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    today i reached another milestone within my Vk collection with 1000 CDs. DAMN, a bit over 10 years of hardcore collecting! ~ ;D
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    We are all aware that Mana's music writing skills for Moi dix Mois are totally a flop and 90% of their catalog is worthy of a cringe compilation, but I wouldn't be fair if I don't recognize "Solitude" to be one of the most beautiful compositions VK ever had. I'm totally in love with the atmosphere of elegance and darkness, and overall over-the-top cheesiness Mana put into it, and how well Juka's voice manages to bring all the tragic tone. I feel it on the vibe of Malice Mizer works like "Garnet" and "Gardenia"; Klaha's voice could perfectly fit into it. Same opinion goes for "Vestige", another MdM track with the said vibe. Sometimes I wonder they were tracks already composed for MM before they decided to disband.
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    +1. I also can't stand joke bands, especially Golden Bomber and Kaitou-whatever- the-fuck
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    DISH has changed their name to "dishes are scheming" at 2019/1/1.
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    Kαin are currently on their oneman tour, "CARPE DIEM -MEMENtO…-" since 12/8, and will hold their tour final at 12/24 to celebrate their 11th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of D≒SIRE, whose members will make guest appearances during the tour. The tour final will also feature a special performance by D≒SIRE and Kαin will also feature support bass by kazu (gibkiy x3, the god and death stars, etc). Also, D≒SIRE new compilation(?) "25年前のデモをCD化したモノ" has been released on 12/8-9, and their past demos will be sold at their lives on 12/15-16 Kαin will also release a new demotape, "MEMENtO..." (which also comes with their own cassette player) at the tour final on 12/24 "MEMENtO..." tracklist: 1.BARREL 2.As you feel Tour schedule: 12/8 伏見JAMMIN’ 12/9 伏見JAMMIN’ 12/15 心斎橋FootRock&BEERS 12/16 アメリカ村BEYOND (ft. Kiyoshi & TETSU (ex-D≒SIRE)) Tour final - 12/24 新宿FACE (formerly Shinjuku Liquidroom) (ft. AKITO, HIRO, TETSU (ex-D≒SIRE))
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    Anyone got a reliable guide / app for ripping DVD to iso? I want to share the KYTK DVD but I haven't done anything with DVDs in years and can't seem to find anything other than 'imgburn'. Which most downloads for it now are full of adware/viruses, that and or a lot of YT guide vids in Hindi lol. There's also poweriso but it's 30$. Basically, I've got no idea.
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    Befafes Art

    Hey I thought i'd make this as my first post! I draw, Its nice to meet you all. IG @ https://www.instagram.com/befafes_/ DA @ https://www.deviantart.com/27133 I do take commissions, If anyone is interested, just give me a PM here or on either of the above. without further ado here's two of my drawings!
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    Yellow and Blue are Smaller than white but bigger than pink hmmmmmmm. I also wonder what Whites court looks and functions like, cause her fuckin pearl is..yeesh
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    me: mom i have to tell you i need money to move... mom: WOW I THINK WE NEED TO TRIP TO VIETNAM me: mom i'm moving to japan this october, so can we please save money for... mom: V I E T N A M M M M M what the hell is wrong with you oshietekure yo
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    I am poisoning myself with the internet
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    Dumb question but is lime pronounced just like the fruit lol
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    Some lyrics to start the new year. Text: Kanji-kana: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the description of the music video, and me, for romanizing it.
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    DIMLIM new single “離人” release

    And people freak out when they get compared to DeG. Do you want anything more Deg-ish than announcing their releases way before their release dates?
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    new band【Avilis】formed

    This photo remind me a bit of Synk;yet / Avanchick 😕
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    The band have uploaded a preview of a song called 「おならします」(Onarashimasu). It is from 「お邪魔します」(Ojamashimasu) from まみれた(Mamireta) . The full clip will be uploaded in February 2019.
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    Befafes Art

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    They've stolen MORRIGAN's look
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    Their stuff sounds kind of same all the way but I still find myself only enjoying some releases while being bored by others. First mini is great, the latest release I couldn't slog through. There's something here, so all the best and hopefully they won't disband.
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    WOOOO Daichi and Cazqui! O_O
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    And now for everyone who did not get beautiful skin with Masato's advice from the first song, he will release more beauty advice with his next song: NATTO NATTO NATTO NATTO NATTO TOMATO TOMATO TOMATO TOMATO 🤣
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    The album will come with twelve tracks and will cost 3,000 yen (tax included). It will only be available at lives or by mail order. He will also have a one live man at Shinjuku WildSide Tokyo on 2019.03.23. Tracklist [DISC1] 1.-W・W-Ⅱ [SE] 2.アヌンナキ 3.Welcome to TRICK DEATH LAND 4.SiLiConE 5.未完成サファイア 6.Burn your soul 7.INFERNO 8.El_Dorado? 9.ACID CASTLE [album edition] 10.Amadeus 11.Flower World. 12.ニライカナイ [Disc2] 1.VAD†MAN 2.不死鳥-FENNIX- 3.FIXXTION BOY 4.メトロア3.0 5.RAVVE OF MY TRINITY 6.IKAROS Guests on the album GAKU(FEST VAINQUEUR) / Cazqui(NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) / 奏 / 椎名未緒(ユナイト/APPLIQUE) / 鈴木俊彦 / Daisuke(SEVER BLACK PARANOIA) / Daichi(NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) / 村田祐一 / YUCHI(sukekiyo) / YOW-ROW(GARI) / 猟平(ex-CLØWD)
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    VK bands you just can't stand?

    I like deluhi and leda but cant stand far east dizain because of the vocalist who ruins every song for me despite me liking the instrumental
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    八十八ヶ所巡礼 (88 kasyo) new album, "凍狂" (toukyou) (2000 yen) will be released on August 18. [tracklist] 01.虚夢虚夢 02.金土日 03.脳の王国 04.幽楽町線 05.凍狂 06.月斗 07.紫光 08.永・凹・阿阿瑠 〈Bonus track〉 09.怪感旅行