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    The Official Mix-Tape thread

    As you all know, every other month a trade-off is hosted here on the forum! However, many people enjoy creating more than one playlist or simply create some for fun in their spare time. Not sure where the share yours? Post them here (youtube playlist, spotify playlist, download link, etc.)so other users can enjoy them too. Feel free to post your thoughts on them. A few things before you post: Give your playlist a title Give a short description ( I made this playlist based on... The theme is...) I'll make an index on this first post once we have enough replies.
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    The band will release a new EP called WHITEOUT on March 7th. It will include a DVD with content to be announced. CD 1 Solstice 2 WHITEOUT 3 Live to Die - Rearrange Ver.- 4 無義道
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Hey guys! Been aware of this forum for ages but only now getting into participating. Me casually and me being vk, haha. We have some fun annual vk nostalgy nights in Helsinki, so it's a cool chance to dress up!
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    Your last music-related buy!

    DEVILOOF - タオル Noulla - 挽肉の一生 アンドゥー - ドロドロ DIMLIM - 記憶、紺碧の微笑み DIMLIM – 「」 DIMLIM – 3 cheki メリーバッドエンド & DEVIZE - 「NEO PUPA'18」
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    the GazettE

    They uploaded their latest PVs on their YouTube channel, if anyone's interested:
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    The details are already known... Limited edition : 2500 yen CD : 1 Solstice 2 WHITEOUT 3 Live to Die - Rearrange Ver.- 4 無義道 DVD : 2017.04.01 新木場Studio Coast LIVE CLIP映像 01. BREAK THIS FAKE 02. Calamity of Victims 03. GENESIS 04. Malice against 05. V.I.P Regular edition : 1890 yen CD : 1 Solstice 2 WHITEOUT 3 Live to Die - Rearrange Ver.- 4 無義道
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    the GazettE

    It’s definitely Sony Music Japan. I had two copyright strikes from them on my old YouTube account, and it was because I uploaded Gazette and MUCC songs. And it just doesn’t make any sense. You can’t watch some PVs on YouTube, but you can buy the music on US iTunes.
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    5,000 yen for this memory with Junno
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    You know when people say they left their hearts in certain countries they fell in love with during traveling? Well I think I left my stomach in Korea because all I'm craving is kimchi and hotteoks dammit.
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    Karma’s Hat

    the Raid.

    the Raid. ( est. 2011 ) OHP Youtube Vocal: 星七 (Sena) Guitar: bo_ya (ex. Яe:sK → the Raid.) Guitar: 由羽 (Yuuha) (ex. NeXuS → リルト → the Raid.) Bass. 庵 (Iori) (ex. LICKER(support)→ the Raid.) Drums: 一陽 (Kazuhi) (ex. Vanishlaiz → マディーデュオール → the Raid.) Former Members Guitar: 祐太 (Yuuta) (ex. the Raid. → Sicks → The Misery In August) ( courtesy of last.fm ) This band is actually alright and they've been around practically forever with a seemingly unproportionately tiny western fandom compared to their japanese following. I'm not an expert on their discography, but they appear to have started out as a rather average Royzcore unit 'til having fleshed out their sound and aesthetic with some desperately needed colour. From what I've heard the early shit can be pretty good at times, even though for me personally it pales in comparison with the dare I say a little r-shitei esque darker oshare stuff they've put out later.
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    Fire up your proxies, everyone! Preview of the live DVDs Yeah, I don't think I'll be buying either limited edition. I do hope the TYPE B DVD leaks, I just wanna see the live version of Sabbath (though I'm sure it won't sound as good as the studio version), I really wish they included that song in the preview vid. I keep forgetting that I don't like how this band sounds live (especially Ryuutarou). :/
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    bring back the KAVKI BOYZ
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    Their 4th EP "ビッチはね、ビッチじゃないよ。" will be released tomorrow (2018/02/08, live-limited). Tracklist 1.ヒス症 2.らぶみ 3.使えね。 4.ビッチはね、ビッチじゃないよ。 One-Man-Schedule: 2018/06/22 - Osaka Muse (Sold Out)
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    The Piass

    NIL UNDER RAIN's new look !

    The band have published a new look.
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    Okay, I’m gonna tell you guys a lil story about my surgery that literally melted my soul and still makes me watereyed when I talk about it. Sooo this jaw surgery that I had was really, really tough. Lots of incisions, bruising, swelling, bleeding (which I’m in the roughest of at the moment =___=). Rough shit. Anyways, I’ve got a pitbull that was absolutely bummed when I had to spend the night at the hospital. When I get back home, the first night is hell, naturally. I’m all beat up, in tears, and I notice that my pitbull is literally in tears for how bad I felt. Never in my 22 years of life have I ever seen something like that. It was one of the most emotional times in my life since I am a huuuuuuuge animal fan/softie, so that literally is something I will never forget. I’m holding her right now thinking about it. But healing is coming together decently, I suppose, and I’m getting the bands that have my jaw shut loosened so I can eat shit that isn’t carnation breakfast and is real food. Thought I’d share that lil story though since it’s something that has been on my mind since it happened. Hope to be back on the uploading circuit again within a week or two, and thanks to everyone for reaching out with their get-well wishes! ^__^
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    What are you listening to?

