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    There are not a lot of things yet about this project. Twitter : https://twitter.com/vulgaruine_red
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone I've been listening to JRock for 11 years and was also quite active in another forum in my teenage years. Now, feeling like a JRock grandma already, I've decided to start my comeback. I've never really stopped listening to JRock, but as you get older you grow out of that phase of huge obsession over VK to then....obsess over other, more adult things Recently I've been getting into Dir en Grey and other bands again, mainly because I spent two weeks in Tokyo last year and went to VK shops in Shinjuku. It was a great experience and awakened a long buried passion! I think it's really sad that all of the "youngsters" are just all about KPop nowadays. Not that KPop is bad or anything, but I've just always been more into Metal and Rock in general, so I just don't get all too excited over it. The VK scene has diminished over the years and is now, sadly, barely existent. I want to change that and keep the spirit alive by talking with you lot about JRock and everything related (or unrelated.) Cannot wait to hear from you guys! See you around!
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    random thoughts thread

    Because America
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    here are the furi videos the band uploaded. i'm so excited for them!!
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    The GazettE new album, "NINTH" release

    Imo Undying was their best song since DIM so I'm feeling overly optimistic about this album. ^Also I checked Ruki's twitter and he uses 最狂 (saikyou) instead of 最強 (saikyou), a play on words saying the album will be their most insane/crazy album yet. Might be looking too far into this but hopefully this means it won't be straight forward generic stuff like Dogma which was alright but far from great.
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    listening to my baroque, kannivalism, plastic tree playlist again. wasn't able to join the trade-off this month but that's honestly my life giving playlist right there.
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    My partner for this exchange was @qotkaand I was sent an extremely POP heavy mix which made me feel terrified as I don't normally like/listen to poppy songs like this. Overall it sometimes felt like a chore to listen to this mix thanks to the heavy focus on catchy poppy songs. I did find some surprises in between that I will be sure to check out. It didn't make me feel much as I was super far away from my comfort zone. It was kinda like listening to a lynch. album, always has a couple of great tracks but a bunch of filler in between. I give this mix 3.5 RINDA RINDAs out of 5
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    This mix really struck a chord with me, and gave me a newfound respect for @chemicalpictures for their hard work into trying to make the entire listening session as seamless as possible. I listened to this mix many times, under so many occasions where I either felt like listening, or simply HAD to listen to it because I was vulnerable so to speak. I felt this was the only way to approach something with this theme. I enjoyed this mix immensely @chemicalpictures. As I listened, I came to realize that by listening only to VK these past few years primarily, I had missed out on a lot of great musicians and great works to enjoy. If I may, I’m going to keep these tracks, as I would like for them to have another home to be listened to as they deserve it. Thanks for putting in the time and effort in to the mix. I enjoyed every last one, and have found more music to dive into because of it.
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    With all due respect to yoshiki can eat my ass
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    The announcement was that they'll be releasing a cover single of CREAM (cash rules everything around me) by wu tang.
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    ベティ(Betty), who used to be signed to the infamous Rockstar Records label, is holding a revival show in September 30th at Urawa Narciss. It's a bit hard to tell, but it looks like they're calling themselves "Ugly Betty's Paranoia." Either that, or that's just part of the name of the show and they're running with it on Twitter. Revival show lineup: Vo:綺流 (ex-ベティ, ex-チェリー, etc) Gt:菊池明人 (ex-ベティ(as 暁翔), ex-Liphlich) Gt:ルネ (ex-ベティ, ex-Domestic Child, etc) Ba:kotty (ex-ベティ) Dr:妃露 (ex-メアリィ)
