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    looking forward to the new Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows record x
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    Ok, this was kind of hard to translate as there is soooo much slang and play on words in this song "budokan live" "gyakudai" etc. all hidden away in other meanings. And a zillion references. I have no idea who ☆ko-san is.... please help! ♡♡♡♡♡ Here is my crappy translation: Drowned goldfish It's not possible, Drowned goldfish No way, no way, I have never heard that goldfish can drown It's impossible! Eating chekis with sauce. Chekimeshi (a cheki dinner) it's impossible (a cheki dinner, where girls eat their meal and put a cheki next to it, so bandoman eats with them) travel in transparent erotic clothes A transparent osaka tour, that's impossible! (Play on words here, a tokyo-nagoya-osaka tour is called tomeihan) A one day break-up/disbandment "honey" on one's hands (honey= mitsu, girls that pay bandomen money to associate with them) Shopping Privilege - Deep Kiss No way! The ramen I ordered is the same as my friend's "I can't put up with these noodles(bandomen)" ---> "麺かぶり無理です" (the men kanji, which means noodles is used as slang for bandomen) No way, no way! beneath the stale smell, there comes the "scent" (匂わせ) of harmful bangya No way! "Scent" that's not the meaning at all. (Edit: 匂わせ seems be something like "fishy", indicating a love relationship with a bandomen). ☆ko-san's thumb is a middel finger instead of a thumb. Impossible! I don't want to see such a ☆ko-san "Dadaroma-san ga koron da" (lit. Dadaroma fell over, parody of the childrens game "daruma-san ga koron da!", where you have to stop moving once the phrase is finished, thus the musical breaks here) Dadaroma fell over, Dadaroma fell over, Yoshiatsu-san! Dadaroma fell over, The complete closure of "tanuki" Buying only one copy of a CD "I'm ranking up as bangya!" It's impossible, it's impossible! Eating autum fruits in the middle of the live "grape-sense" live (budokan live) It's impossible! In the "sabi" there is no such play on words. (Budokan live, gyakudai etc.) Wired in "all-you-can-listen VK", that's why I got a job at family mart. No way! Do you do your best at work? (Gyakudai) At the shunsei live Nr.1 of the A tickets, Even though it can not be invalidated. The shusei band's flyer is being ravenously eaten during the MC. It's not possible, I should like to believe it. the number one to ten on the charts is independent Visual Kei. That's never going to happen! I want to believe! Bangya and Janiwota understand each other from the bottom of one's heart. That's never going to happen! Is what I believe. "I admired Kaitou Sentai, so I started a band." Not possible! No one says that! "Ladies and gentlemen who are watching the Countdown TV, this is Kaitou Sentai!" Really not possible! Drowning goldfish!
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    Just a couple of things I thought I'd mention: 麺かぶり無理 refers to when bangya hate other bangya who like the same bandmen as them. They're making a pun cause the speaker ordered the same ramen as her friend and 麺 = noodles as well as bandmen. 匂わせ is when someone hints that something is happening/going on without directly saying it. ☆ko-san = Hoshiko-san aka vk oyaji
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    Their new single 「Wally?」 will be released on 2018.10.30. TYPE A : 1944 yen CD + DVD TYPE B : 1944 yen CD + DVD TYPE C : 1620 yen CD
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    I think this picture fully summarizes this project in a nutshell.
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    According to their website, he leaked personnal information about the other members, the band and live tickets. There is also something about several individuals having financial problems. (Because of him?) He also said that he was not motivated anymore to play in the band. They also spoke about a woman who was forbiddden to attend their live on 2018.04.24, but in the end they lifted this "ban". The message says that before the band (about 6 years ago) he was known to be a troublemaker but he said that he would try to fix this. (Not sure) They wanted to resume their activities in April 2019 but because of his behaviour, it will not happen.
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    DixdriveR one-day revival