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    General KPOP Thread

    Omg Crush. ToT ♥ He's got so many great songs. Last year that Goblin OST was everywhere so I think everyone in Korea loves him now lol.
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    General KPOP Thread

    Speaking of k-r&b, I remembered a song that would play a lot in a Korean cafe I used to visit XD. To be honest Crush can wipe the floor with my heart and I won't mind.
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    as much as I love Puppet Show and Träumerei, I don't think I can stand hearing Ryu sing live for more than a few minutes lol
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    the GazettE

    I never understand geo blocking for music videos. Like.., don’t they want to have global reach?
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    General KPOP Thread

    Haha yes they did! It's a rabbit hole that sucks you in when you start looking for new groups/artists. I always dabble in the k-r&b/khh fringe so it never ends. XD They're a bunch of solo artists on the label that did a collaboration album together. But I do think the label is only a few years old. The vocalist in the group I follow mainly (Villain) debuted in 2016 afaik. The unit consists of Jung Jinwoo, Villain, June, Gaho, Moti, and Kei. G.
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    ur avi >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    ur avi >>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    I wish more bandomen would openly offer hugs for ¥5000
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    The Official Mix-Tape thread

    ANY country, any artist and any genre. No restrictions. I've moved it to the global section to avoid confusion
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    The Official Mix-Tape thread

    Awesome! I've been waiting for someone to make a thread like this so I can dump all my mixes somewhere. Now these first ones are not for everybody's tastes but maybe someone can dig them. Here's my japanese hip-hop super mix (3 mixtapes). I didn't just pick some nice songs and put them one after another but instead I actually put quite a lot of thought into these. All these mixes have some sort of theme/story. Some artists might be featured on multiple different mixes, sorry about that. But I tried to include as many different artists as I can. Enjoy!
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    They're calling Miren Yuki "a masterpiece," so hopefully that'll inspire some gya to re-sell it on ebay.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Because @Mamo doesn't believe I have connections. Yesterday I've received DEVIZE - 「UNCERTAIN」as legal download.
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    I'm so thankful for this band! And for a friend that has shown me them.
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    miyavi paid dates teas, omg
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    General KPOP Thread

    Love the music video though ! It's so trippy I can't stop looking at it <3. And did they just say "end of the freaking world" ? XD I swear some of these new groups have some nice concepts and music videos. Makes me wanna go back to stanning new groups XD.
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    General KPOP Thread

    I just think I'm not a fan of her trying to pull off a "natural" ginger look. In her defense, I think very few people can pull it off to begin with. I didn't like it in "So Fresh" either. My Planetarium babies are S L A Y I N G
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    Vocal. junno Support Guitar. Tak Support Bass. ティル Support Drums. Hakuya For the first live only so far. He will also be playing song from some of his previous bands: Sinners and beaU. He will also hug you for 5K yen. I don't recognize any name but I am terrible at this regardless. I think ba.ティル and Tak are form Calmando Qual? Drums from NightingeiL? That would be interesting.
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    Metis Gretel one-day revival

    Does anybody know if there is a story for the band name, Metis Gretel?
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    General KPOP Thread

    This song is so me in the club after many many shots. But, at least the make-up is nice ? Come on, Hyunaaaa...*sigh*
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    Maybe guard it like 5-10 minutes beforehand just in case but an hour is not needed indeed haha! I hope so too! Arlequin is my favourite band so seeing them live is kinda like a priority xD Trust me, the waiting will be worth it! I use a shoppingservice on facebook since I can buy them myself because of gaijin restrictions lol. The shoppingservice is really good, never had a problem with them. They only have a 500 yen shoppingservice fees (and then you have to add shipping fee and a small bank fee sometimes but at least it's better than some other services who ask 20% shoppingservice fee) If you're interested in this shoppingservice I can send you the details!
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    Ooooooh fucking yeah!
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    keep all of it & cancel the tour, ty xoxo
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    I think this band is rapidly approaching the point where they need to drop the maid gimmick. The music more than stands on its own and they are a solid, tight unit.
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    Although signup for the trade-off is officially over, if anyone wants to join late as @reminiscing2004's partner, I'm perfectly cool with that!
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    Nowhere Girl

    Dir en grey

    I am relatively certain it will be pretentiously sombre as usual.
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    Wow, i just checked out the Dimmu song and gosh, fuck I can't get a grasp on what Metis song is meddled with "Propaganda", though. Agreed with everything you said. I loved the first 3 singles from Megaromania but after that it kinda flopped.
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    when you have scoured all the web to obtain information about a band, the only way is to find a hardcore fan or getting closer to the members :/
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    https://www.staegermeister.com/ website open. *___* Still adding stuff though.
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    random thoughts thread

    The highlight of my week is that I found my favorite vine again
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    「高潮トキシコーシス」album cover was published~ Also they will be distributing 「未練雪」 at their one-man live on 02/12.
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    You know, I was one to defend Crossfaith's musical changes for one reason or another... but I think they WIPED OUT. They're not bad musicians and I get that some changes won't always grab the attention of frequent listeners... but personal opinion... The new MV/song isn't really memorable for me. It's not awful, but it's not great. Thoughts?
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    Show Yourself (again)

    There is no beard anymore.
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    ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh)

    For me, Girugamesh were not only one of the best Japanese bands out there, but one of the best bands in total. The only album of theirs I really don't get along with with is Go, which is far too poppy for my tastes. But thankfully they came back with the bloody excellent Monster and the two amazing EPs Gravitation and Chimera. I'm really glad I was able to see them twice before they called it quits. Seeing their encore performance of 'Kowarete iku sekai' is one of the great memories of my gigging career. With both Girugamesh and D'espairsRay gone, the music world is a lesser place.
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    why does everything starwave related always look so cheap and busted, this dude included? this label needs to go tbh
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