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    NoGoD will release a new album titled "proof" on 2017/9/20. Limited edition will include 11 tracks and a DVD for "Missing", "Arlequin", and "break out!". Regular edition will include 12 tracks. Tracklist: 01. In the cage...(Instrumental) 02. break out! 03. Arlequin 04. 蜃気楼 05. ヘンリエッタ 06. proof 07. 矜持と共に (Instrumental) 08. forever 09. 煽動 10. Missing 11. Tonight! 12. DREAMER *regular edition (already posted this in the other topic cuz i got too excited but here it is again)
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    So here we go! My partner was @YuyoDrift, and his tape had a fair number of western tracks, which I always find interesting, since I'm always so focused on japanese music. It's a nice chance of scenery. 01. Rarity - Faded: Hot damn, this was a good start. the song drinks heavily from the earlier 00's pop punk fountain, with its scaling chords, and a metalcore flavor on the vocals. It's really short, but I think in this case it does more good than harm, being a intro and all. Really interesting and I'm absolutely checking them out. 8/10 02. KEEL - SWANS: I admit KEEL hasn't done much to me as 9GBO did, but this is one of the few songs they did I actually enjoy. The instrumentals really reminds me of STEREO C.K., and that's always a good thing. I like the fast tempo drums and the main riff are nice, but I can't help but feel that Ryo's voice is so much more suited for dark, slow-tempo emotional spiral that was 9GBO. Weird to say it, but to me he is the weak link here. 07/10 03. Dance Gavin Dance - Spooks: DGD is SO GOOD. One of my favorite post-hardcore bands of the last few years. I'm always amazed by the way they fit like 3 song structures inside of one. The first breakdown completely changes the pace and rhythm of the song, and it's not an easy thing to pull off. And what about the 02:00 onwards section? gotta respect those guys! Great guitar lines and emotional clean vocals drive it a notch up. Love that ending. 08/10 04. Mikinorme - SOKUBAKU: Disclaimer: Feminine vocals are not my thing, specially the more high pitched ones. I kinda like how the guitars and drums reverbs non-stop during the first verse and bridge. There's not much complexity here, but sometimes that's a good thing. The song is definitely uplifting and fun, it totally fits this trade theme. 06/10 05. The Pillows - Last Dinosaur: The Pillows is a band I definitely should've know better by now. This sounds tailor made to an shoegaze-y, indie bar concert. The bridge has an interesting change in tempo that giver this song more flavor, and the lovely rhythm guitars are definitely a highlight. 07/10 06. deadman - In Media: deadman is golden, and In Media is one of my favorites VK jazzy songs. amazing guitars leads through all the song, will get you humming without even noticing. the bass is really vivid aswell, gives it a nice punch. The second bridge is really nice, great vibes, all in all. Definitely a classic. 08/10 07. Lynch - Fallen: The first thing you will notice is how the this song is percussion-based. the drum and bass are the stars here, really strong base. Props to the production. They guide Hazuki and making easy for the lead guitar to show. I'm not really fond of the solo, but all in all is a solid work, and is most definitely a grower. 07/10 08. Pierce The Veil - Bulls In The Bronx: At first I was impressed by the main riff, but I gotta admit his vocals are not much to my taste. But then the mid section hits, and you gotta love the mexican/Spanish instrumental vibes there. There's where the song pick its pace, I'd say I like it much more than the beginning. but I really miss some screams here and there, it would give it such an "ooomph". But instrumental-wise, I wouldn't change a thing, so well done. 07/10 09. Unlucky Morpheus - 木葉天狗: I can appreciate symphonic metal for their masterful skillwork and techniques, but musically I'm not that much into it. That gal can sing, that's for sure. She has a powerful, beautiful voice, that kinda makes me want to check out what she can do on a ballad-like song. 06/10 10. Millencolin - Penguins and Polarbears: You can do no wrong with Millencolin. The punk rock teenager in me will always love these guys, no matter what. That chorus is to die for, in the middle of the crowd, shouting your lungs off! And that ending, with the drums pickin up, Maaaan, so good! lots of good memories coming back while listening to it, gotta revisit their disco now! 09/10 11. Kurohata - Shitsuren toiu na no mujou: This song sure is interesting. It already starts up in a speedy pace that I wasn't expecting at all. It blazes through all the sections in and fast tempo that made me have to listen to it three times before getting a real grasp of it. The chorus is quite catchy, and the breakdown is very interesting! It's one of those under 3 minutes sucker-punches that often catches you off guard. Me likey. 