    DixdriveR will revive for one day at their live at Shinsaibashi SOMA on December 29.
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    "憑影と月風 / tsukikage to tsukikaze" (formerly known as "op.7") PV spot
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    Kaitou SentaiNusumunja is honestly what I've been really waiting for in Vkei. A band that just be's the meme, and makes fun of the entire scene.
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    A 60 second teaser clip of Ranunculus has been revealed.
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    come through rhockstar bhad bhabie, don't let the rule of law and basic human decency dictate ur morals!!!!! #thug_lyfe
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    #cursedimages I tried to jaypeg it as much as possible, lol. Really tried not to spend more than 20 min on this o_o.
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    Hello Tomoe, I want to play a game. So far in what could loosely be called your life you've made a living by using my name in order to perform with your band. Society would call you a VKeier. I call you unworthy of the body you possess, of the life that you've been given. Now we will see if you are willing to look inward rather than outward to give up the one thing you rely on in order to go on living. If your band manages to get 100+ retweets with the statement about your "disappearance" you are free to go and your band will go major, however, if you fail to contact the band mates you have been neglecting I will inform your sugar daddies that it is all fake, so they can stop supporting you and your career will he over. Live or die, make your choice. Let the games begin.
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    VK Hero Project for Clone Hero

    Well, I finally started playing Clone Hero (let's say it's Guitar Hero for PC with some good stuff) and I decided to make a Visual Kei playlist for this game. I've started with Versailles and 9GOATS BLACK OUT. It'll contain bands like DELUHI, DADAROMA, MoNoLith, R-Shitei, ViViD, GazettE, An Cafe......blablablal. Every song will contain Full Difficulty and lyrics on the release, but for now, the songs will contain only Expert diff for both Lead and Rhythm guitars, without lyrics 9GOATS BLACK OUT - sink: Versailles - Shout & Bites: Kagrra, - Utakata: DOGMA - the GazettE: deadman - follow the night light: DADAROMA - Oboreru Sakana: An Cafe - Bonds~Kizuna~: Luzmelt - sacrifice: DELUHI - s[K]ape:goat: BIOSPHIA - SUISEN: -OZ- - FILMY: Matenrou Opera - ANOMIE:
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    Their new album "背水之陣"(Hasui no jin) will be released on 2018.10.24. (2700 yen) Concerning some translations, I am not really sure. The English translations were provided by the band. Tracklist : 1. 魔ノ都(Ma no mayuri) Urbs Diaboli 2. 無二ノ決戦(Muni no kessen) A Showdown Like No Other 3. 撫デ斬リ(Nade zanri) Sword Sweep 4. 屍ヲ晒セ(Kabane o sarashise) Die In Glory 5. 無慈悲ナ仏神(Mu-jihina busshin) Merciless Deities 6. 反撃ノ時(hangeki no toki) Time To Strike Back 7. 背水之陣(Hasui no jin) The Final Stand 8. 文物ト戦(Bunbutsu to ikusa) Civilizations And Wars 9. 降伏勧告((Kôfuku kankoku) Summons To Surrender 10. 時代ノ碑(Jidai no ishibumi) Epigraphy Of An Er
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    Their new single 「シャーデンフロイデ」(Schadenfreude) will be released on 2018.10.10. (1200 yen + taxes) Tracklist : 1. シャーデンフロイデ(Schadenfreude) 2. 光(Hikari)
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    @-NOVA- I see! I still miss the original vocals but I did like the lyric video I just saw too!
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    Beat me to it, there's a bunch of references in there that I wouldn't have gotten though. Nice job, thanks!
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    Ex-Avelcain Karma New Band ?

