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    Both 憂璃-yu-ri- and 氷龍-hiryu- from MIZTAVLA have officially joined the band.
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    random thoughts thread

    I'm being suffocated by all these holidays of plastic junk. When I go to the shop, in order to survive since not like there's any other place to get food while you're in a city specifically in order to survive both winter and abet starvation alike, my fucking apples and cabbages are being strangled by the sights and sounds made out of shit shipped over from some third world shit hole that's being kept a shit-hole in perpetuum in order continue keep the ships of rubbish afloat and running for the benefit of the endless accumulation of garbage. Rotting from inside, the buildings in erosion and on my way to work I count the empty bottles on the sidewalk and wonder what sort of masochistic affection I have towards all life's nonsense that I just don't drink every day out of spite, but instead eat lentils and broccoli and go to gym to keep a healthy libido to fuck until my designated decline and end. One tries to find beauty somewhere, and yet is crippled by acute self-awareness and unable to convince oneself that such exists in anything but illusion and in consciously compromising ones critical faculties. What will I do when I can't even shit by my own damn self, and when I finally resign myself all my hopes of dissolving within cracks of the social fabric and unravelling it from the inside and bury them before me like a son sent home from the battlefield. I've been trying to figure out whether the world was at least a modicum more tolerable before American culture shat all over it and deprived civilisation of its last vestiges of pride & dignity, only to realise that the only difference now is that we're just too self-aware to be proud of anything, and anyone putting themselves in front of a gun was probably just overcompensating because he was molested or lacked physical connection with a parent during early infancy. In my family there's a child, not ours but one taken in out of good will and philantrophy -this is a lie-, who's on the steady downward spiral that are usually being met by those from similar backgrounds of deprivation and abuse. I try to look into his eyes to find something there, a shred of humanity or compassion, and all I'm able to see is just painfully dull; so achingly dull in fact that I don't even care as we descend together into the usual petty crime, which has already begun, and with age comes alcoholism and drug abuse leading either to death or religious conversion. I remember at a class reunion years ago when one of my classmates had gotten back to the straight and narrow after having sniffed enough glue to have Jesus himself manifest in front of his eyes was wondering whether tattoos would be okay for one in with the Lord. Unfortunately I couldn't say, and in my mind I tried to admire animal vigour it takes to go so deep in such a thing, but I got bored even just half-way into the thought. Convictions and conversions don't come easy. I could still bank in on some cataclysmic event to come along and shake up mine foundations and give some raison detre along my way, and I suppose in living the lifestyle I did, and to an extent still do, it was definitely on its way in some form. Almost a month back being drunk as I was I tried to straddle my way home in the middle of the night I was accosted by a back alley robber & adventurer possibly angered by something I had said before in the pub nearby, and in defense of my honor and belongings I engage in ill-conceived battle which I promptly went on to lose catastrophically. The first punch I caught while on straight feet, and as I was keeling over I remember being as joyous as I ever was that at least something was fucking going on in my life finally. Nevertheless, after putting up a less than commendable effort I take a few more punches for my efforts and being off my arse drunk as I was, I am left shaking my first and shouting as he takes of with my bag in victory. Trying to compose myself I come to realise i'm concussed, and the blood coming out of my mouth isn't helping either, I start vomiting profusely and next thing I know I wake up in a hospital in a foreign country where no one naturally speaks any English. After foiling my attempts at leaving politely by vomiting some more while trying to provide proof of my sobriety, I hatch a plot of daring escape where waiting for the nurses to be at the furthest edges of the two adjoining rooms; and so I run off for freedom through accumulating numbers of doors and identical rooms of seemingly no purpose whatsoever. As I make it to freedom, taking in a long, well-deserved breath of fresh big city air, I miraculously manage to navigate my living corpse to my lodgings covered in blood and vomit with barely even a quarter of my faculties left bearing with me. Coming home I collapse on the bed and still, incredibly enough with the rush of violence well past behind me, I couldn't care less. About this life, about this world nor about anyone residing in it. There are fireworks going off outside, and I'm supposed to go the New year's party at my work place and I don't want to. I'm hoping to get ill before I have to go so that I'll at least have an excuse and won't feel bad about lying. I got one hour left.