07/10 12. 浅井健一&THE INTERCHANGE KILLS - 朝の4時: I like how this song is so bass-based. It gives me such a 70's spy movies feels, lol. Loaded with energy, I can see why it would give someone life. Another fast-paced heavy hitter, I specially enjoy the solo, where it all picks and hits even harder. A fun track, indeed! 07/10 13. Yellowcard - Twenty Three: Yeeeeah, another teenage angst classic! Ocean Avenue was such a nice album. It has everything, great chorus, melodic chants, high octane drums just as God (aka Travis Barker) demands it. And the best of all that harmonica at the end, opens a freaking smile on my face. Great Song, playing it again, brb. 09/10 14. Matenrou Opera - Curse of Blood: I haven't listened much of these guys since they decided to take the full dive on Metal, I'm more of a ANOMIE-era guy, but Pantheon was a good album. Sono voice is really nice as always, the ending shout is specially impressive. This is probably a great live track, really energetic, I can imagine people going nuts listening to it. 07/10 15. Arlequin - imp: And we end with a real banger! This song is RAW, sounds so clean, drums and guitars all in your face. the 01:29 breakdown is really good, it's one of those JUMP moments in a concert. The fact that this track does not have specific melodic chorus is so interesting, you rarely see this kind of experimental stuff on VK. I'm impressed, this is right up my alley. Perfect closer! 08/10 All in all, I really enjoyed going through this tape. It had artists that I really didn't know or only by name (Rarity, Arlequin), it had fond memories on some youth classics (Yellowcard, Millencolin), and a few staples on the scene that I was already familiar, but sure is nice to revisit them. I think I can understand how these songs fit into the theme, they all have some sort of strengh in them, blood pumping on the veins, most would be great to listen real loud, lol. Thanks again for sharing it with me!
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    the virgin kote kei vs the chad deathcore
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    Maaan @YuyoDriftI'm so glad you enjoyed the tape! I hold all the songs there really close to my heart, and it's really nice to see that you got what I meant with most of them, and I agree with the majority of your comments! A few remarks: - ELLEGARDEN is a must on my catalogue! Specially with their early works, pure gold!; - nil delete heads was such a short-lived, yet great band! I'd totally recommend you to check out their disco, it's only two minis and one amazing single; THIS! It was their farewell single, and it is more or less a letter to their fans. Rayka gets so emotional by the end of it, impossible not to be carried along!; - awww, a shame you didn't like xTRiPx track that much, but I guess Yoshito's style of singing is not really for everyone. But your assumptions are correct, this was released near their disbanding, and it's about accepting the end and coming to terms with it. Maybe check out their earlier works, they are more "VK" oriented; This is was so nice to read, cuz this song is BIG to me. DOPES. members are such a talented bunch (Kouryuu is ex-MBHI and now on RAZOR) and Kai (ex-LOVE LOCK) compositions are really unique. I was torn apart between CROSSING and STARGAZER for this tape (check it under the spoiler) exactly for that "guitar bleeding" thing, and its cool to see them get some love! hell yeah, completely agree! you can't beat DOF nowadays, no one has been releasing good songs this consistently, and yet being able to stand out from the rest of the pack. That chorus, the multi layered vocals, the slap guitars, yuya is a freakin god. That was totally the idea, finalizing the tape with this song. And man, that's such an interesting description, and I guess BBS really do agree with you, The song PV is basically a big open sky, with an angel floating, falling from the sky: Again, thanks for this! It was a pleasure to read it, and I'm finalizing your review ASAP, I'll try to post it later today!
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    New band "Scylla" has formed

