuru kyara") I would love to see his yuru-kyara XD And the article opens with an introduction of Kyo as "vocalist of visual-kei rock band, DIR EN GREY". So yeah, DEG is still only recognised as a vk band.
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    Ba.kino (ex.Dawn of the「C」) has started acting as support on 2018/10/22.
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    fanart of Muramura Hayato / 上邑隼人 from the japanese band The Nostradamnz Medias Used : Mission Silver Class watercolor , Sakura Mat Watercolor , Shinhan Watercolors , Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors , Reeves Watercolor
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    If you dislike RANDS you probably like THE RAID