    Well, Eve was involved in the making of Ai no Tokui Ten. Eve is an employee of Shimizuya records, the shitty record label AvelCain was on. He was highly involved in writing a lot of the band's stuff, and I believe he played support for them after Sou left, and before Byou joined. My guess is, knowing the situation and how Shimizuya works, Karma doesn't want anything to do with Shimizuya anymore, but he's locked in a slave contract, so he can't do anything. It's also totally possible he's just done with the vkei scene. After AvelCain being abused by the label, him not being in charge of his own stuff, and a whole bunch of other circumstances, he probably just gave up.
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    he'd have way more of a chance if he didn't constantly pull goofy shit like this in all honesty
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    new band ドレミ・ファ (Doremifa) new album "御伽曲第88番" (Otogi-kyoku dai 88-ban) will be released at 2018/09/01 (2980yen) [tracklist] 第1楽章.マジカル・ア・ソート・オーケストラ 第2楽章.「オトギ」 第3楽章.ドレミ・ア・ラ・モード 第4楽章.ストロベリー・オン・ザ・ナイトメア 第5楽章.アップル・ファクト・マミー 第6楽章.トゥ・フィ・エゴ・エリス 第7楽章.アイオライ・ト・ワイライト 第8楽章.ヰタ・セクスアリス 第9楽章.ディップ・イン・ドッツ・ドラマチカ 第10楽章.ラ・リラ 第11楽章.「ミソギ」 第12楽章.プ・ラリ[ル]・ネ[リアル] [members] Vo. Om Gt. aria.C.millefeuille Gt. anormal.D.nightmare Ba. heartphilia.E.merrybell Dr. chocolat.F.shota they will hold their first live "音ノ階段、御茶ノ会合〜ドレミ・ステップ・ティー・パーティ〜" at 2018/10/06 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
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    Let's make a bet if Kyo will do his OOGA BOOGA after that last part before the video ends and make it into prog metal lololol
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    This sounds like it's gonna be the worst produced record they've done by far. It sounds completely flat.
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    lol the look doesn't even match the song.
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    I'm surprised they didn't reference Undeux and the ordering a pizza through line incident. Maybe they did that in another song?
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    Amber Gris fans and not only, vote in this poll for choosing what song you would see analyzed in the site. Details here! https://drkreviews.tumblr.com/post/177605378366/drk-poll-1-amber-gris
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    He didn't embezzle money. He found a wallet on the road and instead of returning it, he used the money, which is still a crime and considered stealing.
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    whose grindr (recon?????) profile is this stolen from —
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    What is up with DEG and Gazette fans?

    Consider DeG and gazette an entry point into heavy vk music for teens. Then consider how most teens nowadays are part of a fandom, which involves loyally protecting your band/series/etc against evil haters. I found out recently that in kpop fandom there are fans who create accounts to roleplay as rival groups and leave hate messages and start fights on different social media of the chosen groups. I'll never understand it, maybe it's too much free time as well as wanting really badly to belong somewhere.
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    lmao @ all the bands not being able to choose between Decadence and Decadance so Sui be like fuck it Decadeance
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    What the FUCK am I looking at?
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    It's cute but it lacks some punch, members' names are interesting (?)
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    The Reverend

    Madmans Esprit

    Wait, Nacht *was* on Spotify... and now it's not. And it will be again soon?? (I remember playing Nacht a lot last summer after you posted about it in the shoutbox...)
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    Soan Project 2 new mini-albums release

    i love how they make their artworks always be 2 pieces of a larger image ❤️
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    Oh my god. I'm so sorry for having made fun of MEJIBRAY so many times. Please bring them back...... Anything over this...... Please..... Make this hell end...
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    Riku & Kisaki special band will perform

    He looks great. Why does he need to chang his fashion style? If anything today's VK is the least interesting when it comes to aesthetics.
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    Would they really announce a disbandment like this and make people wait for so long before revealing it? Doesn't seem likely to me, but then again I have no idea how these things are held in the scene
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    #115: DEZERT - TODAY

    I think that's because by not announcing this as some side project or concept album, it communicates to the fans that this is now the direcion they are headed as a band. And, it's just not at all the same kind of music that fans got into band for in the first place. If I'm optimistic, then yeah I'd hope this is just a phase that will end up enriching the band's music later down the road in ways I couldn't imagine. But other bands' histories of this situation (going from hard music to pop) say otherwise. Examples for me are D'espairsRay, Mucc, Girugamesh. At best, I expect some throwback album in a few years that attempts to "go back to the roots" to please old fans but ends up being a watered down attempt that lacks the punch and nuances of what they're trying to re-capture. The major label bug bites hard. Here's a very extreme and weird analogy. It's like if a bicycle company decided they were selling utensils now. Old customers are either leaving or wondering when they'll make a new bike instead of selling another damned fork. You think, "they've gotta go back to making bikes sometime." Then later on, they decide (to bring old customers back) they're going to release a new bike, the first in years, and it ends up being a fork with wheels. That's only going to cater to a very niche group of people and you end up pleasing no one from old and new customers. They should've just opened a new shop with new branding to separate the two. Kinda weird, I know. But all I'm saying is that bands should similarly stick to a few select genres/styles and build off of that. Industrial metal and pop really have nothing to do with each other. Unless you're doing something like Babymetal or some other kind of experimentation, it just ends up being jarring and divides fans.
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    [Portuguese] Membros brasileiros

    Gente quero recomendar essa youtuber vk
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