    Name taken from Scylla & Charybdis from the odyssey, kinda my fav part - their logo at the end even silhouettes the monster itself.. Ill kee
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    The Piass

    Blu-BiLLioN new album "EDEN" release

    Deluxe edition : 8000 yen + taxes CD : 14 songs DVD 1 : Music Clip / Solo Feature Clip / Lyric Video   スタジオライブ / メンバーインタビュー DVD 2 : Blu-BiLLioN 6th Anniversary TOUR「Sing×Dance×Rock」ダイジェスト + photobook Limited edition : 3800 yen + taxes CD : 14 songs DVD : Music Clip + making-off Regular edition : 3000 yen + taxes CD : 14 songs
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    I think they have roughly 82~85 songs (including SEs, but excluding rerecordings). These collections are 75 unique songs, so this is the overwhelming majority of their works.
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    They will hold their one-man "「糞麺氏ね」購入者限定単独禊 "慈愚" "挫愚"" at Shinsaibashi Soma (2017/10/01) at which their new mini-album "糞麺氏ね" will serve as entry ticket (you buy the CD -> you get a ticket). They will hold their first one-man tour "大除霊ツアー" on the following dates: 2017/11/28 - 東高円寺二万電圧 2017/11/29 - 名古屋ell.SIZE 2017/12/01 - 大阪RUIDO
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    The GazettE new album, "NINTH" release

    I wouldn't say it's mean, but just a fact. I've seen people say that they don't like japanese vk gigs because people act like it's a cult meeting , but I'd much rather that than having hundreds of cameras blocking my view and 7ft tall people jumping on my head and breaking the rules 'coz "they paid for it". Either way I hope GazettE will tour around more of Europe (not just France). Last time they came over was 2007 and I need to see them before they disband.
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    The GazettE new album, "NINTH" release

    That means they'll be doing another world tour for this album yas! It's great considering how Ruki dislikes non-japanese fans
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    that's the best description of everything about ha ever since she ditched VK back in 2005 tbh
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    More information coming soon! In the meantime let us know and comment on what kind of MORRIGAN merchandise you would like to see in Europe!
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    So my partner for this mix was @あなたはもう一度やった, and as many of you know, neokei isn’t exactly my thing. But as a hardcore music nerd, I always love getting out of my comfort zone, and exploring fields that I otherwise haven’t really dug into. And this mix definitely brought me out of that old school kei zone, and into the presence of newer bands, many of whom I actually enjoyed. GASP. Overall, this mix taught me that even though it never really clicked for me one way or another, neokei definitely has a lot to offer. Although the bands that caught my attention were largely already ones that I knew, and thus ones I should probably keep a closer eye on (sans AvelCain, of course… RIP), it introduced Geomatrium to me, who sounded pretty good. All-in-all, I’d give the mix a strong 3.5/5, because even though it had a superb start with Noulla, DEZERT, AvelCain, and of course Geomatrium, the Kiryu and SKULL tracks sort of brought it down a bit.
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    Custom Visual Kei T-shirts for SALE

    Been busy but I'm now back designing shirts so more coming soon. Any Requests? Let me know. Thanks
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    random thoughts thread

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    Composition-wise, what's the best GazettE song, in your opinion? I'd say 'DOGMA'. Freaking BRILLIANT, and I don't think they'll ever do another one as good as.
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    Deadman Malice Mizer Rentrer en Soi Sugar 9Goats Black Out there are others I miss, but they're either gone because the singer died or they were starting to get mediocre and probably needed to disband anyway.
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    Psycho le Cému

    Now that Mix will be gone soon, I guess I better give PLC a try! Their lives sound like a lot of fun too. I'll take the recommendations you already mentioned in the thread ~
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    ^ They're STILL butthurt over over music piracy? LMAO get over it you little babies 🤣
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    I lowkey find his vain instagram repost of the same cover mesmerizing
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    YOSHIKI Featured On The Cover Of VOGUE JAPAN First Japanese male ever selected for the cover in the magazine’s history YOSHIKI, leader of X JAPAN, graces the October 2017 cover of Vogue Japan, on sale August 28th. He is the first Japanese male ever selected for the cover in the magazine’s 18-year history.
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    X Japan new album scheduled for 30th of TBD

    I will allow this
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    X Japan new album scheduled for 30th of TBD

    So you're in the studio recording for an album which was supposed to be done and shipped two months ago? Schrodinger's album confirmed. It exists as long as none of us have it.
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    Psycho le Cému

