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    Tracklist, album art and new band look has been revealed (cool band pic btw). CD 01. 廿奇譚AHEAD 02. 血空 03. 不安の殿堂 04. 回游論 05. 素晴らしい世界 06. 主人公ルート 07. 夜空に舞う花弁 08. 我が為に鳴くパンドラ 09. 孤独氏 10. おやすみ世界 11. 弊帚トリムルティ CD+DVD edition bonus DVD: 弊帚トリムルティ [Music Video] 血空 [Music Video] メトーク (special 'talk programme' commemorating their 20th anniversary, runtime is 101 mins) + mini photobook and special box packaging 2CD edition bonus CD: re-recording best album 01. 誤sick 02. 不機嫌なアンドロイド 03. ΦD-SANSKRIT 04. 魔法 05. 薔薇と紅蓮 06. 僕が僕の為に僕を辞める僕 07. ねじ式 08. カフカフ 09. 先生 10. MATSURI 11. PSYCHO-ENEMY 12. 三つ数えろ 13. デリート 14. アクアリウム 15. 青い鳥 Cover art (CD+DVD limited ed., 2CD limited ed., regular ed.)
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    Livehouse capacity for onemans can be a good indicator of a band's popularity at times, especially if the band consistently plays at larger venues, but some bands also play at venues they can't fill just because they can whether it's due to connections, the guys having money, having fans who give them a lot of money, or whatever. Some popular bands also like playing smaller venues because of the intimate atmosphere. Also keep in mind that bands of all sizes play at AREA because it's a famous/popular vk venue. Number of tanuki threads is irrelevant. Sometimes bands have a lot of net gya who constantly like to shit on girls who go to lives, sometimes there's a lot of drama surrounding the members. XAA-XAA has had 95 tanuki threads in 3 1/2 years but they still have onemans at venues with a 200 person [or less] cap both in Osaka (where they started) and in Tokyo (where they're based now). Being featured in magazines, it really depends, but many times it's really a matter of having a good label/management. XAA-XAA and Grimoire are not very popular but get featured in a lot of magazines because they're signed to Timely Records which is connected to little Hearts. I remember seeing a similar thread or some posts on here regarding Youtube views and popularity but that's also not a good way to judge. DIMLIM's PV for vanitas has had over 71K views on Youtube in just 4 weeks (which is really good for a vk band) but I saw them again at EDGE on Friday and there were only maybe 15 people there for them (out of a crowd of maybe 40 people total) Tbh the only way to know for sure how popular a band is is to go see them or ask someone who has seen them before.
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    ZIZ will release their new EP "Liquid Stunt Flavor" on 2018/08/25 at their oneman gig "Salon du Detéster #15" held at Zirco Tokyo. The live will also feature guests Hitomi (ウミユリ) and 美良 政次 (a.k.a. Seth from Moi Dix Mois / Z from Art Cube). No further info about the actual contents of the CD.
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    Kaya new single, "Monday Monday" release

    i miss femme fatale
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    2018 Japanese Music Ratings

    You know what day it is... It's (literally) the middle of the year! This is my first time doing this, and since K-pop is being posted; I'll add all the genres I'm keeping up with atm. More stuff will be trickling in until the end of the year since there are a crazy amount of releases. I'll be modifying/adding stuff constantly, but I like the format so far.
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    this was Karma-Shenjing's whole gig!
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    Is it just me or is anyone having a tough time watching the MV with all those awkward transitions/fade outs + awkward eye movements/stare into the void-type of moments? (; ̄д ̄)
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    I've never listened to Jupiter, so I thought I'd give them a shot and checked out the video. Do they always spend that much of their videos staring dead-eyed into the distance and acting like the other members don't exist? That video is stiff and boring even by VK standards.
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    how to make a one man band?

    damn miyavi did iT again
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    This is literally the best thing that could have happened to this band.
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    Yea its Kuze source Kuze's twitter: https://twitter.com/screamingvocal Their new single Theory of Evolution will be released on 08.08.2018 and sold in advanced at their revival live on 7.21 at Shinjuku RENY. Track-list: 1. Theory of Evolution 2. Bring me out 3. Angel’s wings 4. Theory of Evolution – instrumental ver.- 5. Bring me out – instrumental ver.- 6. Angel’s Wings – instrumental ver.- DVD: 1. Theory of Evolution MV
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    Manji 卍

    Life Is Not Worth Living.