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    lmao their dumbass web designer literally stole the code from MICBAM's site interface and pasted it onto Waremono's OHP on the band profile, there's a link to MICBAM's vocalist's twitter smh
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    AINS is over so virge could evolve. I stan
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    Their first live will be on 2019.01.06 at OSAKA RUIDO. They are part of KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT. Singer : 尊(Takeru) Guitarist : 渚(Nagisa) Guitarist : のあか(Noaka) Bassist : 梨夢(Riyu) Drummer : 伊織(Iori) Website : http://warumono.site
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    Here's two versions of Mei doing Tsubasa wo kudasai by Junko Yamamoto
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    The band have uploaded a preview of a song called 「おならします」(Onarashimasu). It is from 「お邪魔します」(Ojamashimasu) from まみれた(Mamireta) . The full clip will be uploaded in February 2019.
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    Their best album 「蜉蝣COMPLETE<1999-2007>」 will be released at the beginning of July 2019. It will include 8 CDs and 6 DVDs ! (30.000 yen + taxes) The contents are available via the link below the image. You can pre-order it at 「Free-Will SLUM」 on 2018.01.14 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST ! You have to pay in advance 10.000 yen. The bonus will be a calendar. You will also be able to pre-order it via GALAXY BROAD SHOP from mid-January 2019 until the end of April ! (http://www.galaxybroadshop.com/) http://f-w-d.co.jp/special/kagerou/
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    God I can only hope so
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    Happy new year~! May you all have a wonderful 2019
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    happy new year everyone (๑•∀•๑) hope 2019 will bring us a lot of good music too~
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    🔯2019 Predictions!🔯

    Now that the new year is approaching (and it may have arrived for some of you), dish out your predictions on what might come up this year!
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    Looks like it's releasing on 3/4.
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    I think it's Mamireta and not Manireta 😊.
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    this fucking look SLAYS *________*
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    Damn gotta wait 4 months to know who they are and what they sound like lol
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    Here's all songs Mei sung (a friend of mine who went sent me the setlist): 翼をください (by Junko Yamamoto) 横須賀ストーリー (by Yamaguchi Momoe) 丸の内サディステック (by Shiina Ringo) およげ!たいやきくん (by Shimon Masato)
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    A type (CD+DVD) 01. スクリプト 02. Value DVD:「スクリプト」MUSIC VIDEO 1944 yens B type (CD) 01. スクリプト 02. Value 03. 壊㒵 1620 yens
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    For some reason this single is already on spotify Namakemono is the only somewhat interesting one, some catchy chords there, hard pass on the other two
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    the GazettE new album, "NINTH" release

    Lets meet up ^^
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    his mom didn't want him in a band that made songs about poop
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    there's some improvement on sleepyhead's second release. tracks 3, 4, 5 are quite catchy!