    I actually saw them perform with Metronome last month in Japan. I went to see Metronome and my friends went to see PLC. I did enjoy their set, but I've always felt that their theme is kind of cringe-y. But it might be because I'm not into the anime/cosplay world so I don't quite get the point, and it might be one of the reasons I never gave their music much of a shot in the past. I wasn't sold on everything but some of the stuff was quite good, so I might check out some releases again, I think I might even own a few CDs... somewhere... (unsurprisingly, my friends said the songs I enjoyed the most were quite old material.) Will take recommendations!
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    Rei was far from their main composer, actually... Eiki and Kou are the main composers in general, Eiki having studied music in university and Kou having done it as a hobby for years before he even started his first band. I believe he plays some guitar/bass too. To be honest I have a feeling Kou is the driving force coming up with guidelines, concepts and basic structures while the other members always kinda trickled along, Eiki being the biggest help mainly doing most of the composing/technical bits. I mean Kou is even in charge of Art Direction, he just takes on everything all the time, haha. I believe the one song Nao was completely in charge of during the Shounenki era was ムービスター (WEAKNESS MY BLOOD B track) which was ... I guess while it was a fun live track it was pretty lacking over all and didn't fit the rest of the songs/theme whatsoever. They disbanded because Rei wanted to leave the band for personal reasons, and they didn't want to continue Shounenki without Rei. Simple as that. I guess they decided to take the opportunity to change up their concept (as you wrote) since Shounenki, as amazing as they were never really seemed to get anywhere. I was a huge Shounenki fan and went to probably around 60-70 shows before they disbanded but as much as I am trying it's been really hard for me to get into this new band due to the extreme change of concept... I used to love Kou's lyrics and blogs but it's like he's no longer there as he's taken on this character singing about the mental struggles of bangyas which unfortunately seems to be working in regards to people actually attending the shows. As much as I believe they'd like to do nation wide releases, they won't for financial reasons. People want the music? Then go to the lives, buy CD/goods/chekis and help them with their activities-kind of strategy. Whoever uploads these to YouTube, while I too want to be able to spread their music, you might be hurting them financially as Japanese fans won't bother coming to the shows since they already got the music online. The band even tweeted they were sad to see it happening. I understand why it's frustrating for you guys though, especially if you can't even access the lives. Just know I'll happily pick you up copies of their releases at any time and send them over, just message me on here! I believe their label CRIMZON is currently throwing all their money to Purple Stone and it's pissing me off seeing them release PV after PV while Amabo is just left to struggle on their own. I went to the oneman last week and there's probably only like 20 people from the Shounenki days still there while the rest is new fans. I dunno obviously if they're making good money but... I dunno. I hope it's going well? I was happy seeing so many new fans there but the capacity of the venue they played is smaller than what Shounenki used to play. I feel it's just such a waste to have such talented musicians flop around doing whatever this is. This concept won't last. You can only make that many songs about being a girl on the side, lol. We're gonna get bored, THEY're gonna get bored. I really hope they can turn this around somehow... I'd hate to see them just fizzle out to nothing. Especially Kou and Eiki. They're far, far too talented.
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    The Bread Wolf

    The Bread Wolf's toast in process

    Haa, so. I had a bit of a long streak of not drawing at all and watching like... anime instead. But yesterday I managed to finally do SOMETHING. Basically the two younger siblings to the elf I've previously drawn. Twins. Tried colouring again. I suck at it.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    With the Vivarush guys. They're so fun that i couldnt even stop laughing and had to concentrate a lot to don't laugh while tooking the picture hahaha Love this boys
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    random thoughts thread

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    Show Yourself (again)

    Haha honestly everyone here is pretty hot, makes me feel insecure as fuck. This editor is confusing me excuse the spoilers. Just click the imgur link to see me. http://imgur.com/a/Bihn0
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    10 Worst Disbandments of 2016

    Dada has been working for Free-Will for at least the past 12 years as a graphic designer/illustrator. He did a bunch of DEG tour shirt designs during the mid to late 2000s.
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    10 Worst Disbandments of 2016

    To me LIN and Avelcain's disbandments were the worst. Especially LIN I guess. I love Sui and Mizaly, and them in a band with Kisaki was something I could only dream of basically. Everything they put out was great as well.
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