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    But imagine this: - They've been releasing a tonne of J-pop wannabe crap - Koichi floods his insta with him dancing to all of it - Promote their first album by showing us a cutesy, pink, in your face album cover - *8P-SB.com is released* -They've fooled us all for this amount of time and they've been working on the most br00tal album to ever exist -Profit
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    Yay, can't wait to listen to 10 seconds of each song before deleting the album from my computer.
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    Satsuki found in German convenience store, sobbing
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    The mini album will not be released on 2019.01.30. The tweet says 'at the end of January'. What will take place at this date will be a live at Ikebukuro EDGE commemorating the release. During their live on 2019.04.16, the band will announce something important. New drummer J 'ω' ² : https://twitter.com/drnnj2
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    Jigsaw 29.11.2018 at 18:00 will publish their new MV 近所のあの子 Kinjo no ano ko (Promotion Edit Ver)
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    BABOO will disband

    it was called "mom" wow this sucks tho. i've been waiting to see some news on their third consecutive single, but looks like that got scrapped. They were starting to get so good. This is bullshit.
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    BABOO will disband

    what a way to end his stillborn ~real vk~ career and come back with a vengeance in the next DIV clone!
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    Here are a few that come to mind when I think Iconic vk~~~
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    Okay, been gone for a bit, but there's huge news. The new album has been announced, it'll be called Destroyed to Discord and the Reason. They also have new oversized parkas and dolman shirts as well as having launched a new web store.
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    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I posted here, and I hope people hear me out and read this whole thread. First I'll introduce myself, I'm known by some people here as Yasu, and I was a moderator quite some time ago, briefly, by the name of Yasupon. I wouldn't say I was the best moderator of all time, but I left a mark on the community during the time I was around due to my activity within the social aspect of the site (mostly within the minichat, last.fm, and tt.fm areas). I was probably well known for having written comments on every indie band on last.fm, but yeah enough about me. So as you all know, the visual kei scene is extremely niche; I can personally say that I've never met a single visual kei fan irl by pure chance. The reason I joined this forum many years ago on my former account was because I wanted to meet other visual kei fans, because of course, meeting them in person is almost impossible. I really enjoyed this forum, and for a while I was a minichat regular, as that was the best social outlet for me to make friends and express myself as a part of this community. We had many regulars whom would use the minichat actively, including myself, Biopanda, Haunted Jealousy, Senedjem, Zesshoku, CAT5, Furik, and plenty of others. So somewhere around 2013, drama struck me, and I left this community while I still held a moderator position. It was honestly ridiculous, and I don't want to talk about it because it was truly quite silly, but I left without a word (what an immature teen I was), and two years later I returned to see that the minichat was no longer what it had used to be. The minichat was barren, and it wasn't as active as before. Soon afterward, I discovered that MH actually had its own discord server, which had been started by OriginalSaku (whom I believe is still a moderator here?), however that discord group wasn't promoted very actively, and ultimately went inactive. I am writing this thread because one of my biggest passions in life is to make friends with other visual kei fans, and with the minichat being inactive for quite some time now, the discord group not really being a paramount cornerstone for the community, and no other discord groups filling the void that I sought after, I took it in my own hands to create what I had been so desperately looking for, so I did. I run a server which is currently called "J-Music Community" which is focused primarily on two things: visual kei, and social interaction. Our goal is to bring people together to discuss the music, and just have fun together. We have custom roles, custom colors, voice channels, a j-music and general radio, and many 'channels' for members to use as a means to discuss various topics of interest, and I would be extremely honored to have members of this community to join, and try us out. Our members are friendly, and most are quite mature. We currently have 175 members, and most of them joined only within the past week alone. I have been advertising very passionately all over the internet because that's how much I care about bringing visual kei fans together. If anyone would be willing to at least give us a shot, I'll supply the link right here: https://discordapp.com/invite/wE56xDx If this thread is considered advertising, then of course, I apologize. I intend to create conversation, so this is not solely about driving traffic to the server. A dialogue concerning visual kei fans and unifying them is the premise of this thread as well, because it appears that we're a very niche group, yet we're quite divided from my perspective, and it saddens me a bit. Last.fm has died down over the years, and other community websites dedicated to VK I feel have died down as well, so my goal has been to basically attempt to change that single-handedly to revolutionize things a bit.
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    DuelJewel to Resume Activities