    Life Is Not Worth Living.
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    DIMLIM Concept Full Album CHE DO A RA

    Fuck it, I preordered the album. These last two songs tell me the new lineup is what they needed to VASTLY improve the songwriting. And the new drummer fucking rips.
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    New band "MEME" has formed

    it sounds like L (ex-Amber bullet, The 3rd Birthday, Balalaika) !!!!
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    I don't have some grand thesis about this phenomenon, but UNiTE.'s new music video reminded me of it. Know any other Japanese bands that use "Chinese" inspiration in a song or video (costumes, setting, or even influences in the music)? Post here and feel free to discuss! ユナイト / UNiTE. D Czecho No Republic (If the embed doesn't work, play it on YouTube) 女王蜂 / Ziyoou-Vachi / QUEEN BEE (Non-YouTube PV link for "スリラ/Thriller": http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26772980)
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    I thought you said "Chinese Exorcism" at first and was concerned Does Byakura count? I'm not sure how much of traditional Japanese and Chinese cultures overlap, and if bands that use that as a theme borrow from both. Secilia Luna also seemed to have a bunch of ties to Taiwan, but I don't think it really became an influence in their music since Raphael never did it
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    I expected something as heavy as ARCHEMI.
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    This is gotta be the the 1st PV in VK history in which one the band members is shown running.
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    Serious artwork,new MV ,non live-limited... all good,but I simply don't like this goofy side of them,I want serious tracks, cuz the vocalist is pretty good.
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    Ahhhhhhh KRAD's next live is on Wednesday and I wish it was tomorrow :(((((((((((( also I'm sad I don't have any other bands I like playing that day.
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    Unfortunately, due to the rainy season in Japan right now, Tensai will not be doing their island trip. Instead, they have a poll up for either doing a one day camping trip on Mt. Fuji or spending the night at someplace haunted.
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    Bleh, it looks like it'll be limited to some in-store events and some other sponsorship event for now. Fortunately, the descriptions says that there's a possibility it'll be added to other stores.
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    I've been expecting this for a while now actually. If you've looked at the lineups for Jupiter's previous lives (the ones after Zin left of course), Kuze was always a guest vocalist (along with some other guys). He abruptly left Concerto Moon a few months ago, so I was thinking it was very likely for Kuze to join Hizaki & co. in Jupiter. I quite enjoyed the new song and will be looking forward to this release. Kuze's vocals fit right in. My biggest question is whether or not Jupiter will completely drop the melodeath/extreme metal elements. It wouldn't be too hard for Hizaki to get someone like the guy from Gyze to do some guest growls or something.
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    When I skipped through the video, I ended up at the 1min+ instrumental sections and wondered why they even go all the way to find a vocalist, when all they really want to do is wank to their instrument.....
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    Not really, he is trying again. But his voice would overshadow Hizaki, so no way that would work.
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    Hizaki seems to be keen on exclusively hiring botched-looking frontmen for this project x (vocally it's a obvious upgrade but AC/DC Kaya is NOT photogenic at all!!!)
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    DIMLIM Concept Full Album CHE DO A RA

    Haven't bought a CD in years. CHEDOARA is preordered. Says it all.
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    unironically the best way to measure a band's popularity overseas imo... i guess it's important to distinguish between popularity overseas/domestic success for this conversation
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    How many fangirls are in the comments dying over how sexy they are is a good indicator.
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    New band "MEME" has formed

    And as you all know, WikiHow is always correct.
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    Length of tanuki threads about the length of their p- Also, how many "Come to Brasil" comments there are on YT.
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    New image and ohp has been renewed.
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    nevermind. gonna throw it away.
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    These guys have been on a roll for like at least 3 full-length albums' worth of material and they're somehow STILL going strong, i'm honestly impressed
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    Very glad to see a new album so soon after Ningen wo kaburu. Completely random title, though. At least it isn't as embarrassing as 'In incontinence'.
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    lmao my feeling exactly
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    I don't hate this look, I don't like it either; interesting lip things going on. curse of RPDR stans giving her 15 seconds of mainstream attention tbh, I can't wait until she's gonna be gothing it up for schwarz stein in the autumn. knowing how fickle she is with style choices, this phase probably won't last past that.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Here's a selfie with everyone that was still around for the very end of my Jrock panel at Acen this year.
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    Maria Cross will be the lead singer.
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