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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    +1. I also can't stand joke bands, especially Golden Bomber and Kaitou-whatever- the-fuck
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    Befafes Art

    Hey I thought i'd make this as my first post! I draw, Its nice to meet you all. IG @ https://www.instagram.com/befafes_/ DA @ https://www.deviantart.com/27133 I do take commissions, If anyone is interested, just give me a PM here or on either of the above. without further ado here's two of my drawings!
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    DISH has changed their name to "dishes are scheming" at 2019/1/1.
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    Kαin are currently on their oneman tour, "CARPE DIEM -MEMENtO…-" since 12/8, and will hold their tour final at 12/24 to celebrate their 11th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of D≒SIRE, whose members will make guest appearances during the tour. The tour final will also feature a special performance by D≒SIRE and Kαin will also feature support bass by kazu (gibkiy x3, the god and death stars, etc). Also, D≒SIRE new compilation(?) "25年前のデモをCD化したモノ" has been released on 12/8-9, and their past demos will be sold at their lives on 12/15-16 Kαin will also release a new demotape, "MEMENtO..." (which also comes with their own cassette player) at the tour final on 12/24 "MEMENtO..." tracklist: 1.BARREL 2.As you feel Tour schedule: 12/8 伏見JAMMIN’ 12/9 伏見JAMMIN’ 12/15 心斎橋FootRock&BEERS 12/16 アメリカ村BEYOND (ft. Kiyoshi & TETSU (ex-D≒SIRE)) Tour final - 12/24 新宿FACE (formerly Shinjuku Liquidroom) (ft. AKITO, HIRO, TETSU (ex-D≒SIRE))
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    I think Nega’s (and Black Swan’s) problem was Jin didn’t know shit about music but insisted on writing it. The potential was there in both bands in terms of musicianship, but they were stuck playing middling j-core that did little to really showcase what they were capable of. Jin’s voice was always a problem though. He tried so hard to make every syllable that came out of his mouth sound pained and tortured that he sacrificed good tone and delivery. Nega is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine, but I am not unaware of how bad most of their discog is. I fucking hate Guilt Trip. One of the worst VK songs in history.
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    Nega. Good God they were awful. They're one of the worse examples of "not sure if br00tal edgy violent metal or 80's anime soundtrack" cliche of japanese bands that just want to do every style possible and fail at every one of them. Musicianship is competent (the drummer was great!) but the songwriting is almost non-existent. I actually listened to their entire discography once and liked only 7 songs (dunno how many songs they had in total, but it was like 80?). And don't get me on Jin's voice.
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    Jupiter Ba.RUCY will depart

    I don't think Rucy was ever a good fit for this particular band since he came from the neo visual scene and the other guys are basically veterans. It wouldn't surprise me if there was some disputes going on, given the difference in music style and age especially.
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    wait hold up, is this a reference to this?
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    Dumb question but is lime pronounced just like the fruit lol
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    Some lyrics to start the new year. Text: Kanji-kana: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the description of the music video, and me, for romanizing it.
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    DIMLIM new single “離人” release

    And people freak out when they get compared to DeG. Do you want anything more Deg-ish than announcing their releases way before their release dates?
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    new band【Avilis】formed

    This photo remind me a bit of Synk;yet / Avanchick 😕
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    The band have uploaded a preview of a song called 「おならします」(Onarashimasu). It is from 「お邪魔します」(Ojamashimasu) from まみれた(Mamireta) . The full clip will be uploaded in February 2019.
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    Befafes Art

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    They've stolen MORRIGAN's look
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    Their stuff sounds kind of same all the way but I still find myself only enjoying some releases while being bored by others. First mini is great, the latest release I couldn't slog through. There's something here, so all the best and hopefully they won't disband.
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    WOOOO Daichi and Cazqui! O_O
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    And now for everyone who did not get beautiful skin with Masato's advice from the first song, he will release more beauty advice with his next song: NATTO NATTO NATTO NATTO NATTO TOMATO TOMATO TOMATO TOMATO 🤣
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    The album will come with twelve tracks and will cost 3,000 yen (tax included). It will only be available at lives or by mail order. He will also have a one live man at Shinjuku WildSide Tokyo on 2019.03.23. Tracklist [DISC1] 1.-W・W-Ⅱ [SE] 2.アヌンナキ 3.Welcome to TRICK DEATH LAND 4.SiLiConE 5.未完成サファイア 6.Burn your soul 7.INFERNO 8.El_Dorado? 9.ACID CASTLE [album edition] 10.Amadeus 11.Flower World. 12.ニライカナイ [Disc2] 1.VAD†MAN 2.不死鳥-FENNIX- 3.FIXXTION BOY 4.メトロア3.0 5.RAVVE OF MY TRINITY 6.IKAROS Guests on the album GAKU(FEST VAINQUEUR) / Cazqui(NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) / 奏 / 椎名未緒(ユナイト/APPLIQUE) / 鈴木俊彦 / Daisuke(SEVER BLACK PARANOIA) / Daichi(NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) / 村田祐一 / YUCHI(sukekiyo) / YOW-ROW(GARI) / 猟平(ex-CLØWD)
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    I like deluhi and leda but cant stand far east dizain because of the vocalist who ruins every song for me despite me liking the instrumental
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    八十八ヶ所巡礼 (88 kasyo) new album, "凍狂" (toukyou) (2000 yen) will be released on August 18. [tracklist] 01.虚夢虚夢 02.金土日 03.脳の王国 04.幽楽町線 05.凍狂 06.月斗 07.紫光 08.永・凹・阿阿瑠 〈Bonus track〉 09.怪感旅行
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    Jupiter Ba.RUCY will depart

    I'm waiting for a video of Hizaki screaming "World star!!!"
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    Kisaki Drama 2k18

    Yeah, but let's not forget Kisaki too.