    http://dueljewel.jp/pc/zepp.html Duel Jewel announced their return live on March 1st, 2019, at Zepp Tokyo. Hayato has apparently made a full recovery from the variety of conditions (functional dysphonia, vocal dystonia, vocal yips) that caused them to disband.
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    Gilles de Rais 2 new live DVD "Remembrance Vol.1" and "Remembrance Vol.2" will be released at 2019/02/20 (4320yen) [tracklist "Remembrance Vol.1"] [1991.4.27 Nanba ROCKETS] 01.SUICIDE 02.MOONLIGHT LOVERS 03.PLEASURE SONG 04.PEOPLE OR PEOPLE 05.PICTURE FOR FUTURE 06.UP TO DATE 07.SEXER SEXER [1992.11.10 SAPPORO MESSE HALL] 08.COSMO 09.崩れ落ちる前に・・・ 10.Decide(Prototype of Delight) 11.Remember 12.199X DECADENCE 13.SANDYII 14.SEXER SEXER 15.殺意 16.SUICIDE 17.FOLLOW ME 18.MELODY [tracklist "Remembrance Vol.2"] [1990.10.25 YOKOHAMA CLUB24] 01.PICTURE OF FUTURE 02.SEXER SEXER 03.COSMETIC PALLETE 04.BAGDAD [1991 KYOTO MUSE] 05.UP TO DATE 06.MOONLIGHT LOVER 07.SUICIDE 08.PLEASURE SONG 09.巴里祭 [1992.12.28 Nanba ROCKETS(SECRET LIVE「殺意」)] 10.MOONLIGHT LOVER 11.UP TO DATE 12.BECAUSE 13.SUICIDE 14.崩れ落ちる前に… 15.殺意 16.ANARCHY IN THE UK
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    X JAPAN new song sample?

    holdup, try this
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    Cool, I loved their first single so I will try this out
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    I vibe so hard wit dis 🕺
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    It looks like he came back, but it's not unheard of for vkei bands to make new members take on old members' names (re: the piass having several guitarists using the same name because I guess that's just easier than naming them all). I'm glad they're releasing something new. They're pretty good and now that Gossip is gone, they can kind of fill that void. I think they meant first nationally-distributed mini-album, because they did have a live distributed one back in December.
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    Gota give it to dexcore. Brain Washing is so freaking over the top its AMAZING. That breakdown has some BALLS
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    BABOO will disband

    If he is the one wanting a new direction, I guess his style is more akin to the first album than to the freaking good music they went after
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    I forgot they existed lol that's good news I guess
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    Any VK fan who’s a furry will be both hard and confused
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    BABOO will disband

    i think his name is Bero
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    8P-SB first full album "8P-SB.com" release

    I have no idea how to handle this new look
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    watch them slaying that bubbling under hot 300 @ indie oricon x
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    Paris' gig will be at Petit Bain while Montpellier's will be at SECRET PLACE. If you wish to go to Paris', you can order your ticket here (35 euros) : https://www.access-live.net/jupiter?fbclid=IwAR1Ma3w16nzCWwRzatINKnoYntCDMRLS0UNWH9X0hLBeTe3yKrLgQLwLn4g
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    血舐めゆる。(Chinameyulu.) has changed their name to "Chiina Meyulu." and they have officially established their new label "Sweet Darkness Company" on November 26 (although the label was active as early as March 2018). They will also hold their sponsored live, "Chiina Meyulu.降誕祭 『激祝18×××歳-開ケ…禁断ノ扉!!-』" at Shinjuku club SCIENCE on January 17. Chiina Meyulu. Twitter Sweet Darkness Company Twitter
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    are they performing at a nursing home?
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    The romaji lyrics can be found here- https://www.jpopasia.com/01gnogosan/lyrics/359004/yuugai-menhera-doll/yuugai-menhera-doll-有害メンヘラドール/
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    I've seriously been sleeping on STEREO.C.K. They're really good, and sort of keep the Kagerou sound, but with a twist
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    Dir en grey

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    What are some iconic VKei Songs?

    A couple oldie to break the ice. Illuminati by Malice Mizer ThE sOnG DiR eN gReY dOn'T wAnT yOu To SeE: And almost any XJapan's songs, but for the sake of chosing one because it's one of my favorite and it's famous for it's lenght:
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    From varying degrees of "Iconic in the western fandom" to "actually iconic," but here are a few examples.
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    Dir en grey

    you're always welcome beloved, can't wait to read your expanded opinions on how exactly this band should proceed with obligatory anniversary remasters of their visual-era albums x
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    Dir en grey

    they read MH on the reg and that ad is a thinly veiled drag of 「an average manchild」 arguing here on their behalf.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Hey! I haven't posted in here for a good while, I've gotten way more cds as of lately... Although here's my latest haul~ There's a Klaha - Nostal Lab special edition, Baiser Psychoballet, and Prism 8CM CD single, Raphael - Lilac 2nd press, and a sealed Maria Cross - For You CD
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    The Piass

    CANIVAL will disband

    A last DVD live called 「CANIVALIZM」 will be released ! It will include their last live on 2018.11.04.
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    DuelJewel to Resume Activities

    >be a bandman >play shitty american cons for years >no one cares about you in japan >finally start to come up, band does well >almost make it to your 20th anniversary >vocalist gets a bunch of absolutely heinous vocal conditions >forced to disband >over two years later, he's finally better and you can keep doing what you love >some guy on a forum calls you cringey for taking a cute photo with your bandmates
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    Dir en grey

    The promos for Vestige of Scratches had those weird animated shorts featuring creatures that represented the band. Also, I work with several Japanese people and none of them have even heard of Dir en grey. They’re mostly familiar with L’arc and X Japan though.
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