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    Although it hasn't been confirmed the album title seems to have changed to the name of his upcoming 2019 tour. 光る曠野 - Hikaru kōya - Shining Wilderness Most likely that the album would be released for sale during that tour. http://morrie.jp/
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    their previous band 崇拝教團 JUSTICE KING will have a 4-month limited revival in which they will hold a oneman live each month, starting on February 14 [lineup] Vo.愛郎 (airo) (UNDER FALL JUSTICE) Gt.渉真 (syouma) (UNDER FALL JUSTICE) Ba.暁兎 (sugino) (UNDER FALL JUSTICE) Dr.ライ (rye) (ex.DIEALO) those who purchase premium tickets (limited 20) will receive a demo song with a comment, a comment DVD, and a 5-shot photo session with members
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    @darkindastad "It was fun. But there are still things that I have to do, my duty, my mission. Maybe I've thrown away my life once, but I was saved by music and managed to survive. Thats why, I don't know if I will be able to sing for the rest of the limited days I have, but thinking that I want to save people with music, I was able to go on till today. I really mean it. I'm glad that I'm alive from the bottom of my heart, but please, let me keep singing"
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    Recently rather unexpectedly gotten back on the anime train - I finally watched all of Stardust Crusaders, and am now about 7 episodes into Diamond is Unbreakable. It's one of my favorite Jojo parts in its original manga format (even though I read it ages ago, back when DUWANG was the only translation available) so hopefully the anime version's good too! I've read some people's complaints about QUALITY animation in this part in particular here and there, but as far as I know I'm watching the Blu Ray rips, and supposedly those at least somewhat improved some of the shoddier parts? (also, I'm kind of finding it hard to get used to Jotaro's new design in this particular part after moving on straight from Stardust Crusaders... I don't really remember him looking like that in the manga, but again, it's been ages since i last read it so tbh i don't remember much in general)
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    Their new bassist is called Shawn HorrorShow. They will play at a live with the new bassist on 2019.01.05 at BARKUP Fukuoka and will have a two man tour with SEX MACHINEGUNS starting on 2019.01.19. Shawn's Twitter: https://twitter.com/kubihuri_shawn
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    The industry's grip on gazette isn't as tight as it is for smaller acts. They would never have said something like that ten years ago. All I'm saying is, just because kiryu doesn't complain about their ridiculous workload doesn't mean it's all fine and dandy. Especially with the timer counting down on the band as Mahiro's illness gets worse, kiryu is gonna get milked to death. It isn't sustainable.
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    Not the exact order but I can tell you what they played 青いレインコート コワいクライ 死にたい カミソリ 排水口 大雨警報発令 不感症 青空やめて 人間界からの手紙 雪時計 どす黒い ピストル アサガオが泣いてる(but they cut it? It seemed to be on purpose because Kazuki made a joke about it but it was weird) ラブレター マザレナイ 感電、けがの恐れがあります x2 (first time normal, second time just instrumental until the chorus and then Kazuki had us do wall of death then the usual mosh) Encore 1 寄り道 のろいうた チューリップ うそつき Encore 2 反骨ドッグ (This was definitely unplanned cause the camera crew was already packing up when they came back out. Also about half of the crowd had already left to line up for buppan so everyone was pushing and shoving to get back in. I honestly think that was a bad call on their part.) Timely paid for the Family Mart radio promos. Dadaroma and Razor also got them for almost all their releases since last fall. Idk how much that really helped them, though. I saw two big changes in the crowd this year, but rather than the radio promo I think it was because they played with Dadaroma, Razor and DOF a lot. There are a lot of Dadaroma fans that started coming from the twoman tour last year and the kaenbin tour this year. Also no, not every show from the last tour sold out. Both days in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo and one of the days in Sendai were sold out but for the whole tour they only played at super small venues that hold around 100-130ish people. So yeah, sold out but they only played to a small crowd. Yesterday was technically "sold out" in that all the tickets were sold but the venue wasn't completely filled. There was a crazy girl who bought 70 tickets and definitely didn't sell all of her extras. The same girl did this shit on Halloween as well which was also "sold out". XAA-XAA also likes to say lives are sold out when they're not so don't trust them on that. (speaking as a fan) I've been going to XAA-XAA's lives for almost 3 years and I can tell you with confidence they will never play Belmosaic songs. They have no reason to. 名も無き空へ, however, was originally a song from 6-sense (Kazuki, Reiya and Haru's band before Belmosaic) but I haven't heard them play it since Roji left the band.
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    I've been playing Monster Hunter World for a few hours now and I really love it. I've never played a Monster Hunter game before but I've played some similar games so I kinda knew what to expect. It'll probably take me a good while to learn how to get good at it but it's fine, I like games where you actually have to know what you're doing.
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    Somebody hire these boys a graphic designer ...
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    Got some 58x that are finally gonna arrive tmrw, sadly because of my vk purchases and holiday shopping these were the best I could afford but I'm still super excited to try them out
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    GUYS!!!!!! HE WAS SMILING!!!!!!!
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    X JAPAN new song sample?

    holdup, try this
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    Jesus drum triggering Christ this is a goddamn mess.
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    LOOOLLL This is garbage mama, the best thing dimlim did was dropping issei and letting retsu take control will listen to this a few times tho ngl shhh don't tell anyone i kinda like garbage
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